AADA language source code
Assembly source code (Macintosh)
Mime: application/octet-stream
UNIX library
A01ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 2
A02ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 3
A03ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 4
A04ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 5, etc.
A11AIIM image
A2A"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
A2FCImage Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 16, writes 16 colors
A2HRImage Apple II+, Single Hi-Res, writes 2 colors
A2LCImage Apple II+, Single Hi-Res 8; writes 8 colors
A2MAudiotomidi Settings file
A3Unrelated Inventions Audiotools file
A31Authorware 3.x library
A3KYamaha A3000 Sampler File
A3LAuthorware 3.x Library
A3MUnpackaged file (Authorware for Macintosh)
A3WUnpackaged file (Authorware for Windows)
A41Authorware 4.x library
A4LAuthorware 4.x Library
A4MUnpackaged file (Authorware for Macintosh)
A4PPackage without runtime (Authorware)
A4WUnpackaged file (Authorware for Windows)
A51Authorware 5.x library
A5LAuthorware 5.x Library
A5WUnpackaged file (Authorware for Windows)
A60Game: roland garros tennis mvts file
A64Artist 64
A8Cubicomp PictureMaker alpha channel image data (24bit 3D animation)
A80A80 Assembler Source
A86Assembly language source 8086
AAAUDIO book file
AABMime: application/x-authorware-bin
AACHomeboy reference (music)
AAFAdvanced Authoring Format multimedia
AAMAuthorware Shocked file
Mime: application/x-authorware-map
AASAuthorware Shocked packet
Mime: application/x-authorware-seg
Movie Clip; Autodesk Animation Setup; used by Compton's Reference Collection
ABApplix Builder File
AB$AutoCAD Spooled Plot File
AB3Album Ulead Photo Express
AB6ABStat datafile
AB65(MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 6.5 (PC ext: P65)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 6.5 Document
AB8ABStat datafile
ABCABC FlowCharter 1.0 document
ABC programming language general filename extension
Athena 16 addressbook
Mime: text/vnd.abc
Musical notation language file (folk melodies)
ABDAmBiz Bonus Calculator Data File
ABFAdobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format stores Adobe screen fonts as binary
ABGFifa World Cup game data beart file
ABIAol6 organize file
ABKAvigo backup
CorelDraw automatic backup
HP-95 Appointment book
Album PhotoPlus
HitPlayer Audio Album File
ABOApplix Builder Turbo File
ABRAdobe Photoshop Brush
ABSAbscissa data file
Abstracts (info file)
MPEG sound
Optocat picture format
PC GNU Compiler Output
ABTBullsEye script
ABWAbiWord Document File
ABXCorel WordPerfect address book
ACMopac Cartesian chemical modeller output file
AC$Spooled plot file (AutoCAD AutoSpool)
AC0AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC1AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC1DAC1D packer format sound/music (Asle / ReDoX)
AC2AC/frequence domain output (Spice)
Banana40, accounting / bookkeeping prg by Banana.ch SA - Lugano, Switzerland
AC3Dolby 5.1 channel sound format /ac-3 encoder
AC3D3d format data (org. AC3d)
AC4AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC5AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC6AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC7AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC8AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC9AC/frequency domain output (Spice)
AC_Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
ACAMS Agent Character File
Project Manager Workbench project
ACA2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Fontographer
AutoCAD database file
ACBACMB graphics
Compressed file archive
ACCAtari ST program
Mime: chemical/x-synopsys-accord
MS Image Composer.acc
Program (DR-DOS - ViewMax) (GEM / resident)
ACDAudio (Sonic Foundry ACID bundle file)
Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
MS Agent Character Definiton File
ACEAces200 image format
ACFAdobe Custom Filter for PhotoShop
MS Agent Character File
ACGMS Agent Preview File
Mime: text/html
ACHRockwell Software Logix 5
ACIACI Development Appraisal
ACLautomatic correction list for MS Office 7.0a or later
Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator
ACMAudio Compression Module add-on to MSACM.DRV Windows driver (dynamic link library)
Graphics file (ACMB format)
Interplay Compressed Sound File
Photoshop Command Button
Windows System File
ACMBGraphics file (ACMB format)
ACOAdobe COlor palette
ACORNAcorn Drawfile Format [Acorn]
ACPAdobe Acrobat Paper Capture
Compressed file archive (ACB)
Ms Office Assistant preview file
ACQACQURL surfing utility VG http://www.acqurl.com/
ACRBitmap image (American Collage of Radiology ACR-NEMA medical image file)
ACSMS Agent Character File
ACTActor source
Adobe Photoshop color table
FoxPro Action Diagram
MS Office 97 Actor for help system
Picture; Action
ACTIONSPhotoline4 Defaults file
ACUACUCOBOL - G T compiled program
Mime: application/vnd.acucobol
ACVAdobe Photoshop colour curves file
OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data
ACWmicrosoft accessibility wizard
ACXAtari ST program
ADAfter Dark screen saver
AD2ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice file (ZFAX)
AD3ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice file (ZFAX)
AD3E(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Dimensions File
AD65(MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 6.5
(MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 6.5 (PC ext: P65)
ADAADA programming language source code
ADBADA programming language
appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer
ADCChromeleon Demo Data File
Lingvo dictionary
Scanstudio bitmap image
Sound (TI/MIT ADC format)
ADDAdobe Pagemaker File
OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process
ADEADC Audio File
MS Access Project Extension
ADEV(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleTalk Extension
ADEXADEX Corp. bitmap image
ADFAdapter Description File
Amiga Disk File
Configuration; Windows Administration configuration file
ADGM(MAC FILE_TYPE) After Dark Module
ADIAutoCAD Device-Independent binary plotter format
ADIFAmateur Data Interchange Format Specification 1.0
ADLMicroChannel Adapter Description Library file
QEMM file
ADMAddict Compiled Dictionary
After Dark MultiModule screensaver
Configuration; MS Windows NT Setup Network Administration
SCSI driver(tbv)
ADNLotus 1-2-3 for DOS Add-in program (between an overlay and a DLL)
MS Access Blank Project Template
ADOAdobe PhotoShop Duotone
ADPAOLserver Dynamic Page File
Astound Dynamite file
MS Access Project
used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interaction
ADPCMSound (Intel/DVI Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation format)ADPCM IMA ADPCM sound file
ADRAfter Dark Randomizer screensaver
Opera Browser favorites file
Smart Address ADdRess book
XAIRON-Addy address manage data file
ADR3(MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Address Book
ADSADa package Specification
ADTAdTech fax
Fax; AdTech
HP NewWave datafile for cardfile application
Lingvo dictionary
ADVGUS device driver (Gf166.com)
ADWCopyright information
ADXDocument; Archetype Designer
Dynazip Active Delivery Script
Lotus Approach dBASE index
ADZGZ-Packed Amiga Disk File
AESoftQuad Author/Editor File
AEHiPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext
AEPArcExplorer Project File
Mime: application/vnd.audiograph
AEUMS AutoRoute Express Europe Route
AEXAlpha linked executable file
PGP Armored Extracted Public Key
AEXPKPGP Armored Extracted Public Key
AF2Micrografx ABC Flow Chart 2.0
AF3ABC FlowCharter 3.0 flowchart
AFCApple sound
AFFispell affixes definition file
AFGGuitar Musik trainer file
AFIBitmap; TrueVision
AFLLotus 1-2-3 Always font
Mime: video/animaflex
RubberFlex animation (AnimaFlex)
AFMAdobe Postscript font metrics
HP NewWave datafile for cardfile application
AFPABC FlowCharter shape palette
Advanced Function Presentation. Dataformat for Printing on Industry Printers Format generated by IBM
Mime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap
AFPP(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleShare Prep File
AFSAdobe Type Manager font set
AFTMicrografx ABC FlowCharter 3.0 Template
AFWMicrografx ABC FlowCharter 3.0 Workspace
AFXAuto F/X image format
AGApplix Graphic
Lotus AGenda File
AG4Access G4 File
AGAAgenda File
(MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 5 (PC ext: FH5)
AGD2(MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand 7 File
AGENTForte Agent and FreeAgent Data Files
AGFAtlas Geo File (ESRI GIS & Mapping software)
AGNPsion Series 3 AGeNda
AGPAspen Graphics Pages
AGTBullsEye Agent
AGWAspen Graphics Windows
AGX1(MAC FILE_TYPE) Freehand Plug-in
AHDAsus Probe file
AHFAnetHelpTool file
AHRPImage Apple II+, Single Hi-Res Packed, writes 2 colors
AHSPhotoshop Halftone Screens
AHTMLHtml file
AIAdobe Illustrator vector image, subset of .EPS (Also Corel-TRACE)
Mime: application/postscript
Mopac Internal chemical modeller output file
Progress Database After Image File
AI65(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Plug-in
AIFADW Knowledge Ware setup information
Audio Interchange File Format from Apple/SGI
EPOC Application Information File
Mime: audio/aiff
Mime: audio/x-aiff
Audio Interchange File Format with Compression (AIFF-C) sound from Apple/SGI
Mime: audio/aiff
Mime: audio/x-aiff
Audio Interchange File Format from Apple/SGI
Mime: audio/aiff
Mime: audio/x-aiff
AIHArcView : attribute index file
AIMAOL Instant Message launch
Asm Text Mode Image File (The Ultimate Draw)
Mime: application/x-aim
AIMLArtificial Intelligence Markup Language
AINAin compressed file archive
AINI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Connection Extension
AIOAPL file transfer format file
AIPAdobe Illustrator Extension, Tool or Filter
Audiosoft parameter file
Mime: text/x-audiosoft-intra
AIRAlign It! Resource File
Automatic Image Registration
AISACDSee Image Sequence
Array of Intensity Samples (Graphic)
Velvet Studio Instruments
Xerox graphics (Array of Intensity Samples)
AIWFormula 1 car race 2001 Season01 School France file
AIXHP NewWave datafile for cardfile application
AKAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
AKAIDisk/file formats (Akai S900, S950, S01, S1000 and S3000 MIDI Digital Samplers)
AKFAcrobat Key File
AKPAkai S5000 / S6000 Sampler AKP file specification & misc SCSI problems
AKTgenerally actual file
AKWA-KeyWords (RoboHELP Help project Index Designer)
ALALAW format sound
AL$Midiprg Steinberg Cubase compressed file
AL_Audio Utility Juker compressed file
ALAWALAW format sound
ALBJASC Image Commander graphics ALBum
Steinberg Cubase or VST Backup Song File
ALB3(MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 3 Document
ALB4(MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 4 (PC ext: PM4)
(MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 4
ALB5(MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 5 (PC ext: PM5)
(MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 5
ALB6(MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 6 (PC ext: PM6)
(MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 6
(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 6
ALCAlchemy chemical modeller input file
Norton Internet Security Ad Server File
ALC4(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Dictionary
(MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 4 (PC ext: PM4)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 5 (PC ext: PM5)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 6 (PC ext: PM6)
ALF6(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Default File
ALH5(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Add-in
ALISAP Proprietary Format Document File
ALIASALiaS bitmap image (24bit RGB RLE)
ALLAlligatorSQL Enterprise Edition Projectfile
Always format file for working pages
Arts & Letters Library (Symbol and font files)
FRQView filelist of all files
Lotus 1-2-3 Always
Steinberg Cubase or VST Song File
WordPerfect general printer info
ALMAley's Module Format
ALMB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Location Manager Module
ALMN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Location Manager Module
ALNGrlib Saoimage file
ALOAlmanac support file
ALPHABitmap image (raw alpha bytes)
ALSBitmap image (24bit RLE) (Alias/Vivid RayTracer)
ALSArecorded sound from /dev/dsp and Sun /dev/audio
ALST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Anarchie Server List
ALTWordPerfect menu file
ALT3(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 3 Template
(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickHelp Fil
ALTP(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickHelp Prefs File
ALTQ(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickView Settings
(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickView Help File
ALVPhotoshop Levels
ALXInternet script language defines 2-D layout (ActiveX layout file)
AMApplix SHELF Macro
AMAGame: fifa2000 feart file
AMAYAAmaya file
AMCAdvanced MP3 Catalog file
AMDAbbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
AMFAmiga Metafile
Sound; Advanced Module Format (DSMIA/Asylum Module Music )
AMFF2d Graphic
AMGActor system image file
AMGC compressed file archive
Animated gif file
AMIAmica Paint image format
AMIGAAmiga file
AMIPROAmi/AMIPRO Table Structure through version 3.1
AMMAbbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
AMPPhotoshop Arbitrary Map Settings
AMSAdobe Monitor Setup calibration file for PhotoShop
Velvert Studio music module (MOD) file
AMTAbbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
AMZSavegame extension for 'The Game of the Amazons'
ANGroundworks Text File
ANCCanon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors
List of pattern colors (Canon Computer Pattern Maker)
ANDAniData : Animation
ANHA(MAC FILE_TYPE) Analog Helper Analysis
ANIAnimation (Presidio - many)
Atari image format
Mime: application/x-navi-animation
Windows 95/NT animated cursor
Windows Animated Cursor image format
ANLProject Analyzer Saved Analysis
ANMANiMation from DeluxePaint, often used on Amiga
ANNWindows 3.x help ANNotations
ANNOTAmaya annotation file
ANOMime: application/x-annotator
ANSText With Layout (ANSI) (NOTEPAD)
ANSIGen. Ansi file
ANTSimAnt saved game data
ANVImage AirNav
AOFAcorn Object Format (used for data storage)
AOLAmerica On-Line related file
AOQC(MAC FILE_TYPE) America Online
AOSInstallable program (Nokia Communicator add-on software)
Mime: application/x-nokia-9000-communicator-add-on-software
AOTZenWorks Application Binary Object Template
APApplix Presents File
Archive; Amiga, created by WHAP
Datalex EntryPoint 90 datafile
AP0Win Apw_data file
AP_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
APAAlfaPad Organizer File
APBApollo OLE Section file
APCCentura Team Developer Compiled Application
Lotus Printer Driver Characters
APDAldus PageMaker Printer description
Centura Team Developer Dynamic Application
Lotus printer driver
APEWinamp Plugins avs file
APFAcrobat Profile File
Homesite Project File
Lotus printer driver fonts
APGAPOGEE picture file
API1st Reader passed parameter file
Adobe Printer Ink file for PhotoShop
Dynamic Link Library; Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Plug-in
Lotus printer driver
APKGameSpy Arcade Service
APLAPL programming language
Centura Team Developer Application Library
Manugraphics APL products work space
APLC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Anarchie Placeholder
APLT(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScript Applet
APMMime: application/studiom
Windows Metafile image format
APM3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Authorware
APP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Application Package
Application object file by dBASE Application Generator
Centura Team Developer Normal Mode Application
Executable Application file (DR-DOS/NeXTstep/Atari/EPOC)
FoxPro generated Application
Lotus Symphony add-in application
APPC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Control Panel Application
APPD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory
APPE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Application Extension
APPL(MAC CREATOR CODE) Self-extracting archive created by Compact Pro
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Self-extracting archive created by Stuffit
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Application
APPL=Director 5 Application Typ "APPL" Creator "MD95" (MAC)
APPLOCALIZEAppLocalize.Document open with: APPLOCalize.EXE
APRArcView Project File
Document; Employee Appraiser performance employee review
Lotus Approach 97 file
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-approach
APSAdvanced Patching Systems with Error Checking
Binary version of Resource for MS Visual C++
Mime: application/mime
APTCentura Team Developer Text Mode Application
Lotus Approach Database; compressed, for Internet distribution
APU_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Printer Utility
APUP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Printer Prep Fi
APXBorland C++ APpeXpert database
Lotus Approach-specific Paradox information
Photopaint Image image format
AQApplix Data
AQLAmerica On-line for Windows DLL
ARJavasoft Jre 1.3 lib file
ARCLH ARC (old version) compressed archive
Mime: application/octet-stream
Ms Schedule+ 1.0 file
Illum src dotfiles file
ARFARF image format
Automatic response file
ARFFcomma separated relation/attribute/data file
ARGHdf Fort_ps file
ARHArchivers definitions file (DN)
ARIAristotle audio
compressed file archive
ARJMime: application/arj
Mime: application/octet-stream
Robert Jung's ARJ compressed file archive
ARKARC archive (CP/M port of ARC file archiver)
Archive; CP/M
Managing your Money achive
QUARK compressed file archive ARL
ARLAOL Organizer File
ARLOLDAol6 organize file
ARMArmadillo Software Protection System
ARNAstronomical Research Network image format
ARPX8Techno Toys Sample Files file
ARRAmber ARR bitmap image
Atari Cubase ARRangement
ARSWordPerfect audio file
ARTAmerica Online image
Another Ray Tracer image
Art Director image
Artisan image format
Canon Crayola art file
Clipart; Central Point Scrapbook
Mime: image/x-jg
MS Internet Explorer picture format in internet-cache
PFS: First Publisher image
Vort image
Xara Studio image
ART3(MAC CREATOR CODE) Illustrator 3 (PC ext: AI)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Illustrator
ART5(MAC CREATOR CODE) Illustrator 5 and later
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Illustrator
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Illustrator 88
ARVArsiv File
ARXCompressed archive
ASApplix Anywhere Office
AS_Winhelp file (compressed)
ASAActive Server Document
Microsoft Visual InterDev file
ASB2d Graphic
ASCASCent. Ascent is an australian CASE design tool
ASCii-text (ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
Autodesk 3D Studio 3D object, saved as ASCII
Mime: text/plain
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) transport armored file
ASCIIASCII text characters file (sometimes Text graphics)
ASDAdvanced Streaming format (ASF) Description file
Astound presentation
Lotus screen driver
Microsoft Word for Windows Auto-save temporary document
Mime: application/astound
ASDG(MAC FILE_TYPE) ElasticReality
ASEactive sound environment
ascii scene export (3dsmax et al)
Velvet Studio sample
ASFActive Advanced Streaming Format, Internet Document
APL*Plus/PC APL Shared File
Electronic Arts Music File
Lotus Screen Font
Mime: application/vnd.ms-asf
Mime: video/x-ms-asf
ASHAssembly language include; TASM header
ASIInclude; Assembly language header; Borland
ASICASIC language source code file
ASKaskSam Database
ASLAsmodo 9s file
ASMAssembler language source file
Mime: text/x-asm
ASMXASP.NET Webservices Source File
ASNAsn file
Mime: application/astound
ASN1Asn specs file
ASOAssembly source; Borland object
Astound Dynamite Objects
Mime: application/vnd.accpac.simply.aso
ASPActive Server Page; Internet script
ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) text
Astound Presentation File
Mime: application/x-asap
Mime: text/asp
Photoshop Photo File Index
Procomm Plus ASPect language script file
Software Publishing Corp. ASAP WordPower WebShow presentation
Terminal Program
ASPF(MAC FILE TYPE) Adobe's Type 1 Font
ASPHTMLMicrosoft .asp html file
ASPIAudio Catalyst
ASRMs Automap Route
Photoshop Scratch Area
ASRPArc Standard Raster Product
ASSAssistance for the blind(tbv)
ASST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Assistant
ASTAdobe color Separtion Table for PhotoShop
Astound multimedia file
Claris Works assistant file
Photoshop Selective Color
ASXActive Streaming Format, Internet Document
Cheyenne Backup script
Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file
Mime: application/x-mplayer2
Mime: video/x-ms-asf
Mime: video/x-ms-asf-plugin
Video File
Windows Media Audio / Video shortcut
ATRescue Disk file
AT2Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template
AT65(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Template
AT_Audio Utility Winatb compressed file
ATBAnetHelpTool file
ATCACUCOBOL - GT Thin Client command file
ATDMS Systems Management Server SMSADDIN.EXE tool registration
ATFPhotoshop Transfer Function
ATKBitmap image (Andrew Toolkit Raster Object file)
ATMAdobe Type Manager
TerraGen ATMosphere (landscape renderer)
ATMSPHRTerraGen ATMoSPHeRe (landscape renderer)
ATRLightscape Material Library
ATSUnrelated Inventions Audiotools file
ATTAT&T Group 4 bitmap graphics
ATWPersonal data (AnyTime Deluxe for Windows screensaver)
ATXAlphasoft Trueterm 2001 Dictionaries file
AUMime: audio/basic
Mime: audio/x-au
Sound Sun/NeXT/DEC
AUCD(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleCD Audio Player
AUDAudio File used by Westwood Studios for various games
AUPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Audio CD Player Prefs
AURSheffield Thesaurus file
AURL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Web Site Address
AUST(MAC FILE TYPE) Self-extracting archive created by Stuffit
AUTIPIX automation
AUTOCONFUnix autoconfiguration file for make
AUXChiWriter AUXiliary dictionary
TeX/LaTeX AUXiliary references
AVFinal Draft AV Document File
AVAAvagio Publication
AVBAntiViral Toolkit Pro Bases
Microsoft Internet Chat
Mime: application/octet-stream
AVCAVP (virus scanner) antiviral database
AVDDos7 file
AVEArcView : Avenue script
AVGGrlib Urt Get Getami file
AVIMime: application/x-troff-msvideo
Mime: video/avi
Mime: video/msvideo
Mime: video/quicktime
Mime: video/x-msvideo
Video for Windows Audio Video Interleave movie
AVLVideo fun file
AVPArcView : palette file (ODB format)
AVRAudio Visual Research sound
AVSApplication Visualization System animation
Mime: video/avs-video
Stardent AVS X bitmap image
Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio File
AVTAvatar-coding files (A3E)
AVXArcView File
Mime: video/x-rad-screenplay
AWApplix Word File
Help Wizard; Answer Wizard for MS Help files
HP AdvanceWrite document
AW_Midiprg Quartz Sets compressed file
AWAAnimation Works Accelerated movie
AWBLavasoft Ad-aware Backup File
AWDAWarD bios file
AWK language source code file
MS Fax Viewer Document (org from "At Work Fax")
AWDB(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Works database
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Works Databas
AWEAdobe Web file
AWFGame: wer mit millionr 2 data sfx file
AWKAWK programming language
AWMVideo; Animation Works Movie
AWPMS Fax key viewer
AWRTelsis digitally stored audio
AWSMS Fax Document; Fax signature
AWSS(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Works spreadsheet
AWWP(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Works word processor file
AWXCustom application wizard
AXModula-3 linker information for libraries
AXAAlbum Axialis
AXDAvery Label Pro Re-Index File
AXEMidiprg Pchord Powpro compressed file
MS Autoroute MAP
AXGAXUM GraphSheet file
AXIClipart; Axiom Composite File Management System (MetaToolsFile Kai's Power Goo Picture Library)
AXLArcIMS XML Project File
AXPAnvil 5000 : Preview
AXQAda Ada Editor file
AXRTelsis Digital Audio File
AXSHTML; ActiveX Script
AXTASCII Application Object Template
Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range
AXXARJ compressed file multi-volume archive (xx = number from 01 to 99)
AYSAY Paste 'Paste' file
AYUAY-Paste Uninstall information
BBasic language source code file
Lotus APPLAUSE Batch list
Modula-3 base program
B!KGame: Ms flight Scenery file
B&W1st Reader bitmap image (mono binary screen image)
Black & White bitmap image (atari - mac)
ImageLab image format
B&W1st Reader : Bitmap graphics (Mono binary screen image)
B16PCO image format
B1N1st Reader binary bitmap screen image mono and color
B30Ventura Publisher Printer font (JLaser - Cordata)
B32Msdos Bcc file
B3D3D Builder File
B3D image format
B4Helix Nuts and Bolts file
B64StuffItEncoded encoded file archive (ascii base64 MIME)
B8Cubicomp PictureMaker red channel image data (24bit 3D animation)
PicLab bitmap image (one byte per pixel) plane two
B_TEru/erd file
B_WBlack & White bitmap image (atari - mac)
ImageLab image format
BA$MS compressed BAS; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
BAANbaan database p-code object format
Oracle BAD File
Rime Mailer Address File
BAGAAICWpro autoresponder file
Aol6 organize file
BAKbackup file
BALBAL Borland Programming Language Source
Ballade music score sound file
BARdBASE Application Generator horizontal bar menu object file
Unix BAR compressed file archive
BART(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Border Art File
BASBasic source code
BASE64BASE64 MIME encoding/RFC2045
BATMS-DOS batch file (Executable)
BBPapyrus database backup
BBKbak file
BBKR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Installer Script
BBLTeX/BibTeX BiBLiographic reference
BBMDeluxe Paint bitmap image, used for animations
BBNBGBBN BitGraph terminal Display Pixel Data (DPD) sequence
BBNNGBitmap image (BBN BitGraph terminal Display Pixel Data (DPD) sequence)
BBOX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Classic Support File
BBPBezier surface file
BBSBulletin Board System Text
Hudson-style messagebase (FTN software)
BCMikmak 203 file
BC3(make-)file for Bcc 3
BCB3(make-)files for Bc3
BCCBorland c++ file/makefile
BCDTurbo Pascal Dos file
BCFConfigSafe Snapshot Index
BCHDatalex EntryPoint 90 datafile (Phoenix Soft)
dBASE BatCH process object file
BCLF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Color Table
BCMMs Works Communications script backup
BCOBitstream outline font description
BCPBorland C++ makefile
BCPIOMime: application/x-bcpio
BCSWindows95 browse information
BCTClarion backup dictionary
BCWBorland C++ 4.5 workspace (Environment settings)
BDBMs Works database backup
BDCLingvo dictionary
BDCFFC64 BoulderDash Construction Kit File Format
BDDBRender device driver
BDFAdobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format stores Adobe screen fonts as ASCII
Bupdate binary update file
Data Egret
NuGraf Scene file
West Point Bridge Designer
BDRMS Publisher Document Border
BDTLingvo dictionary
BEEBeeline-AIR System file
BENSyssoft Sandra file
BERGerman Bericht = report file
BESBeschreibung : German description
BEXPGP Binary EXtracted public key
BEXPKPGP Binary EXtracted Public Key
BEZBezier surface file
Bitstream outline font description
BF2Bradford 2 font
BFABlowfish-encrypted File
BFBRalcgm file
BFCWindows 95 Briefcase document
BFFAIX Backup Format
WorldToolKit Neutral File Format (binary virtual reality file)
BFLBFLI image format
Game: colin Mc Rae car race Game Bigfiles file
BFLIBFLI image format
BFMUnix font metrics (Frame)
BFXBitFax picture
BGBackgammon for Windows game
Lotus Agenda File
BGAOS/2 graphic array (another bmp: Ms Paint .BMP )
BGBMS Chat Background Graphic
BGFMSI BGF chemical modeller input file
BGIBorland DOS 16-bit graphics video device driver
BGLFlight Simulator Scenery data file
BGTQuicken 2002 inet common file
BGXBc45 Bgi file
BH2OASYS Presentation : Presentation
Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasysprs
BH=BlakHole File (like zip files) Program: PowerArchiver (www.powerarchiver.com)
BHFpcAnywhere Host
BHIPartminer Lib file
BHLPartminer Lib file
BHXBinHex compressed file ascii archive
BIbinary file
Progress Database Before Image File
Visual Basic for DOS Include file
BI$MS compressed BI; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
BI7Rukus 110 file
BIBBIBliography (ASCII)
Papyrus database - not compatible with TeX format
TeX/BibTeX literature database
BIFBinary Information File (ASCII file describing image)
byLight image format
GroupWise initialization file
Image Capture board bitmap image (b&w Binary Image Format)
Trados TagEditor bilingual file
BIFFXITE - X-based 2d/3d format image format
XLITE 3D file
BIGChinese text (old version)
Michelin (autoroute maps) image format
BIG5Chinese text (old version)
BIKBioCharter Profile Backup
BILSatellite image (8bit GIS tape format) (SPOT image)
BINAudio format(short ints,no header)
Binary file
MacBinary archive format often used on Macintosh
machine language
Micrografx Designer 7 Project Image
Mime: application/mac-binary
Mime: application/macbinary
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/x-binary
Mime: application/x-macbinary
SGI Powerflip
BIN64Binary encoding method (used by mime complient mail readers)
BINA(MAC FILE TYPE) Text file saved as Word DOS or Word Windows file by Word Mac 5
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Mail File
BIOBioCharter Profile
BIORADBiorad confocal file : Graphics
BIPArcView : image file (band interleaved by pixel)
BIRDalgs7 file
BITX11 bitmap image
BIXBIX compressed file archive
BIZBizTalk compatible schema
BJKScanner Recognita file
BKFrameMaker BookFile Document
JetFax faxbook
LinguAssist data
sometimes used for backup versions
BK!WordPerfect for Win document backup
BK$sometimes used for backup versions
BK1WordPerfect for Win backup
BK2WordPerfect for Win backup
BK3WordPerfect for Win backup
BK4WordPerfect for Win backup
BK5WordPerfect for Win backup
BK6WordPerfect for Win backup
BK7WordPerfect for Win backup
BK8WordPerfect for Win backup
BK9WordPerfect for Win backup
BKFmsbackupfile open with: ntbackup.exe
BKIIBM BookManager Backup Index
BKMK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Bookmark File
BKPWrite/TurboVidion DialogDesigner BackuP file
BKRBoardmaker : Document
BKSIBM BookManager Read bookshelf backup
Ms Works spreadsheet backup
BKTZortech 3 tools Samples file
BKWFontEdit mirror image of font set
BKYbookkey - Bookmarks by Keywords(Bookmarks with associated keywords in bookkey-format)
BLAAdobe Black Color Separation. CYA (Cyan), MAG (Magenta), YEL (Yellow)
BLBDreamWorks Resource Archive
BLDBasic Bloadable image
MegaPaint image format
Mime: application/bld
old Microsoft Developer Studio MAK
BLD2Mime: application/bld2
BLEPhotoline4 Blends file
BibTex log
BLKAlias Wavefront Image file
Amiga IFF ILBM image
Lightscape Block Library file
WordPerfect temporary file
BLLBorland Delphi localization Information
Virus European A-Worm!!! (run virus checker!)
BLORBBlorb: A Z-Machine Resource Collection Format Standard
BLRB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Info
BLTWordperfect for DOS
BLWArcView : world file for bil image
BLYFifa World Cup game data fe art Loadgame file
BMMime: image/bmp
X Windows system Bitmap image
BM$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
BM1Apogee BioMenace game data file
BM_Mumath 30 file
Webcd fread file
BMC"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
BMDT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Spr Boomerang Prefs File
BMFCorel Flow image format
Corel Gallery file
Corel graphics (Binary Material Format)
View3ds scene description
BMIBuzz Instrument
Mime: application/vnd.bmi
BMINBatchmin Command chemical modeller output file
BMKBookmark file from Windows help
BMLBookmark library (SyncURL)
binary markup language, sim. to XML but binary, used in 3d
BMMTacmi Pixia palette file
BMPAlpha Microsystem BMP image format
Mime: image/bitmap
Mime: image/bmp
Mime: image/x-bmp
Mime: image/x-windows-bmp
standard Windows Bitmap image (also OS/2 )
BMP2424 color Bmp file
BMP_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows BitMap
BMRBitmap Reference Code file
BMSBackup Magic Backup Set
BMTAmi Pro button image
BMWBuzzPlay music with waves
BMXBuzz music file
BMZCompressed Bmp file
BNAdLib Instrument Bank file
BN_Ntgraph Ze32v215 file
BNDGame: Ms flight Panels file
BNF"IBM Voice Type" languages map file
BNKAdlib instrument Bank
Simcity game data
BNRBanner - Poster graphics BaNneR
BOBBOB bitmap image
BOBO(MAC CREATOR CODE) Claris Works (word processor) (PC ext: CWK)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Claris Works text v. 1 to 5 (PC ext: CWK)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks
BODGame: roland garros tennis terrains file
BOF"IBM Voice Type" languages tasks enroll file
BOLMS Booasm Compressed Archive Library
BOMOrcad Schematic Capture Bill of Materials File
BOOBootstrap (Kermit protocol binary file)
Encoded file archive (ASCII) (Boo)
IBM BookManager Book
Image file
Mime: application/book
BOOGBoogie chemical modeller input file
BOOKAdobe FrameMaker book
Mime: application/book
BORLAND(make-)file for Borland C
BOTBuckett o' Tablature file (guitar partition)
BOXLotus Notes MailBOX
Mime: application/vnd.previewsystems.box
BOZCompressed file archive (bzip over zip)
Mime: application/x-bzip2
BPCBusiness Plan Toolkit chart
BPDData Designer Ddbac file
BPI"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
BPKMime: application/octet-stream
BPLBorland Delphi 4 packed library
BPMB's Pro Tracker v0.05 music/sound
BPPClarion Backup aPPlication
BPRBorland project file
Reference count 01 file
BPSBusiness Plan Toolkit
Ms Works document backup
BPTBitmap Master File
Corel Draw bitmap
BPWArcView : world file for bip or bmp images
BPXTruevision Targa bitmap image
BQWArcView : world file for bsq image
BQYBrioQuery file
BRBridge script
Omnis7 data
BR1Wincmd file
BR3Bryce 3D Scene File
BRAINMsdev Common Addins file
BRCBryce 2 Scene File
BRDEagle layout file
BRFBRieF (german/dutch for letter)
BRIBasic Rate Interface
BRKBrooktrout Fax-Mail
Mailer REXX script (The Brake!)
BRLBallistic Research Laboratory CAD
BRL-CADBallistic Research Laboratory CAD
BRLCADBallistic Research Laboratory CAD
BROTree Professional Broadleaf Creator
BRPTree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
BRTBrooktrout 301 image format
Micrografx System4 Browser file
BRUPhotoline4 Brushes file
BRUSHBitmap image (Xerox Doodle Brush file)
BRWfinancial institutions loan application file
BRXfile for browsing an index of multimedia options
BRZDbbrz (Backup or Restore file)
BSBall and Stick chemical modeller input file
Ball and Stick chemical modeller output file
Printfox/Pagefox image format
BS1Apogee Blake Stone game data
BS2BS2 archive
BS2 editor file
BS_MS Bookshelf find menu shell extension file
BSABSArc compressed file archive
BSAVEQuickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE format
BSB2d Graphic
BSCBINSCII Apple II file archive
Fortran Pwbrmake
Ms Developer Studio browser information file C++,Fortran
Object Boyan Script
BSDbsd system file
Licency according to BSD-licency(licency.bsd)
BSDLBoundary Scan Description Language
BSHMime: application/x-bsh
BSKBryce 4 File
BSNMidi file
BSPHalf-life/TFC/CS Map
Quake map
BSQArcView : image file (band sequential)
BSTBiblioTex file (BiblioTex = bibliography file for TeX)
BSVBASIC Bsave Graphics
BSYFTN soft BuSY flag
BTvirual terrain software
BTFBank check image and text data (Nations Bank)
Mime: image/prs.btif
BTIFBank check image and text data (Nations Bank)
Mime: image/prs.btif
BTLInmos BooTabLe file
BTM4DOS/NDOS batch file (Batch To Memory)
batch file used by Norton Utilities
BTNJustButtons animated bitmap image format
Makeover Button, Buttonware
BTPBroadcom BlueTool device configuration preset file
BTRBtrieve Database File
MS Frontpage-related File
BTSK(MAC FILE_TYPE) HyperCard Button Tasks
BTST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton System Info Fil
BTWSteuer2001 file
BUBIpix Spherical panorama
BUDQuicken BackUp Disk
BUFRBinary Universal Form for the Representation
Meteorological data
BUGBugs and Problems file
BUGSGenerally bugs file
BUMPoser Bump files image format
BUNAudio (CakeWalk Audio Bundle file)
CakeWalk Audio Bundle file
BUPBackup file
BUTButton definitions (Buttons!)
BUYMovie Data File
BV1WordPerfect for Win
BV2WordPerfect for Win
BV3WordPerfect for Win
BV4WordPerfect for Win
BV5WordPerfect for Win
BV6WordPerfect for Win
BV7WordPerfect for Win
BV8WordPerfect for Win
BV9WordPerfect for Win
BVABiovision motion file format
BVC"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
BVD"ViGuard+net" anti Virus Prog
BVFIrock Series software
BVI"Ibm Voice Type" languages Newuser file
BVLMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 textures file
BVSBVS Solitaire Collection file
BWSilicon Graphics image
BWBVisual Baler spreadsheet application file
BWFBroadcast wave file format
BWIBlindwrite cd copier file
BWRKermit Beware buglist
BWTBlindwrite cd copier file
BWUBlindwrite cd copier file
BWVBusiness Wave file
BYSpice Pspice file
BZBZIP archiv
bzip compressed file archive
Mime: application/x-bzip
BZ2BZIP2 archiv
bzip2 compressed file archive
Mime: application/x-bzip2
BZPBZIP archiv
BZP2BZIP2 archiv
B~KBackup file
CC programming language source code Borland C++ , CodeWarrior , Microsoft Visual C++
Check Point Site Configuration
Compressed unix file archive : compact
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-c
C VCvip file
C!_Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
C#Microsoft c#
C*DB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Up-to-Date Calendar
C*DR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Up-to-Date Datebook
C++C++ Source Borland C++ , CodeWarrior , Microsoft Visual C++
Mime: text/plain
C--C Source
Sphinx C-- language source code file
C-MAPC-map file formats. standard formats for sea nautical charts.
C00Ventura Publisher print file
C01Typhoon wave files
C02Driveimage ace file
C03Driveimage ace file
C04Driveimage ace file
C05Driveimage ace file
C06Driveimage ace file
C07Driveimage ace file
C08Driveimage ace file
C09Driveimage ace file
C1Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 scenes advanced newltpot file
C10Driveimage ace file
C11Driveimage ace file
C12Driveimage ace file
C13Driveimage ace file
C14Driveimage ace file
C15Driveimage ace file
C16Driveimage ace file
C17Driveimage ace file
C18Driveimage ace file
C19Driveimage ace file
C2Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 scenes advanced newltpot file
C20Driveimage ace file
C21Driveimage ace file
C22Driveimage ace file
C23Driveimage ace file
C24Driveimage ace file
C25Driveimage ace file
C26Driveimage ace file
C27Driveimage ace file
C28Driveimage ace file
C29Driveimage ace file
C2DIsoBuster File
C2IDriver file
Tt file
C2LCequadrat Winoncd file
C2XWinoncd file
C3Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 scenes advanced newltpot file
C30Driveimage ace file
C31Driveimage ace file
C32Driveimage ace file
C33Driveimage ace file
C34Driveimage ace file
C35Driveimage ace file
C36Driveimage ace file
C37Driveimage ace file
C38Driveimage ace file
C39Quicken ace file
C3D1Chem3D Cartesian 1 chemical modeller input file
Chem3D Cartesian 1 chemical modeller output file
C3D2Chem3D Cartesian 2 chemical modeller input file
Chem3D Cartesian 2 chemical modeller output file
C4Bitmap image (1bit) (JEDMICS CCITT4 format)
Edmics image format
C40Quicken ace file
C41Quicken ace file
C42Quicken ace file
C43Quicken ace file
C44Quicken ace file
C45Quicken ace file
C46Quicken ace file
C47Quicken ace file
C48Quicken ace file
C49Quicken ace file
C4D3d Graphic
C50Quicken ace file
C51Quicken ace file
C52Quicken ace file
C53Quicken ace file
C54Quicken ace file
C55Quicken ace file
C56Quicken ace file
C64Commodore 64 bitmap image
C86C language source code file (Computer Innovation C86)
C??Winace compressed archiv
C_Winhelp file (compressed)
C__C++ Source; C__ is C++ in Win32
C_MEru/erd file
CADATAIR FlexPlus Data File
Initial cache data for root domain servers (Telnet)
CA0Borland Installer packed and splitted file
CA1Delphi Install Disk11 file
CA2Delphi Install Disk12 file
CA3Delphi Install Disk9 file
CA4Delphi Install Disk10 file
CA5Delphi Install Disk11 file
CA7Beta 44 job file
CA_Midiprg Cakepro compressed file
CABWindows Cabinet Compressed Archive
CACdBASE IV executable when caching on/off
Microsoft Infoview
CACCRTCacao Cartesian chemical modeller input file
Cacao Cartesian chemical modeller output file
CACHECAChe MolStruct chemical modeller output file
Snacc-1.3 vda file
CACINTCacao Internal chemical modeller output file
CADDrafix Windows CAD picture
CADPACCambridge CADPAC chemical modeller input file
CAFSouthern Company Terrestrial Data Acq
CAGMS Clip Gallery Catalog
CALCALS Raster Goup 1 image format
CALS Raster Group 4 fax compressed bitmap
CyberAudioLibrary link
Microsoft Schedule Plus 1.0
Mime: image/x-cals
MS Windows 3.x Calendar
SuperCalc spreadsheet
CAL*(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Up-to-Date
CALSBitmap image (Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support)
CALS Raster Group 1 image format
CAMCalibrated Camera File Photomodeller
Casio QV digital CAMera image
Minolta CAM file
QV-PC 10 Cassio Digital Camera
CANNavigator Fax
CANF(MAC FILE_TYPE) CanOpener Filter
CAOS(MAC FILE_TYPE) CanOpener Preference File
CAPCompressed music file
Network Associates Sniffer Capture File
ProComm/Telix session Capture file
Ventura Publisher Caption
CARAtHome Assistant
Biosym .CAR chemical modeller input file
NeoBook Cartoon image format
CARO(MAC CREATOR CODE) Acrobat Distiller
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Acrobat files (PC ext: PDF)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Acrobat Reader
Creatorcode Adobe Acrobat (MAC) (also Exchange)
CASBorland combined C/Assembly source code
Comma-delimited ASCII file
CASH(MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Cache
CATdBASE/CP Backup CATalogue-file
Mime: application/vnd.ms-pki.seccat
Photomatrix image format
Quicken IntelliCharge CATegorization file
Rational Rose logical package
CATANALYSIS= Catia-V5, FEM-Analysis
CATCATALOG= Catia-V5, Catalogue or Library
CATDRAWING= Catia-V5, 2D Drawing
CATMATERIAL= Catia-V5, Material-Definition
CATPART= Catia-V5, 3D Part
CATPRODUCT= Catia-V5, 3D Product
CATSETTINGS= Catia-V5, Settings
CBMicrosoft clean boot file
CBCCubiCalc fuzzy logic system
CBDSystem Dll Catroot file
CBFChess Base
CBIIBM mainframe Column BInary formatted file
CBKSystem Dll Catroot file
CBLCobol language source code file same as COB
CBMBitmap picture; XLib
Fuzzy Bitmap image format
XLib compiled bitmap image
CBNPaperMaster Cabinets group related folders and files into a cohesive unit that is used by PaperMaster (organizing, archiving, and retrieving digital versions of files) http://www.papermaster.net
CBND(MAC FILE_TYPE) Connection Tool
CBSMasterWord button bar configuration
CBTBorland Computer Based Training
MS Computer Based Training
CCC++ language source code file (gcc)
CC language source code file (cc)
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-c
Visual dBASE custom class
CC_Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
CCACC: MAil Data
CCADMime: application/clariscad
ClarisCAD data
CCBVisual Basic animated button configuration
CCCCurtain Call bitmap image (native format)
Microsoft Internet Chat Conversation
CCDCloneCd Related File
CCECalendar Creator Plus Data
CCFLotus Symphony communications configuration; INI
OS/2 Multimedia Viewer configuration file
OS2 Multimedia Viewer configuration file
Symphony communications configuration file
CCHCorel Chart
OES Systems Photomodeler Photochip file (thumbnail)
CCICCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
CCITTCCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
CCLIntalk Communication Command Language file
CCMLotus CC:Mailbox
CCNMime: application/x-cnc
Vitalize! Game File
CCOBtx Graphics file (XBTX)
CyberChat data file
Mime: application/x-cocoa
CCPClonecd Profiles file
CCRMicrosoft Internet Chat Conversation Shortcut
CCRFBitmap image (Calcomp Raster File) (B&W or 1bit CMYK for printers)
CCSCcs-lib file
CCTMacromedia Director Shockwave cast
Two Way TV, Content Creation Tool file holding interactive TV content. http://www.twowaytv.com
CCXCorel Photo House : Graphics
CDCD description (DN)
CD1DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Data
CD2DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Text
CDACD Audio song
CDBCardScan Card DataBase
Clipboard File
Main database (Turbo C Utilities)
One Page from a ROM With a View Project
PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup
CDCChromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin file
CDDChromeleon Device Driver file
CDDAQuickTime.cdda open with: QuickTimePlayer.exe
Content Type audio/aiff
CDFComma Delimited Data Format, NSSDC scientific graphical format
Cyberspace Description Format, ASCII format describing VRML worlds
InstallShield Components Definition File
Mime: application/cdf
Mime: application/x-cdf
Mime: application/x-netcdf
Ms Channel Definition Format
Unidata netCDF graphics
CDFSCompact Disk filing system (WindRiver)
CDICompact Disk Interactive (Phillips CD-I IFF file)
CDIC(MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Spelling Dictionary
CDKAtari Calamus document CDKEY = Access Data MEDIAREMOTE
CDKEYAccess data (MediaRemote)
Mime: application/vnd.mediastation.cdkey
CDLCADKey CAD language file
CDMMusic format (compressed)
Novell NetWare Disk Drivers NPA
PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File
Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
CDOCalifornia 7.5 Minute DEM
CDPCD Architect Project
CDRCorel Draw Bitmap (preview) image format
CorelDRAW vector image
Raw audio-CD data
(MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 3 Drawing
(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisDraw
CDSFormat on a copy protected CD ????
CDTCorelDRAW Template
CDT6(MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 6 Template
CDT_(MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw Template
CDUCDU Paint image format
CDVCatDV Catalog File (www.catdv.com)
CDXActive Server Document
CorelDRAW compressed drawing
FoxPro Compound index (database container)
Microstation Cell Library Index
Mime: chemical/x-cdx
Mime: chemical/x-chem3d
CDZROM With a View Project
CEDigital Vision IFF bitmap Computer Eyes
FarSide Computer Calendar data
CE1Computer Eyes, Raw image format
CE2Computer Exes,RAW image format
CE?2d Graphic
CEFCA Clipper workbench application
CEGTempra Show/Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics bitmap image
CELAutoDesk Animator/3D Studio Cel animation (bitmap)
Bitmap image (15/32bit) (Lumena CEL file) (Time Arts software)
CIMFast event language file
Kiss Paper Doll File
Microstation Cell Library
CEMComputer Graphics Meta-file
CERInternet Security Certificate
Lahey Fortran compilation error messages
Mime: application/pkix-cert
Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
CERI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Certificate Indx
CERT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Certificate Indx
CESSheffield dic file
CEXINMOS Transputer Development System Occam program
the Currency Exchanger Rate
CFImake ConFiguration
CFBComptons Multimedia file
Inmos binary configuration file
CFFCapabilities File for FOUNDATION Fieldbus
CFGConFiGuration file
Swisslog System Configuration File
CFHCapabilities File for FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus
CFKKardplay 1.62 file
CFLCorel Flow flow chart
MS Developer Studio diagram
CFMColdFusion template
HyperText Markup Language file WWW
Visual dBASE customer form
CFNAtari Calamus font data
CFOBorland Turbo C
TCU C Form Object file (Turbo C Utilities)
CFPComplete Fax docu
CFRCFR Guidance (NRC Inspection Manual)
CFSInmos configuration file
CFTCFast graphics file (Disney Animation Studio)
Flow Chart; Corel Flow Template
CFXCreative Dsp file
CGNorton Crashguard file
CG4CALS Group IV : Bitmap graphics
CGAbitmap in BMP. format Saved in CGA resolution MRBC.EXE.
Ventura Publisher CGA display font
CGDCricket Graph Data
CGDC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Common Ground Document
CGFAsm Objasm file
CGGCricket Graph Graphics
CGICommon Gateway Interface script (WWW)
Common Gateway Interface script file
Mime: magnus-internal/cgi
CGLCodeGuard error log
CGMComputer Graphics Meta-file bitmap
Computer Graphics Metafile vector-image, mostly vectors but also bitmaps
Mime: image/cgm
CGPNetCaptor CaptorGroup
CGRBroadcom Bluetooth ASIC config data release
CGSBroadcom Bluetooth ASIC config data source
CGTCricket Graph Slide
CHClipper include
OS/2 configuration file
CH0Chartfile (graph)
CH1Freelance CHart
CH2Chartfile (graph)
CH3Harvard Graphics for DOS 3.0 Chart
Harvard Graphics v3.0 CHart/image
CH4Charisma 4.0 presentation
CHAAdobe Pagemaker Kerning Data
CHAt (IRC data)
Mime: application/x-chat
CHARMMCHARMm chemical modeller input file
Mime: application/x-chat
CHBOledb Checkbook file
CHDAres Font Chameleon font description
CHFpcAnywhere Remote Control File
CHGQuicken intuit(old) de online dat file
CHHC++ Header
CHIChiWriter document
CHJHelp Composer Project
CHKfile fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk
WordPerfect for Win temporary file
CHLChromeleon Channel Raw Data
Configuration History Log
RealPlayer Live Channel
CHMAres Font Chameleon Source Font; font outline
Microsoft Compiled HTML
Mime: chemical/x-chemdraw
Mime: chemical/x-cs-chemdraw
CHNEthnograph 3 data
CHOAres Font Chameleon Output Font
CHPCorel VENTURA chapter
Ventura Publisher chapter document
CHQWIN Help file
CHRBorland language stroke font file
CHSCorel Presentations Chart Style
CHTChartist from Novagraph
ChartViewer file
Cheat Machine Data File
dBASE interface file
Harvard Graphics Graphwriter II/SoftCraft Presenter CHarT/image
CHWHTML Help general index, funtional comparable with .gid
CHYClaris : Hyphenation
CHZCHARC compressed file archive
CIASheffield dictionary file
CIDM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Find File PDF Encoding
CIFCaltech Intermediate Format image
Colombo Ipermedia File
Easy CD Creator CD Image File
IUCr Crystallographic Information File
Mime: chemical/x-cif
pcAnywhere Caller File
Ventura Publisher information(chapter/converted image)
CIHVirus Tchernobyl
CIILauncher of ANSER-WEB Terminal Client
Mime: application/vnd.anser-web-certificate-issue-initiation
CIKCorel Graphics10 Custom dual tone file
CILClip Gallery download package
CIMC Text Mode Image File (The Ultimate Draw)
CIMEX Cimpack Design Drawing
Sim City 200 file
CINDigital moving Picture eXchange bitmap by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Kodak Cineon image format
Microsoft Cinemania (CIN96LM CIN96UPD)
OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file
CIN96LMSee above CIN
CIN96UPDSee above CIN
CINEMA4DCinema4d Amiga version only
CINEONKodak CINEON image format
CIPOInternet; same as CPI
CIRSuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command
CITIntergraph Scanned Image
CIXDatabase index (Turbo C Utilities)
CK1iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file
CK2iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file
CK3iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file
CK4iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file
CK5iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file
CK6iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file
CK?iD/Apogee Commander Keen
CKBBorland C++ 4.x keyboard mapping
CKPIngres Dbase Checkpoint data
CLCommon Lisp programming language source code
CL3Easy CD Creator CD layout
CL4Easy CD Creator CD Layout
CL_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
CLAClarion source
CLASS Java Class
Mime: application/vnd.claymore
CLAF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Font File
CLASJava Class
CLASSJava bytecode (compiled class - application)
Mime: application/java
Mime: application/java-byte-code
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/x-java-class
Mime: application/x-java.vm
CLBSuper NoteTab CLipBook template
CLCMicrosoft Schedule+ 7-Habits Mission Statement
CLDCA Clipper debugger configuration file
TerraGen CLouD layer file (landscape renderer)
CLDLYRTerraGen CLouD LaYeR file (landscape renderer)
CLFListPro File
CLGDatabase of Disk Catalog
CLIP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Clipboard File
CLKCorel R.A.V.E. Animation File
CLKZ(MAC FILE_TYPE) Date Preferences
CLLCrickSoftware Clicker File
CLMMicrografx Picture Publisher 7 macro
CLOCloe image
CLOECloe Ray-Tracer image
CLPCA Clipper compiler responce file
GoDot image format
Mime: application/x-msclip
Quattro Pro/PCPaint/Pictor bitmap CLiP-art
Windows Clipboard
CLPP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Picture Clipping
CLPS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Sound Clipping
CLR1st Reader CoLoR binary screen image
Boxer/2 CoLoR scheme
Photostyler CoLoR definitions
WinEdit Colorization Word List
JavaScript class
MS VB-4 Class Module Add-In
MS VisC++/Visual Basic class definition
CLSS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Java Class Filegcodiclass
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Metrowerks Java Class
CLUCluster File
CLUTColor Lookup table/ palette of an indexed image
CLWMFC Class Wizard information (Ms VC++)
CLXUltraEdit file
CLYCorel Graphics10 Custom Layouts file
CMCraftMan data
Unix Puzzle bitmap image (8bit)
CM4ClipMate Data File
CMAApplix TM1 Database
CMBChromeleon Backup Archive
Xtree for Windows button bar
CMCCosmoCaller : Remote connection information
Mime: application/vnd.cosmocaller
CMD1st Reader external CoMmanD menu
command file for Windows NT
dBASE/Waffle CoMmanD file
DOS CP/M command file
OS/2 Command language, more advanced than BAT
REXX batch file (OS/2)
Mime: chemical/x-cmdf
CMDT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Dictionary
CMFCorel metafile
Sound Blaster synthesized FM-sound (Creative Music File)
CMGChessmaster saved game
CMGR(MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Configuration Mgr
CMIThe Dig bundle files - files containing all music
CMKCard Shop Plus card
CMLCheat Machine Library File
CML document (Chemical Markup Language)
Mime: chemical/x-cml
PADGen Company Info File
CMMCEnvi CMM script
CMPAddress document of Route 66
Compressed data (PKWare compression library)
CorelDraw header file for PostScript printer files
CraftMan data
Discorp CMP Image image format
JPEG bitmap image (Lead CMP compression)
Leadview Bitmap
Microsoft Internet Explorer custom menu plugin
Mime: application/vnd.yellowriver-custom-menu
Ms Word for DOS user dictionary
Open Access File
Photofinish Calibration MaP
CMPI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Contextual Menus Plug-in
CMRTCraftMan data
CMTChinon ES-1000 digital camera image format
Corel Draw
CMUAudio mono (short ints,mono,CMU header ,TIMIT)
Bitmap image (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Window Manager bitmap Formats)
CMUWMBitmap image (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Window Manager bitmap Formats)
CMVCorelMove/CorelDraw 4.0 animation
CMXApple Viewer File
Corel Presentation Exchange, Corel Metafile Exchange or Clipart
Mime: application/x-cmx
Mime: image/x-cmx
CMYCorel40 Custom file
CMYKRaw cyan, magenta, yellow and black bytes bitmap image
CN_Regeditx file
CNCCNC general program data
CNDControlDraw File
CNFConference Link
generaly configuration-file (program,printer setup etc)
Lotus configuration file: 123.CNF
MS Windows 95 Speed Dial
CNMWindows application menu options and setup file
CNQCompuworks Design shop file
CNSChgname settings
CNTRational Rose 98 contents tab file Rational Rose 98
Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
CNTK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Outlook Express Contacts
CNVTranslation; Converter (Driver, Overlay?)
Word for Windows dll for import CoNVersion
WordPerfect for Win temporary file WordPerfect
WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion
CO$MS compressed COM; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
COACaligari trueSpace 3D object (ASCII)
COBCaligari trueSpace 3D object (binary), also truespace2
COBOL programming language source
COBOLMicro-Focus Cobol
COCKTAILCocktail-File open with: Drinking Woodpecker.exe
CODBoxer/2 printer CODe definition file
Forecast Plus
FORTRAN program compiled CODe
generally Code List
Microsoft Multiplan
Mime: image/cis-cod
Source code in assembler with original C code as comments (Ms C)
StatPac Gold datafile
Template source file (dBASE Application Generator) dBASE
UUPC CODe definition table
Videotext file
CODECSVideo compressors/decompressors (codecs) (Video for Windows and ActiveMovie)
COFFWindows NT object file format
COL"COLWIZ" Internet Colour Wizard Colour Scheme
Autodesk Animator palette
COLor palette (Autodesk Animator - many)
Lotus Notes Import Column Description File
Ms Multiplan spreadsheet
COLORAmaya config file
COLR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Kaleidoscope Scheme
COMCommon Object Module
Compiled executable program
DOS or CP/M executable (COMmand), mostly smaller than 64 Kb
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: text/plain
COMD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Networking Extension
COMMSAdobe Serial and Parallel Communications Protocols Specification
COMP(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Compiler
COMPRESSMS Compress 5.0 File Format
CONConcordance (WordPerfect document)
Conjure chemical modeller output file
Knowledgeware Consolidation File
Simdir CONfiguration file
Tree Professional Conifer Creator File
CONFMime: text/plain
Unix CONFiguration information
CONFIGMime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
SWISH-E configuration file
CONSOLEWinnt console file
CONTMPConjure Template chemical modeller output file
CONTOURContour Mortgage loan file format
COOCOOkie file
COOK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Cookie File
COPTree Professional Conifer Creator Image File
CORcoreldraw file
COR1(MAC FILE_TYPE) Corel Multimedia Manager
COREBitmap image (Core Software Tech CORE IDC file)
COUNTGen counters file
COUNTERNetobjects fusion Components Bbscomp message file
COVFax Cover Page (Win2000 Cover Page Editor)
CPSound shared file
CP8CP8 256 Gray Scale image
CP_Compr. Scanner us driver file
CPAO3dize Cool Page Objects Counter file
CPCCompressed image (Cartesian Perceptual Compression)
CPCT(MAC CREATOR CODE) Compactor (Pro ?)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Archive created by Compactor (Pro)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Compact Pro
CPDComplaints Desk script
Corel PrintOffice drawing
Fax cover page (Windows)
CPEFax cover page
Fax cover page (Windows)
CPFThe Complete Fax file
CPG3dize Cool Page Tutorials file
CPHCorel PrintHouse picture (simple layout program)
CPIBitmap image (Colorlab Processed Image)
Calamus picture image format
Cartesian Products Compressed Internet document
Character Translation; Windows or DOS International code page
Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file
CPIOMime: application/x-cpio
CPJCeQuadrat CD ProJect file
CPLCompel presentation
Corel colour palette
Windows Control Panel extension
CPMTurbo Pascal Dos file
CPNL(MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Configuration Panel
CPOCorel Print House data
CPPC++ source
CA-Cricket Presents presentation
Mime: text/x-c
CPRCorel PRESENTS Presentation
INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Program Code
Knowledge Access Graphics
CPSAntivirus Checksum File
Central Point PC Tools Backup
Color PostScript
QEMM backup of startup files
CPTsong pattern file written by Casio digital pianos. Skeleton of a song, to provide accompaniment while the user plays the melody.
Bitmap Picture; Corel PHOTO-PAINT bitmap
CA-Cricket Presents Template
CA-Cricket template
Compact Pro archive format (Macintosh)
dBASE encrypted memo file dBASE
Mime: application/mac-compactpro
Mime: application/x-compactpro
Mime: application/x-cpt
CPUSysoft Sandra file
CPXCharacter Translation; Character set translation table
Control Panel Applet
Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawing
CryptaPix Encrypted Image
CPYCobol Include
Copy Books Data File
CPZCOMPOZ music text file
CRBitmap image (32bit) (Iris CT format) (Iris printers)
CR$Basic Vb Kartei file
CRAAdvanced CRAck file (usually text)
CRCCheck file (Win-SFV32) (Fantasia Software)
CRDMime: application/x-mscardfile
Windows/Yourway CaRDfile database
CREgenerated by "Cresus" accounting software
CRFBitmap image (Calcomp Raster File) (B&W or 1bit CMYK for printers)
MASM/Zortech C++ Cross-reference
Programming cross-reference
CRGCalamus picture image format
CRHLinks Games Course File
MS Golf Image File
CRKCRacK file (usually text)
CRLCertificate Revocation List
Mime: application/pkcs-crl
Mime: application/pkix-crl
CRMLOGWIN Registration file
CROWebalizer.01 Lang file
CRPCorel Presents run-time presentation
dBASE IV encrypted database dBASE
Visual dBASE Custom RePort file dBASE
CRSLinks Games Course File
WordPerfect 5.1 File Conversion Resource
CRTCommodore emulator file; image of a cartridge
Certificate file
Internet Security Certificate
Mime: application/pkix-cert
Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
Mime: application/x-x509-user-cert
Oracle terminal settings information
Unix Crontab File
CRTC(MAC FILE TYPE) Project file by Toast 3
CRUCRUSH compressed file archive
CRVCorel Graphics10 Custom gradients file
CRWCanon PowerShot image format
CRXLinks Games Course File
CRYCrypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content
CRZLinks Games Course
CSC#.NET Source
CS_Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
CSAComma Delimited textfile
CSBPci Ncr3030 Ncrflash file
CSCCorel SCRIPT 6.0 Script
CSDBitstream Fontware File
Chemsoft MSDS Database File
CSOUND orchestra & sound project files
CSFGame: Uefa champions league Logic Cutscene file
CSGStatistica Graph
CSHInternet Program
Mime: application/x-csh
Mime: text/x-script.csh
Unix shell script (csh)
CSICyberautograph Signed Item
CSKClaris Works
CSLAol5.0 csl file
CSLMBitmap image (Zeiss CSLM file)
CSMBorland C++ 4.5 precompiled headers
Kodak DC265 Camera Script
Mime: chemical/x-csml
CSMLChemical Style Markup Language
Mime: chemical/x-csml
CSOCustomer service data and outcome file
CSPMime: application/vnd.commonspace
PC Emcee On-Screen image
CSQFoxpro Queries
CSSInternet HTML Cascading Style Sheet
Mime: application/x-pointplus
Mime: text/css
Statistica data
Stats+ data
CSS1Cascadind Style Sheet see CSS
CSSRCSD CSSR chemical modeller input file
CSD CSSR chemical modeller output file
CSTMacromedia Director CaST (resource) file
Mime: application/vnd.commonspace
CSVComma Separated Value Microsoft Excel (among others)
CompuShow adjusted EGA/VGA palette
CSWWindows Corel file
CSYEPOC Polymorphic DLL
CTgraphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor
IRIS CT image format
SciTex Continuous Tone bitmap image (32bit CMYK)
CTBLCTBL and SHAM dynamic colour tables
CTCPC Installer control file
CTFHP-95 Comm program character translation
Lotus Symphony character translation
TIFF Compressed File
CTLcontrol information(various)
dBASE IV/Aldus Setup ConTroL file dBASE
FAXWorks' send/receiveinformation
Visual Basic ConTroL file
CTRCorel40 Trace file
CTSPermanent location ConTentS (ABC programming language)
CTTHotmail List of E-mail Contacts
CTXCompressed Text
Course TeXt file (Microsoft online guides)
PGP ciphertext file Pretty Good Privacy
Visual Basic user control binary file
CTYSimCity City File
CU1Photoline4 Curves Curve file
CU3Photoline4 Curves Clut file
CU?Photoline Clut
CU_Winhelp file (compressed)
CUBMime: chemical/x-gaussian-cube
CUBEBitmap image (Cubicomp/Vertigo image file) (Cubicomp PictureMaker)
CUBIBitmap image (Cubicomp/Vertigo image file) (Cubicomp PictureMaker)
CUDT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris User Dictionary
CUEDescription File for a CD-Image
Microsoft Cue Cards data
CUFC Utilities Form definition (Turbo C Utilities)
CULIconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library
CUPGame: roland garros tennis terrains file
CURWindows 3.x/95/NT Cursor Resource
CURLMime: text/vnd.curl
URL links Curl
CURSORSun Cursor
CUST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Quark XPress Xtension
CUTDr Halo Bitmap Picture
INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Utility File
CVCorel Versions Archive
Ms CodeView information screen
CV4CodeView color file
Microsoft CodeView color configuration
CV5Ccs-lib.2 Jpeg Stream file
CVBCharset CVB. Borland Database Engine internationalization
CVDCalamus Vector Picture : Graphics
CVFSuperStor compressed volume
CVGImage format
CVIPCviplab file
CVLCoastal Vector Listing,mapping file for GPS plotting,coastal outline data in vector format(similar to MAPINFO Import Files (.MIF) )
CVPPortrait image format
WinFax cover page
CVRBitware Fax file
CVSCanvas bitmap image
CVS and VMS sound files (continous variable slope)
CVTdBASE IV backup file for ConVerTed database file dBASE
CVWCodeView color file
CWMime: application/prs.cww
CW_Corel Graphics10 Workspace Corel Photo-paint10 file
CWASee also CLC
CWCClaris Works : Color palette
CWDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Database
CWECrossword Express
CWGPalette CWK
CWGR(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Drawing
CWKClaris Works data file
CWLClarisWorks library
CWPT(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Painting
CWSClarisWorks stationery
CWSS(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Spreadshee
CWTClarisWorks : Texture
CWWMime: application/prs.cww
CWWP(MAC FILE TYPE) Claris Works text v. 1 to 5 (PC ext: CWK)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Document
CXCodeMapper script
CX_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
CXECommon XML Envelope
CXIcxifile open with: CXIE.EXE /t
CXNCONEXANT driver file
CXQFile created by Trojan-worm (check your computer!)
CXTMacromedia Director protected cast file
CXXC++ language source code file (Zortech C++, gcc)
Mime: text/plain
CYCcs-lib.2 Jpeg-v4 file
CYACyan color separation. BLA (Black), MAG (Magenta), YEL (Yellow) Adobe Color Separation
CYNCynex Root55 Program Extension
CYPCypherus Encrypted Archive
CZENhl Ice Hockey 2002 required file
C~GWin3 System file (compr)
DChemDraw Conn. Table chemical modeller output file
D00Adlib player sound
Blaster Master Pro file
Edlib Tracker mod compressed
D01Tonline Db file
D02Tonline Db file
D03Tonline Db file
D15Beat Master 62 file
D2CT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Disinfectant
D2D3-D Fassade Plus : 2D/3D object file
D32Lotus visualisation file
D3DCorelDream 3D File
D64Commodore emulator file of a VC-1541/CBM-2031/3040/4040 diskette
D67Commodore emulator file of a CBM-2040 diskette
D71Commodore emulator file of a VC-1571 diskette
D80Commodore emulator file of a CBM-8050 diskette
D81Commodroe emulator file of a VC-1581 diskette
D82Commodore emulator file of a CBM-8250 diskette
D8AAmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
D_Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
D_TEru/erd file
DA!Dinfo Data file
DA$MS compressed DAT use UNPACK.EXE
DA0Windows registry backup
DA1registry backup
DA5Green line file
DA_GKSetup support file
DACbyte reversed ADC file : Sound (TI/MIT DAC format)
PCIhandler file (image)
Sound (TI/MIT DAC format) (byte reversed ADC file)
DADChromeleon Channel Raw Data
DAFMime: application/vnd.Mobius.DAF
Mobius : Document archive
DAKdata bakup file
DANWinphone address book
DAOIsoBuster File
DAPMS Access Data Access Page
Omnis5 Application File
DASPackRat Index
DATAntivirus data
Btrieve Database
Digital Audio Tape
Extension used for some MPEG files
gen. DATafile can be text as well as binary data
Internet Explorer Cache
MapInfo native data format
May be a propriatary format
Microsoft Exchange Server : Error message in inbound internet email message
Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
MS Word for DOS file
Novell Message File
SPOT image format
Terrasoft dataset definition file
Video CD MPEG movie MPEG1
VMS Data file
Word for DOS
WordPerfect : Merge data
WordPerfect Merge Data
Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format
Font2d resources file
DBANSYS Database
ArcView : Object Database File (also ODB)
Borderland's Paradox 7 table database
Configuration (dBASE IV - dBFast)
data by dbVista
data by Paradox
data by Smartware
data by Synopsys Design Compiler,
data by XTreeGold
MultiEdit : Configuration
Netscape Cache FAT.DB
Progress Database
Solid Database
WindowsXP Thumbnail Database
DB$dBASE : Temporary file
Temporary debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
DB0dBASE init file
DB1Adressmn file
DB2dBASE II : Database
dBfast File
DB3dBASE III : Database
Dr Brain 3
DB4Dbase 4 data
DB_Cad file
DBAPalmTM Desktop 3.0 organisator for Windows
Turbo Prolog - DataEase : Database
DBAT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Quicken Document
DBBANSYS Database Backup
DeBabelizer : BatchList
DBCMS Visual Foxpro Database Container
OrCAD Capture CIS Database Conf.
DBDBusiness Insight business data
Clarion Modula-2 debug information
DemoShield Player
Psion file
DBEDatabase Engine file
DBFArcView : Shapefile attribute table file
CLIPPER database
data base file for Arago
data base file for Clipper
data base file for DataBoss
data base file for dBFast
data base file for FoxPro
data base file for Wordtech
data base file for xBase
Database (many programs, orig. only dBASE)
dBASE Act!
Enable database : can be opened with Excel 97
MS Query database file
Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
DBGDebugger script Watcom debugger
DOS debug - Watcom debuger : Debugger script
MS Visual C++ CodeView COFF-format Debugger information
Paradox file
PFE file
DBIFifa World Cup game data comin fe file
DBKdBase Database Backup
Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File
DBLLineWriter file
WindowsXP Product Activation File (if on WPA.DBL in the System32 folder)
DBMCold Fusion Template
DataBoss Menu template
DataEase datafile
DBMC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Cache Log
DBMG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape History
DBNW(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape News File
DBNX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Hosts Fil
DBOdBase IV Compiled Program File
DBPMsdev Common Ide Templates Database Projects file
DBQParadox memo
QuickLink database
DBRGolf Courses file
DBSDatabase; Structured Query Language (SQL)
Datafile (PRODAS)
DeBabelizer : Script
Managing Your Money database
Microsoft Word - Works : Printer description file
ProDas - SQL Windows : Datafile
Script (DeBabelizer)
DBSE(MAC CREATOR CODE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio (PC ext: FDB)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio
DBTClipper database text
Database Text File (org. dBASE)
dBFast memo text for database
FoxPro : Foxbase+ style memo
DBVFlexfile 2 : Memo field file
DBWMicrosoft Windows 9.x Database file (DataBoss)
DBXDATABEAM bitmap image
Formula Graphics project
ICE Cache Explorer Data files
MS Visual Foxpro Table
Outlook Express 5 file
DCDesignCAD CAD File
Spice : DC outout
DC$Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DC2DesignCAD CAD File
Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File
DC5DataCAD Drawing File
DCAIBM DisplayWrite : Document Content Architecture text file
MS Active Designer cache
Visual Basic : Active Designer Cache
DCBConcordance Database Control Block
DCCWordExpress2.0 dictionary file
DCDDocument Content Description (XML)
INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Object Code
DCDC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Astound Presentation
DCEdrivecam file extension. www.drivecam.com for any info pertaining to it
DCF"Device Configuration File" for CANopen
Data file : Dyadic
Design Rule for Camera File Systems File
Disk Image file
DynSite Configuration File
HP-95 Comm program settings
WordExpress2.0 dictionary
DCGDigocat Data File read by Digocat.exe (Digital Offline Catalog, Reader)
DCIMimage and data : Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DCKZX SPECTRUM emulation file
DCLBorland Delphi : Delphi Component Library
DCMDICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image file format : Bitmap graphics
Mime: x-lml/x-evm
DCOL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Color File
DCPArcView : default codepage file
Delphi Compiled Packages
OS/2 Data CodePage
Terminal Program; DynaComm Script
DCRDelphi Component Resource (binary resource)
Mime: application/x-director
RIF Picture
Shockwave - Macromedia Director : Data
DCS2d Graphic
ACT! Activity Data File
Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) (QuarkXPress)
Color separated EPS format
Desktop Color Separation file
Kodak Professional Digital Camera
Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification 2.0 (image EPS) (QuarkXPress)+B798
DCTArcView : geocoding dictionary file
Clarion - Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony : Spell checking dictionary
GIS and many others dictionary
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container Memo File
MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
DCT5(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Word dictionnary
DCUDelphi Compiled Unit
Image Zsoft PC Publisher's Paintbrush(multi-pcx file)
Macro file
Mime: image/x-dcx
MS Visual Foxpro Database Container (DBC) Index file
DC~Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DDCompressed Archive File Macintosh : DISKDOUBLER
Image Doodle (C64)
DDAP(MAC CREATOR CODE) File compressed by Disk Doubler ??
(MAC FILE_TYPE) DiskDoubler
DDBBitmap Graphics file
INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Debugging Info
DDDAdobe Acrobat Distiller
BullsEye (text, style sheet)
Fuji Xerox : 2D CAD data
Mime: application/vnd.fujixerox.ddd
DDEbinary : Dynamic Data Exchange
Dynamic Data Exchange
DDFBitstream Fontware File
Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File metadata
Music Library File
DDFL(MAC FILE TYPE) Disk Doubler data file
(MAC FILE TYPE) File compressed by Disk Doubler ??
DDIDiskDupe disk image
DDIFDigital Equipment /Compaq (images and word processing documents)
DDLData Definition Language : SQL file
DDOTank3d game file
(MAC FILE TYPE) MacDraw Pro file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) MacDraw Pro Drawing
DDPBorland Delphi Diagramm page from compiler
OS/2 Device Driver Profile File
(MAC FILE TYPE) Claris Draw File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisDraw Drawing
DDSDirect Draw Surface,3-d texture file,when compressed Directx Texture Compression(DXTC1-5=S3TC)
INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
DDTJill game file
DDVXbase Dbfast example Ivadbsp file
DEWin Ace 204 file
DE$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
DE_Game: doko inst file
DEBDebian Linux Package
Debug script of DOS Debug
DEBIANDebian (make-)file
DECArcView : UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
DEC DX, WPS Plus : Document
Decoded file
DEEPVMime: application/x-deepv
DEF(Vis)C++ Definition
3D Fassade Plus Define Module File
Anisprite file
Defaults - definitions
Geoworks : Assembly header file
Mime: text/plain
module definition file (config)
SGML Tag Definition
SmartWare II data
TLink - WLink... : Linker definition file
DEFAULTgen. Defaults - definitions
System Volume Information SNAPSHOT file
DEFIOracle 7 : De-install script
DEFN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Dictionary
DEIDesign Engineered Interface (GSI Gerber Systems Inc.)
DELpctracker undelete tracking file
ST: CONTROL.DEL - list of data
DEM3d Graphic
Descent Demonstration
Graphics file (Vista Pro)
Quake/Hexen II .DEM file format
USGS US Geological Survey National Mapping Division Topo30 3d-file
DEPgenerally dependancy file
Visual Basic Setup Wizard : Dependency file
DERInternet security certificate
Internet Security Certificate
Mime: application/pkix-cert
Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
DESDelphi description file
File Investigator description file
DETDart file
DEUacronym for Deutsch (german)
DEVDevice Driver
Device Independent TeX
LaTeX File
DEVELDevelopper file
DEWFgen. Sound
Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit : recorded Instrument
DEXExcel file
DEXE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Virtual PC Executable
DEZData Ease version 4.x
DES Encryption : Encrypted zip file
DFData File
Lightscape Parameters
NCSA : Bitmap graphics (Hierarchical Data File)
DF$Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DF1Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DF2Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DF3Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
POV-ray file
DF4Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DFDABC programming language : Dyadic functions
CWK file
Data Flow Diagram graphic (Prosa)
DFIDigifont : Outline font description
DFIL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory Suitcase
Signature : Default program settings
DFMBorland Delphi - Borland C++ Builder : Form file
Data Flow Diagram model (Prosa)
Delphi Forms
Wintidy file
DFSDelight sound file
DFTBullsEye (style sheet)
WaveMaker file
DFVWord Print Format Template
DFXAutoCAD 3d/CAD graphics
Micrografx Designer Effects = DLL
DGAuto-trol Vector : Vector graphics
DGCTurboTax File
DGMArcland Flow Chart Diagram
Digital Geospatial Metadata file
LOTUS Freelance diagram
DGNArcView Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
Intergraph Design Drawing /Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
MicroStation Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
Microstation95 CAD Drawing File
DGODimitrius Settings File
DGPD(MAC FILE_TYPE) DeltaGraph Documen
DGR(MAC FILE_TYPE) DeltaGraph Documen
Design CAD (Microstation95)
Format Pivot Graphic (FAX)
DGSAT Advanced Diagnostics File
DHGeoworks : Dependency information for .ph
DHEDialog Box Hep Editor Files
Visual Basic Dialog Box help editor document
DHFHelp Maker file
DHPDr. Halo II-III PIC format : Bitmap graphics
DHRImage Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res; writes 2 colors
DHRPImage Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 2 colors compressed
DHTGauss : Datafile
DIDigital Illusion format
DI_Game: doko inst file
DIAComputer Support Corporation : Diagraph graphics
DIAGDIAGNOTICS chemical modeller output file
DIBDevice-Independent Bitmap Graphic
Mime: image/bmp
DICCustom dictionary
DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine format : Bitmap graphics
Lotus Domino Dictionary
Lotus Notes Dictionary
Mime: text/plain
spellcheck file (various)
WordExpress2.0 dictionary
DICMDigital imaging and communications in medicine
DICOMDICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine format : Bitmap graphics
DICT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Spellswell Dictionary
Dicts file
DIDAdobe Acrobat Distiller
BullsEye file
DIFData Interchange Format : many Database's
Database file (VisiCalc)
Difference data file
Microsoft Excel Data Interchange Format file.
Mime: video/x-dv
Navy DIF
OS/2 : Display Information File
Output from Diff command - script for Patch command
Raytheon Raster : Bitmap graphics
Text file (Output from Data Interchange Format)
Wright Design's Design Image Format
DIFFPatch script : Difference data file
DIGSound Digilink format (Sound Designer I)
Text Document ASCII
DIGIDIGIBooster module format
DILDelphi file
Dialog LOTUS or HighEdit import-export images
WordExpress2.0 file
DIMG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Disk Image Drawinggng-dmg
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Disk ImagesoryropInng-i
DIPDebug Info Processor (Watcom Debugger)
Graphics file
Watcom Debugger : Debug info processor
DIRArcView : INFO directory manager file
CPS Backup
INFO directory manager file (ArcView)
Macromedia Director File
Mime: application/x-director
Procomm Plus Dialing Directory
VAX - CPS Backup : Directory file
DIRECTThoroughbred basic direct / sort file
DISCorel Draw Thesaurus
DATAIR Data Import Specification Layout File
Image DKB ray-tracer
Image Qrt Ray-Tracer
Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.DIS
Mobius : Distribution database
VAX Mail : Distribution list
DITMicrosoft Windows 2000 : Active directory schema
DIVXMovie Encoded with DivX-codec
DIZDescription file for Bulletin boards
Description In Zip File File_id.diz
DJDJGPP docs file
DJVDjVu File Bitmap graphics
DKDanemark: danish text
DK@P(MAC FILE_TYPE) DocMaker Standalone Doc
DKBDKBTrace : Raytraced graphics
DKCVirtue Deskshow Compiler
DKDVirtue Deskshow ScreemDemonstrato
DKIGame: doppel kopf file
DKPDreamkeys plug-in
Virtue Deskshow SlidePresenter
DLAnimation (Italian origin)
Display - DL Viewer : Animation
Image Format (MAC)
Mime: video/dl
Mime: video/x-dl
DL$System Dllbackup file
DL0Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
DL_Animation / image
DLL backup
DLCT(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScript Dialect
DLDData Lotus 1-2-3
DLGArcView : Graph file
Dialog Resource Script : MS WINDOWS
U.S. Geological Survey Digital Line Graph vector image(geographical data)
DLKINMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
DLLA file containing runtime routines for use with program files.
CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
Dynamic Link Library
Mime: application/x-msdownload
DLMDirty Little Helper Cheat File
FileMaker Pro : Data
DLNScanner Recognita file
IMA Interactive Music Architecture : Sound instruments (Downloadable sample file)
Norton Disklock : Setup
DLUDirty Little Helper Update File
DLV4Catia file format
DLZData file (compressed)
DMBorland dbase
Quake II recorded game format
DMADirect Memory Access programming file
DMDCorel Data Modeling Desktop
Visual dBASE Data Module
DMFDelusion : Music format (Delusion Digital Music File)
DMF Player Ver 0.52B
Microsoft Windows Disk Map File
Packed Amiga disk image
XTracker Digital Music File
DMGMacintosh OS X Disk Image File (Treated like a real disk)
DMGR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Desktop Manager
DMJDustman selection for delete
DMLDarn! Shopping! Mall File
DMODerive : Demo
Duke Nukem 3D/Redneck Rampage recorded games
gen. demo
S3M compressed modul
DMPINMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
screen or memory Dump
DMSCompressed Amiga file archive created by DISKMASHER
Mime: application/octet-stream
Packrat database index
DMTDelphi Runimage Delphi Bin file
DMVAcrobat Catalog file, contains parsing rules for tagged text file
DMWDrawMe vector image
DMYcontainer file
DNAMime: application/vnd.dna
NewMoon : Distributed Network Application info
DNCCompressed dictionary file BITS(c)HOP MASTER-Dictionary
DNEDarn v5+ Windows Events List
DNKKillad file
DNLcomma seperated value file from Concordance Database by Dataflight Software, Inc.
DNSDynSite Plug-in File
DOdigital line graph optional vector data
DO$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
DO0Sysinfo Sa51swe file
DO1Sysinfo Sa51swe file
DO2Sysinfo Sa51swe file
DO7dos 7 file
DO_compressed doc file
DOBVisual Basic user document form file
DOC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word Documentackage
DisplayWrite 4
FrameBuilder Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
FrameMaker Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
generally text file. maybe propriatary format.
Interleaf Document format Interleaf
maybe Microsoft Word .DOT file
maybe RTF
Microsoft BIFF File
Microsoft Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Mime: application/msword
MS DOS Word2x,3x,.. Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Palm Pilot DOC file format
PFS Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Samna Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
SmatWare Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Sprint Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Total Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Volkswriter Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Wang IWP Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
WordMarc Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Wordpad text
WordPerfect Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
WordStar Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Write Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOCC(MAC FILE_TYPE) DragThing Colors File
Dock Database chemical modeller input file
DOFWinTidy file
DOGLaughing Dog Screen Maker : Screen file
DOHGeoworks : Dependency information for .poh
DOKDokument, often ascii text
german or dutch text
DONTextur Editor file
DONEcygwin postinstall file
DOOImage Doodle (Atari)
Vibrants : Music
DORMime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
DOREDore raster file format
DOS1st Reader : External command file
DOS 7 system files. Win 95 boot up in DOS.
gen. Network Driver file
NDIS network card driver
Text file (DOS)
DOTCorel Lines-Definition
Mime: application/msword
Mime: application/x-dot
MS Word Document Template
DOVtemp file
DOXMicrosoft Word : Text document
MultiMate V4.0 document
Visual Basic user document binary form file
DOZVENDINFO : Description Out of Zip
DPCommon Group
Daily Planner : Calendar file
DataPhile : Data file
Mime: application/commonground
Portable Document; Common Ground Digital Paper
THOR database : Primary data file
DP$Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
Serif DrawPlus Animation
DPBFax master file
DPCGame: Uefa champions league Data gfx common object misc file
DPDABC programming language : Dyadic predicates
DPDBDock PDB chemical modeller input file
DPGDeleted program group; Windows Applications Manager
DPGraph : Mathematical graph
Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
DPGRAPHDPGraph : Mathematical graph
Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
DPIPointline bitmap
DPJBorland Delphi : Project
DeskProto CAM : DeskProto project file
DPKDeleted package, Windows Applications Manager
Delphi Package File
DPLBorland Delphi 3 Packed Library
Digital Photo Librarian Database
DPLT(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScript Droplet
DPMIDOS Protected-Mode Interface Programming
DPPSerif DrawPlus Drawing
DPQPCX format
DPRBorland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project and state related info
Desk Project
Wintidy file
DPTPublish-It! : Publication file
Cineon DPX file : Bitmap graphics (Digital Moving Picture Exchange) see also cin
Image Kodak Cineon
DP~Bc31 Bin file
DQLDataEase : Database
DQYMS Excel ODBC Query File
DR$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
DR9Directory file
DR_compressed DRV file of VFW
DRAW2d Graphic
Acorn's object-based format : Vector graphics
DRCOrcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
DREDReport exported report file
DRESDiagnosis Results
DRFPhotoline Drawing Filter
DRLMusic source file ( computer game)
DRMCubase Drumsets Kawai file
DRNDarn for DOS
DRPDReport report file
Draw Perfect (1.0) Font
WordPerfect Driver Resource
DRTDReport Template File
DRUWfm384s demo file
DRVDevice Driver : this is what makes a device function
Program Overlay
DRWDrawing (various)
Image LOTUS Freelance
Micrografx Vector Graphic DEsigner 2.x 3.x
Mime: application/drafting
Pro/E : Vector graphics
DRW2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Canvas 3.5 Drawing
DRW5(MAC FILE_TYPE) Canvas 5 Drawing
(MAC FILE TYPE) MacDraw II files
(MAC FILE_TYPE) MacDraw II Drawing
DRWR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Drop Drawers Drawer
DRXDReport binary file
DRYExecutable (Net2000)
XAIRON organizer diary file
DRZDraz Paint image format
DReport compressed report file
DSchemistry Software
TWAIN Data Source ( = DLL)
DS4Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
DS_Compr. Scanner us driver file
DSAPKCS7 signature, DSA
DSBRayman2 play
DSCDescription file
DeSCription file
MIME Tag types : Tag descriptor file
Mime: text/prs.lines.tag
MS Belief Network (MSBN is an expert system)
Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File
Oracle Discard File
PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification Version 3.0
SoftImage Scene file
DSCEDiagnosis Scenario
DSDDataShaper : Database file
Document Structure Definition File XML or WWW3
DSESDiagnosis Session
DSFDelusion/XTracker Digital Sample
DriveSurf picture
Micrografx Designer V6.x, V7.x
MS Belief Network document (infix formula declarations)
PC-TRUST Document Signer : Extension means file is signed
DSGDOOM : Saved game
DSJT=Director 5 Resources Type "DsJt" Creator "MD95"(MAC)
DSKBorland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop Settings File
Novell NetWare disk drivers
ZX SPECTRUM emulator file
DSKP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Desktop Patterns
DSLDSSSL Style Sheet
Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
DSMDelphi Symbol File
Digital sound module Tracker Format (DSI)
MS Developer Studio macro :VBA = Visual Basic for Applications
DSNDesign (Object System Designer)
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic File
SureThing Office Labeler (formerly DesignExpress) Document
Surfcam file
DSOMS Visc 6 Dev studio workspace file(renamed to old, converted from vc5)
DSPDisplay parameters (Signature)
DLL used by Norton viewer
Dr.Halo : Graphics display driver
Dynamic Studio : Dynamic Studio Professional Module
Graphics Display driver (Dr. Halo)
MS Developer Studio Project, replaces mak
Signature : Display parameters
DSRActive Designer File Visual Basic
Micrografx Designer graphic
WordPerfect for Win Driver
DSSDCC : Screensaver file
Digital Soup sound file
Digital Speech Standard File (various Voice Recorders)
Digital Speech Standard File IBM ViaVoice
DSSLDSSL style sheet SGML (like Scheme )
DSTCubicPlayer file
Embroidery machines graphic file
Micrografx Designer template
PC-RDist, by Pyzzo distribution file
Win : WAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL
DSTL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Acrobat Distiller
DSWBorland C++ Desktop Settings
MS Developer Studio Workspace used to be mdp and bld
DSXMicrografx Designer graphic
Visual Basic active designer binary file
DSZWin Help related file
DTDAT backup
Macintosh file data fork
DT5Brother's Keeper genealogy file
DT_Mac-ette : Data fork of a Macintosh file
DTAData file for eg: TURBO PASCAL / PC-FILE
gen Datafile, can be text as well as binary data
World Bank's STARS data
DTBAfter Dark file
Cybermedia uninstaller
DTB2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Timbuktu Pro DropIn
windows: applog journal
DTDDTD : SGML Document Type Definition
Mime: application/xml
Mime: text/xml
DTEWin Applog file
DTEADiagnosis Template Archive
DTEDgeographical data format : Digital terrain elevation data
DTFDatabase file of PFS-Questions & Answers
ICEM CAD : Data file
MS Exchange Header File (Used when sending to Lotus Notes)
DTGWin Applog file
DTHWindows Applog file
DTIFifa2001 data comon file
Windows Applog file
DTJWin Applog file
DTLcomputer game "The Sims"
Windows Applog file
DTMDigiTracker module (sound / music)
DTPDatastorm Technologies, Inc. ProComm Program Patch
Page Express desktop publishing document
PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3 : Publication
Pressworks : Template file
SecurDesk! Desktop
Text Document of Timeworks Publisher 3.x
DTPC(MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter Configuration
DTQDatabase Tools Query
DTRSwisslog Downtime Analyzer Report
DTXLaTeX document (doctrip)
Q&A file
DUAGame: fifa 2001 data feart legalscr file
DUBAudio Utility Tuningwrench Tuning compressed file
DUMAda Ada Tutor file
DUMPMime: application/octet-stream
DUNDial-Up Network config file
Dunce file
DUPBackup file (Duplicate)
DUTDutch text file
DVDESQview Script
Digital video file
Mime: video/x-dv
DVCLotus 1-2-3 File
DOS Device Driver File
DVFDV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
DVGGraphics Works list of symbols
DVIAction Media II Digital Video Interactive movie
Mime: application/x-dvi
TeX : Text document (TeX Device Independent File Format)
DVMDVM Movie File Format
DVPAutoCAD Device Parameter
DESQview program information file
DVRDevice Driver
Program Overlay
DW2DesignCAD Drawing File
DW4Visio/DisplayWrite 4 text
DWARFDWARF (debug with arbitrary record format) (Acrobat)
DWBCoryphaeus Software Designer : Workbench
DWCDWC : Compressed file archive
DWDDiamondWare digitized file; a Datawrite file: sound
DWFAutodesk WHIP! Drawing Web File compressed image
Mime: drawing/x-dwf
Mime: drawing/x-dwf (old)
Mime: model/vnd.dwf
DWG2d Graphic
AutoCAD Drawing
AutoCAD Drawing Database
Drafix CAD
Mime: application/acad
Mime: application/autocad
Mime: image/vnd
Mime: image/vnd.dwg
Mime: image/x-dwg
older Generic CADD drawing format
DWIdwifile open with: DEPENDS.EXE /dde
DWJDynamic Submission 2000 V6 file
DWKDADiSP Worksheet Document mime: application/x-dadisp www.dadisp.com
mime: application/x-dadisp www.dadisp.com
DWLTextur Editor compressed file
DWMDwstk file
DWPDeScribe : Document file
Dweep Game Levels
DWRWordEpress2.0 file
DWSDyadic : Workspace file
DWTAutoCAD : Template file, or prototype
Macromedia Dreamweaver Template File
DWXDesignWorks Viewer Tools file
DWZDesigner Projects Template file
DXAuto-trol Raster image : Bitmap graphics
Data explorer document
Document Imaging File
Mime: chemical/x-jcamp-dx
MultiMate word processor document
Protein : JCAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format Kinetic
Text file (DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus)
THOR database : Cross-reference data
DXBAutoCAD drawing exchange format (binary) (vector)
DXEamiga emulator file
DXF2d Graphic
3d Graphic
AutoCad Drawing eXchange Format (text representation of the binary DWG )
Fh7 image file
Image PSP
Micrografx Picture Publisher special effect
Mime: application/dxf
Mime: image/vnd.dxf
Mime: image/x-dwg
Mime: image/x-dxf
DXNFujitsu dexNET : Fax document
DXRAdobe Acrobat File
Macromedia Director Protected -non editable- Movie File
Mime: application/vnd.dxr
Mime: application/x-director
DXT1S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (see also DDS)
DXT2S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (premultiplied alpha)(see also DDS)
DXT3S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (see also DDS)
DXT4S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (premultiplied alpha)(see also DDS)
DXT5S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (see also DDS)
DY22Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 22k)
DY44Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 44k)
DYLEPOC16 : Dynamic link library
DYNLotus File 1-2-3
DYNAFormat for storing info on 3-d motions
DZScharacter file
D~L.DLL copy (Creative)
D~VWin3 System file(compr)
EEEL macro language(Epsilon Editor )
E00ArcInfo Coverage Export File
ESRI map file export
E01Arj auto-extractable archiv
E32Inno Setup 1.3 file
E3DInstant3D Project
Macromedia Extreme3D object
E99Steuer99 Daten file
E_EEru file
EA3Game: fifa 2001 data enviro file
EACEmEditor Auto Completion File
EADB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact Print File
EALEnfocus Action List
Easel programming language source code
EAMFrance98 football game audio file
EASOS/2 extended file attributes
EBJGeoworks error-checking object file
EBKMime: application/x-expandedbook
EBOMicrosoft Reader Ebook Format
EBSRational Rose 98 script source
EBUEBU subtitling data exchange file format
EBXRational Rose 98 compiled script
ECPreprocessed GOC source code file (error-checking version) (Geoworks)
ECARDeCard (Exchanage Card) format phone index or phone book format
ECCEcchi image format
ECDEasy Clean Data File ( Configuration )
ECELP4800Mime: audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp4800
ECELP7470Mime: audio/vnd.nuera.ecelp7470
ECFMicrografx Media Manager
Microsoft Office 97 Add-in configuration
ECGPreprocessed GOC source code file (error-checking version) (Geoworks)
ECIExact id , Cleaning and Info file
ECLActive Media ECLipse (screensaver maker)
ECMCmpro examples file
ECOOrchestria Active Policy Management ( http://www.orchestria.com ) Executive Console configuration information.
ECPG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Text Extension
ECSEasy Clean Selection
ECTSystem Dll Epic.ect file
ECWEnhanced Compressed Wavelet image format
System Dll file
ECW2002PUZZLEEclipseCrossword Puzzle
ECW2002WORDSEclipseCrossword Word List
EDTmx Editor file
ED5EDMICS bitmap (DOD)
EDAEnsoniq ASR disk image
EDCKryptel (light) Decoder/Encoder
EDDElement Definition Document (FrameMaker+SGML documents)
EDEEnsoniq EPS disk image
EDFDrumbeat (Internet application) component
EDIFElectronic Design Interchange Format
EDKEnsoniq KT disk image
EDLModule musical Edlib
EDMActive Media Eclipse Data Module
Mime: application/vnd.novadigm.EDM
EDPAttachmate Extra! Session
EDQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image
EDSEnsoniq SQ80 disk image
EDTExternal editors definitions (DN)
VAX EDT editor default settings
EDTV(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact Detail Fil
EDVEnsoniq VFX-SD disk image
EDWeDrawings SolidWorks Corp
EDXMime: application/vnd.novadigm.EDX
EEBWordPerfect for Win Equation editor button bar
EENV(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact Envelope
EEPMicroprocessor's eeprom file
EERLahey Fortran execution error messages
EFAEnsoniq ASR file
EFAX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact Fax Form
EFEEnsoniq EPS file
sound file
EFKEnsoniq KT file
EFMEquation FontMetrics
EFQEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file
EFSEnsoniq SQ80 file
FlowChart; EasyFlow 6.x-8.x
EFTChiWriter high resolution screen font
EFVEnsoniq VFX-SD file
EFXFax (Everex EFax)
EGABitmap. Same as BMP. Saved in EGA resolution / MRBC.EXE
Ventura Publisher EGA display font
EGGGame: wer wird millionaer Data Screens file
EGGP(MAC FILE TYPE) After Effects' project file
(MAC FILE TYPE) After Effects' project file (PC ext: AEP)
EIElectric Image image format
EI6Mime: application/vnd.pg.osasli
EID"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
EIDIBitmap image (Electric Image EIDI file)
EITE-Icons Thme (Windows)
EKABorland's Eureka internal data files
EKMKeyboard macro definitions (The Scientific Word Processor)
ELEmacs Lisp programming language source code
Mime: text/x-script.elisp
ELBL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact Label Defn
ELCCompiled ELISP code (Emacs-Lisp)
Mime: application/x-bytecode.elisp
Mime: application/x-elc
ELFBlack Belt Systems Extended Layer File
ELICompressed file archive (ELI)
ELMDllbackup microsoft Themes artsy file
ELST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact Sorted List
ELTProsa event list
EM$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
EMAILOutlook Express Mail Message (Rename to .EML to access in OE)
EMBABT extended module
Mime: chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide
EMBLMime: chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide
EMDMicrografx System4 Media Manager file
EMFEnhanced Windows Meta-file picture
EMLMime: message/rfc822
Outlook Express EMaiL
EMM(old) extended memory manager file
EMREmrite (Wordprocessor file)
EMSPC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
EMUBITCOM terminal EMUlation data
EMU-SLE-mu sound library cd-rom
EMXMsdos Extender file
ENStratum template file
EN$Midiprg Steinberg Cubase compressed file
EN4Enable v3.0 & 4.x
ENCEncoded file - UUENCODEd file (Lotus 1-2-3 - uuencode)
Encore music
Mime: video/mpeg
MPEG Video; video/mpeg; (MOV | Encore sound )
ENDCorelDraw Arrow-head definition file
ENFFExtended Neutral File Format
ENGENGlish documentation
Graphics (charting) (EnerGraphics)
Matlab ENGine routines
Sprint dictionary engine
ENLEndnote Library File (for research papers)
ENSEnable spreadsheet, version 3.0, 4.0, and 4.5
ENTSGML Entities, character mapping
ENUWin Ace204 file
ENVENVelope or ENVironments, may be used by many programs
HP-95 Environment; like CNF
Mime: application/x-envoy
Novell ENVoy data
WOPR ENVeloper macro
ENWWindows Word processing Format
ENYD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Envoy Document
EOBJGeoworks object code (error-checking version)
EOFDownloadable font file (Netscape navigator)
EOLMime: audio/vnd.digital-winds
EOSATLANDSAT/EOSAT Satellite picture data image format
EP2EclipsePackager Package
EPAAward Bios Logo image format
EPBMime: application/x-epublisher
EPCJill game file
EPDExpress Publisher publication
EPDFEncapsulated Portable Document Format
EPFEncapsulated Postscript Image (Image EPSF)
EPHTMLEnhanced Perl-parsed HTML file
EPIExpress Publisher Encapsulated PostScript (text and graphics)
EPJJava-clients file
EPLTallyman E-commerce Software
EPSAdobe Illustrator text and graphics (Encapsulated PostScript)
Corel-TRACE Encapsulated PostScript
Mime: application/postscript
Printer font (Epson/Xerox...) (Ventura Publisher)
EPS2Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Mac PostScript File
Adobe Encapsulated PostScript text and graphics
EPSIAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format
EPSONEpson printer graphics file
EPSP(MAC FILE TYPE) EPS created by Xpress (PC ext: EPS)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) PC PostScript File
EPTAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format with TIFF preview
EQFWinAmp equalizer settings file
WordPerfect for Win EQuatioN
EQUAssembly language equates
EQXGoldwave 402 file
ERAol30 organizer file
ER1ERWin data
ER_Winhelp file (compressed)
ERDActive Media Eclipse Resource Database
Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file
ERFActive Media Eclipse Resource File
SGML "Visual DTD Entity Reference File"
ERGMidiprg Arranger file
ERIERI-chan (Entis Rasterized Image) image format
ERWin data
ERIK(MAC CREATOR CODE) Finder (Desktop files)
ERMBitmap image
Prosa Entity Relationship diagram Model file
ERRERRor log, messages for command line compilers
ERSSatellite image header (ER Mapper file) (Earth Resource Mapping)
ERXERWin data
ESCONFIG 915E file
Mime: application/x-esrehber
Mime: audio/echospeech
ES_Audio Waveprg Sounder compressed file
ESC2d Graphic
ESET(MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Set
ESFAudio file (Emblaze)
ESHExtended Shell batch file
ESIDiskeeper disk defragmenter
ESKLongplay Vesa file
ESLFoxPro Macintosh Runtime Library
Mime: audio/echospeech
ESMEnhance Simplex image format
ESPActive Media Eclipse Screensaver Project
ESPFEncapsulated PostScript Files
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Energy Saver Prefs File
ESPSESPS audio file
ESRFEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility storage format
ESSStyle sheet (The Scientific Word Processor)
ESTWebalizer.01 Lang file
ESYEmEditor Syntax File
ES~EPOC Synchronization file
ETAeTreppid Audio File (eTplayer & ETVC media CODEC)
ETB2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Timbuktu Pro Resource
ETCeTreppid Compressed File
Mime: application/x-earthtime
ETFEnriched Text Format for mail messages
ETHEthnograph 3 document
ETLActive Media Eclipse Transition Listing
ETMeTreppid Audio File (eTplayer & ETVC media CODEC)
ETVeTreppid Audio File (eTplayer & ETVC media CODEC)
ETXMime: text/x-setext
Structure Enhanced (setext) text
EUCJapanese text (Kanji)
EUIEnsoniq ESP family compacted disk image
sound file
EUREKAInternal data files (Borland's Eureka Packer format)
EV2Java File
EVMMime: x-lml/x-evm
EVPSound envelope (general purpose data curves stored as doubles) (mxv)
EVTEVenT descriptions/log
EVYCorel Envoy Document
Mime: application/envoy
Mime: application/x-envoy
Tumbleweed Software ActiveX Control; a Portable Document format
EWBElectronics Workbench
EWDExpress Publisher for Windows document
EWLMicrosoft Encarta document
EWP3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact File
EXCequadrat Backup file
Symantec Ghost template file
EX!Modem Bitware Fax disk1 file
EX$MS compressed EXE; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
EX3Harvard Graphics 3.0 device driver
EX_Compressed EXE (a one-file archive)
EXALsys file
EXCExclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM)
Mail/Exchange component/tbv
Microsoft Word Exclusion Dictionary
Mime: text/plain
Rexx language source code file (VM/CMS)
Text document
EXDVBE tmp file
EXEExecutable file
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/x-msdownload
Self-displaying image
Self-extracting archive
EXFABS Viewpoint file
EXI(Exchangeable Image File) orig. Fuji EXIF format : Bitmap graphics
EXIF(Exchangeable Image File) orig. Fuji EXIF format : Bitmap graphics
EXMApplication Program; HP 95, 100, 200 Palmtop PC System Manager Compliant program
Xsys document file
EXOSystem file
EXPExport (MS Visual C++)
Express schema (STEP)
Protected mode executable program (PharLap)
EXP1??? ?archiv?
EXTMime: application/vnd.novadigm.EXT
Norton Commander extension file
EXT2Linux : Second extended file system
EXT32Linux second extended filesystem specification
EXTR(MAC FILE TYPE) Self-extracting archive created by Compact Pro
EXUEuphoria source code file for linux
EXWEuphoria source code file for Windows
EXXIntermediate file by MsgPut (IBM LinkWay)
EX~DOS file
EYBEncyclopedia Yearbook File
EYERenderize Project
EZMime: application/andrew-inset
EZCEZScreen Screen Saver Editor
Fax (Calculus EZ-Fax)
EZMText File (mailing lists)
EZPCompressed file (Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility)
EZSSunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
EZTSunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template
FFortran; same as FOR; F90 is the new type
Freeze compressed file archive
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-fortran
Paradox file
F#+A(MAC CREATOR CODE) Rag Time Classic
F#+D(MAC FILE TYPE) Rag Time Classic file
F+DB(MAC FILE_TYPE) FoxPro Database
F01Fax (perfectfax)
F06Dos screen text font - height 6 pixels
F07Dos screen text font - height 7 pixels
F08Dos screen text font - height 8 pixels
F09Dos screen text font - height 9 pixels
F0RFarandole linear module format sound/music
F10Dos screen text font - height 10 pixels
F11Dos screen text font - height 11 pixels
F12Dos screen text font - height 12 pixels
F13Dos screen text font - height 13 pixels
F14Dos screen text font - height 14 pixels
F15DOS 15 Pixel Screen Font
F16Dos screen text font - height 16 pixels
F2Biosflash file
F2BFade To Black
F2RFarandole Linear Module format
F3Biosflash f3 file
F32Raw 32-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
F3LA(MAC FILE_TYPE) Corel Texture File
F3RFarandole blocked linear module format
F6Fonts file
F64Raw 64-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
F7Fonts file
F77Fortran 77 language source file
Mime: text/x-fortran
F8Fonts file
F90Fortran 90 language source file /free form
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-fortran
F96Frecom FAX96
FA1DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Data File
FA2DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Custom text File
FA_Compr. Scanner us driver file
FACUNIX FaceSaver bitmap image /Usenix FACE
FACEUNIX FaceSaver bitmap image /Usenix FACE
FAEMS Office 97 file converter DLL
FAET(MAC FILE_TYPE) Shared Folder Alias
FAFFAmiga spreadsheet Procalc and Advantage
FALBitmap graphics image header information Q0
FAMcomputer game "The Sims"
Paradox TV
FAQText; Frequently Asked Questions
FARFarandole Composer music module /MOD
FASMacsyma compiled program
FASL(MAC FILE_TYPE) FrameMaker 5 Document
FATKNOTS2_0 file
FAVMicrosoft Outlook navigation bar
Ms Outlook FAVorites shortcut
FAXFax (generic Group 3 1bit encoded data) (most Fax programs)
FAXMGRMime: application/x-fax-manager
FAXMGRJOBMime: application/x-fax-manager-job
FBBackup file made by Novell (DR)Dos' FastBack Express (fbx.exe)
FBCFamilyTree Compressed Backup File
FBCE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Find File Text Extractor
FBKNavison Financials backup
FBMFuzzy BitMap
FBNArcView : spatial index file for read-only datasets
FBND(MAC FILE_TYPE) Communication Tool
FBSFile Burner Skin
Mime: image/vnd.fastbidsheet
FBXArcView : spatial index file for read-only datasets
FCHarvard Graphics 2.0 spell checking dictionary
FC$Basic Realizer Disk1 L file
FC-MFC-M packer format
FC4Module musical Futur Composer
FCCBasic Realizer Careal Lib file
FCDFastCad or EasyCad image
Virtual CDROM
FCD4(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Importer
FCEGame: need for speed Render file
FCFHP-95 Filer configuration
FCHP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Fetch Prefs File
FCIM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Incoming Message
FCLCyber Audio Library link file
FCMBinary file patch file (forward compression) (jlpak10.zip)
FCOD(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Filter
FCOM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Outgoing
FCPFirstClass Client Protocol
FCSFirstClass Client 2.6 Settings
FCTFoxPro catalog memo file
FCWCampaign Cartographer 2 File
FDDataFlex field offsets for compiler
Front Door resource file
Include; Fortran Include (declarations)
FDASystem Sysutil file
FDATCSD FDAT chemical modeller input file
FDBDatabase; FoxPro /tbv
font definition block of SWT generator (flash MX)
Navison Financials database
FDFMime: application/vnd.fdf
Portable Document; Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
FDMLMime: text/html
FDRSideKick 2 Note file
FDWForm (F3 Design and Mapping)
FDXForce Index
FEATFeature chemical modeller input file
Feature chemical modeller output file
FEBWordPerfect for Win figure editor button bar
FEFSteuer2001 Formular file
FEIGeoworks Fatal Error Infotable
FEMCADRE Finite Elements Mesh file
FERP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Prefs
FEXFocus File
FEXT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Prefs
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Finder Extension
FFAgfa Compugraphics outline font description
Intelligont FIAS format
FF2Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! Standard file
FFAMS Office Fast Find
FFDSoftrans Gmbh Hello Engines! 2.1 file
FFFFax (defFax)
GUS PnP bank file format
Maggi Hairstyles & Cosmetics image format
FFIAtech FastFont (AllType)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Font Suitcase (Type 1 or True Type)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Font Suitcasenager Pdfont
(MAC FILE_TYPE) System Font
FFIVWASCII File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds (VRML)
FFLMS Office Fast Find
FFNFifa World Cup game data fe art file
FFOFastFind file
FFPCorel Graphics10 Custom file
FFTDisplayWrite document
Fast Fourier Transform analysis data
Text file (IBM DCA/FFT Final Form Text)
FFXMS Office Fast Find Index
FG5Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasysgp
FGAFolder Guard Attributes
FGDFolder Guard Data
Mime: application/x-director
FGDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Fontographer Document
FGLInno Setup Component Definitions file
FGPFolder Guard Passwords File
FHMime: image/x-freehand
FH3Drawing; Aldus FreeHand 3 vector image(before Macromedia)
FH4Aldus FreeHand 4.x vector image
Mime: image/x-freehand
Drawing; Macromedia FreeHand
Mime: image/x-freehand
FH50(MAC CREATOR CODE) Freehand 5 (PC ext: FH5)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 5 file
FH7Drawing; Macromedia FreeHand /tbv
Mime: image/x-freehand
FH8FreeHand : Vector graphics
(MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 3 (PC ext: FH3)
FHCMime: image/x-freehand
FHD3(MAC CREATOR CODE) Freehand 3 (PC ext: FH3)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 3 file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand 3 Graphic
FHTMLMacromedia html file
FHXFh5 Usenglsh Xtras file
FHZFenske-Hall ZMatrix chemical modeller output file
FIBitstream Intellifont
FlashImage image format
Ms Fortran Interface file
FICSheffield dictionary file
FIFAltamira Genuine Pixels 1.0 compressed format
Font information file
Fractal Image File. New image format, small
Mime: application/fractals
Mime: image/fif
Linker options (Lahey Fortran)
TransFIG image format
FIHFile Investigator Help File
FIIAutodesk animation
FILFile listing
File template (Application Generator)
Files list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
WordPerfect overlay
FILMSTRIPFilmstrip v1.0 format
FIMConstrusyc/Instasyc File
FINPrint-formatted text file (Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE)
FIOAldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
Image PALS viewer DLL
FIRWebalizer.01 file
FIREFireStarter Project File
FISH3d Fish Tank Saved Fish
FISHES3d Fish Tank Saved Fishes
FISHTANK3d Fish Tank Saved Fishtank
FITFile Index Table (Windows NT)
Graphics and data (Flexible Image Transport System)
FITSCCD camera image
Flexible Image Transport System
FIXPatch file
FIXEDDllbackup root file
FKYDatabase Program; FoxPro Macro
FLSound (Floating format) (not portable)
FL_Compr. Scanner us driver file
FLAEditable Macromedia Flash Movie
FLASHPIX2d Graphic
FLBPapyrus Format LiBrary
FLCAutodesk Animator (AutoDesk FLIC format) (old: .FLI)
Corel Show
Presentation; Film Clip
FLDCharisma folder
FLEOp9630 Settings file
Scanner Settings file
FLEXRESPSnort file
FLFCorel Paradox delivered form
Firehand Lightening picture presentation file (slide-show)
Navison Financials license file
FLIAutodesk Animator animation old format (AutoDesk FLIC format)
Flic-movie (Corel)
Mime: video/fli
Mime: video/x-fli
Tex font library (EmTeX)
FLICAutodesk Animator : Animation (AutoDesk FLIC format)
FLLFoxPro runtime library Windows (PLB for DOS )
Micrografx Designer 7 image fill pattern
FLMDatabase Program; FoxPro Library
Film Roll (AutoCAD/AutoShade)
Image format on Atari
FLOMicroGrafx FlowCharter 7 File
Mime: image/florian
FLPCorelFlow Project Flow Chart
FLRNetscape Live 3D
FLSDbdemos file
FLST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Fetch Bookmarks
FLTAdobe Illustrator Filter
Autodesk Animator Animation
Corel filter
DLL, Import Filter (Aldus/Micrografx Picture Publisher/Ms Word)
Filter (generic)
Graphics FiLTer (Asymetrix ToolBook/Corel)
MultiGen FLighT
OpenFlight file
FLT3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Filter
FLWFreelance : Document
FLXAnimation format
Database /Flexstor format
DataFlex compiled binary
Mime: text/html
Mime: text/vnd.fmi.flexstor
FLYMime: text/vnd.fly
FMDocument; FrameMaker Document
FileMaker Pro database
Mime: application/x-framemaker
Mime: application/x-maker
FM1Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.x)
FM2Maestro Mama Demo file
FM3Harvard Graphics 3.0 device driver
Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3.x )
FMBOracle binary source code for form, beginning with version 4.0
WordPerfect for Win File Manager Button bar
FMCSystem Sysutil file
FMCF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Type Manager Prefs
FMDOpen Access File
FMDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Forum Database
FMFIBM LinkWay font or icon file
Mime: video/x-atomic3d-feature
FMKFortran PowerStation makefile
FMK$(MAC FILE TYPE) FileMaker 1 file
FMLFile Mirror List (GetRight)
Mime: application/file-mirror-list
Mime: application/x-file-mirror-list
FMOdBASE IV compiled format file
FMPFilemaker Pro Database
Font map 3d font map
FMP3(MAC CREATOR CODE) FileMaker Pro (PC ext: FMP/FP3)
(MAC FILE TYPE) FileMaker Pro (PC ext: FMP/FP3)
(MAC FILE TYPE) FileMaker Pro file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro
(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro 3 Database
(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro 2
FMSLotus Frelance file
FMSG(MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Filed Messag
FMTFast loading format (TeX)
ForMaT file (dBASE IV/FoxPro/Clipper 5/dBFast/Gate3)
Format; Lotus 1-2-3
Ms Schedule+ print file
Oracle text format of form
Schedule+ Print File
Sprint style sheet
FMTR(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Transfer File
FMUfuzzy system modelling environment in ebnf-notation
FMVFrameMaker picture, bitmap or vector
Full Motion Video file
FMXOracle executable form
FMXT(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Extension
FN3Harvard Graphics 3.0 font file
FN_Cad file
FNBPFS: 1st Publisher Font
FNDMicrosoft Explorer Saved Search file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Finder File
FNET(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Network File
FNGFont group file (Font Navigator)
FNKFunkTracker music
FNOFolio Infobase
FNTFont file (many)
raw font created by FONTEDIT.EXE
FNXExact inactive font
FO$Midiprg Ballade compressed file
FO1Borland Turbo C font file
FO2Borland Turbo C font file
FOGFontographer font database file
FOG4(MAC FILE_TYPE) Fontographer 4
FOL1st Reader folder of saved messages
FOLD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Open Folder List
FOLDERFolder file, open with: Explorer.exe /idlist
FONBitmap FONt with fixed size (many - Windows 3.x font library)
Phonebook (Terminate/Terminator/Telix)
Procomm Plus log of all calls
FONTFont data (unix)
FOPFreedom of Press bitmap image
FOPX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Org Chart
FORFortran Source code
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-fortran
WindowBase form
FOTTruetype font styles file belonging to .TTF, used in Windows 3.x
FOUSpicecad Lowpass_ file
FOXFoxbase/FoxPro+ executable (precompiled .prg)
FPFileMaker Pro data
FoxPro configuration file
FP1Flying Pigs for Windows game data
FP2Hdf Util file
FP3Filemaker Pro 3.0 database
FP32terrain format: HDF format
FP4FileMaker Pro 4 File
FP5FileMaker Pro 5 File
Mime: application/filemaker5
FPCFoxPro catalog file
FPDTMT Pascal compiled unit
FPGDIV Game Studio Multi Map image format
FPKForm package file (FormFlow)
FPMDatabase Program; FoxPro startup file
FPRFruitypro Samples Humanize presets Grooves file
FPTDatabase Text; FoxPro Database Memo
FPWFloorPLAN plus Windows drawing
FoxPro Configuration = CONFIG.FPW = INI file
FPXCompiled FoxPro program
Kodak FlashPiX bitmap image
Mime: application/vnd.netfpx
Mime: image/vnd.fpx
Mime: image/vnd.net-fpx
Mime: image/x-fpx
FQFFlashFXP Queue File
FR3Renamed dBASE III+ form file
FRAFifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
FRACTFree Form Fractional chemical modeller input file
FRAG*glslang fragment programs (* means only .frag is tested)
FRAMEMime: application/x-framemaker
FRAME5Cvip formatted file
FRBD(fuzzy rule based definition)fuzzy system modelling environment in ebnf-notation
FRDGame: need for speed Tracks Trk000 file
FREFifa 2002 data legal screen file
Male MRI image format
FRFFontMonger intermediate font
FRGdBASE IV uncompiled report file
FRLGP-Forth library
Mime: application/freeloader
FRMFractint FoRMula
Frame Stacks
Megalux Frame image format
Mime: application/vnd.ufdl
Mime: application/vnd.xfdl
Mime: application/x-framemaker
Order or registration FoRM (textfile)
Report file (dBASE IV/Clipper 5/dBFast)
Visual Basic source file belonging to a Form
WordPerfect Document Merge Form
FROdBASE IV compiled report file
FRPForm (PerForm PRO Plus/FormFlow)
FRSWordPerfect for Win screen font resource
FRTFoxPro additional (FPT) report description file
GP-Forth language source code file
FRXBinair file belonging to Visual Basic .FRM (form stash file)
FoxPro Main (DBF) report description file
FSBitmap image (Usenix FaceServer file)
FS5Game: Ms flight Scenery file
FS6Game: Ms flight Panels file
FSCcygwin tix4.1 preferences file
FSFConvert It! Factor File
fPrint Audit Tool File
FSG"IBM Voice Type" languages map file
FSHFifa World Cup game data environment file
FSKMovie Script
FSLCorel Paradox saved form
Form; Paradox compiled
FSMFarandole Composer WaveSample music format
FSPfPrint Audit Tool file format
FSSMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 register file
FSTdBFast linkable program
Mime: image/vnd.fst
FSXLotus 1-2-3 data
FSYPhotoFantasy Image image format
FTLotus Notes Full Test index
FT30(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Filter
FT5Fh5 file
FT7Freehand7 template
FT8FreeHand8 template
FTBIndex file (Roots3)
FTCH(MAC CREATOR CODE) Extensis' Portfolio
(MAC FILE TYPE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio (PC ext: FDB)
FTEFamily Tree Easy File (www.FamilyTreeEasy.com)
FTFClient access data specification file (AS/400) (Client to Server)
FTGWindows Help full text search group file
FTHFileMaker Pro Theme
FTIMime: application/vnd.anser-web-funds-transfer-initiation
FTKFormtek Raster Bitmap graphics
FTLFutureTense Texture (Internet texture viewer)
FTMMicrografx font file
FTMPfontmap 3d font map (also magic bytes)
FTNFortran language source code file , fixed form
FTPConfiguration (FTP Software PC/TCP)
FTP Voyager document
FTRDescription (features)
FTSGraphics and data (Flexible Image Transport System)
Windows Help Full Text Search index
FTVForest & Trees File
FTWFamily File
FTXTextCraft Document
FULLCygwin var log file
FUNDescription (Functions)
FUNKMime: audio/make
FUZZAKFuzzac Packer format
FVFFluke View
FVIMime: video/isivideo
FVTMime: video/vnd.fvt
FWFrameWork database
FW2FrameWork II database
FW3FrameWork III database
FW4Framework IV file
FWBFileWrangler Data File Backup
FWFXwave Fwf file
FWKFrameWork Database
FWLFileWrangler EXE Library
FWSFileWrangler Data File for File Splitting Configuration
FXFastLynx online guide
FXDFaxIt phone book card file
FoxPro FoxDoc support
FXIdata file for file-ex
FXMDeltrina Winfax PRO (Multiple fax images)
FXOWinfax image format
FXPFoxPro executable precompiled .prg
FXSWinFax Transmit Format graphics
FXTTemplate file for file-ex
FXTC(MAC CREATOR CODE) After Effects' project file (PC ext: AEP)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) After Effects
FZBCasio FZ-1 Bank dump
FZFCasio FZ-1 Full dump
FZPDye Sub support file (Fargo Primera colour printer)
FZVCasio FZ-1 Voice dump
GAshton Tate Applause Chart
Gaussian Z-matrix chemical modeller output file
Mime: text/plain
Paradox file
G16GoldED / DOS compiled config
G3G3 fax file
Mime: image/g3fax
G32GFA BASIC 32 Program File
G3FZetafax TIFF File (fine resolution)
G3NImaging Fax image format
G4Access image format
G721Raw CCITT G.721 1bit ADPCM data : Sound data
G723Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM data : Sound data
G726Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 2, 3, 4 or 5bit ADPCM data : Sound data
G7XXPCM, U-law, A-law, G7xx ADPCM sound files
G8Cubicomp PictureMaker (green channel image data :24bit 3D animation)
PicLab raw graphics (one byte pp)
G94Gaussian 94 Output chemical modeller input file
GACGlobal Audio Control Skin
Mime: application/vnd.groove-account
GADGolden Arrow. See www.cranachan-software.com
GAFTotal Annihilation image format
GAKWin32 Shellext file
GALClipart; Corel Gallery (thumbnails)
Hewlett-Packard Graphics Galery
GAMFax (GammaFax)
GAMINGamess Input chemical modeller output file
GAMOUTGAMESS Output chemical modeller input file
GAPPhotoImpact Pencil Style
GARMINThe Garmin Hacking Project
GATGator File
GAUGame: Ms flight Panels Gauges file
Mime: chemical/x-gaussian-input
GAUOUTGaussian 92 Output chemical modeller input file
GBChinese text
Gameboy game
Printfox/Pagefox image format
GB$Basic Vb Beispiel Kartei file
GBAGrabIt Batch Files
GBCColor emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBFGeneral Bible Format Tagging Specification
GBKDelphi Runimage Iblocal Examples file
GBLVAXTPU editor GlobaL definitions
Visual Basic Global Definition
GBLY(MAC FILE_TYPE) System Enabler
GBOOKThe Guest Book Egbook file
GBRGimp BRush
GBTPhotoshop File
GC1Golden Common Lisp 1.1 source code file
GC3Golden Common Lisp 3.1 source code file
GCARTGaussian Cartesian chemical modeller output file
GCBChord Buster Sequences file
GCCGnu C++ file
GCCV(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Filter
GCDGeneric CAD Drawing format (vector)
GCIGTA2 Game File
GCPGround Control Point file
GDBFormula 1 car race 2001 Season01 file
Mime: x-lml/x-gdb
GDFBitmap IBM Graphics Data Format
GEOS Dictionary File
GDIGEM Metafile Image
GDLArchiCAD Geometric Description Language data file
Mime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
GDMBwsb120b Demo file
GDSMcDonnell-Douglas Things
GDSIIVLSI cad layout format (for integrated circuits)
GEGecho config file
GE23d model: Maya 4 GE2 exporter (faces,vertices,TRI-tesselation etc)
GEAFifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
GEBDr hardware file
GEDEnerGraphics graphics editor file
GoldED / DOS compiled config file
Graphic Environment Document (Arts & Letters)
Micrografx Simply 3D Geometry
Wicat image
GEDCOMGEnealogical Data COMmunication standard
GEFGraphics Exchange Format
GEMGEM Picture; Gem Meta-file (vector)
Ventura Publisher vector image
GENCompiled template (dBASE Application Generator)
Ventura Publisher GENerated text file
GEOGeoPaint image format
Geoworks Geode (GEOS executable)
GoldED / OS/2 compiled config file
VideoScape 3D object
GEOMAVS (Application Visualization System) Used by the AVS commercial high-end visualization environment.
GERGerman text/html info file
GERBERPrinted circuit board photoplotter files
GETPovwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 file
GETRIGHTGetRight Unfinished-Download file
GEXGEcho config file
GFMetaFont font file
GFABasic Gfa Gfados file
GFBBitmap picture; GifBlast variation of GIF
GFCPatton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart file
GFIGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GFMCGM picture; Ashton Tate Applause
Computer Graphics Meta-file
GFOSGI Radiosity
GFTFont file (GEM/NeoPaint)
GFWBasic Gfa file
GFXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
Instant Artist image
GGKoala Paint Compressed image format
GGSAudio file
GHIan INI file for NCSA Mosaic
GHONorton Ghostback file
GHSGhostback file
Tarshare file
GIAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
GIBChart (Graph-in-the-Box)
GIDGeneral InDex of a Win 95 help file
GIFCompuServe bitmap image (Graphics Interchange Format),widely used Internet Format
Mime: image/gif
GIF2Netobjects fusion Styles Lines file
GIF87Gif(87) file
GIF89AGif 89a image file
GIF_(MAC FILE_TYPE) GIF Image Filter Databgif
GIFF(MAC FILE TYPE) GIF files created by PageMill
(MAC FILE TYPE) GIF files created by PageMill (PC ext: GIF)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) GIF Image Filter Databgif
CompuServe bitmap image (Graphics Interchange Format)
GIGGigasampler file
GIMGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
Mime: application/vnd.groove-identity-message
GIONyquist V2.10 Test file
GISErdas gray-scale bitmap image
GIWPresentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)
GIXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GKHEnsoniq disk image (sound) (VFX SD EPS ASR TS)
GKON(MAC FILE_TYPE) GraphicConverter
GKSGraphics Kernel System
Gravis GripKey document
GLAnimation (GRASP - GRAphical System for Presentation format)
GALink script
Mime: video/gl
Mime: video/x-gl
GL3Green line file
GLBGLoBal module in Basic program
GLC3d Graphic
GLF3d font used by glf
Golf Save file
GLMGlim datafile
GLOAuxiliary for glossary (LaTeX)
GLObal module in Basic program
GLOS(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Word glossary
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word Glossary
GLSAcross datafile
GLUTOpengl Glut-3.6 file
GLUT2Opengl Glut-3.6 file
GLUT3Opengl Glut-3.6 file
GLV2d Graphic
GLYGlossary (MS Word for DOS)
GMBitmap image (Autologic files)
GM2Bitmap image (mode 2 black/white) (Autologic files)
GM4Bitmap image (mode 4 gray-scale) (Autologic files)
GMCGame Music Creator format
CGM Graphics metafile
GMLGraphlet File Format
GMPGeomorph tile map (SPX)
GMRSchlafhorst Automation Graphical Monitor Record
GMSCorel Graphics10 Draw file
GNAGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GNOGenopro Genealogy Document File
GNTGenerated code (Micro Focus COBOL/2)
GNUgzip compressed file
Gnu licence file (readme.gnu)
GNXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GOCompuServe "application/x-gocserve"
GraphOn bitmap image
GO1Wingames Go file
GOASpicecad file
GOBDark Forces Data
GOBJGeoworks object code (non-error-checking version)
GOCGeoworks GOC language source code file
GOCAGraphics Object Content Architectuire
GOESatellite image data (GOES file) (McIDAS system)
GOESSatellite image data (GOES file) (McIDAS system)
GOHGeoworks Goc language header file
GOOPicture; Kai's Power Goo morphing program--still or multiple-frames
GOTMPGaussian Z-matrix tmplt chemical modeller output file
GOULDBitmap image (Gould scanner file)
GPGeoworks Geode parameter file
Gofer project (Haskell language dialect)
GP3GuitarPro 3
GP4GTX Group IV format /CALS picture
GPF?? Japanese graphic file ?? Any feedback from Japon ???
GPGGNU Privacy Guard
GPHFreelance Graphics for OS/2
Graph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
Mime: application/vnd.FloGraphIt
GPIBitware Fax file
GPKCompressed Omnigo file archive (Geos package)
GPLDeLorme Map'n'Go GPS logs in GPL format
Street Atlas logs in GPL format
gen. gnuplot plotter file
Gnu Public Licensee (readme.gpl)
GPLTGnuplot plot file
GPPSerif GraphicsPlus Object
GPRMCAPRS GPS Mobile RMC sentence
GPSMime: application/x-gps
GPXGPS eXchange Format for navigation data such as routes, trails and waypoints.
GPZMsdev Common Ide Utility Projects file
GQEpson's page description language (printer)
GQFMime: application/vnd.grafeq
GQSMime: application/vnd.grafeq
GR2Win 3.x screen driver
GR3Device Driver
Windows 3.0 screen grabber
GR96AGROMOS96 (A) chemical modeller input file
GR96NGROMOS96 (nm) chemical modeller input file
GRAgraphics document
Microsoft Graph Chart
SigmaPlot datafile
GRA_(MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Graph Setting File
GRAFDigital F/X image format
GRAPHAmaya file
GRASPAnimation (GRAphical System for Presentation format)
GRAYBitmap image (raw gray bytes)
GRBBitmap image B&W binary (GROB Graphic Object) (HP-48sx calculator)
Ms-DOS Shell Monitor file
GRDAdobe Photoshop gradient file
Drivers for GRX (graphics library)
Grid file
GRDEFGeoworks UI resource file
GREWebalizer.01 Lang file
GREYRaw image format
GRFGraph file (Graph Plus/Charisma)
Micrografx Drawing (old)
Stanford image
GRHQuickbasic image file (game)
GRIBGridded Binary (FM 92-VIII Ext. GRIdded Binary file) (WMO CBS)
GRMMinos file
GRNDrivers for GRX (graphics library)
GROHP-48/49 Grob image format
GRPPixBase pictures GRouP
Windows Program Group; shortcuts to programs created by Applications Manager; also PAC, DPK, DPG
GRSgrsfile open with: GetRight\getright.exe
GRVCakewalk file
Mime: application/vnd.groove-injector
GRXGetRight File List
GRYImage (Raw GREY)
GR~DOS7 file
GSGofer script (Haskell language dialect)
GS1GraphShow presentation
GSDGSM internet realtime audio
Mime: audio/x-gsm
Professional Draw vector image
GSFGolf Seasons file
GSMMime: audio/x-gsm
Mime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
Sound (GSM 6.10 prI-ETS 300 036 13kbit/s) (Internet phones)
sound file
GSPGeometer's Sketchpad Material File
Mime: application/x-gsp
GSSGeometer's Sketchpad script
Mime: application/x-gss
GSTGame: need for speed file
GSTATCSD GSTAT chemical modeller input file
GSWGraphShow worksheet
GT2Graoumftracker (new) music module (MOD) file
GTARGNU tar compressed file archive
Mime: application/x-gtar
GTFPga Golf bin file
GTKGraoumftracker (old) music module (MOD) file
GTMMime: application/vnd.froove-tool-message
Mime: application/vnd.groove-tool-message
GTOQuicken intuit(old) de online file
Mime: application/bsi-gtp
GTSGTS Tracker Modules
GTWMime: model/vnd.gtw
GTXRaster graphics (GTX Group IV)
seamless textures by Genetica (Spiral Graphics) http://www.spiralgraphics.biz/genetica.htm
GTYGibson Tray File
GUESScygnus dejagnu file
GUIGuide Document
GUPPopMail data
GVGrandView outline
GWMEpson creativ studio 30 example file
GWPGreetings WorkShop File (is now MS Picture It!)
GWXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GWZGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GX0Image Story Board
GX1Show Partner Screen Capture File
GX2Image Story Board
GXAAttribute Data General CADD Pro General CADD Products, Inc www.generalcadd.com
GXCComponent data General CADD Pro General CADD Products, Inc www.generalcadd.com
GXDdrawing file General CADD Pro General CADD Products, Inc www.generalcadd.com
GXFFont data General CADD Pro General CADD Products, Inc www.generalcadd.com
GXLGenus graphics library
GXMGeneral CADD Pro General CADD Products, Inc www.generalcadd.com
GXTGTA2 Game File
GYMGeoworks generic symbol file
GZGZIP File (Archive for Unix, just compression)
Mime: application/x-compressed
Mime: application/x-gzip
GZFWebcopier file
GZIPMime: application/x-gzip
Mime: multipart/x-gzip
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Gnu Zip Archiveg Filebggz
GZIP File (Archive for Unix, just compression)
GZLGo!Zilla filelist
GZMATGaussian Z-Matrix chemical modeller input file
GZPGazelle System Page
HHeader File normally with .C or .CPP file
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-h
H!Flambeaux Help
Perfect Database help database
H++unusual C++ Header, normally .H
H--Sphinx C-- header file
H0Magix Musstu file
H1Magix Musstu file
H16Msdev Vc98 Include file(16 bit)
H32Bc45 32bit include file
H6CSpp file
H_Winhelp file (compressed)
H__seldom used C++ Header same as H++ and H
HACompressed file archive (HA)
HAINtgraph Nt09b-2b Emx Lib file
HAIRYcygnus share file
HALHyper Access Lite OS/2 data file
HAMNovell NetWare disk drivers NPA
HAPHAP Compressed file archive
HATFormula 1 car race 2001 Log Hat file
HAZGame: Ms flight Texture file
HBFHanzi Bitmap Font (HBF) File Format version 1.1
HBKMathCAD Handbook
HBMHotline BookMark
HBXStarmoney Macro file
HBYROM image resources
HBZStarmoney Macro file
HCHeader file
HCDC Poet Examples Advanced Inc file
HCL3DS image
HCMIBM HCM Configuration
HCOMacintosh Sound + Resource Fork
HCOMSound (Macintosh)
HCRIBM HCD/HCM Production Configuration
HCTSymantec Liveupdate file
HCXHarvard Chart XL chart
HDAHotDocs Document
HDFHelp file (Help Development Kit)
Hierarchical Data Format bitmap image (NCSA)
Mime: application/x-hdf
Procomm Plus alternate download file listing
HDLProcomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing
HDMLHandheld Device Markup Language
Mime: text/x-hdml
HDPMagix Musstu file
HDRApollo HRDU image format
Egret datafile
Pc-File+ database Header
Procomm Plus/1st Reader Message Header
HDRUApollo HRDU image format
HDSHierarchical Data System
HDT2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Hard Disk Toolkit
HDVFormula 1 car race 2001 Season01 Vehicles Arrows file
HDWDrawing; Harvard Draw for Windows
HDXHelp index (AutoCAD/Zortech C++)
HEAGame: fifa 2001 data feart legalscr file
HEATSEEKHeatseeker mc1.0 format
HECGrafic Pvquan Quant file
HEDHighEdit document
HELMicrosoft Hellbender saved game
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Help File
Mime: application/x-helpfile
HEPNovell NetWare Help Librarian data file
HERGrafic Gif file
HEX(Macintosh) BinHex encoded file archive (ASCII)
Hex dump
HFHF image format
HFBRalcgm file
HFIHp Font Info file (GEM)
HFXHotFax data
HGLHewlett-Packard Graphics Language
Highlight groups definitions (DN)
Mime: application/vnd.hp-HPGL
HGSHarvard Graphics : Graphics
HGTBattle Zone Data File
SRTM terrain data
HHC++ header file
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-h
HHCHTML Help Table Of Contents file, funtional comparable with .cnt
HHHPower C precompiled header file
HHLVisual basic file
HHPHTML Help project file, funtional comparable with .hpj
Procomm Plus help information for remote users
HHTMLRealmedia adstream html file
HIHigh scores (various games)
HIFQuicken intuit(old) de online file
HIGHigh scores (various games)
HIMG(MAC FILE TYPE) Image file created by Toast 3
HINHyperchem HIN chemical modeller input file
Hyperchem HIN chemical modeller output file
HyperChem molecule
HIPSBitmap image
HIRHires C64 image format
HIREXHIREx Data Specification
HISHIStory of executing/viewing/editing (DN)
HITHitPlayer Audio File
HIXSystem Sysutil file
HJTeditor treepad file
HKCHTML-KIT auto complete short-cuts
HKDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) iTunes Music Library
HKIcompressed file of WinHKI www.winhki.com
HKSHook Script
HL$MS compressed HLP (DOS help file); decompress with UNPACK.EXE
HL_Compr. Scanner us driver file
HLBMime: text/x-script
VMS help library
HLFBasic Quickbas Quickb01 file
HLLBoulderdash game file
HLMWinhelp Vbhilfe file
HLPHeLP file : various prgs,for Winhelp.exe or Winhlp32.exe
Mime: application/hlp
Mime: application/winhlp
Mime: application/x-helpfile
Mime: application/x-winhelp
HLSWinhelp file
HLXMultiEdit help file
HLX2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple DocViewer
HLZMultiEdit packed help file
HMWindows Help context IDs used by MAKEHM.EXE
HM2Help&Manual Help File Project
HMGD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Grammar File
HMHD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word Hyphenation File
HMMProcomm Plus Alternate Mail option menu
HMSD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Dictionary
HMYHemingway2.exe (plugin for Hemingyway Content Management System: www.altuit.com)
HM~Help&Manual Backup Help File Project
HNCCNC program files Heidenhain dialog??
HNFHumax Receiver Settings
HOBZ80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Formats
HOF'Hall Of Fame' game data = best scores
HOGLucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
HOTMosaic Internet address
HOWTOdoxygen file
HPPrintout file (HP Graphics Language )for HP printers/plotters (HP/GL)
Thor database primary hash file
HP$Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
HP-Dist Bin file for Hp
HP-UXFile for Hp-unix
HP8Text in HP Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
HP_Winhelp file (compressed)
HPCSystem Dll file
HPFPageMaker HP LaserJet fonts
HPFSOS/2 High Performance File System
HPGMime: application/vnd.hp-HPGL
Vector image (HPGL plotter file) (AutoCad/Harvard Graphics)
HPGLMime: application/vnd.hp-HPGL
Vector image (HPGL plotter file) (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language)
HPGL2Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2
HPHDesigner graphics System2 file
HPIGEM font information
Hemera Photo Image image format
Mime: application/vnd.hp-hpid
HPIDMime: application/vnd.hp-hpid
HPJMs Help Compiler Help ProJect file, used to combine .hm and .rtf files to a compiled .hlp file
Printed to file (HP LaserJet)
HPKHPack compressed file archive
HPLVector image (Hewlett-Packerd LaserJet)
HPLG(MAC FILE_TYPE) iTunes Device Plugin
HPLJVector image (Hewlett-Packerd LaserJet)
HPMAlternate Main menu for privileged users (Procomm Plus)
Emm text (HP NewWave)
Quaestor 1.x High Performance Map
HPPC++ header (Zortech C++/Watcom C/C++)
Vector image (Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language)
HPPCLVector image (Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language)
HPRRoboHelp Configuration
HPSMime: application/vnd.hp-hps
HPUXFile for Hp-ux
HPWCompuServe Home Page Wizard
HP~V-help file
HQRLittle Big Adventure HQR and VOX files
HQXBinHex archive format, orig. Macintosh
Mime: application/binhex
Mime: application/binhex4
Mime: application/mac-binhex
Mime: application/mac-binhex40
Mime: application/x-binhex40
Mime: application/x-mac-binhex40
HRTRS 80 image format
HRCSoftImage model 3D file
HRFCADCore bitmap image (Hitachi Raster Format)
HRHCommon header for resources and C++
HRLHerolab EasyWin32
HRMProcomm Plus alternate Main menu for limited/normal users
HRTHornet Packer format
HRUHRU image format
HRXHerolab EasyWin32
HRZSSTV = Slow Scan TeleVision file
HSLiterate Haskell source code file
HS2Postering monochrome image
HSC2-op FM music file (HSC tracker)
HSDLHierarchical Scan Description Language
HSIHandmade Software Inc bitmap image (Image Alchemy)
HSMAssembly language header (University of Waterloo Engineering convention)
HSPHomeSite WWW page project
HSQData File Associated with Qaz Trojan
HSQLhtmSQL : SQL statements embedded in HTML
HSSPhotoshop Hue/Saturation Information
Hue/Saturation data(many prgs)
HSTHandmade Software graphics histogram (HSI raw file) (Image Alchemy)
HiSTory file
HTHyperTerminal file
HT3HTML file Version 3 (uncommon)
HT4HTML file Version 4 (uncommon)
HTAHTML program
Mime: application/hta
Tonline Bsw4 file
HTACCESSApache Access Configuration File
Mime: text/x-component
HTFWebBase File
HTIWin Help related file
HTLC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Hotline Client
HTMHyperText Markup Language file (WWW-page)
Mime: text/html
HTMHJTTreepad HTML files(with text)
HTMHTML3rdparty html file
HTMLHyperText Markup Language file (WWW-page)
Mime: text/html
HTMLSHyperText Markup Language document with server-side include (Internet)
Mime: text/html
HTNMicrografx Picture Publisher 8 printstyles file
HTRHTML-like script
HTTMicrosoft HyperText Template
Mime: text/webviewhtml
HTWhtmlfile open with: Internet Explorer -nohome
HTXMime: text/html
MS FrontPage database results, HTML-like query script
HUFHuffman encoded/compressed file
HUNDataview file
HUSHusqvarna embroidery machines file format
HUVgraphic files read by Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing machine (embroidery files that control stitching of the designs)
HUYEto Dlia Vas
HW3Hyperwriter! Document
HWDHollywood presentation
HWLCorel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 file
HWOF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Office Help
HWPHangul (Korean) Word Processor File
HXCross-reference hash file (THOR database)
HX_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
HXMAlternate Protocol Selection menu for all users (Procomm Plus)
HXXC++ header, see H, H++
HY1Ventura Publisher hyphenation algorithms
HY2Ventura Publisher hyphenation algorithms
HYCWordPerfect data
HYDWordPerfect for Win hyphenation dictionary
HYM3D Image binary file (Hymarc Scandata Scanner)
HYPHyper compressed file archive
HZChinese text
IBorland C++ Preprocessor : intermediate preprocessor output file
IDATM chemical modeller output file
Phase Vocorder : Analysis data
Progress Include File
I0Winter Windows Scheduler file
I00Winphone phonebook
I01Winphone phonebook
I02Winphone phonebook
I16Nokia Logo File
I17Pixel Power Collage image format
I18Pixel Power Collage image format
I1C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
I1I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
I2C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
I2I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
I3Modula-3 : Interface source
I3C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
I3I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
I_IEru/erd file
IAGame: roland garros tennis persons file
IAFMS Outlook 97 and 2000 E-mail Account Settings
IAMAutoDesk Inventor Assembly
IANSterling Software COOL Business Team Model Text File Sterling now Computer Associates.
IAP256 color Palette ASM
IAXIBM Image Access eXecutive file : IBM mainframe and workstation image prgs
IB7Pixel Power Collage image format
IBAImage format unknown
MDE InfoHandler Infobase File
IBDPDS Picture
IBGPDS format : Bitmap graphics - planetary images by NASA
IBKSound Blaster Instrument Bank
IBMARCHDOS : Compressed file archive (Internal IBM only)
Commodore Amiga graphics
IBYROM image component include file
ICModula-3 : M3CG intermediate language file
Spice : Initial Condition
IC0Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC1Atari Image : Bitmap graphics
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC2Atari Image : Bitmap graphics
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC3Atari Image : Bitmap graphics
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC4Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC5Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC6Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC7Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC8Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
IC?2d Graphic
IC_Compressed Ict file
ICACitrix file
IBM MO : DCA - IOCA 1 bit-bitmap
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
ICAP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Config
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Preference File
ICBImage Capture Board image format
Truevision Targa format : Bitmap 2d graphics
ICCAnimation Softdisk
International Color Consortium profile for printers & scanners (Apple ColorSync 2.0)
IronCAD Catalog file
Kodak Camera file
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
Rayman2 game file
ICEArchive .LZH/.Lharc (Cracked LHA) (old Lha)
Cooltalk audio
Mime: x-conference/x-cooltalk
ICFCheyenne AntiVirus
Mime: application/vnd.commerce-battelle
ICLicon library ImageForge
icon library ImageForge PRO
icon library pc tools
icon library: ActivIcons
ICMEarl F. Glynn color tablecolor table
ICC Profile; Image Color Matching Profile
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICMSRagtime extensions file
ICNIcon language source code file
Micrografx Icon
RIP icon : Graphics
SunOS mono icon
ICOGimp Icon
Icon ICE icon viewer
Mime: image/x-icon
Unix : Icon image
Windows 3.x/95/NT Icon Resource
ICO_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows Icon
ICON(MAC FILE_TYPE) Folder Custom Icon
Icon 8 chemical modeller output file
Unix : Icon image (1bit black and white Sun icon file)
ICPUnix : Parameter file (IContact)
ICQICQ files archive files and exported address book.
ICRNCSA Telnet Interactive Color Raster graphic file : Bitmap graphics
ICSImage Cytometry
Inovate 3D CAD File
IronCAD 3D CAD File
Outlook Calendar File
SwiftView Command File
ICTimage related file ( TIFF and ISO)
ICTE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Config
ICVfilm .AVI (Bond)
In Chair Viewing
ICWIcon file
MS Internet Explorer Internet Connect Wizard
ICXMore Than Words file
ID3d Graphic
Disk Identification File
Lotus Notes ID File
MS Data Map Microsoft MS Data Map
ID3ID3 resource
ID_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
IDAMS Server File (Code Red Worm attaks default.ida)
IDBA-B-CD Info file
Delphi Pascal Object file
IDA : Database
MS Developer Intermediate MDPX File
IDCCore Software tech IDC file : Bitmap graphics
IDA C language source code file
Internet Database Connector : Document
Mime: text/plain
SQL (Structured Query Language) file. Information needed to access an ODBC database.
IDDMIDI Instrument Definition
IDEBorland C++ : Project
gen. file used to store settings for an IDE compiler
Integrated Development Environment Configuration File
Sophos Anti-Virus Virus IDEntity File
IDFIdentification file
Windows 95 : MIDI Instrument Definition
IDIFNetscape saved address book : Identification file
IDLSnappy Devdocs
Visual C++ : Interface definition library file
IDMUlead Photo Express messages file
IDMEFSnort file
IDQData Query Internet IE Explorer
SQL (Structured Query Language) query
IDRW(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisImpact Drawing
IDS3D data file for Minos
IDA : Imported names format
Scene file (Infini-D)
WFO-A : Data
IDWAldus IntelliDraw Vector Graphic
AutoDesk Inventor Drawing
IDXCorel QuickFinder Information
FAX file
Header information (CMYK image) (Stork format)
ICQ index
Index file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 1.x)
Index file Pro/Engineer
Index file, used by many applications
LaTeX index
Microsoft Outlook Express file: mailbox
Relational database index (Microsoft FoxPro)
Symantec Q&A relational database index file
temporary Internet Mail file AOL
IDYIndex file
IE1-3Internet Explorer 3 Address Book
IE3Internet Explorer 3 file
IEE-695IEEE 695 information (postscript)
IEFImage Exchange Format : Bitmap graphics
Mime: image/ief
IEFSMime: image/ief
IELErazer98 file
IEMInformix error message
IESPhotometric File Data
IF9Pixel Power Collage image format
IFDJet Form Design Form
IFFAlias Wavefront image
Amiga IFF/8SVX Interchange File Format : Bitmap graphics
Amiga IFF/8SVX Interchange File Format : Sound
Bitmap image , many formats
Bitmap image Amiga IFF ILBM
Bitmap image Deluxe Paint
Bitmap image Electronic Arts
Bitmap image Sun TAAC Image File Format
DESR VFF greyscale bitmap image
Graphic, Sound (Interchangeable File Format)
Image Deluxe paint, Electronic Arts
Maya image format
Philips CDi File
ProWrite Document
Simple Musical Score
Sun TAAC Image File Format : SDSC Image Tool
TDI Explore image
TextCraft Document
IFILEAmaya i386 file
IFMMime: application/vnd.shana.informed.formdata
IFNAmma Lsb v1.0 init file
IFODVD datafile : Digital Video Disk
ImageForge Pro : Graphic object layer data
Info file
IFPKnowledgeMan : Script
IFRGame: Formula 1racing Databin Cars _common file
IFSFractint : Iterated function system fractal
IconForge ImageForgePro Image EXE Library
Mime: image/ifs
OS/2 installable file system
YuvPak : Fractal image compressed file
IFXIMAGINE effect file
IGModula-3 : Generic interface source
IGESDraft for IGES 5.x
Initial 2D/3D Graphics Exchange Specification ( many prgs, Autocad and sim..)
Mime: application/iges
Mime: model/iges
IGFBitmap Picture : Hijack graphics bitmap
Image Systems
Inset Systems metafile
Sound file
vector graphics
IGLinSORS IG Layout File http://www.insors.com
IGMinSORS IG Meeting File http://www.insors.com
IGNICQ ignore list
IGPIgor Reader Sheet Music File
IGRSmartSketch : Drawing design file
IGS2D or 3D CAD model : Initial Graphics Exchange Specification format
CAD overlay 4.1-7.2 (releases 12&13 and S8 release 14)
IGS setup existing account
Image Systems Grayscale, 8-bits
Mime: application/iges
Mime: model/iges
IGTImageGadget Template by altuit http://www.altuit.com
IGVinSORS IG Venue File http://www.insors.com
IGXiGrafx flow chart and process model
IHPWatcom : Help file
IHSBink/+ : Inbound History
IHTMLyet another HTML format , see html,htm,stm,dhtml,mhtml,thtml,shtml,..................
IIgcc : Preprocessed C++ source code
IIDTonline Bsw4 install Iid file
IIFMime: application/vnd.shana.informed.interchange
QuickBooks for Windows : Interchange file
IIIIntel IPhone-compatible
Mime: application/x-iphone
IIMImage Inshape
Music Module
IIMGInterleaf image format
IKOWindows Icon Resource see ico
ILdefault extension of .NET Assembler(ILASM.EXE) (IL = Intermediate Language)
Fortran 90 : Inline expansion file
Icon Library : HDC Designer Icon Lin Dll format
ILBScream Tracker : Data
ILBMAmiga Interleaved BitMap format : Bitmap graphics
ILGMakeIndex (TeX) track file
ILHT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Location File
ILIB(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisDraw Art Library
ILKMicrosoft Link : incremental linker info
ILL2d Graphic
Agati illustrated image file
ILL Transaction File
ILMAmiga IFF Image
ILSWin3 Winword file
ILSRIomega reader
IM3d Graphic
Sun raster file : grey Bitmap graphics
IM04Image Sun Raster
IM11bit Sun raster file : Bitmap graphics
IM2424bit Sun raster file : Bitmap graphics
IM30Image Sun Raster
IM3232bit Sun raster file : Bitmap graphics
IM5Image IM5 (Visilog)
IM88bit Sun raster file : Bitmap graphics
IM?2d Graphic
IM_Midiprg Improve compressed file
IMAAIM Grey Scale image
EGO - Chart - Autumn : Mirage vector graphics
Mime: application/x-ima
WinImage : Graphics
Zenographics image
IMAGEDisk Copy, ShrinkWrap : Disk Image
IMAGINEObject & Texture Imagine 3.0
IMAKEImake file
IMAPMime: application/x-httpd-imap
IMCgame sound similar to wav Dark Forces, Phantom Menace and X-Wing Alliance
IMDMime: application/immedia
IMFImageForge Image EXE Library saved filtered brushes
MIDI music file Corridor 7
MIDI music file Blake Stone
MIDI music file Spear of Destiny
MIDI music file Wolfenstein 3D
IMGADEX Corporation ChromaGraph graphics cards : Bitmap graphics : 4bit or 8bit
Alias Research, Vivid ray-tracer : Bitmap graphics (24bit RLE)
ArcView : ERDAS Imagine image file
Bitmap Graphic (several programs)
CloneCd Related File
Disk Copy, ShrinkWrap : Disk Image
Erdas Imagine MIS Picture Format
Image Whatnot Picture Format
Old or New style Gem Format
Planetary Data System image format
Radiance Picture Format
Starbase Picture Format
Ventura Publisher : Bitmap graphics VDI image format
IMHIncrediMail contacts exportfile
IRAF format files image format
IMITurbo Pascal Dos file
IMJPegasus Image Corp format : Bitmap graphics
IMPCrayola Art Image
FileMaker Pro : Import data filter
IMP : Compressed file archive
Lotus Improv : Spreadsheet
Lotus Improv Spreadsheet
Mime: application/vnd.accpac.simply.imp
Pascal implementation
Urban Chaos Game File
IMQImageQ : Image presentation
Planetary images by NASA (compressed PDS format)
IMSIconForge : Create executable library data
Mime: application/immedia
Music file
Rebel Assault file
IMTIMNET Graphics format
IMZWinImage compressed file
INInput file
McAfee Antivirus : EDISKDOS.in
IN$HP NewWave : Installation file
IN0backup of INI
IN1Ini file back
IN2InoculateIT virus scanner
IN3Input Device driver of HARVARD GRAPHICS 3.0
IN_MS Setup information (not!! compressed text)
INADos file
INBRebel Assault backup
Vermont HighTest : Test script
INCActive Server include file
Astro windows file
INClude file (several programming languages)
JAWS text file
MS-Backup incremental file
PovRay 2 or 3
Spice : Include file subcircuit
Wincommander include file
INDdBase IV or DataPerfect Index
LaTeX or TeX makeindx index
Shared Database file (Specifically in Microsoft Windows)
windows/applog index
INDD(MAC CREATOR CODE) Indesign's Document (also *.indd) (PC ext: IND)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Indesign's Document
Adobe Indesign Document
INDEXIndex file
INDIGOIndigo Graphics Format
(MAC FILE TYPE) Indesign's Document (also *.indd) (PC ext: IND)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Mail Index
Adobe Type Manager font information
BLUEWAVE inf file
General information file
Hypertext help system file (OS/2 Buch)
Inspiration Mind Mapping Software File(ver 7-)
Mime: application/inf
OS/2 2.0 Information Presentation Facility (IPF) Data Format
Type 1 LaserJet font information file (soft font installers)
Windows setup file/ install script
INFINI-DInfini-D 3.0 Format
INFOAmiga : Icon Data
unix : GNU info reader (output from texinfo)
INFO-1cygwin info file
INFO-10cygwin info file
INFO-11cygwin info file
INFO-12cygwin info file
INFO-13cygwin info file
INFO-14cygwin info file
INFO-15cygwin info file
INFO-16cygwin info file
INFO-17cygwin info file
INFO-18cygwin info file
INFO-19cygwin info file
INFO-2cygwin info file
INFO-20cygwin info file
INFO-21cygwin info file
INFO-22cygwin info file
INFO-23cygwin info file
INFO-24cygwin info file
INFO-25cygwin info file
INFO-26cygwin info file
INFO-27cygwin info file
INFO-28cygwin info file
INFO-29cygwin info file
INFO-3cygwin info file
INFO-30cygwin info file
INFO-4cygwin info file
INFO-5cygwin info file
INFO-6cygwin info file
INFO-7cygwin info file
INFO-8cygwin info file
INFO-9cygwin info file
INGRIntergraph Raster File Format
INHVisualbasic Basfwin file
INIfile used by many prgs to set parameters for a program start
Gravis UltraSound : Bank setup file
MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM-setup
INKCorelDraw : Pantone reference fills file
Mimio Ink File
INLMS Visual C++ Inline Function File
INMFax master file
INNMicro Focus COBOL/2 : Overlay
INOInno setup Script Files file
INPOracle Source Code
INRSINRS-Telecommunications audio : Sound
INSEnsoniq EPS Family Instrument
Inspiration Mind Mapping Software File(ver-6)
InstallShield Script
Internet Naming Service
Microsoft IIS : Internet communications settings
Mime: application/x-insight
Mime: application/x-internet-signup
Mime: application/x-internett-signup
Mime: application/x-NET-Install
Netware installation file
Sample Cell/II MAC/PC instruments
WordPerfect File
X-Internet sign-up file
INSIGHTMime: application/x-insight
INST3d Graphic
Mime: application/x-install
Object Oriented Graphics Library (OOGL)
INTBorland Interface Units
Delphi Pascal; Delphi Interface (Include file)
Foxpro Code Page
Intermediate Code used for syntax checking (various)
Signature - Micro Focus COBOL/2 : Intermediate code (semi-compiled)
INTELLIFONTIntellifonts (outline typefaces used in hp laserjet)
INTERInterspector Project File
INTOInterspector Object File
INVWindows Update file
INVENTORSGI Open Inventor: Open Inventor File Translator
INXFoxpro file Index PR: FOXBASE
IN~King's Quest 7, Grabriel Knight, compressed file
IOCPIO : Compressed file archive
Modula-3 : Object file
IOB3D object, Imagine 1, 2 or Turbo Silver TDDDB format
IOCInstant ORGcharting! : Organizational chart
IOCAImage Object Content Architecture : Bitmap graphics
IOFMicrosoft Findit : Findit document
ION4DOS descript.ion file : File descriptions
gen description file
Mascot data file : Plain text
IPIconPackager Icon Set
Interactive Physics : Data
Internet Protocol
Mime: application/x-ip2
NRC Inspection Manual : Inspection Procedures
IPDInstallPROG 6 EDBS Install Database
IPESystem.ini et Win.ini backup made by Wacom Pen
IPFMicrosoft SMS Installer Script (with System Management Server 2.0)
IPGMindjongg Format image format
IPHInterPaint (Hires) image format
IPKMime: application/vnd.shana.informed.package
IPLCorel Pantone Spot Reference Palette
Ink Palette
InstallPROG 6 EDBS File Library
IPLab 3.1
IPNAutoDesk Inventor Presentation
IPRIntelliJ Project XML data
IPSInternational patching system binary patch file
IPIX : IPScript
Mime: application/x-ipscript
IPTAutoDesk Inventor Part
InterPaint (Multicolor) image format
IPTCNewswire profile
IPUInternet Phone User ( Vocaltech IPhone )
IPXInteractive Pictures Corporation AV File
Ipix Spherical panorama
Mime: application/x-ipix
IQIBM query file
IQDWebstir file
IQIIBM query
IQRIBM query
IQTIBM query
IQYExcel Web Internet Query
IRCIRCAM format : Sound
IRCAMIRCAM SoundFile files
IRDIrd Append file
IRFPhonecat2 Ocp97 file
IRISSilicon Irix Graphics Raw Red, Green and Blue bytes image
IRIXIrix (make-) file
IRIX6Irix 6 file
IRIX64BIT(make-) file for Irix 64 bit
IRSWordPerfect IRS Resource File
IRTPGraphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS : Graphics file format
ISModula-3 : Intermediate assembly file
ISDRapidFile : Spelling Checker dictionary
ISFInspiration Mind Mapping Software File
ISFFIntergraph Standard File Format (see .DGN)
ISHCompressed file archive by ISH
Image Speeder Image
Image System (Hires) image format
ISLInno Setup 1.3 file
ISMImage System (Multicolor) image format
Mime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
ISO9660 = iso 9660 cd-rom file system format
CALS ISO 8613 : Bitmap graphics
Easy CD Creator CD image file
International Standards Organization : ISO-9660 table
ISO Buster File
ISO-11172mpeg 1 spec.(iso 11172)
ISPInternet/Internationnal Communication Settings parameter file
Microsoft IIS : Internet Service Provider settings Microsoft IIS
Mime: application/x-internet-signup
X-Internet sign-up file
ISRGo-Moku game file
ISSInstallShield Silent Response File
ISS image format
ISSP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Search Sitelesrc
ISTDigitrakker Instrument File (by n-Factor)
Imagine staging : stage editor file
IsoStar Library of intermolecular interactions
MakeIndex (TeX) style index
Mime: chemical/x-isostar
ISTRIsoStar Library of intermolecular interactions
Mime: chemical/x-isostar
ISUEasy CD Creator 4 Uninstall File
InstallShield Uninstall Script Uninst.exe
Mime: video/x-isvideo
Netscape File
ITImpulse Tracker Music Module MOD
intalk : Settings
Mime: audio/it
Mime: audio/x-mod
ITAread me in italy
ITCUthscsa Imagetool Calibration file
ITCLcygwin iwidgets3.0.0 scripts file
ITDSystem Dll file
ITFJPI TopSpeed Pascal : Interface file
ITGIntergraph Format : Bitmap graphics
ITHInTether technology secured file
ITIImpulse Tracker Instrument
ITKcygwin itk3.0 file
ITMItem / Article / Zone
ITPMime: application/vnd.shana.informed.formtemp
ITSImpulse Tracker Sample
International translation
Internet Explorer Document Set
ITSSMS-ITSS File, open with: Internet Explorer -nohome ms-itss
ITUSheffield dictionary file
ITWIT Works application data file
ITZMime: audio/x-mod
IVInventor VRML Format /SGI Inventor graphics programming package. ivview SGI machines
Mime: application/x-inventor
IV-VRMLInventor VRML Format document
IVBTruevision Targa format : Bitmap graphics
IVDBeyond 20/20 : Microdata dimension or variable-level file
IVFIndeo Video File
Mime: video/x-ivf
IVIMSDN (Microsoft Developer's Network) InfoViewer 5.0 topic
IVPBeyond 20/20 : User subset profile
IVQMSDN InfoViewer 5.0 index full-text searches
IVRlive picture : Virtual reality world
Mime: i-world/i-vrml
Mime: i-world/I-vrml
IVTBeyond 20/20 : Table or aggregate data
Misc info
MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 Information Title
IVUPicture : IVUE Live Picture Drawing
IVUELive Picture multi-view format
IVXBeyond 20/20 : Microdata directory
IVYMime: application/x-livescreen
IWIBM updater file
IconAuthor - HSC InterActive : Presentation flowchart
Idlewild : Screensaver jar archiv
IW4DjVu image format
IWAText file PR: IBM Writing Assistant
IWCInstallwatch Database (install monitor)
WaveLet format image format
IWMIconAuthor start file (AimTech Corp)
IWPWang : Text document
IWZItemWizard.exe (MagicItem Plugin for Content Manangement Utility for Hemingway Content Management System: www.altuit.com)
IXFramemaker Index File
Modula-3 : Linker information
Paperport Search File
IXCArcView : geocoding index for read-write coverages
IXFIFX for FAX : Fax document file
IXIAlephOne.Document open with: ALEPHOne.EXE /dde
IXSArcView : geocoding index for read-write shapefiles
IZTIZL : Binary token file
JAR archiv , ARJ Software
J1EDIT Compiler JEDEC Boundary file
J2KOne of the many Jpeg variants,see jp2
J62Ricoh camera file
J6IRicoh Digital Camera image format
JAIBM tools updater file
JADJava Application Descriptor file
Mime: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor
FTN software : Jam messagebase
Image Microprose
JamTracker module : Music
Joaquim-Andrew-Mats Message Base Proposal
Mime: audio/x-jam
JAPFifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
JARcompressed file package for classes and data : Java Archive
JAR archive from ARJ
Mime: application/java-archive
Mime: application/x-java-archive
JASJASC JAS Compressed : Bitmap graphics
JASCJAS Compressed : Graphics
JAVInternet Program: JAVA MS Visual J++ Source Code
Java language source code file
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-java-source
Java language source code file
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-java-source
JAXSystem Dll file
JBCBestCrypt File
Jam Byte-Code Hex File (8051 Microprocessor File)
JBDSigmaScan : Datafile
JBFPaint Shop Pro : Image browser file (Jasc Browser File)
JBGImage JBIG 1-bit raster
JBIG1-bit raster image graphics : Joint Bi-level Image experts Group file
JBKJuno Backup File
JBLAdd-on : DOOM scene
JBRPaintshoppro Brushes file
JBXProject Scheduler 4 : Project file
JCWatcom src file
JC!FlashGet File
JCDFlashGet File
JCFJAWS config file
JCKLiquid Motion JACK Scene Description
JCLJob Control Language IBM
JCMJava Commerce Message
Mime: application/x-java-commerce
JCSFlashget script html table
Latest Bruker WinSpecEdit v3.08 JCAMP
JDAWinphone fax send journal
JDBWinphone fax receive journal
JDFJAWS file voice synth
Turok 2 Game File
JDXJCAMP Chemical Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format
Latest Bruker WinSpecEdit v3.08 JCAMP
Mime: chemical/x-jcamp-dx
JEDJEDEC programming specification
JEFJanome NH10000 Sewing Machine File
JETHybrid JetFax : Fax
JFDJAWS synopsis file
JFFJAWS ini file
JPEG Image
JFIJPEG File Interchange Format : Bitmap graphics
JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format : Bitmap graphics
Mime: image/jpeg
Mime: image/pjpeg
JFIF-TBNLMime: image/jpeg
JFXJ2 Fax File
JGDPaint Shop Pro Gradients file
JGFJAWS ini file
JIFJeff's Image Format image format
JPEG Image
JIGPuzzle Jigsawit
JISJapanese code conversion program for text or
Japanese Industry Standard text
JJDoodle C64 Compressed image format
JJCMidiprg Canvas compressed file
JJJS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Organizer File
JKLJedi Knight
JKSJedi Knight backup
JLABMP image (VisualPro)
JPEG-ls image format
JMANIllum src irohaserver file
JMFJava Multimedia File
JMHJPEG File Interchange Format : Bitmap graphics
JMPSAS JMP : Discovery chart-to-statistics
JMSUltraForce : Music format JMPlayer (JMusic file)
Voxtron TeleButler : Interactive Voice Response call flow(graph)
JN1Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle : Game data
JNBSigma Plot 5 : Workbook file
JNCcommunication log file
JNGJPEG Network Graphic
JNKJunk: temporary file
JNLIngres Journal File
WinDev log file
JOBAI Research File
File Invesigator Script Commands
Job file PRG: BETA 44
MS Scheduler Job file
QuestVision : Vector graphics img file
JOCContext4 dos word processor file
JODMicrosoft Jet OLEDB.4.0
JOIXBoard : Join conferences file
JORGupta SQLWindows : Journal file
JOUVAX Edt editor : Journal file
JOYjoystick calibration file
JP2JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format image format
(MAC FILE TYPE) JPEG 2 File by QT (PC ext: JPG)
JPCJapan Picture format : Bitmap graphic
JPEG-2000 Code Stream image format
Mime: image/jpeg
Mime: image/pjpeg
(MAC FILE_TYPE) JPEG Imageanizer Fileijpg
JPEG Image
Mime: image/jpeg
Mime: image/pjpeg
Mime: image/jpeg
Mime: image/pjpeg
JPG_TJpg images file
JPNPhotomodeler Lite file
JPRJavasockets file
JPSMime: image/x-jps
Stereo Image image format
JRCJRchive : Compressed file archive
JSJACOsub : Script
JavaScript language source code
Mime: application/x-javascript
Mime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
JSBHenter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Binary File
JSDeFAX : Jet Suite document
Henter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Documentation File
JSEJScript Encoded Script File
JSHHenter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Header File (Screen reader program)
JSLPaintShop Pro File
JSMBentley Navigator Walkthrough Model files www.bentley.com
Henter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Message File
JugWin : Jigsaw file
JSPA HTML page containing a reference to a Java servlet
JSSHenter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Source File (Screen reader program)
JugWin : Jigsaw file
JTJT Fax Hayes comp.
JTFHayes JT Fax : Fax
JPEG Tagged Interchange Format Image
TIFF 6.0 bitmap image JPEG compression
JTIFJPEG Tagged Interchange Format : Bitmap graphics
JTKSun Microsystems : Java ToolKit file
JTPJetForm File
JUTJutvision : Jutvision Scene
Mime: image/jutvision
JVSMime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
JWJustWrite : Text document
Legacy version 1.1
MS Wordpad
Q & A write for windows 3.0
Works for windows v3.0 & 4.0
JWCMime: application/jwc
JWLJewel Case Creator CD disc case labeler
JustWrite Library
JZZJazz Spreadsheet
KMacromodel chemical modeller output file
NRJ live file
K00Tonline Db file
K01Tonline Db file
K02Tonline Db file
K03Tonline Db file
K1SWave Glib19 file
K25Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File
Kurzweil 2500 Sample
K3D3DS : Description of macro language
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Think Project Manager
KALSfkal calender Kal_40 file
KARMIDI music with word track : Karaoke
Mime: audio/midi
Mime: music/x-karaoke
Rus. FOX+ 2.0 : Precompiled for KARAT
KATKatorzer (music composition)
KBBorland C++ Keyboard Script
Knowledge Pro : Program source
Keyboard Script File Layout (various)
KBIKeirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Index
KBMReflection 4.0 : Keyboard mapping
KBPKeirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Profile
KBRKeirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Data
The Drums Pro file
KCFKiss palette file
KCHK-Chess notation
KCLKyoto Common LISP Source Code
KDCPhotoEnhancer: Image Kodak Digital Camera, max 24 bits
KDKKodak proprietary decimated TIFF format : Bitmap graphics
KDOKudo picture browser
KE$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
KE_Ntgraph Ze32v215 file
KEDKEDIT Profile and Macro File (DOS-based version of IBM XEDIT)
KENPlayer Cdcheck compressed file
KEPTurbo Pascal Dos Tp19 compressed Kepler file
KEVJAWS7 (preload.kev)
KEXKEDIT Profile File /makro
KEXT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Kernel Extension
KEYArchive .key-file (OS/2)
ArcView : geocoding matching keys (ODB format)
DataCAD Icon Toolbar File
Forecast Pro : Datafile
FractInt demo script
KEYboard macros
Security file eg. Shareware Registration info
TBAV file
KEYBOARDAmaya config file
KFIL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Keyboard Filech Skeyboard
KFXKofax Group 4 format : Bitmap graphics
KGBcompress file used by Kremlin http://kremlinencrypt.com/kremlin/encrypt.html
Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Formats
KIDTonline Bsw4 install Mdmimp file
KIFKnowledge Interchange Format draft proposition
KILInterview file
KINKinemage chemical test
Mime: chemical/x-kinemage
Protein Structure Images : Kinetic
KITPower Chord : Power Chords drum kit file
KIZKodak : Digital postcard
UUencoded file
KKWRoboHELP Keyword Help project Index File
KLBalbum GraphicWorks
KLIKalKulator linear algebra file
KM_Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
KMLKedit Macro Library
Win48 script (HP48 emulator)
KMPKorg Trinity : KeyMaP
KNDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Contact File
KNNClarion : Database key file
KNNK(MAC FILE_TYPE) OmniPage Professional
KNOPersonal Knowbase File
KNWKnown problems
KOIBM/tools/updater file
KOAImage Koala Paint
KOETurbo Pascal Dos file
KORcorean text file
correction file
KOSMicroType Pro Document
KOSIMAKosima file
KP04(MAC FILE_TYPE) Kai's Power Tools Presets
KPLKazaa ?????
KPPKudo place pack, place module
SmartPad : Toolpad
KPRFifa World Cup game data comon be file
KPSIbm KIPS bitmap image graphics
KQPBitmap image (Konica Quality Photos) floppy shot
KR1Kurzweil 2000 Sample (multi-floppy)
KRAK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Hacker's Helper
KRISKris tracker format aka ChipTracker by NoiseConverter & Exotic
KRNGame: nba99 ice hockey foregrnd fonts file
KRYHerolab Krypten
KRZKurzweil 2000 Sample
KSMSWorks sheet
KSCKorg Trinity Script
KSEKeepsake Studio Export File
KSFKorg Trinity : Sample File
KSHksh : Unix shell script : korn shell
Mime: application/x-ksh
Mime: text/x-script.ksh
Prodigy Internet Registration File
KSMKefrens-Sound Machine format
KSM Embroidery file format for PFAFF machines
KTHAudio (short ints, mono,1024 byte kth standard header)
KTTKeyText Data File
KUMACPhysics Analysis Workstation Macro File
KVTBasic Quickbas Quickb03 file
KW$Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
KWFDelphi Pascal Chart
KYBFTP Software PC/TCP : Keyboard mapping
Keyboard Layout: various prgs
KYEKye : Game data
KYSSourceOffSite : Server Keys
LL-System fractal for Fractint
Lex language source
Lisp language source
WATCOM wlink directive
L2L"IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
L2P"IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
L95Lib file
LAMime: audio/nspaudio
Mime: audio/x-nspaudio
Netscape packetized audio / LiveAudio
LA!Game resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
LA1Liquid Audio File
LA_Databook ti file
game resource files from Phantom Menace et al.
Mailing labels (Q+E for Ms Excel)
Q+E mailing label
LABELText image format
LAKMime: x-lml/x-lak
LAMMime: audio/x-liveaudio
Streaming audio metafile (Netscape Media Player)
LANErdas true colour bitmap image
Novell NetWare LAN Drivers
LANALYSERLANalyzer for Windows trace file format (Novell Netware)
LAND(MAC FILE_TYPE) Userland Frontier
LANDSATBitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file)
LANSATEOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file
LAOMAC Scanner files
LARLiquid Audio Passport
LASR(MAC FILE_TYPE) XPress Printer File
LATEXLatex text document
Mime: application/x-latex
LAVListlabl file
LAVSLiquid Audio Secured Download
LAXAnetHelpTool JavaHelp viewer file
LAYgenerally used for Layout file
Plotmaker Layout
Word chart Layout (APPLAUSE)
LBNovanew file
LBDGrafic Fli file
LBGdBASE IV label generator data
LBIGame: fifa 2001 data feart legalscr file
LBLLabeL (dBASE IV/Clipper 5/dBFast/FoxBase+)
LBMDeluxe Paint bitmap see Amiga's IFF
LBOdBASE IV compiled label
LBRCompressed archive (LU)
Lotus 1-2-3 display driver
LBSOmnis Studio Application File
LBTFoxPro additional (FPT) label description file
LBVTonline Ob4hbci Layout Print file
LBWdxsdk lib file
LBXFoxPro main (DBF) label description file
LBZcompressed LBM image
LCTextbridge Classic Bin file
LCC"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
Mime: application/fastman
LCDAbbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
cd image format created by CDSpace http://en.cdspace.com/e_htm/e_home.asp
LCFHP-95 Comm log-on configuration script
Linker Control File (Norton Guides compiler)
LCFL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Language Support File
LCHIBM Works for OS/2 chart
LCI"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
LCKLock file (database access control)
LCLData (FTP Software PC/TCP)
Mime: application/x-digitalloca
LCLW(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Art Library
LCNWordPerfect lection
LCRMime: application/x-digitalloca
LCSDatafile (ACT! History Files)
LCWSpreadsheet; Lucid 3D
LDTelix Long Distance codes file
LD1dBASE overlay file
LD_Visc15 Adressen Setup file
LDALaserData image format
LDBData filer database (IBM Works for OS/2)
MS Access Record-Locking Information
LDCSteuer2001 file
LDDLaser Dispatch Data
LDFData filer form (IBM Works for OS/2)
Geoworks Library Definition File
LuraDocument Format image format
LDILDIF file (address book interchange format)
LDIFLDIF file (address book interchange format)
LDLCorel Paradox Delivered Library
LDRSymantec Ghost template file
LDSCorel40 Programs Data file
Linux compile time header, contents compareable to a C header file
LEExecutable image (DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender)
LE$Basic Vb file
LE_Basic Vb compressed Disk1 file
LEADwavelet compressed format image format
LECGame resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
LEGLEGacy document
LENSheffield dictionary file
Logitech Entertainment system game profiles
LETMaestro Icons file
LEVLEVel file (eg. NetHack 3.x)
LEXHP-Basic Language Extension
Lexicon (dictionary) . Different formats used by diff. programs
LFALifeForm File
LFDLucasArts resource (LucasArts games)
LFFLucasFilm Format image format
LFLGame resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
LFMLifeForm File
LFPLifeForm File
LFTLaser printer font (ChiWriter)
LGCompressed archive (Arhangel)
LoGo procedure definitions (LSRHS Logo)
LGAWindows Applog file
Corel Layout Designer logic file for SGML
Windows application log, used for optimizations
LGDWindows application log, used for optimizations
LGEWindows application log, used for optimizations
LGFWindows application log, used for optimizations
LGGWin Applog file
LGHMime: application/lgh
Windows Applog file
LGIWindows Applog file
LGJWin Applog file
LGKWindows Applog file
LGLWindows Applog file
LGMWindows Applog file
LGNWindows Applog file
LGOLoGO for header and footer (SuperFax)
Windows 3.0 logo driver (bitmap)
LGPGnu licency text file
Win Applog file
LGPL=GNU Licency file (licency.lgpl)
LGQWin Applog file
LGRWindows Applog file
LGSWindows Applog file
LGTUrban Chaos Game File
LGZWindows Applog file
LHMorph file
LHAalternate suffix for LZH
Mime: application/lha
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/x-lha
LHSLiterate Haskell source code
LHWCompressed Amiga archive (LHWarp)
LHXMime: application/octet-stream
LHZCompressed file archive (LHA)
LI$MS compressed LIB; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
LI_Rukus file
LIBLibrary file (several programming languages)
LIBR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Shared Library
LICLicense (vendors like Microsoft Visual C++)
LICense file
Mime: application/x-enterlicense
LICMGRMime: application/x-licensemgr
LIDQuicken ace Quicken 2002 Deluxe file
LIFArchive, used by Knowledge Dynamics' Install.exe
Compressed file archive (CA Clipper installer)
HomeWorld Texture image format
Logical Interchange Format data file (Hewlett-Packard)
LIGHTWAVEObjet Lightwave 3D (layered)
LIMCompressed file archive (Limit)
LINAutoCAD LINe types/arc'd
LINK(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Linker
LINUXFile for Linux
LIQLiquid Tracker Module
LISCompiler listing file
list file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program
LISPLisp translators file
LISPMBitmap image (Lisp Machine file)
LIST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Mailing List
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Recipient Lis
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Property List
Blindwrite cd copier file
Mime: text/plain
LIST3820Mime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap
LISTAFPMime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap
LITMicrosoft Reader eBook
LIVLiveMotions file
LIVEREGSymantec Livereg file
LIVEUPDATESymantec Liveupdate file
LIXLogos Book File
LIZComprressed list file
LJBitmap image (HP LaserJet graphics file)
LKOOutlook Express file
LKSLearn Key's Real CBT
LKUT9000 linkable unit
LLLinks Language template file
Preview file List&Label LLVIEW.exe (combit GmbH)
LL3Laplink III related file (document)
LLBNational Instruments LabVIEW vi library
LLCLapLink Saved Connection File
LLDLinks Language Data file
LLXTonline Ob4hbci file
LM8Picture File
LMAMime: audio/nspaudio
Mime: audio/x-nspaudio
Netscape packetized audio (LiveAudio)
LMAN(MAC FILE_TYPE) NT Services for Mac
LMBS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Filter
LMDAbbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
LMFLibrary Mapping File for Orcad and altera data interchange files
LMLMime: x-lml/x-lml
LMLPACKMime: x-lml/x-lmlpack
LMPDoom Wall/Flats (DOOM=3D PC game)
Mime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
LMWLmw examples file
LN03Bitmap image (DEC LN03+ Sixel file)
LND3D Landscape Data
LNGAdobe Acrobat language plug-in vdkhome
Language definition file
Language extensions (Lahey Fortran)
LNKLinker response file/script
Shortcut Windows 9x (LiNK)
LNMCorel WordPerfect SGML alias
LNXGen Linux file
LOCLocalisation string resource header file
LOCALXset setup program bin file
LOCR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Location Manager Setting
LODLoad file
LOFAuxiliary file for List Of Figures (LaTeX)
LOGgeneric log/read with Notepad
Mime: text/plain
LOKOmnipage9 file
LOTAuxiliary file for List Of Tables (LaTeX)
LPLightscape 3D Object
LPALPA-View Laser Particle Analyser Test Analysis Software
LPBLP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC
LPCIBM-OS 390 based DMS(Document management system) mixed texts and annotations
Sound (Linear Predictive Coding)
TEKO printer driver
LPDHelix Nuts and Bolts file
LPELayout Parameter Extrat netlist
LPImany scanners : Laser Printer Information
LPKLicense Package
LQFLeech FTP Save Queue File
LQTMusic (Liquid Audio)
LRi.Mage file
LRCIntel Video Phone file
LRFMs C/C++ Linker Response File
LRGPicture; Macromedia XRes multi-resolution bitmap
LRPIBM Works for OS/2 report
LRSWordPerfect for Win Language ReSource file
LRTYacc log file
LRUMed profiles default file
LSLinks 98 game file
Unix ls = dir file
LS1Winhelp Source file
LS_Unix ls = dir file
LSALightScape Technologies ASCII data
LSBLightScape Technologies binary data
LSCTune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
LSDFifa World Cup game data environment file
LSFadvanced Streaming Format File (mplayer2)
Mime: video/x-la-asf
Mime: video/x-ms-asf
Corel Layout Specification Instance SGML
LSNMsworks file
LSOBhv Tonstudio Platin file
Logic Audio Song (Emagic)
LSPLiSP language source code (AutoLISP/Xlisp)
Lisp Source
Mime: application/x-lisp
Mime: text/x-script.lisp
LSQ"IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
LSSSpreadsheet (Legato/IBM Works for OS/2)
WordPro; LotusScript macro language
LST1st Reader keyboard macro
AAICWpro Spam list file
LiST text file
Mime: text/plain
Oracle spool file
LSVTonline Ob4hbci Layout Print file
LSWGolf Swapfiles file
LSXAdvanced Streaming Redirector File
Mime: text/x-la-asf
Mime: video/x-la-asf
Mime: video/x-ms-asf
LSZAdressmn Default.dbu file
LTBAmma Lsb v1.0 file
LTEAdressmn file
LTMBitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data )
Form (Lotus Forms)
LTMC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access File
LTNCDROM driver file
LTRoften: LeTteR
LTXMathematical text document (LaTeX)
Mime: application/x-latex
LUThoughtWing Library Unit File
LUCSAmaya tools file
LUTOsiris Prefs Colordir file
LVLParallax Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension
LVPLView Pro image format
Mime: audio/vnd.lucent.voice
LVSLayout Vs Schematic netlist
LWDLotusWorks text document
LWFLuratech Wavelet
LuraWave Format image format
LWFN(MAC CREATOR CODE) Adobe's Type 1 Font
(MAC FILE TYPE) Adobe Type 1 Font (PostScript font)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter Font
LWFU(MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter Utility
LWILight Work Image image format
LWLO3d Graphic
LWOLightWave Objects
LWOB3d Graphic
LWPIBM Works for OS/2 document
Lotus Wordpro 96/97
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-wordpro
LWSLightWave Scene
LWSC3d Graphic
LWVMS Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
LWZLinguistically enhanced sound file (Microsoft)
LXAMicrosoft SpeechEngines Lexicon file
LXOLaserMaster Font
LYRLyrics for Audio CD (MS applet)
Song LYRics (ASCII)
LZCN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access Prefs
LZCO(MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access Scrip
LZDDifference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
LZHLH ARC compressed archive
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/x-lzh
LZLG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access File
LZPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access Prefs
LZSCompressed file archive (LARC)
Skyroads data file
LZWCompressed Amiga file archive (LHWarp)
gen. Lempel/ziff/welch compressed file
LZXArchive, often used on Amiga
Mime: application/lzx
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/x-lzx
MBrief macro module
Common binary file name extension (Maple)
Macro Editor text
Mathematica function & commands
MatLab function & commands
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-m
Objective-C language source (gcc)
Script file (Miranda language)
data format storing vertex and face information of a polygonal mesh (sim. 3ds)
M!93(MAC FILE_TYPE) Director 4 Document
M!95(MAC FILE_TYPE) Director 5
M00ComputerEyes Animation
M01ComputerEyes Animation
M02ComputerEyes Animation
M03ComputerEyes Animation
M04,..ComputerEyes Animation
M11Document; MASS11
Farallon's MacRecorder format sampling rate 11k
M13Mime: application/x-msmediaview
M14Mime: application/x-msmediaview
Steuer2001 file
M18Accolade Golf Course File
M1AMPEG-1 audiostream
M1C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M1I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M1SMPEG-1 systemstream
M1VMime: video/mpeg
Moving Pictures Experts Group video (MPEG-1 IPB)
M2Modula 2 language source
M22Farallon's MacRecorder format sampling rate 22k
M2AMime: audio/mpeg
MPEG-2 audio
M2C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M2I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M2OModula Fitted Modula2 file
M2VMime: video/mpeg
MPEG-2 IPB videostream
M3Modula 3 programming language source code
M3AMime: audio/mpeg
MPEG-3 audio
M3C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M3DCorel MOTION 3D Scene movie
M3D chemical modeller input file
M3I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M3UHighly compressed audio
Mime: audio/mpegurl
Mime: audio/x-mpegurl
Mime: audio/x-mpequrl
Mime: audio/x-scpls
Mime: uadio/scpls
M4M4 preprocessor file (unix)
M4C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M4I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
M68Turbo Pascal Dos file
M7Farallon's MacRecorder format sampling rate 7k
M8Grlib scry pcserv file
Heretic II MipMap image format
M??Ingres Modify Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
M_UBackup of boot sector FAT and boot dir (MazeGold)
MAAscii file Mathematica
hDC products for MicroApp executable files
Mime: application/mathematica
Mime: application/mathematica-old
MA3Harvard Graphics 3.0 macro
MACBorland TASM Macro
gener. MACro file
MacPaint bitmap image, black & white, PackBits
MS Access shortcut
MACCSMDL Maccs chemical modeller output file
MACDRAWMacDraw Format
MACMODMacromodel chemical modeller input file
MACMOLMac Molecule chemical modeller input file
Mac Molecule chemical modeller output file
MACPApple Macintosh MacPaint bitmap image
MACWRITEMacwrite pro text documents (Claris)
MADMs Access Module Shortcut
MAEMaestro file
MAFMs Access Form Shortcut
MAGMAG graphics format (MPS Magro Paint System)
Magenta color separation. BLA (Black) CYA (Cyan), YEL (Yellow) Adobe Color Separation
MAGIchan graphics image format
Mime: application/vnd.ecowin.chart
MAGICConfiguration file (Magic Mail Monitor)
MAHMahjongg Solitaire settings
MAIMail message (VAX)
MS Mail message
Mime: application/x-mailfolder
MAIN(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Dictionary
MAIP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Corel Prefs File
MAKmake file, project file used by some programming languages like C etc, containing a list of comands for the compiler
MAKEFILEMakefile = how to compile different files
MAKERMime: application/x-framemaker
MAKETAILSourcecontrol file
MALWebalizer.01 Lang file
MAMDatabase Program MS Access Macro
MANMANual (textfile)/Unix
Mime: application/x-troff-man
XP definition file (see below)
MANIFESTXP definition file (XML)
MANULOTUS manuscript, version 1.0 et 2.0
MANXManual file
MAPAccView network map
Atlas MapMaker geographical map
Card document of Route 66
ColorMAP intensities and indices color palette
Debug info used by some programming languages
DIV Game Studio Map image format
Duke Nukem 3D WAD game file
Geography maps
Linker map file
Micrografx Picture Publisher format data
Mime: application/x-navimap
Mime: magnus-internal/imagemap
MAPIMAILSendto file
MAQDatabase Query; MS Access Query
MARAssembly program (VAX Macro)
Mime: text/plain
MS Access Report Shortcut
MARMMakefile for MARM platform (EPOC)
MASLotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster file
MASKcygwin tix4.1 bitmaps file
MASSMass 11 : Text document
MATMATlab sound
MS Access Table Shortcut
MATHAmaya file
MATHMLMathematical Markup Language
MAUDAmiga MAUD sound files
MAVMS Access View Shortcut
MAWMS Access Data Access Page
MAX3DStudio Scene
Max language source code file
Scene (3D Studio Max)
MAXD(MAC FILE_TYPE) PaperPort Annotation
MAXM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Visioneer Paperport
Windows' Hover maze
MBBinary file (bitmaps etc.) (Mathematica)
Mime: application/mathematica
Mime: application/mathematica-old
Paradox memo field values for database
MB1Apogee Monster Bash data file
MBDMime: application/mbedlet
MBFCorel Visual DTD Document Type Definition for SGML
MBFAVSStardent AVS X bitmap image
MBFSStardent AVS X bitmap image
MBFXAVS X image file
MBGMS Mail mailbag
dBASE IV multiple index file backup
MBMEPOC multi-bitmap file
Mime: image/x-epoc-mbm
Psion Series 5 image format
MBOXOs-help mbox file
MBPMetabot Metatag Project File
MBSMicrografx Picture Publisher Brush Shape
MBTMetabot Metatag Options (setting files)
MBXDatabase Index; dBase index
MailBoX, used by many mail clients like Eudora or Outlook Express
MCLocalized Message Table Resource (Windows)
M3CG intermediate language file (Modula-3)
Manual Chapter (NRC Inspection Manual)
MetaCard stack
MC$Magic Xchange package (Magic Cap file archive)
Mime: application/x-magic-cap-package-1.0
MC1data files written by MedCalc (statistical software). http://www.medcalc.be
MC4D3d Graphic
MC5Grafic Jpg Bcc file/microsoft C v5 related file
MC6Microsoft C file/makefile
MC_Midiprg Musicato compressed file
MCBGrlib Ravekit file
MCCDialer 10 Calling Card
Mathcad configuration file
Shortcut to The Microsoft Network
MCCL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Connection File
MCDMathCaD file
Mime: application/mcad
Mime: application/vnd.mcd
Mime: application/vnd.vectorworks
Mime: application/x-mathcad
MCFHotsauce graphics
Mathcad font file
Mime: image/vasa
Mime: text/mcf
MCHMacromedia (Xtra) Cache (File)
MCICommand script /driver(Media Control Interface)
MCLMultiEdit macro library
MCMEnable Macro
Mime: chemical/x-macmolecule
MCPCapsule application script
Composed Media multimedia file (NetMC Player)
Mathcad printer driver
Mime: application/netmc
MCRFreemagic Source Imageanalysis file
MCSMathCAD image
MCTMime: application/x-mascot
Musicator (midi file with extended information)
MCWText document (MacWrite II/MS Word for Macintosh)
MCXGraphic File
MDCompressed file archive (MDCD)
MD03(MAC FILE TYPE) Macromedia Director 8.5 (PC ext: DIR)
MD2QuakeII model file
MD3Quake III model
MD5Checksum file for .SHN audio
MD8Data base Cdrom Data file
MD93(MAC FILE TYPE) Macromedia Director (PC ext: DIR)
Director 4.0 Application (Creator Code, not File Type) (MAC)
MD95(MAC FILE_TYPE) Director
Director 5 Application Typ "APPL" Creator "MD95" (MAC)
MD_Visc15 Adressen Setup file
MDAMicrosoft Access add-in
MDBMicrosoft Access database
Mime: application/msaccess
Mime: application/x-msaccess
MS file Viewer
MDCImage Minolta RD175
MDEMicrosoft Access MDE Database
Microsoft Office file
Tonline database file
MDEV(MAC FILE_TYPE) Network Extension
MDFMenu Definition File
MDIMicrosoft Office Document Imaging Document
MIDI-sequention sound
MDL3D Design Plus
Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
Geometrical model (3D Design Plus)
Half-Life Model image format
Half-Life model/ Quake model file
MDL MOLchemical modeller input file chemical modeller input file
MDL Molchemical modeller output file chemical modeller output file
Object design model (Rational Rose 98)
Spreadsheet: CA-Compete!
MDMModem definition (TELIX)
MDNMicrosoft Access blank database template
MDOS(MAC CREATOR CODE) DOS file copied by AFE or PC Exchange
MDPold Project Workspace (MS Visual C++ MAK files and MS Visual J++)
MDPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Modem Preferences File
MDRMicrodrive file (ZX Spectrum emulator)
MDSDirectx Mid2stream file
MDTData table (Ms ILink incremental linker)
digital sheet music(RIFF) Players and Viewers at http://www.musicnotes.com/download/
Microsoft Access Add-in Data
MDWMS Access Workgroup Information
MDXBorland Database Index
Maintained dBASE database index
MS Database Index
MDZDescription of music module (Cubic Player/Cross-View)
Mime: audio/x-mod
Ms Access Database Wizard Template
MEConfiguration (MultiEdit)
Formatted manual page with me macros
Mime: application/x-troff-me
Text (READ.ME)
ME1Zortech 21 Sample Winexam file
ME2pixel image file
MEALExchange format for cooking recipes.
MEBMacro Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
MECMECCA source (Maximus)
MEDMacro Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library) WP or Word
Mime: application/x-att-a2bmusic-pu
Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) file
plain text
Sound (Amiga MED/OctaMED Module)
MEMContext4 file
Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
MEQMacro Editor print queue file (WordPerfect Library)
MERformat for interchanging spreadsheet and database data
Macro Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library)
MESMacro Editor work space file (WordPerfect Library)
Mime: application/x-att-a2bmusic
MESAOpengl glut-3.6 file
MESH3d Graphic
Mime: model/mesh
METMacro Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
Omnipage Pro document
OS/2 PM Meta file
Windows Metafile image format
METASTOCKMetastock Data Format
MEUMenu group (DOS Shell)
MEXDynamically linked subroutines (Macintosh) (Matlab)
Macro Editor expound file (WordPerfect Library)
MEX4Dynamically linked subroutines (Sun-4/SPARC) (Matlab)
MEXDSDynamically linked subroutines (DECStation) (Matlab)
MEXHP3Dynamically linked subroutines (HP9000/series 300) (Matlab)
MEXHP7Dynamically linked subroutines (HP9000/series 700) (Matlab)
MEXNDynamically linked subroutines (NeXT) (Matlab)
MEXRS6Dynamically linked subroutines (IBM RS/6000) (Matlab)
MEXSGDynamically linked subroutines (SGI) (Matlab)
MEZRealArcade Game Information
MFFrameMaker MakerFile
Metafont text file (TeX)
MF2Mediator5 multimedia authorware file
MFDMonadic functions (ABC programming language)
MFGManufacturing file (Pro/ENGINEER)
MFIWin98rk file
MFJMetaFont job (batch input)
MFKMemsoft database file from OS/2
MFMMusic format (DMP)
picture format, viewer: mTropolis mPire Plugin/Viewer http://www.arch.columbia.edu/DDL/cad/AOI/S99/basics/internet/iNet-issues.html
MFTStyle file (MetaFont source formatter)
MFWpicture format, viewer: mTropolis mPire Plugin/Viewer http://www.arch.columbia.edu/DDL/cad/AOI/S99/basics/internet/iNet-issues.html
MFXpicture format, viewer: mTropolis mPire Plugin/Viewer http://www.arch.columbia.edu/DDL/cad/AOI/S99/basics/internet/iNet-issues.html
MGModula-3 generic module source
MGCMGCSoft Equation Editor File
MGFASCII-based 3D rendering Materials and Geometry Format
Micrografx font
MGKImagemagick-5.3.2 coders file
MGMMGCSoft Equation Editor Macro File
MGRMGR bitmap image
MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
MGXMicrografx Designer drawing (Clipart)
MHGraphic File
MHGMultimedia File
MHPMailshift Internet mail document
MHTMessage HTML file
Mime: message/rfc822
MHTMMHTML (mime html-)document
Mime HTML file
Mime: message/rfc822
Same as MHT
MIMime: application/x-mif
MM2 Input chemical modeller output file
MICMicrosoft Image Composer data
MICROMicro World chemical modeller input file
Micro World chemical modeller output file
MIDMIDI-sequention sound (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
Mime: application/x-midi
Mime: audio/mid
Mime: audio/midi
Mime: audio/x-mid
Mime: audio/x-midi
Mime: music/crescendo
Mime: x-music/x-midi
MIDDaudio /midi
MIDI-sequention sound (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
Mime: application/x-midi
Mime: audio/midi
Mime: audio/x-mid
Mime: audio/x-midi
Mime: music/crescendo
Mime: x-music/x-midi
MIFFrameMaker Interchange Format
Image Magick Image File Format
Midi Instrument File
Mime: application/vnd.mif
Mime: application/x-frame
Mime: application/x-mif
PC system component DMI attributes (Management Information Format)
Watcom Make script
MIFFImage Magick Image File Format
MIIData; MicroStat-II
MicroStat-II datafile
MILMicro Illustrator Uncompressed image format
Mime: image/x-cals
Raster graphics (CALS Group IV Type 2)
MIMMIME encoded file
MIMEMessage in MIME format (RFC822)
Mime: message/rfc822
Mime: www/mime
MINgen. minimum file
MINGW(make-)file for Mingw
MINGW32Mingw compiler file
MIOIphoto4 Programs Fio file
Mime: audio/x-mio
MIPSELMips file
MISMISsion file (many games)
MITSUBitmap image (Mitsubishi S340-10 color sublimation printer file)
MIXimage file
Ms Windows sound MIX
Power C object file
MIXN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Guide Addition
MJFAudio file similar to MP3 (Mjuice)
Mime: audio/x-vnd.AudioExplosion.MjuiceMediaFile
MJPGMime: video/x-motion-jpeg
MJVMJuice Voucher File
MKD=drawing file mechanical CAD program Malz++Kassner www.malz-kassner.com
MKEMs Windows SDK MaKEfile
MKIJapanese graphics MAKIchan format (MagView 0.5)
Picture; MagView
Picture; MediaKnife (another Internet Animation Picture)
MKLlibrary file mechanical CAD program Malz++Kassner www.malz-kassner.com
MKRTonline Bsw4 Internet file
MKWMichael K. Weise compressed audio file, no loss of quality as occurs with .MP3, but they are larger
MLML language source code file
ML3Milestones 3.x project
ML5Milestones 5.x Project
Mime: application/ml5
MLBFoxPro for Macintosh library
Symphony macro library file
MLFAutodesk mapguide layer file
MLIAutodesk 3D Studio material file
MLIDMultiple link interface driver file(many)
MLMSaved email (Novell GroupWise using WP5.1 format)
MLSMiles Sound Tools Compressed DLS
MMMeme virtual reality world
Mime: application/base64
Mime: application/x-meme
MultiMate Advantage II text document
MM2INMM2 Input chemical modeller input file
MM2OUTMM2 Output chemical modeller input file
MM3MM3 chemical modeller input file
MM3 chemical modeller output file
MM4Windows word processing format
MMAGrlib Cppima Scilimag file
MMADSMMADS chemical modeller input file
MMADS chemical modeller output file
MMAN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Emailer
MMBMultiMedia Builder
MMCDllbackup microsoft Clipart autoshape file
MMCH(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Compiled Hdr
MMDMime: chemical/x-macromodel
Mime: chemical/x-macromodel-input
Modular Sound File
MMEMime encoded
Mime: application/base64
MMFMS Mail Message
MMFMMultimate Note
MMGBeyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file
MMHMS Media Manager Helper DLL
MMIB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Inbox Setting
MMMFont; Adobe Type Manager multiple-master metrics
MultiMedia Movie format (RIFF RMMP) (MacroMind Director 3.x)
MMODocument; RapidFile memo
MMOB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Outbox Setting
MMODMacroModel Molecular Mechanics
Mime: chemical/x-macromodel-input
MMPmakmake makefile project (EPOC)
Movie Clip; Multimedia Player
MS Music Producer
Output video format from Bravado board
MMPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Prefs File
MMPR(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior 2 Project
(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Project
MMRMime: image/vnd.fujixerox.edmics-mmr
MMSJpeg jpeg-6b file
MMWMultimedia World magazine
MMXInstructionset of mmx-compatible processors
MMZMusicMatch Theme File
MN2Descent2 Mission File
MN3Descent3 Mission File
MN4Microsoft Money Database (older version)
MNDMNI Mandelbrot for Windows
Cerious MaNDelbrot image
Menu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)
MNFSaved MSN Search
MNGMap (DeLorme Map'n'Go)
Mime: video/x-mng
MNG Animation
Multiple-image Network Graphics bitmap image
MNIMandelbrot for Windows
Cerious MaNDelbrot image
MNLZortech 3 bin file
MNM3d Objet of Midnight Modeler
MNOMacromedia Dreamweaver 4 Configuration Commands,_notes file
MNR"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
MNTAdditional (FPT) menu description file (FoxPro)
DOS mouse MeNU
FoxPro Menu
HP NewWave advanced macro
MNWMenu File (various)
MNXAutoCAD Compiled Menu
Main (DBF) menu description file (FoxPro)
MNYMicrosoft Money
Mime: application/x-msmoney
Ms Money account book
MOMM2 Ouput chemical modeller output file
Modula-3 object file
MOBDevice definition (PEN Windows)
MOCMime: application/x-mocha
MOCHA Java script/internet
Mime: application/x-mocha
Same as MOC
MODClarion Modula-2 language source code file
Digital music sound clip; ( IT, XM/Music) (Amiga MODule format)
File implementing DOS support for Windows DLL's
Instrument for DMP
Instrument for Fastracker
Instrument for MDP
Instrument for Protracker
Instrument for ST
Instrument for Startrekker Module
Mime: audio/mod
Mime: audio/x-mod
MODel definitions (EPOC)
Modula-2 programming language source code
Spreadsheet; Microsoft Multiplan
MODB(MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Modem Database
MODDaudio modul
MODELCatia File
MODM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Modem Definition File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Modem File
MOFMicrosoft Msinfo file
Mime: application/x-yumekara
MS Managed Object File
MOIFrench textfile
MOLMDL Molfile
Mime: chemical/x-mdl-molfile
Mime: chemical/x-mdl-molfile
Sybyl Mol chemical modeller input file
Sybyl Mol chemical modeller output file
MOL2Sybyl Mol2 chemical modeller input file
Sybyl Mol2 chemical modeller output file
MOLENMOLIN chemical modeller input file
MOMData base Cdrom Runtime file
MONMONitor description (ReadMail)
MOOMoonRock language source code file
Movie Clip; Apple QuickTime; same as MOV
MOOV(MAC FILE TYPE) QuickTime file
(MAC FILE TYPE) QuickTime movie files (PC ext: MOV)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickTime Movien Filebmov
Mime: video/quicktime
QTVR panorama
Quicktime movie
Same as MOV
MOPM.Fujimiya's MOrPher for Windows 1.4 work file
Mime: chemical/x-mopac-input
MOPCRTMopac Cartesian chemical modeller input file
MOPINTMopac Internal chemical modeller input file
MOPOUTMopac Output chemical modeller input file
MORCorel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 file
MORG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Org Cha
MOSSystem Dos62 file
MOSS(MAC CREATOR CODE) HTML for Netscape Navigator (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM)
Creator code Netscape Navigator 3.0 (MAC)
MOTIFMicroangelo Motif
MOVApple QuickTime MOVie, standard Macintosh video format
AutoCAD AutoFlix MOVie
Mime: video/quicktime
MOVIEMime: video/x-sgi-movie
Same as MOV
MOVR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory
MOZNetscape temporary cache file
MPMovie (MPEG compressed)
MP0MPEG2 file
MP1MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I
MP2Mime: audio/mpeg
Mime: audio/x-mpeg
Mime: video/mpeg
Mime: video/x-mpeg
Mime: video/x-mpeg2a
Mime: video/x-mpeq2a
Moving Pictures Experts Group
Sound (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
MP2AMime: audio/x-mpeg2
MP2VMime: video/x-mpeg2
Moving Pictures Experts Group
MP3Mime: audio/mp3
Mime: audio/mpeg
Mime: audio/mpeg3
Mime: audio/mpg
Mime: audio/x-mpeg
Mime: audio/x-mpeg-3
Mime: video/mpeg
Mime: video/x-mpeg
MPEG-1 Layer III Audio Stream
MP3_(MAC FILE_TYPE) MP3 Music File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) MP3 Music FileProjectemp3
MP3URLMime: audio/x-mpegurl
MP4QuickTime.mp4 open with: QuickTimePlayer.exe
Content Type video mp4
MPAMime: audio/mpeg
Mime: video/mpeg
MPEG-1 sound, PCM digitized, high compression
MPA2Mime: audio/x-mpeg2
MPCaudio-files from Musepack (http://www.musepack.net/eng/whatis.html)
Mime: application/x-project
Ms Project Calendar file
MPDDevice Driver; Windows Mini-port driver
Mime: application/vnd.ms-project
Monadic predicates (ABC programming language)
MPEMime: video/mpeg
MPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
MPEG(MAC FILE TYPE) MPEG movie file (MPEG1 coding)
Mime: video/mpeg
MPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
MPFMime: text/vnd-mediapackage
Mime: text/vnd.ms-mediapackage
MPGMime: audio/mpeg
Mime: video/mpeg
MPEG 1 image format
Saltlake city game Movies file
MPGAMpeg-1 Layer3 Audio Stream
Mime: audio/mpeg
MPHPhotoline4 Morphing file
MPILinks98 golf game file
MPJMed profile_skeleton file
MPLF(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Library
MPMWP MathPlan Macro
MPNTMac Paint image format
MPOSheffield dictionary file
MPPMicrosoft Project
Mime: application/vnd.ms-project
Zortech 3 readme file
MPP2mpeg 2 video header information
MPP_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Project
MPQBlizzard Game Data File
MPRVisual Foxpro98 Solution Menus file
MPSMime: application/x-mapserver
Mime: video/x-mpeg-system
Multimedia File
MPSY(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Debug Symb
MPTMS Project Template File
Mime: application/vnd.ms-project
Mime: application/x-project
MPVMime: application/x-project
Mime: video/mpeg
MS Project View
MPV2MPEG video
Mime: video/mpeg
Mime: video/x-mpeg2
MPWOc2.316s cakit file
MPWD(MAC FILE TYPE) MacWrite Pro 1.5 file
MPXFoxpro Compiler Menu
Mime: application/x-project
MPYMime: application/vnd.ibm.MiniPay
MRBMultiple Resolution Bitmap Graphic
MRCBibliographic data (Machine-Readable Cataloging records)
Mime: application/marc
MRFMacintosh Font; Font (vector /tbv)
Marks Russel File image format
MRGoften merge(text/word etc..)
MRKCSI MaRKup file (CAD format)
Windows 95 user benchmark
MRL4bit CMYK Mimaki MRL-1 file for plotter : Bitmap graphics
Mime: text/x-mrml
MRSWordPerfect Macro ReSource
MRSIDLizardtech format for imageviewing.
MSFormatted manual page with ms macros
Maple worksheet
Mime: application/x-troff-ms
Modula-3 intermediate assembly file
MS-TNEFMicrosofts attachment format for applications
MS_Winhelp file (compressed)
MSAMagic Shadow Archive
MSCMicrosoft Common Console Document
Ms C makefile
MSCG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Clip Gallery
(MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Clip Art Gallery
MSDEV(make-)file for Msvc
MSDLManchester Scene Description Language, 3D rendering/tbv
MSEBwsb120a Demo file
MSFMime: application/vnd.epson.msf
Quanta MSF chemical modeller input file
MSGDocument; Microsoft Exchange mail document
FoxDoc message (FoxPro)
MeSsaGe text
MSG5(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Graph 5
MSGR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Grammer File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Graph 5
MSHMash/Microsoft Agent Script Helper
Mime: model/mesh
MSH1(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Help
MSH2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Help
MSHE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Help
MSIMicrosoft Installer File
MSIE(MAC CREATOR CODE) HTML for Internet Explorer (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM)
MSIF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Info File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft System Info
MSILMicrosoft Intermediate Language
MSKAutodesk Animator Mask Format
NimbleGen Mask
PaintShopPro Mask image format
MSLMime: application/vnd.Mobius.MSL
MSMAudio Utility Midism compressed file
Mime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
MSMT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Equation Editor
MSNMicrosoft Network home base ; MSN Central
MSNM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Mail & News
MSOMicrosoft Orgchart file
MSOF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Office
MSPBitmap Picture; MS Paint
Windows Installer Patch
MSQMidi file
MSRCINCIDENTMsRcIncident, open with: HelpCtr.exe
MSSManuscript text file (Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE/Jove)
Mime: audio/mss
MSSTYLESWIN Resources Themes Luna file
MSTCorel Presentation Master (Presentation Document)
Minispecification file (Prosa)
Ms Test document
Ms Windows SDK setup script/Microsoft Installer Transform File
Visual Test Source File
MSTF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Thesaurus
MSTH(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Thesaurus
MSVMime: application/x-mystars-view
MSVC(make-)file for Msvc
MSWDocument Microsoft Word
MSWD(MAC CREATOR CODE) RTF produced by Microsoft Word (PC ext: RTF)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Microsoft Word 6 (PC ext: DOC)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Microsoft Word 3/4/5 for the Mac
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Microsoft Word 8 (98) (PC ext: DOC)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Word 3/4/5 Macintosh (PC ext: DOC)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Word Template (PC ext: DOT)
MSWMMMicrosoft Windows Movie Maker Project (Part of WinME & XP)
MSXCP/M Archive/outdated
Image format
MTMetaTalk script
MT_Midiprg Encore compressed file
MTFMathe vektor Mtf file
MTHDerive MaTH file
MTIMidiprg Musitron Musili.zit compressed file
MTKMatrikon Software License File
MTMMultiTracker music module (MOD) file
MTRMaster Tracker Module format
MTSEncore Samples file
Mime: application/metastream
Mime: model/vnd.mts
MTVMTV Raytracing image format
MTV2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Video Player
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Video Player Prefs
MTWMinitab data file
MTXTemp file (documents and settings)
MUQuattro pro for DOS MenU definition
MUFProtoMuck Multi User Forth Program
MUIOpengl Glut-3.6 file
MULUltima Online Game
MUPmkproto file
MUR3d Graphic
Atari image format
MUSMime: application/vnd.musician
Music file format
Sound file (MusicTime/Doom)
MUS10Audio (Mus10)
MUZMIDI (used by Windows' Hover game)
MVMime: video/x-sgi-movie
MV85(MAC CREATOR CODE) Macromedia Director 8.5 (PC ext: DIR)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Director 8.5
MV93(MAC CREATOR CODE) Macromedia Director (PC ext: DIR)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Director 5
MV93 - Director 4.0 DIR movie files(MAC)
MV95=Director 5 DIR movie files Type"MV95" Creator "MD95"(MAC)
MVAArchive; Used by MS some setup programs
MVBMicrosoft Media Viewer document; display with MVIEWER.EXE or MVIEWER2.EXE.
MVCImage file (Sony Digital Mavica)
MVEFanta Vision Movie
MVFStop frame file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
MVGImage Magick proprietary vector graphics format
MVIMovie command file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
MVPMediaView Project
MVRMAVROS mavcod input file
MVWSaber LAN log file
MWMacWrite II text document
MW2D(MAC FILE_TYPE) MacWrite II Document
MW2S(MAC FILE TYPE) MacWrite II model
MW_Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
MWCMime: application/vnd.dpgraph
MWDP(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Debugger
MWFProMotion animation
MacWrite II text document
MWPLotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster file
SmartMaster (Lotus Word Pro)
MWPD(MAC FILE_TYPE) MacWrite Pro Document
MWPP(MAC FILE_TYPE) MacWrite Pro Document
MWSMapleconvert Documentation English file
MXMatlab common matrix routines
Modula-3 linker information
MX3Dynamically linked subroutines (Ms Windows) (Matlab)
encoded MP3 file format
MXCArcView geocoding index for read-write coverages (ODB format)
MXDArcInfo Map file
MXECorel Quatro Pro startup macro (executed when a spreadsheet is opened)
MXIMacromedia Dreamweaver Extension Manager file
MXLPackRat 5.0 support file
MXMMathConnex Module
MXPMacromedia.Extension.Package open with: Macromedia Extension Manager.exe
MXQFile created by Trojan-worm (check with Anti-Virus tester!)
MXSArcView geocoding index for read-write shapefiles (ODB format)
Mime: application/vnd.triscape.mxs
MXTMS Programmer's WorkBench Add-In
MYMime: audio/make
MYDOCSSendto file
MYPPresentation (MM Make Your Point)
MYSMyst Saved Game
MZMidiprg Mozart compressed file
MZTMOZART Template File
MZZMime: application/x-vnd.AudioExplosion.mzz
Ncygwin man file
N64Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
NA2Netscape Communicator addressbook
NAAMSNBC News alert advertising data
NABNetscape Communicator addressbook
NACMSNBC News alert channel data
NADNoder File (Polish)
NAKAudio file
NALNimbleGen Array Layout for ArrayScribe(TM) - http://www.nimblegen.com/products/software/arrayscribe/
NAMSheffield dictionary file
NANNanoscope File
NAPMime: image/naplps
NAPLPS Vector image metafile (VideoShow/EnerGraphics)
NAPLPSMime: image/naplps
North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax = Vector image
NAPR(MAC FILE_TYPE) NameCleaner Prefs File
NASXsys file
NAVAirNav image format
Ms Network component
MSN Application Extension
NAVIONICSGPS chart format
NBMime: application/mathematica
Nota Bene text document
Notebook (Corel WordPerfect tbv)
NBANba game data
NCInstructions for Numerical Control machine (CAMS)
Mime: application/x-netcdf
Preprosessed GOC source : non-error-checking (GEOS)
Unidata netCDF Graphics
NC?FLASHGET downloader incomplete download
NCBClass browsing information (Ms Developer Studio)
NCCCNC (Computer Numeric Control) control file (CamView 3D)
NCCH(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Internet Cache
NCDCoverDesigner image format
Norton Change Directory (disk directory information)
NCFNetWare configuration = STARTUP.NCF
NCHMS Outlook Express Email Tree
NCLKMime: text/html
NCMMime: application/vnd.nokia.configuration-message
Nokia Communicator configuration message
NCPNhl Ice Hockey 2002 user nhlcards file
NCRNCR Image image format
NCSNetscape Conference Call file
Bitmap image (Hierarchical Data File) (NCSA)
NCTCoverDesigner Template image format
NDBMime: x-lml/x-ndb
Network database (Intellicom/Compex)
NDFNimbleGen Design File
NDLInmos hardware network description file
Lotus Notes data
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
Nodelist file
NDO3D Low-polygon Modeler
NDSISInjury Surveillance Data Exchange specification
NDXdBase Index (generally database index)
NEDMSN Application Extension
NEFNikon Electronic Image Format
NEOAtari NeoChrome bitmap image
NESNintendo Entertainment System ROM Image
NETgen. Network configuration/info file
NETCDFScientific data NETwork Common Data Format
NEUgen. german new
NEWNew info
NeWS bitmap image
NEZEmulator file used for game consoles (NES)
NFCvip nf_help file
NFFHaines Neutral File Format and WorldToolkit minimal 3D scene description language
NFGNewsbin config file
NFOMsInfo document
Netware Folio help format
NFTNetobjects fusion Netobjects System file
NFXNetobjects fusion Components Bbscomp file
NGNorton guide online documentation database
NGBNonogram puzzle
NGDNimbleGen Gene Description
NGGNokia Group Graphics image format
NGLSheffield dictionary file
NGONG linker object ( = NGML)
NGPNimbleGen Project
NGSNG compiler source ( = NGC)
NHFNero HFS-CD Compilation
NHLNhl Ice Hockey game 2002 user teams file
NHVNeroHFSType open with: AHEAD NERO.EXE
NINetobjects fusion Preview file
NIBCorel Graphics10 Photopoint file
NIFBinary hardware network initialisation file
Mime: application/x-nif
Mime: image/x-niff
NIFF Navy Image File Format (bitmap) graphics interchange format
NIFFBitmap image (Navy Interchange File Format)
Mime: image/x-niff
NILNorton Icon Library file
NIMBLEGENArrayScribe = NimbleGen Array Layout Editor
NISTAudio (short ints,mono,NIST header:1024 byte, used in TIMIT)
NITFNational Imagery Transmission Format
NIXMime: application/x-mix-transfer
REF file
NJXNJStar Document
NLNorton Desktop Icon Library
NL_WIN32S compressed file
NLBGame: colin Mc Rae car race Network Leader boards file
NLMNokia animations screen
Nokia Logo File image format
Novell Netware Loadable Module
NLPNewsletter Profi 2001
NLSCharacter Translation; National Language Services driver (font or font map)
Mime: text/nls
NLUNorton Live Update E-Mail Trigger file
NLXFormWorx form
NMEAGPS protocol(0183) send and receive waypoints + other data
NMGF2d Graphic
NMKOc2.316s cakit file
NMLMime: application/vnd.enliven
News Markup Language
NMPNeopaint Mask image format
NMSNumega Softice's Loader File (includes debugging info)
NMWT126_Whiteboard, open with: NetMeeting wb32.exe
NMZMime: application/x-scream
NNDMime: application/vnd.noblenet-directory
NNSMime: application/vnd.noblenet-sealer
NNWMime: application/vnd.noblenet-web
NOAmovie file from japanese cell phone
NODNetobjects fusion nodes file
NOITgif-3.0 file
NOISERUNNoiseRunner format
NOLNokia Operator Logo image format
NONNONogram puzzle
NOTNOTation or NOTe
NOTEWordPerfect for Mac help document
NOTEWORTHYNoteworthy 2 File Format
NOVS(MAC FILE_TYPE) NetWare Control Center
NPProject schedule (Nokia Planner) (Visual Planner 3.x)
NPDNoder File (Polish)
NPISource for DGEN.EXE interpreter (dBASE Application Generator)
NPMCorel Graphics10 Draw media lines file
NPSLotus Agenda File
NPXMime: application/x-netfpx
NRANero Audio-CD Compilation
NRBNero CD-ROM Boot Compilation
NRENeroCDExtraType open with: AHEAD NERO.EXE
NRFBitmap image (Neutral Raster File)
NRGNero -Burning Rom (CD-burn image)
NRHNero Hybrid CD-ROM Compilation
NRINero - Burning Rom (CD-burner software) file
NRMNero Mixed-Mode-CD Compilation
NRTNokia RingTone
NRUNero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation
NRVNero Video-CD Compilation
NS2Lotus Notes data
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NS3Lotus Notes data
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NS4Lotus Notes Database
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSCNoder File (Polish)
Mime: application/x-conference
NSDNorton System Doctor Configuration
NSFLotus Notes data
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSGLotus Notes data
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSHLotus Notes data
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NSISymantec Shared file
NSLNokia Logo File
NSONetStudio Easy Web Graphics File
NSPL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Plug-i
NSSNorton ScreenSaver module (NC - NDW Screen Saver)
NSTLotus Notes Template
NoiseTracker music module, originaly Amiga
NSXCompound index file of uccessWare SIX 3.00
NTWindows NT startup files
NT0Adressmn file
NT1Adressmn file
NT2Adressmn file
NT3Adressmn file
NT_VFW compressed file
NTFLotus Notes database template
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
NTHImagemagick-5.3.2 Visualmagick jbig file
NTPMediaface Design Software Image Library v1.2
NTRNetRun executable ascii text file
NTSNetSend executable ascii text file
Norton tutorial
NTXClipper database index
NTZInVircible antivirus blueprint
NU4Norton Utilities Dll root file
NU6Norton utility system Dll file
NUFProcomm Plus Message for new users on their 1st call
NULCcs-lib.2 Acs file
NUMDos7 file
NURBS3d Graphic /spatial data
NUTLucas Arts Animation
NVDAolpress Help file
Mime: application/x-navidoc
NVMAolpress Help file
Mime: application/x-navimap
NW3Netware.3x file
NW4Netware.4x file
NW_Midiprg Noteworthy compressed file
NWCNoteworthy Composer Song File
NWSInternet News Message text or HTM
Mime: message/rfc822
(MAC FILE TYPE) Write Now 3 file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) WriteNow 3
NX^D(MAC FILE TYPE) Write Now 2 file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) WriteNow Document
(MAC FILE TYPE) WriteNow 2
(MAC FILE TYPE) WriteNow 3
NX__(MAC FILE_TYPE) WriteNow 4 Document
NXTNext Font
Sound (NeXT format)
NYMSheffield dictionary file
NZAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
NZHT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Hotline Client Data
OMime: application/octet-stream
Object file (Unix/GCC)
O$$Sprint outfile
O01Typhoon Voice File
O2CAMglossar images file
O8OMediator5 Repositorytabs Vorlagen.006 file
OA2Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasys2
OA3Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasys3
OABMS Outlook Address Book
OASJapanese : Word processor document (Fujitsu OAS)
Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasys
OAZfax: NetFax Manager
OAZ Fax image format
OBIBM LinkWay Object cut/paste file
OB$Microsoft compressed OBJ decompress with UNPACK.EXE
OBDMicrosoft Office binder template
Mime: application/x-msbinder
OBESystem Dll Oobe file
OBJIntel Relocatable OBJect Module = compiler/assembler output
Objects : Metatools' Bryce Support file
Wavefront 3D Object
OBKOrCAD Capture Design/Library
OBRBorland C++ object browser data
OBSScript (ObjectScript)
OBTMS Office Binder Template
OBVObjectScript visual interface
OBZMicrosoft Office Binder Wizard
OC_Game: doko inst file
OCAOLE Custom Control Library Information
Visual Basic control typelib cache
OCDC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Mathematica Document
OCFObject Craft File
OCMNetscape Communicator Aim file
OCPAdvanced Art Studio image format
OCRIncoming fax transcribed to text / FAXGrapper
OCTMusical file (Octalizer)
OCXOLE Custom Control, 32 bit (Visual Basic or C++) ActiveX control
OD1Omnis5 Database File
OD2Omnis5 Database File
OD3Omnis5 Database File
OD4-9Omnis5 Database File
OD_Oracle driver, .DLL compressed
ODAMime: application/oda
ODA document
Raster image (CALS Group IV Type 2)
Used with OCX
ODBArcView : Object Database ASCII file (ODB format)
ODEMicrosoft Office file
ODFOpen Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
ODHObject Definition Head
ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
ODLObject Definition Language (Object Library Source for OLE applications)
ODSNCompass Labs (Internet script/tbv)
ODVI(MAC FILE_TYPE) LaTeX Filea Documentactex
OECL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Database Cach
OEDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Email Databas
OEMSb_awe keys Sb_nt file
OFAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
OFCOpen Financial Connectivity File
OFDObjectView Form Definition
OFF3D Object File Format
OFMPostScript font description file
OFNMS Office File New (Other Office Documents)
OFTMicrosoft Outlook template
OFXOlicom Fax image format
OGCOrganica doc
OGGOgg Vorbis audio file open-source music encoder http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis
Saltlake city game file
OGLOverlay source code
OGLE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Picture Viewer
OGMvideo format
OGSOrigin File
OGXexported classes and resources, Microsoft C++ Component Gallery
OHPDos7 file
OHSOutbound History (Bink/+)
OIDObject Interaction Diagram (Prosa/OM)
OIFQuickBase Web-sharable Database Interchange File
OILOpen Image Library Format image format
OKR"3-D Fassade Plus" Feldeinteilung module file
OKTOktalyzer music module (MOD) file
OL_green_line file
MS Project Object Library
Object library VAX
OLB2(MAC FILE_TYPE) CanOpener Library
OLDBackup file
OLEObject Linking and Embedding (generic name)
OLIOlivetti text file
OLKMS Mail mailbag lock
OLNMS Visual C++ Outline examples
OLTMS Visual C++ Outline examples
OMCMime: application/x-omc
OMCDMime: application/x-omcdatamaker
OMCRMime: application/x-omcregerator
OMDClass model (Prosa/OM)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Mathematica (all kinds of files)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Mathematica
OMFAvid video editor interchange data
ONAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
ONDLotus Notes file
ONEPathtrace licensing key file, holds licensing data for programming the (typically dongle based) EdgeCAM application licensing.
ONLN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple DocViewer File
ONPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple DocViewer Prefs
ONXOnyx Graphics Postershop File
OO1Typhoon : Voice file
OOGL3d Graphic
OOMShroom swap
OPRescue Disk file
OP2Musplay 1.72 file
OP_GKSetup support file
OPAPsion OPL object file
OPCMicrosoft Office 97 upgrade wizard clean-up
OPENGLOpenGL Web site
OPJOrCAD Capture Project
OPLPsion OPL language source code
OPNActive options (Exact)
OPOPsion OPL object
OPTDelphi Project Options (text, current project settings)
digital line graph optional vector data (surface/terrain)
Microsoft Developer Studio workspace options
options, Configuration information used by several programs
QEMM Optimize support
OPWOrg Plus for Windows organization chart
OPXBanner Blue Org Chart
Exact inactive options
Microsoft Office Organization Chart
OrgPlus organization chart softw. http://www.orgplus.com
Psion Organizer Programming Language
OQYMS Excel OLAP Query File
OR2Lotus Organizer 2
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-organizer
OR3Lotus Organizer 97
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-organizer
OR8Rational Rose Oracle8 database model report
ORAOracle parameter
ORCOracle 7 Script
CSOUND orchestra project files
ORDBc45 Owl file
ORGLotus organiser file
Lotus Organizer calendar
Microcal Origin plot
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-organizer
ORG2+Lotus organiser file
ORIGGen original file
ORIGINALNetobjects fusion Components Bbscomp message file
ORQMime: application/ocsp-request
ORSMime: application/ocsp-response
OS2os2 system file
OS3Os2warp3 file
OSAS(MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScriptibrarytanlscpt
OSAX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Scripting Additionanlosax
OSCFormula one 2001 Options file
Fruitypro Samples Ss_effects file
OSDdriver file
OSFDist Bin file
OSSMicrosoft Office Search
Recorded sound from /dev/dsp and Sun /dev/audio
OSTMicrosoft Outlook/Inbox offline folder
OTAMime: image/x-ota-bitmap
OTAN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Open Transport
OTFotffile, open with: fontview.exe
OTGL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Open Transport Prefs File
OTH".OtherFolder", MS Power Toys Explorer tool
OTLOpenTrap Event Log
Super NoteTab template file
Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
Z-Soft Type Foundry outline font description
OTLB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft OLE Type File
OTNC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Open Transport Prefs File
OTPOrigin File(of originlab)
OTSL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Open Transport Library
OTXOlivetti Olitext Plus text
OUTExtract individual sound files from the input file(sox)
OUTLOOK97Outlook97 mail format for custom mail
OV0Objective Voice E-mail for windows
OV1Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV2Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV3Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OVDObjectVision data
OVECakewalk Overture Score
OVFObject Vision
OVGObjectVision converted graphic file
OVLOVerLay (part of program to be loaded when needed), program code for DOS
OVMBhv Tonstudio Platin file
OVROVeRlay (part of program to be loaded when needed), program code for DOS
OWLBc45 Owl file
OWSOxford dictionary (oxford university press)
OXRVirus Safe Web Driver
OXTaudio mod OXX
OYZLotus Approach alternate dBASE index
OZMSharp Organizer memo bank
OZPSharp Organizer telephone bank
PApplause picture file : Graphics
Mime: text/x-pascal
Pascal language source code file
PDB chemical modeller output file
ReaGeniX code generator : Rea-C-Time application parameter file
P00C64 emulator file
P01IsoBuster File
P10Mime: application/pkcs10
Mime: application/x-pkcs10
S/MIME : Digital identification file
Security certificate request
Tektronix Plot 10 : vector picture
P12Mime: application/pkcs-12
Mime: application/x-pkcs12
PFX File (Personal Information Exchange)
S/MIME : Digital identification file
P16ProTracker Studio 16 : Music (16 channels), Renaissance
P1C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
P1I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
P22Patch22 : Patch file
P2A"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
P2C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
P2I"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
P3Primavera : Project Planner file
P3C"IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
P3D3d Graphic
P3EPC-Doctor file
P3IPC-Doctor file
P3PPlatform for Privacy Preferences
P64Picasso 64 image format
P65Pagemaker 6.5 File
P7Xv's visual schnauzer format : Bitmap graphics
P7AMime: application/x-pkcs7-signature
P7BMime: application/x-pkcs7-certificates
SPC File , cryptografic certificate
P7CMime: application/pkcs7-mime
Mime: application/x-pkcs7-mime
S/MIME : Digital identification file
P7MMime: application/pkcs7-mime
Mime: application/x-pkcs7-mime
PKCS #7 MIME Message (RFC 2311 MIME)
S/MIME PKCS : Digital identification file
P7RMime: application/x-pkcs7-certreqresp
Response to a security certificate request.
P7SMime: application/pkcs7-signature
PKCS #7 Signature
PAPrint Artist project
PA1PageAhead : Worktable
PA3Turbo Pascal Dos file
PA4Turbo Pascal Dos file
PA5Turbo Pascal Dos file
PABMS Exchange Personal Address Book
Atari STAD bitmap image
Mime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
Mime: audio/x-pac
Multi-resolution image file from Photo-CD
Pacman file
Sound Blaster Studio II : Package file
Stad image format
Windows Applications Manager : added or changed package
PACK*glslang pack program (* means only .pack is tested)
PACT(MAC CREATOR CODE) Archive created by Compactor (Pro)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Compactor data file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Compact Pro Archive
PADKeypad definition PR: Paddles/TELEMATE
PAEMime: audio/x-epac
Projet Personal AVI Editor
PAFPARIS Audio Format
Personal Ancestral File 3/4
PAGLmsoft-Hypermedia page
Visual Basic property PAGe file
PAINTApple Macintosh MacPaint file : Bitmap graphics B&W
PAKCompressed file archive
Infonie file
Quake WAD file
PALAdobe Pagemaker Library Palette
Color Palette for drawing and bitmap editors(many formats)
Compressed File
Harvard Graphics Palette
Lotus Freelance
Personal Ancestral File. backup of .paf
Tree Professional Palm Creator File
ZX SPECTRUM emulator file
PAMTonline Ob4hbci Smartupdate file
PANChromeleon Control Panel
CorelDraw : Printer-specific file (copy to coreldrw.ink)
Mime: application/x-pan
SmoothMove Pan Viewer image format
PANE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Preferences Pane
PANL(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Prefs Panel
PAPPainter4 file
Tree Professional Palm Creator Image File
PAQHewlett-Packard : Password encrypted zip file
Quantum archive
PARDigitalk PARTS : Parts application
Fractint : Parameter file
POV-Ray parameter file
Spartpar definition
Windows 3.x swap file: 386SPART.PAR, SPART.PAR
PARAMKosima scripts file
PARTMime: application/pro_eng
Partial Go!Zilla download
PART1Netobjects fusion Netobjects System file
PART2Netobjects fusion Netobjects System file
PASMime: text/pascal
Pascal - Borland Delphi : Pascal language source code file
PATArcView : geocoding pattern recognition file
AutoCAD Hatch Pattern
Corel Vector Pattern
document MultiMate 3.3
exePatch utility Warcraft2 (WarHack)
File Investigator pattern file
Forte Tech. Patch
generally patch
Gravis Ultrasound : Sound patch
Hatch patterns Photostyler
link geographic locations to databases : Polygon Attribute Table
Mime: audio/x-pat
PaintShopPro Pattern image format
Patch file (Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte Technologies)
Pattern (bitmap used by drawing programs)/Corel Draw pattern
Smash : Simulator test pattern
US Patent and Trademark Office : Bitmap graphics (1bit black and white patent data)
vector Pattern PSP / Gimp / File Investigator / DataCAD Hatch
PATCHGen patch file
PATTERNPhotoline5 Defaults file
PBFAXability Plus fax
PixBase : Setup file
PowerBasic configuration (PBCONFIG.PB)
Proboard : Proboard configuration files
Setup file (PixBase)
WinFax Pro: Phone Book
PB1First Publisher for Windows : Document
PBAGenus : Powerbasic BASIC language source code file
PBBMS Mail address information file
Faxit Phone Book
Mime: application/vnd.powerbuilder6
Mime: application/vnd.powerbuilder6-s
Mime: application/vnd.powerbuilder7
Mime: application/vnd.powerbuilder7-s
Mime: application/vnd.powerbuilder75
Mime: application/vnd.powerbuilder75-s
Phone book (FaxNOW!/Faxit)
PowerBuilder : Dynamic link library
PBFTurtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
PBHPowerBasic Help file
Genus : Powerbasic include file
Microsoft Source Profiler : Profiler Binary Input
PBKArchive ARC
HP-95 Phone Book
Microsoft Phonebook
PBLGenus : Powerbasic library
PBMMime: image/x-portable-bitmap
UNIX Portable Bit Map Graphic
Xlib bitmap graphics
PBMVPortable Bitmap file
PBOMicrosoft Source Profiler : Profiler Binary Output
PBPPerl Builder file
PBRPowerBuilder : Resource file
PBSPaint Shop Pro Presets file
PBTMicro Dynamics MARS image format
Microsoft Source Profiler : Profiler Binary Table
PBUPowerbasic units (version 3.2)
PBVPaint Shop Pro Presets file
PCPC Model chemical modeller output file
Print Artist file
Text file containing IBM PC specific info
PC1Atari Degas Image / Bitmap graphics
PC2Atari Degas Image / Bitmap graphics
PC3Atari Degas & Degas Elite bitmap image
Harvard Custom Palette (Harvard Graphics now Serif)
PC5Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
PC8NewWave Write : Ascii text IBM8 character set
PC?2d Graphic
PC[1-3]Degas / Degas Elite image format
PCAPCAnywhere Registry Backup file
PCBACCEL, Protel : Printed Circuit Board file
MS PowerPoint Settings Application Data File
P-CAD : P-CAD database
PADS : Printed Circuit Board
PC-Doctor file
Print Shop Deluxe business card/tbv
PCCImage File
PC Checkup : system information
VideoCraft GIF
ZSoft PC Paintbrush : Cutout picture vector graphics
PCDImages CD Creator Corel Adaptec
Kodak Photo-CD multiresolution Image
Microsoft Visual Test : P-Code compiled test scripts
Mime: image/x-photo-cd
Pfaff Creative Designer for Windows
PCD2Pfaff Creative Designer 2 for Windows
PCDSmulti-resolution : Bitmap graphics - Kodak Photo-CD format
PCEEudora Mailbox Name Map to Dos filenames
mail signature
PCDR file (PC-Doctor)
PCFHP95 Printer configuration
Microsoft Source Profiler : Profiler Command File
PCFL(MAC FILE_TYPE) SoftWindows Binary
PCGGraphics file
PCHMS C PreCompiled Header
Patch file
PCIMicrosoft Windows System file : PCI Miniport file
PC-Doctor file
PCJIBM's Linkaway-Live : Multimedia authoring tool graphics
Turbo Pascal : Pickfile
PCL2d Graphic : Page Control Language
HP Printer Control Language
Mime: application/vnd.hp-PCL
Mime: application/x-pcl
Printer Control Language file (printer-ready bitmap) (Hewlett-Packard)
PCMAudio file generic
Image Photoline
LaserJet Printer Cartridge Metric for printer driver
OKI MSM6376 Sythesizer Chip : Audio file
PCMODPC Model chemical modeller input file
PCNPaint Shop Pro Presets file
PCPImage PC Paint (DOS) Bitmap graphics
Symantec : Live Update Pro file
Symantec Live Update Pro
PCQPfaff Creative Designer for Windows
PCRimage format
PCR Graphic Image
PCSApple Macintosh PICT files : Animation
Embroidery file format
Microsoft Powerpoint - Microsoft ClipArt Gallery : Picture storage file
Painter4 pict file
Pfaff Creative Designer for Windows
PCTClipart ClarisWorks
Image NIST ihdr
Macintosh QuickDraw PiCT bitmap & vector image (b&w PICT1 - color PICT2)
Mime: image/x-pict
PC Paint bitmap
PCTL(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Reg File
PCWPC Write : Text document
PCXMime: image/x-pcx
PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic RLE compr
PDMale Normal CT image format
Paradox table
PD_Visc15 Images Setup file
PDAImage Print Shop Deluxe
Mime: image/x-pda
PDB3Com Palmpilot database file
C64 emulator file
Chemical test : molecular image in 3D
Mime: chemical/x-pdb
MonkeyCard image format
Palmpilot Database/Document File
PDB chemical modeller input file
Pegasus DataBase
Photo Deluxe Image
Physical model backup file (PowerDesigner)
Pilot Image Format
PowerBuilder Dynamic link library
Program Database VisC++ 32-bit LINK program information
Protein DataBank
QuickPOS Database File
TACT/Packrat data
PDDAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
Paint Shop Pro Bitmap graphics
PDFArcView : preferences definition file
Corel Ventura Publisher page (EPS-variety) file
ED-SCAN 24bit format : Graphics file
Mime: application/pdf
MS Package Definition file: MS Systems Management Server
Netware : Printer Definition File
PCAD : Database Interchange Format
Portable document format: Adobe Acrobat File
Print device information (Netware)
Printer description (QuarkXpress)
PDF_(MAC FILE TYPE) Acrobat files
(MAC FILE TYPE) Acrobat files (PC ext: PDF)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Portable Documente Filpdf
PDGPrint Shop Deluxe : Data
MS Powerpoint IMPORT/EXPORT File
PDLBorland C++ : Project Description Language file
Print Shop Deluxe flyer
PDMSybase Power Designer File
PDPPrint Shop Deluxe : Document
PDQBLUEWAVE sound file
Flowcharting PDQ Lite : Flowchart
PDRDevice Driver; Windows Port Driver (virtual device driver)
PDSAdobe Photoshop
hardware assembly : Pldasm language source code file
Portable Data Specification image data image format
Space mission data (Planetary Data System Format by NASA)
Telsis HiCall Program File
VICAR - Video Image Communication and Retrieval : Graphics
PDTProCite : Database
PDVPaintbrush : Printer driver
PDWHiJaak vector graphics
Professional Draw : Document
PDXIndex file of .PDF
Mayura Draw graphics format
PageMaker : Printer description
Paradox Files
ProCite : Database index
PEPE (Portable Executable)
STI (Microsoft Symbol and Type Information)
PE3Image archive file (QuickViewer)
Ulead PhotoImpact : Image archive file
PE4Ulead PhotoImpact : Image archive file
Ulead Texture image format
PEAPEAch text file
PEBWordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File
PEDWordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save
PEMaudio modul
WordPerfect Program Editor Macro
PENPaint Shop Pro Presets file
PEQWordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue File
PERWordPerfect Program Editor Resident Area vakiovalue
PERLPerl source file
PESBrother Embroidery file format
WordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File
PETCustom CD Menu
Macintosh PICT image
WordPerfect Program Editor Top Overflow File
PEXProboard : Proboard EXecutable program file
PFAladdin Systems security software : Private File
ICC Profile: Windows ICM profile
Monitor or Printer Profile File
Progress Parameter File
PF_Midiprg Encore compressed file
PFAFormdef or Pagedef source code
Type 1 font (ASCII);
unhinted PostScript font : Type 3 font file
PFBAdobe Type Manager : Type 1 PostScript font
PFCAOL : Personal Filing Cabinet
First Choice : Text file
PF Component
WordPerfect Perfect Fit (filter)
PFDMicrografx Optima : Process Flow Diagram
PFEProgrammers File Editor
PFFScandata : Paraform file for 3D modeling
PFKXTreePro : Programmable function keys
PFLPresentation file: Lotus Freelance for DOS 4.0 Portfolio
PFMPrinter Font Metrics (Microsoft)
Printer outline Font Metric: Font (Adobe Type 1 PostScript)
PFPPanorama Factory project file
PFRMime: application/font-tdpfr
PaintShop Pro File
PFSFirst Choice : Database (PFS:FILE)
First Publisher ART file
text file (PFS:Write)
PFUNKMime: audio/make
Mime: audio/make.my.funk
PFWSymantec Shared Liveadvisor file
PFXAmiga Pageflipper Plus F/X Animation
Mime: application/x-pkcs12
Personal Information Exchange
PG2d Graphic
IBM LinkWay : Page cut/paste file
Image PrintFox / PageFox
PG_Midiprg Improve compressed file
PGAIBM Professional Graphics Adapter image
Solitaire Aztec Peg backup
PGBRayman2 file
PGCEgypt Solitaire back
Portfolio Graphics Compressed image format
PGDPretty Good Privacy : PGPdisk volume
PGESolitaire Peg back
PGFPortfolio Graphics image format
progressive graphics format ( www.xeraina.ch/pgf.)
PGIPGRAPH library : Printer Graphics File device driver
PGLimage/x-hpgl : HP Plotter drawing
PGMChromeleon Batch Program
Mime: image/x-portable-graymap
Mime: image/x-portable-greymap
PBM gray scale bitmap graphics : Portable graymap format
Program (Signature)
PGNChessMaster : game notation
Mime: application/x-chess-pgn
Portable Game Notation (Used for chess)
PGPMime: application/pgp-encrypted
Pretty Good Privacy : Encrypted file
Program Parameter
TBAV file
PGRPretty Good Privacy : PGP Groups
PGSman4dos : Manual page
PGXVisual Basic binary property page file
PHGeoworks : Optimized .goh include file
Perl Header file
Windows Help file phrase-table, created by HC.EXE
PH_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
PHAPACKPhaPacker music/sound format (ProPacker V1.0 by NoiseConverter & Exotic Ripper / HanniPacker / StrangePlayer)
PHBArcSoft PhotoBase picture file
PHDPC Help Desk File
PolyHedra Database
PHEWinChess game record
PHMDN - Lync : Phone book
PHNCompuserve signup file
PHoNe list (UltraFax/QmodemPro)
PhoneFree Internet Telephone
QmodemPro : Phone list
PHOMetz Phone for Windows : Phone database
PHPHtml PHP Script (see also .PHP3 & .PHP4)
MS Picture It! Publishing Project File
PhotoDeluxe PhotoParade Album
PHP3HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHP4HTML page with PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)
PHP_AUTHALPHphp authalph auto file open with Internet Explorer
PHRLocoScript Phrases
NoExcuse Phrase Checker
PHTPartial Hypertext File or see below phtml
PHTMHTML page that includes a PHP script
PHTMLHTML page that includes a PHP script
PHYSpicemod Asic file
PIBlazing Paddles image format
Image Japan PI
PI$MS compressed PIF; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
PI1low resolution Atari Degas Image : Bitmap graphics
PI2medium resolution Atari Degas Image : Bitmap graphics
PI3high resolution Atari Degas Image : Bitmap graphics
PI4Atari Degas: Degas image file
PI5Atari Degas: Degas image file
PI6Atari Degas: Degas image file
PI?2d Graphic
PI[1-6]Degas / Degas Elite image format
PI_Compressed Pic file
PIC15/24bit RGB Autodesk Animator PIC/CEL files : Bitmap graphics
3D Image file (SoftImage)
bio-rad image files
general picture extension used on many systems
Handy Scaner Cameron image
IBM Storyboard bitmap
Lotus Picture; Lotus 1-2-3 Graphics
Macintosh PICT drawing
Micrografx Draw
Mime: image/pict
Movie BYU file
MTV Image
PC Paint bitmap
Pictor picture
Pixar PIC file : Bitmap graphics
Psion Series 3 image format
QuickTime Picture
Radiance image file : Bitmap graphics
Rayshade Image
SoftImage : 3D Image file
Stad image format (.PAC)
PICIOPIXAR picture file : Bitmap graphics
Macintosh PICS file : Variation of PICT for multiple frames
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Mac Pictureionente Fipict
Mime: image/pict
Mime: image/x-pict
PICT1 black and white, PICT2 color : Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT bitmap graphics format
PICT1Image Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT
PICT2Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT bitmap graphics format
PICTORPC Paint image file
PIDUnix : Process ID file
PIEPie.Application open with: PIE.EXE
PIFMacintosh : Compressed file archive
OS/2 : Graphics metafile
Vector image GDF format (IBM mainframe computers)
Windows Program Information File for dos prgs
PIGDescent File
Lucas Arts Dark Forces : WAD file
Ricoh Pixel Image Generator graphics
PIMpersonal information manager file
PixMaker Project File
Ultimate Draw : Pascal text mode image file
PINAtari ST graphics format
Epic Pinball : Game data
Links Games Player Information File
Pushpin Set
PIPJPEG,JPG,JPE, JFIF,PJPEG compressed bitmap picture
PIPLAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Samplecode Colorpicker file
PIQTQuicktime still
PITPackit: Compressed Macintosh file archive
PIX24-bit RGB RLE graphics : SDSC Alias/Wavefront RLE image format
ESM Software Pix image format
Image Systems vector
Inset Systems raster & vector format : graphics
LUMENA .PIX and .BPX file formats
PrintMaster Graphic File
Truevision Targa bitmap image
PIXARPIXAR picture file : Bitmap graphics
PIXELPAINTPixelPaint Professional (only 1.0 et 2.0) image file
PJBitmap image (HP PaintJet PCL graphics file)
Computer Associates SuperProject
HP PaintJet PCL graphics file : Bitmap graphics
MKS : Source Integrity file
PJ4electric quilt
PJ5electric quilt
PJLProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists
PJTFoxpro Project Memo
Project (Rational Rose/Visual C++)
PJXFoxpro Project index
PJXLHP PaintJet XL PCL graphics file : Bitmap graphics
PKCoolEdit96 Graphical Waveform /tbv
LaTeX compressed font
Packed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
PK3bonus-skins in the game Star Wars - Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast.
Quake 3 Arena File (maps, etc. )
PKAPKArc : Compressed file archive
PKBQuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Keyboard Layout File
PKDTurbo Pascal Dos compressed Batch file
PKGAppleLink Package Compression Format File
Mime: application/x-newton-compatible-pkg
MS Developer Studio Application Extension dll similar
Next : Installer script
P-CAD : database
PKG_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Newton Package
PKIMime: application/pkixcmp
PKOMime: application/vnd.ms-pki.pko
PublicKey Security Object
PKPMsdev Common Ide Pakage Project file
PKRPretty Good Privacy : Public Keyring
PKTFidonet message PacKeT
TeX font : Readable contents of .pk
PKZWinoncd Images Mask file
PLHarvard Palette (Harvard Graphics is now Serif)
Interleaf printerleaf (or WorldView) format
Mime: text/plain
Mime: text/x-script.perl
PerL script language source code file
ProLog language source code file
TeX : Property List font metric file
PL13D Home Architect : Room plan
PL/1 programming lang source file
PL3Harvard Chart Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
PL4Micrografx Designer Palette
PLAArchiCAD Archive
PLASMAPlasma fractal image
PLATFORMTopsy file
PLAYERplayer 6.1 formats music/sound (Asle / ReDoX)
The player 4.0 (music/sound)
PLBAAICWpro log file
Foxpro Library
LogoShow Screensaver
P-CAD data
The Print Shop Multimedia Organizer
PLCLotus Add-in (functions macros applications)
Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.PLC
P-CAD : Database
PLDPhotoDeluxe PhotoLine image document
PLD2 Source File
PLEXVisual Perl file
PLGButtonGadget.exe (template plugin for Button Maker Utility: www.buttongadget.com)
file format used by REND386/AVRIL
Microsoft Developer Studio : Build log
Mime: text/html
PLHPaint Shop Pro Presets file
PLIOracle 7 Data Description
PL/1 programming lang source
PLJMime: audio/vnd.everad.plj
PLKOp9630 Am32 file
PLLCA Clipper 5 : Prelinked library
PLMDisorderTracker2 : Module Statix
PLNArchiCAD Solo File
WordPerfect Spreadsheet File
PLOTUnix Plot(5) format : Vector graphics
PLP2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Persuasion
PLP3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Persuasion
PLRDescent Pilot File
Player file
PLSDisorderTracker2 : Sample file
Mime: audio/mpegurl
Mime: audio/scpls
Mime: audio/x-mpequrl
Mime: audio/x-scpls
Mime: uadio/scpls
MYOB Data File
Name & address file for WinPas Plus32 app
Name and Address File for the WinPAS Plus32 application
Napster MPEG PLayList file
Real MP3 Playlist
Shoutcast File
WinAmp Music playlist
PLTAutoCAD HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter File
Bentley's CAD MicroStation Driver Configuration for Plotting
CA Clipper 5 pre-linked transfer file for .pll
Clipper 5 : Pre-linked transfer file
EPOC Software platform file
Geoworks Glue Software platform file
Gerber Sign-making Software File
HP Graphics Language (plotter)
LOTUS Organiseur
Page Magic 2.0 : Paper format
Page Magic paper format
Palette file
PCAD 8.5 drawing image format
Pre-linked transfer file (Clipper 5)
Windows Update
PLTN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Appearance Theme
PLUGINAmaya pluginlib file
PLXMime: application/x-PiXCLscript
PERL programming language script
PLY3d Graphic
Autodesk Polygon Format
Data file (PopMail)
Harvard Spotlight : Presentation screen
Polygon mesh format ZipPack by Silicon Graphics
PLZPresentation LOTUS Freelance
PMMime: application/x-perl
Mime: image/x-xpixmap
Mime: text/x-script.perl-module
Perl Script Module
Power Music Format
Presentation Manager : Bitmap graphics
Rebel Assault file
X Window PixelMap : Bitmap graphics (8bit text)
PM3PageMaker 3 Document
PM4Mime: application/x-pagemaker
PageMaker 4 Document
PM5Mime: application/x-pagemaker
PageMaker 5 Document
PM6PageMaker 6 Document
PM?PageMaker Document
PM_Midiprg Musicato Musicat.zit compressed file
PMAArchive format used on MSX computers
Performance Monitor : Data
PMBPicture; Bitmap/tbv
PMCA4TECH Scanner : Graphics
Windows Performance Monitor Settings
PMDAdobePagemaker file
PMEPlazmic Media Engine File
PMGPagemaker Group File (EPS graphic)
Paint Magic image format
PMIOS/2 : Program manager information
Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File
PMLMime: application/vnd.ctc-posml
PADGen Program Information
PageMaker 4 library
Pegasus Mail Distribution List
Windows NT Performance Monitor Log
PMMAmaris BTX/2 program file
Pegasus Mail Mail Message Folder
PMPAutoCAD : Plotter Model Parameters file
Image Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot Camera (jpeg)
Pegasus Mail notepad file
Photomorph : Project
PowerMedia : Color palette
Project Manager Pro : Schedule
ThumbsPlus : Graphics
VideoCraft GIF Animator Project
PMRPhotoModeler : Project
Windows NT Performance Monitor Report
PMTPhotomodeler Lite Tutorials file
PMWWindows NT Performance Monitor Workspace
PMXPageMaker document (x=ver.)
PN3Harvard Printer Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
PNC"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
PNC1(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Utilities
PNCH(MAC FILE_TYPE) RealPlayer Channel
PNDDATAIR Pension System Pending File
PNDD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Disk Doctor
PNFstandalone stream : Bitmap graphics (Portable Network graphics Frame)
Windows : Precompiled setup information
PNFC(MAC FILE_TYPE) FileSaver Data File
PNFD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton FileSaver Data
PNFF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Fast Find
PNFL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Floppier
PNFV(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton FileSaver Volume
PNFX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton FileSaver Index
PNGBrowser catalogue (Paint Shop Pro)
Mime: image/png
Mime: image/x-png
PaintShop Pro Browser
Portable (Public) Network Graphic
PNG_(MAC FILE_TYPE) PNG Imagereionente Fippng
PNGF(MAC FILE_TYPE) PNG Imagereionente Fippng
PNLPaNeL file
PNMMime: application/x-portable-anymap
Mime: image/x-portable-anymap
PBM Portable aNyMap : Bitmap graphics
PNNE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Encrypt
PNNU(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Utilities
PNQICQ ( instant messaging)
PNRA(MAC FILE_TYPE) RealPlayer Filente Fippra
PNRM(MAC FILE_TYPE) RealPlayer Filente Fipprm
PNSD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Speed Disk
PNSI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton System Info
(MAC FILE_TYPE) RealAudio Preference File
PNTApple MacPaint format : Bitmap graphics
ARC format : Vector point data
FTN software : Pointlist segment
MarkMail 2.x : Qwk reader pointer file
Paperport Thumbsview
Pro/Engineer : Pen Table plotting file
Apple Macintosh MacPaint/SuperPaint file : Bitmap graphics B&W
PNUE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Open Unerase
PNVR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Open Volume Recov
PNWI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Wipe Info
POCONFIG 915E file
POAFifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
POB3d Graphic
POCPocoScript File
PODPerl POD-formated text, can get converted to html,text,doc...
POGDescent2 File Pig file ext.
POHGeoworks : Optimized .goh include file
POLAsctoHTM Policy File
InnovMetric Software : 3D Polygon Models Format
Music file
Policy Windows 95 network setup
POLICYJavasoft Jre 1.3 lib security file
POOINITeX : String pool
POOLTeX messages file
POPAAICWpro saved pop3 mail
dBase Popup Menu, dbase application generator
PopMail : Messages index
PORPainter4 file
ProCite Output Styles
QuickPOS IIF File (see IIF above)
Fractint continuous potential image
Microsoft PowerPoint Template
Mime: application/mspowerpoint
Mime: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
PowerPoint Template
POVMime: model/x-pov
Persistance Of Vision : Raytraced graphics image
POWPowerChords : Instrument or song file
POWERGoo Picture Library
PPPowerPacker : Compressed Amiga file archive
PP$Modem Bitware Fax disk6 file
PP4Micrografix Picture Publisher 4 : Bitmap graphics
PP5Micrografx Picture Publisher file
PPAMime: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
PowerPoint Add-in/slides
PPBWordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar
PPCGame: Uefa champions league file
PPDPageMaker : PostScript printer description file
PPFPathtrace Part Format file, holds model, geometry, toolpath and other data for the EdgeCAM CAD/CAM applications. Opens with EdgeCAM.exe
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Preset File
Micrografx Picture Publisher
Turtle Beach : Pinnacle Program File
PPIMS PowerPoint Graphics File
PPKPPK : Archive (many distributives)
PPLHarvard Graphics 3 Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey Driver
PPMMime: image/x-portable-pixmap
PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic
PPOCA Clipper 5.x : Preprocessor output
PPOT(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint Template
PPPDocument or finished project (Parson Power Publisher)
Enfocus Preflight Profile
Point to Point Protocol
Punk Productions Picture image format
Serif PagePlus Publication
PPP9(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint Wizard
PPSArcView : processing set codes
Mime: application/mspowerpoint
Mime: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
Paint Shop Pro image
Personal Producer Storyboard
PowerPoint Slideshow
PPSS(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint Slide ShowFppt
PPTMicrosoft BIFF File
Mime: application/mspowerpoint
Mime: application/powerpoint
Mime: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
Mime: application/x-mspowerpoint
PowerPoint Presentation
PPT3(MAC CREATOR CODE) Power Point 3 (PC ext: PPT)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Power Point 98 (PC ext: PPT)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) PowerPoint (all versions)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint
PPTV(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint Viewer
PPVMicrosoft Pocket Powerpoint Presentation for Windows CE
PPWMicrografx Picture Publisher wizard
PPXSerif PagePlus Publication
PPZMime: application/mspowerpoint
Mime: application/ppt
PowerPoint Packaged Presentation
PPZ9(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint Wizard
PQAdobe Pagemaker Default Printer Style
PQBPowerQuest BootMagic : Master boot backup file
PQFCorel Presentations Runtime
Mime: application/x-cprplayer
PQGRescue Me Os2dos file
PQIMime: application/cprplayer
PowerQuest : Drive image file
PQWCorel Presentations Runtime
PQXPower Quest Drive Image Index
PRSun raster file : Bitmap graphics, icon,cursor
PR1Packrat 4.0 : Data file
PR2Aldus Persuasion 2.x presentation
dBase IV Printer Driver
Packrat 4.x data file
PR3Aldus Persuasion Presentation
dBase IV PostScript Printer Driver
PR_(compressed) proj file
PRC3com Palm : Resource (text or program) file
Corel Presentation
Picture Gear Pocket image format
Rational Rose : Processes
PRDLode Runner game
Microsoft Dos Word Printer Driver
PRDG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Elastic Reality Project
PRECMYK bitmap image (Stork format)
Freelance Presentation
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-freelance
Mime: application/x-freelance
Settings (Programmer's WorkBench/Ms C/C++)
PREEXTENSIONMANAGERMacromedia Dreamweaver 4 Configuration Menus file
PREF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Preference Fil
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Preference File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Preference File
PREPAMBER PREP chemical modeller input file
PRER(MAC FILE_TYPE) Printer Driver
PRES(MAC FILE_TYPE) Chooser Extension
PRFCheckIt Pro 1.0 : Data file
ClarisWorks preferences file
dBase IV Printer Driver
Improces - Fastgraph : Bitmap graphics (pixel run format)
Macromedia Director : Settings file
McAfee Viruscan profile
Mime: application/pics-rules
PICS Rules File
plot reference file
Polychrome Recursive Format image format
Preferences (like INI)
Profiler output: Function list (MS Profiler)
Settings file (Macromedia Director)
Windows system file
PRFL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape User Profile
PRGAtari program
Gem executable program
OzWin Purged Messages File
Program source (dBFast)
Program source files CA Clipper 5
Program source files dBase IV
Program source files Microsoft FoxPro
WAVmaker : Program file
PRHCold Fusion Studio 3.1 Project
HomeSite 3.0 Project
PRILocoScript Printer Definitions
PRJArcView : projections definition file
AutoDesk 3D Studio File
AwpHelp project
File containing information about a programming project
HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File
MyCad : IC layout architecture
Project file used by many prgs
PRKCampgroundMaster/ResortMaster Database
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Saved Park
PRLPaint Shop Pro Presets file
seldom used for .pl = perl source file
PRMBullsEye style file
Parameter file (Generic)
Prolog Module (tokenized code)
PRNblack and white or 4bit CMYK : Bitmap graphics (Calcomp Raster)
DataCAD Windows Printer File
generally Printer output file
HP Printer Control Language
PostScript File
Print Table
Printer driver (Signature)
Text file (Lotus 1-2-3/Symphony)
XYWrite Printer Driver
PROabbrev. for project, used by many prgs
Configuration file (Pro/Engineer)
Configuration file (PROfile) used by many programs
DOS : Graphics profile file
Euphoria Profile file
Graphics profile file (DOS)
MS program profile
Pagis Pro 3.0 : Graphics file
Project file of Lorenz Graf's HTML tool
Prolog language source code file
Terramodel Project file
PRODUCTNorton Ghost file
PROF(MAC FILE_TYPE) ColorSync Profile
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Metrowerks Profile
PROFILESAmaya config file
PROG(MAC FILE_TYPE) CD Remote Program Fil
PROJ(MAC FILE_TYPE) Localized Project
NeXT : Project File (Interface Builder)
PROMIZERPromizer v0.1/v1.0c/v1.8a/v2.0/v4.0 formats
PROPAVS (Application Visualization System) AVS high-end visualization environment.
PROPACKERProPacker v1.0/v2.1/v3.0 formats music/sound (Asle / ReDoX)
PROPERTIESNetscape Communicator java classes file
PRORUNNERProRunner v1/v2 formats (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
PROTOWindows amaya file
PROXYMime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
Oberon Prospero : Data conversion saved project file
Rational Rose : Model properties
PRRPerfect Resume : The Perfect Resume data file
PRSdBase Procedure
Harvard File (Harvard Graphics now Serif)
LodeRunner game
Lotus Freelance PReSentation for OS/2
Norton Viewer DLL
WordPerfect Printer Resource Font File
PRS1(MAC FILE_TYPE) Persuasion 2 Presentation
PRS2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Persuasion 2 Presentation
PRST(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Settings File
PRTAttention: file of W32/Parrot-A worm
CADkey Part file
Dr.Halo printer driver
Formatted text
Mime: application/pro_eng
Ms Schedule+ PrinT
P-CAD component
Printer formatted file (from a Print-to-file operation)
PTC Pro/Engineer Part file
SolidWorks Part file
Unigraphics Part File (CAD modeling data)
Windows directory (with .EXE files of the same root name)
PRT1(MAC FILE_TYPE) Persuasion 1 Slide
PRT2(MAC FILE_TYPE) Persuasion 2
PRVBackup file
ClarisWorks file
Previous Version (used for files that change)
psiMail : Internet provider template file
PRVKRPretty Good Privacy : Private keyring
PRXAtari ST executable
Foxpro Compiler Program
PRZFreelance Graphics 97 File
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-freelance
PSMime: application/postscript
PostScript view with Ghostscript viewer
PS0PS/2 file
PS1Ps file
PS16Protracker Studio 16 Format
PS2text/graphics : Adobe Level II PostScript document
PS3text/graphics : Adobe Level III PostScript document
PSAGNU PSA.OUT : Archive (Pretty Simple Archive)
PSBPinnacle : Sound Bank file
PSCPaint Shop Pro Presets file
PSD(Adobe) Photoshop Document
Apple Viewer File
Mime: application/octet-stream
Periscope Debugger definition file
PSEIBM printer Page SEgment : Bitmap graphics
PSEGIBM printer Page SEgment : Bitmap graphics
PSEG3820Mime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap
PSFChiWriter : Outline PostScript printer font
MicroStation Plot specification
PhotoStudio File image format
PowerSoft Report File
PSIPsion : A-law audio file
PSIDascii file : Postscript image data (text/graphics)
Mime: audio/prs.sid
Picture / text
Sidtune file formats (Word)
PSINPS-GVB Input chemical modeller input file
PSIONPsion a-law audio : Sound
PSMProtracker Studio Module (sound)
Sound data for Epic's games
Turbo Pascal : Symbol table of IDE
PSNSound Script : Presentation file
PSOUTPS-GVB Output chemical modeller input file
PSPPaintShop Pro Image
Prodea Synergy procedure
Scenicsoft Preps : Postscript prepped imposed print file
PSPT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple File Exchange
PSQPostscript Grafic
PSRPowerSoft : Report file
PSSAdobe Type Manager PostScript stub
PSTBMail postbox file
Lahey Fortran paste buffer
MS Exchange Address Book File
MS Outlook Personal Folder File
Personal Folder File (Microsoft Outlook)
Ulead Pattern image format
PSWBroderbund's Print Shop Deluxe (ver. 6) File
PSXDirty Little Helper Chat File
PSYPLD2 System File
PSZCreaf Awedip Doc file
PTKodak Precition Color Management System
Pitch Track sound
Player Tools game crack
Pop!site; HTML
PT3Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics now Serif)
PageMaker Template
PT4PageMaker 4 Template
PT5PageMaker 5 Template
PT6PageMaker 6 Doc Template
PT__(MAC FILE_TYPE) Kodak Precision File
PTBPower Tab Guitar Tablature Editor
Pro/Engineer : Table file
PubTech BatchWorks : Script
PTCAbbyy Finereader 5.0 pro file
PTDPro/ENGINEER : Table file
PTE"Picture to Exe" project
PTIMime: image/prs.pti
PTI-Plugin : Graphics
PTIFPyramid encoded TIFF : Bitmap graphics
PTKQuicken intuit(old) de online dat file
PTLASCII version of Microsoft Visual Modeler : Petal file
Painter4 file
Rational Rose 98 : Petal
PTLKMime: application/listenup
PTMModule audio Poly Tracker
Page Magic 2.0 Template
Polytracker : Music format
PubTech BatchWorks : Macro
PTNAmaya dicopar file
PTPC Poet Examples Advanced file
PTROS/2 PTR file : Cursor image file
QMail : Qwk reader pointer file
PTS("pro tools sessions"). Audio/video recording software package Pro Tools by Digidesign
Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file
PTTContext4 dos word processor Print file
PTUPerformer Terrain Utilities
PTXPageMaker template (x = ver.)
Printronix graphics file : Bitmap graphics
Rayman2 file
RealLegal's E-Transcript files http://www.reallegal.com/techSupportETranViewerMAC.asp
PTYRational Rose 98 : Properties
PUBMime: application/x-mspublisher
MS Publisher Document
Public key for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
Publication (PageMaker/Ventura Publisher/1st Publisher)
Ventura Publication
PUBF(MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 2 Document
PUBKRPretty Good Privacy : Public key ring
PUDWarCraft II : Map file
PUFPuffer Encrypted File
PULDinfo file
PUTPUT : Compressed file archive
WScan : Graphics
PUZAcross puzzle
BrainsBreaker Puzzle : Puzzle file
Mime: application/x-crossword
PUZZX11 Puzzle : Bitmap graphics (8bit)
PUZZLEX11 Puzzle : Bitmap graphics (8bit)
PVPhase Vocorder : Analysis data
PVDInstalit : Script
PVGMs Encarta World Atlas Pushpins
PVKMsdev Common Ide resources file
PVLInstalit : Library
PVTFTN software : Local Fidonet pointlist
PVTIVisualization Toolkit Parallel Image Data (http://www.vtk.org)
PVTPVisualization Toolkit Parallel Polygonal Data (http://www.vtk.org)
PVTRVisualization Toolkit Parallel Rectilinear Grid Data (http://www.vtk.org)
PVTSVisualization Toolkit Parallel Structured Points Data (http://www.vtk.org)
PVTUVisualization Toolkit Parallel Unstructured Points Data (http://www.vtk.org)
PVUMime: paleovu/x-pv
PaleoVu : Paleoenvironmental data
PWProfessional Write text document
PWAPassword Agent File
PWDMicrosoft Pocket Word for Windows CE docu
TBAV file
PWFProCite Workforms
PWIWindows ce file format (P-WIndows)
PWLWindows Password file
PWNMime: application/vnd.3M.Post-it-Notes
PWPPhotoworks image file (roll of file)
Professional WritePlus text document
Seattle Film Works multi-image
PWRKImage Apple IIGS
PWZMicrosoft Powerpoint : Wizard
Mime: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint
PXBorland Paradox : Primary database index
PX1Image Pixel Paint
PXAImage Pegs
Pixia Color Painter File
PXBImage Pixibox
PXEPartial XML Envelope
PXJPixtran file
Stomp ( click N' Burn program as a CD Mastering File) Saves the info for a list of tracks to burn a CD
PXLMicrosoft Pocket Excel : Spreadsheet
Pixclscript script
Pixel data of TeX driver
PXMPixel Magician native format : Bitmap graphics
PXNPixtran file
Twain32 file
PXP3D Studio : Process file
PXR3D rendering file
Photoshop : Bitmap graphics (Pixar image)
PXSImage Pegs
PXTNte2000 file
Twain32 file
PYMime: text/x-script.phyton
Python script language source code file
Yahoo Saved Messages
PYCcompiled source code : Python script
Mime: applicaiton/x-bytecode.python
PYOPython Compiled File open with: python.exe
PYWPython NoCon File open with: pythonw.exe
PZPng file /compressed
PZDPizazz Plus File
PZIPizazz Plus Graphics File
PZLLode Runner Puzzle Set
Unix Puzzle : Bitmap graphics (8bit)
PZMGraphPad Prism
PZOPizazz Plus File
PZPMGI Photosuite Project image format
Pizazz Plus Palette File
PZSPizazz Plus Palette Settings File
PZTPizazz Plus : Transfer file
PZXPizazz Plus : Swap file
PZZCurious Labs Compressed Poser File
QWin95 fax queue
Q&AQuestions and answers
Q0Japanese Q0 bitmap image (24bit)
Q1Winamp file
Q3DQuickdraw 3D file
Q3XPCD0501,System32 file
Q9QBladePro Graphic Plugin File
QADCorel WordPerfect PerfectFit QuickArt NameSpace ,WPG Thumbnail
QAGNorton Desktop Quick Access Group
QAMMime: application/vnd.epson.quickanime
Omnis Quartz Audio Mix
QAPApplication (Omnis Quartz)
QARQuartus II archive (http://www.altera.com)
QBBQuickbooks backup file
QuickBooks for Windows
QBDWin3 Quicken file
QBEdBase saved query (QBE = query by example)
Quattro Pro Saved query (QBE = query by example)
QBLBusiness Lawyer Document
QBOdBASE IV compiled query
Mime: application/vnd.intu.qbo
QBSMicrosoft QuickBasic : Program file
QBWQuickBooks for Windows spreadsheet
Quickbooks working file
QBXIntuit de online file
Win3 Quicken Qbtxsys file
QCAMime: application/vnd.ericsson.quickcall
QCALLMime: application/vnd.ericsson.quickcall
QCPMime: audio/vnd.qcelp
Qualcomm QCELP recoder and player voice file
QCSCADQC Standard File
QD0Omnis Quartz data file - segment 10
Omnis Quartz data; also QD1 ... QD9
QD1Omnis Quartz data file - segment 1
QD2Omnis Quartz data file - segment 2
QD3Mime: x-world/x-3dmf
Omnis Quartz data file - segment 3
QuickDraw 3D metafile
QD3DMime: x-world/x-3dmf
QuickDraw 3D metafile
QD4Omnis Quartz data file - segment 4
QD5Omnis Quartz data file - segment 5
QD6Omnis Quartz data file - segment 6
QD7Omnis Quartz data file - segment 7
QD8Omnis Quartz data file - segment 8
QD9Omnis Quartz data file - segment 9
QD?Omnis Quartz Data File Segment (can be 0 to 9)
QDAT(MAC FILE_TYPE) KaleidaGraph Data
Quicktime for Windows install log
QDBQuicken backup file
QDFQuicken 2002 file
QDIWin3 Quicken file
QDKBackup of startup files created by Optimize (QEMM)
QDLX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Quicken Deluxe
QDSSavedDsQuery, open with: rundll32 dsquery.dll,OpenSavedDsQuery
QDTQuickBooks data file
QDVRandom Dot QDV bitmap image (8bit)
QEFQuery file (Q+E for Ms Excel)
QELQuicken 2002 file
QEPIRMA Wordstation for Windows
QFCCompressed file archive
QFIQuicken 2002 file
QFLFamily Lawyer Document
QFSGame: need for speed Tracks Trk000 file
QFXMime: application/vnd.intu.qfx
Quick Link II fax file
QICBackup set for MS Backup
QIFMime: image/x-quicktime
Quicken Export File (like an address label)
QuickTime Image
QKEX(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuicKeys Extension
QKTMicrosoft Works file
QL$MS compressed QLB; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
QLBQB-DOS quick library used with Microsoft QB.EXE, QBX.EXE, VBDOS.EXE, QuickC 1.0
QLCATM Type 1 fonts script (Adobe Type Manager)
QLPQuickLink Printer driver
QM4Options or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)
QMAQedit file
QMDQuicken backup file
QMDF(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickMail Data File
QMEWin3 Quicken Windows file
QMFLotus Approach Database Query
QMLQuick Markup Language (Quicka Ltd.)
QMTWin3 Quicken Windows file
QNTChromeleon Quantification Method
QNXWin3 Quicken Windows file
QOTSierra Print Artist quotes
QPCT(MAC FILE_TYPE) KaleidaGraph Plot
QPDWin3 Quicken Windows file
QPIWin3 Quicken file
QPRDatabase Query; FoxPro Query Program
OS/2 print queue device driver
QPSMime: application/vnd.publishare-delta-tree
QPWQuattro Pro file
QPXFoxPro compiled executable QBE query file
QQTQuick Qard Technology Qardware Definition File
QRPDr hardware file
QRSWordPerfect for Win Equation Editor support file
QRTDKB Ray-Tracer bitmap image
Qrt Ray-Tracer ray-traced bitmap image
gen. Database Query
Lotus Approach query for SQL tables
Mime: text/html
QSCPxyl Visuals Chart
QSDQuicken 2002 file
QSFMicrografx QuickSilver; compressed Internet live graphic
QSFL(MAC CREATOR CODE) Check file of the Symantec AV
(MAC FILE TYPE) Check file of the Symantec AV
QSNQuickScan data (TapCIS)
QSTAmi Pro QuickStart Tutorial image
Quake Spy Tab file
QSTY(MAC FILE_TYPE) KaleidaGraph Styl
QTMime: video/quicktime
Movie Clip; Apple QuickTime movie
QTAArchive; qtar same as tar
QTCApple QuickTime Support file: Conferencing
Mime: video/x-qtc
QTIMime: image/x-quicktime
QuickTime-related image
QTIF(MAC FILE_TYPE) TIFF ImageProfileeojectif
Mime: image/x-quicktime
QuickTime-related image
QTKQuickTake digital camera bitmap image
QTMApple QuickTime Movie
QTPQuickTime Preferences file
QTSMacintosh PICT image file
QTVMovie (QuickTime Virtual Reality)
QTVRMime: video/quicktime
QuickTime VR
QTXQuickTime-related image extension
QU2QuoVadis 2.0 : Document
QUAD3d Graphic
QUEScheduler QUEue object
QUIGame: Brain quiz file
QUPQuickTime.qup open with: QuickTimeUpdater.exe
Content Type application/x-quicktimeupdater
QUT"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
QWQ&A Write File
QWBMS Money Quotes WriteBack Import File
QWKQwk reader message file
QWPQuiptics Puzzle File
QXDQuarkXPress document
QXLQuarkXPress element library
QXTQuarkXPress document/template
RFortran preprocessor Source RatFor
Macintosh Resource similar to RC
Paradox file
Pegasus Mail resource
R#+A(MAC FILE TYPE) RagTime Classic text file
R00Norton Ghost rar file
R01Norton Ghost rar file
RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive
R02Norton Ghost rar file
RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive
R03Norton Ghost rar file
R04Norton Ghost rar file
R05Norton Ghost rar file
R06Norton Ghost rar file
R07Norton Ghost rar file
R08Norton Ghost rar file
R09Norton Ghost rar file
R0CFax cover
R0FFax document
R0HFax header
R10Norton Ghost rar file
R11Norton Ghost rar file
R12Norton Ghost rar file
R13Norton Ghost rar file
R14Norton Ghost rar file
R15Norton Ghost rar file
R16Norton Ghost rar file
R17Norton Ghost rar file
R18Norton Ghost rar file
R19Norton Ghost rar file
R20Norton Ghost rar file
R21Norton Ghost rar file
R22Norton Ghost rar file
R23Norton Ghost rar file
R24Norton Ghost rar file
R25Norton Ghost rar file
R26Norton Ghost rar file
R27Norton Ghost rar file
R28Norton Ghost rar file
R2DReflex 2 Data
R2V3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Streamline
R3TMime: text/vnd.rn-realtext3d
R8Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane one (PicLab)
Red channel image data (24bit 3D animation) (Cubicomp PictureMaker)
R81Game: Ms flight Texture file
R82Game: Ms flight Texture file
R8?Microsoft Word for DOS/WordPerfect Font
R8LLaserJet Landscape Font
R8PIntellifont Pcl 4 bitmap font file
R??RAR Compressed File (?? can be 01 to 99)
RAMime: application/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/vnd.rn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
Mime: audio/x-realaudio
Remote Access data file
RACSubtitling file format
RADRadiance image file
Reality AdLib Tracker 2-op FM music
RAFIllum src Rk file
RAMMime: application/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
Real Audio sound
RAOReadAllOver (YOUniverse)
RAPMagix Musstu Rap file
RARMime: application/rar
RAR-compressed archive
RASMime: application/x-cmu-raster
Mime: image/cmu-raster
Mime: image/x-cmu-raster
Sun Raster bitmap image, UNIX
RASTMime: image/cmu-raster
Sun Raster bitmap image, UNIX
RAT"Recreational Software Advisory Council" (RSACI.RAT)
RATS datafile
RAVGame: fifa 2001 data enviro file
RAWBitmap picture
HSI Raw image format
PCM Signed Raw Sound File
Raw File Format (bitmap)
RAW grayscale/24-bit RGB bitmap image
RAW sound file
RealAudio sound; see RA
RAXImage File
RB(fuzzy rule based definition)see below
Mime: application/x-rocketbook
RB1R:Base Data File
RB2R:Base Data File
RB3R:Base Data File
RBD(fuzzy rule based definition)fuzzy system modelling environment in ebnf-notation
RBFRbase datafile
RBHRoboHelp Configuration
RBIAdressmn file
RBMPropellerhead ReBirth Modulation v2.0
RBSRealiMation 3D Object
RCEmacs configuration record
ResourCe Script "Borland C++"
ResourCe Script "Ms C, C++"
ResourCe Script "Resource WorkShop"
RC2Ms Developer Studio not editable resources
RC3Vc98 resources file
RC_Winhelp file (compressed)
RCDFormula 1 car race 2001 Season01 Drivers file
RCENtgraph Gui Ctl3d file
RCF"Audiogalaxy Rhapsody" storage file
Game: colin Mc Rae car race Configuration file
RCGNetscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg)
RCPRecomposer's MIDI Sequencer Music File
RCTMime: application/prs.nprend
Ms Developer Studio resource template
RCVResource Compiler; Resource script
RD1DATAIR Retirement Document System Data File
RD2DATAIR Retirement Document System Custom Text File
RD3Ray Dream Designer 3 graphics
RD3A(MAC FILE_TYPE) Ray Dream Designer
RD3F(MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 3D File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Ray Dream 3 Mode
RD4Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RD4A(MAC FILE_TYPE) Ray Dream Studio
RD4F(MAC FILE_TYPE) Ray Dream 4 Model
RD5Ray Dream Designer Graphics
RDBNetscape Communicator Aim file
RDC"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
RDEFGeoworks UI resource file (old)
RDEV(MAC FILE_TYPE) Chooser Device
RDFCompiled UIC source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
Resource Description Framework file
RDIDevice independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format)
RDSRay dream 3d amination
RDVNtgraph Borland C 32 file
RDXDatabase; Borland Reflex
READoc Free Geocom file
readme text file
READMEtext file
RECARCSERVE archivation protocol
EpiInfo datafile
Sprint record
Windows Macrorecorder macro
REDClarion Modula-2 path info
Rational Rose module diagram
Reference; (generic name)
REGRegistration information/key for W95/98...
REGI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Kagi Register Program
REGS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Registry
RENGen. renamed file
RENDERMANPixar RenderMan 3.1 specification
REPAAICWpro autoresponder file
Mime: application/vnd.businessobjects
Qwk reader REPly file
REPort file made by several programs
REPORTReport chemical modeller output file
RESCompiled resource Ms C, C++
Compiled Resources Borland C++
XBoard resign conferences file
RETBasic Realizer Careal Caret Samples file
REVFrameMaker document; see MIF
Geoworks revision file
Revolution stack
REXOracle report definition
PharLab executable file (old format)
Rexx language source code
REXXMime: text/x-script.rexx
Rexx language source code
REZResource file
RFBitmap image (Raster File)
FrameMaker document
Mime: image/vnd.rn-realflash
RealFlash Clip
RFDRecogniFORM Form Definition
RFGRFG Integrator System Database
RFHRFG Integrator Householding Database
RFMRich music format
RFTDocument; IBM DisplayWrite RFT-DCA
RFXModula M2sds file
RGBitmap image (1bit B&W 4bit CMYK) (Raster Graphics format)
RGBBitmap picture
Mime: image/x-rgb
SGI RGB files (Silicon Graphics)
Silicon Graphics Raw Red, Green and Blue bytes bitmap image
VideoCraft GIF
RGBARaw Red, Green, Blue and intensity bytes
RGDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Registration DB
RGEInno Setup Registry Entries file
RGHZZ RouGH image/tbv
RGIRealArcade Game Installer (not secured)
RGNDDTitle.Project open with: DDTITLE
RGPRealArcade Game Package
RGSScript for Windows Registry
RGXSymbol tables etc. info (ReaGeniX code generator)
RHResource Header (Borland C++/Visual C++)
RILotus 1-2-3 data
RIAAlpharel Group IV bitmap
RIB3d graphics (3D Reality)
3d graphics (Renderman Interface Bytestream)
RICRicoh fax
RICHMEDIANorton Guides file
RIFRecource Interchange File Format bitmap image
Recource Interchange File Format bitmap image
RIPQuincy program crash report
Remote Access graphics
Telegrafx Remote Imaging Protocol (Maximus 3.0)
RIRSpaceward Satori family native (Windows)
RISHdf Zlib file
RISCOS(makefile for )riscos file
RIXBitmap image (RIX Softworks Paint Tool ColoRIX file)
RJSMime: application/vnd.rn-realsystem-rjs
RealSystem Skin
RKVRKIVE compressed file archive
RL$Basic Realizer Disk1 file
RL1Descent1 Registered Level File
RL2Descent2 Registered Level
RL4Bitmap image
RL8Bitmap image
RLAAlias/Wavefront bitmap image
RLBAlias/Wavefront bitmap image
Harvard Graphics Win data
RLCBitmap image (Run Length RLC file)
Mime: image/vnd.fujixerox.edmics-rlc
RLC2Image Systems RLC2 Graphic image format
RLDNorton Commander 5.0 temporary file
RLEIntergraph Format image format
Run Length Encoded bitmap image
same as bmp
Utah raster bitmap image
RLFMime: application/x-richlink
RichLink compiled format
RLGRegcleaner Languages file
RLLBasic Realizer Careal file
RLOBasic Realizer Careal Lib file
RLVBasic Realizer Careal Clipart file
RLZRealizer source code file (CA-Realizer)
RMMime: application/vnd.rn-realmedia
Mime: application/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
RMAPReal Pool Image
RMDMicrosoft RegMaid document
RMESb_awe keys file
RMFBeatnik Rich Music Format
RealMedia File
RMIMIDI-sequention music (RIFF RMID format)
Mime: audio/mid
RMKMakefile (CA Clipper RMake)
RMMMime: audio/x-pn-realaudio
RealMedia audio (RealPlayer)
RMPMime: application/vnd.rn-rn_music_package
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
RealAudio audio file
RMSRealPlayer.RMS.6 open with: RealPlayer Vnd.rn-realmedia-secure
Content Type application/vnd.rn-realmedia-secure
RMVBRealPlayer.RMVB.6 open with: RealPlayer RealPlay.exe
Content Type application Vnd.rn-realmedia-vbr
RMXMime: application/vnd.rn-realsystem-rmx
RealJukeBox MP3 File
RNXpl program (Nota Bene)
RNDAutoCAD Autoshade rendering slide
Mime: application/prs.nprend
PGP Random Seed
RNGMime: application/ringing-tones
Mime: application/vnd.nokia.ringing-tone
Nokia Communicator ringing tone
RNKDial-up shortcut
RNLGTX runlength encoded bitmap graphics
RNORunoff file (VAX)
RNXMime: application/vnd.rn-realplayer
RealPlayer audio
ROBDllbackup microsoft artgalary file
ROCKWELLrockwell (modem) file
ROFFMime: application/x-troff
Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
ROHD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Read-Only Disk Image
ROLAdlib syntesized music (Roland)
ROMRead Only Memory image (emulators/AONs)
RONA(MAC FILE_TYPE) Graphing Calculato
ROTRotater 3D image
ROVRescure Rover game data
RPMime: image/vnd.rn-realpix
Rainbow Painter image format
RealPix image
RP1Database Text; R&R report file
RP3Game: need for speed car race file
RPBCP Backup report
RPBMPortable Bitmap image format
RPCACT! 2.0 Report
RPDDatabase; Ashton Tate RapidFile
RPFAutoCAD pattern
RPGThe RPG programming language
RPGMPortable Image
RPI"solid free form fabrication" flexible file format
RPJRealSlideshow Project
RPLDocument (Replica)
RePLy message
RPMLinux Package Manager( installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating software packages)
Mime: application/x-pn-realaudio
Mime: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
Mime: audio/x-pn-RealAudio-plugin
RealAudio plugin
RunPaint (Multicolor) image format
RPNACT! 2.0 Report
RPNMPortable Image image format
RPPMPortable Image
RPR"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
RPTMicrosoft Visual Basic Crystal Reports file
RPVListlabl file
RQYMS Excel OLE DB Query File
RRFMusicmatch Jukebox file
RRSRoad Rash Save File
RSData file (Amiga Resource/Reassembler)
Sun Raster Images image format
RS6000Rs 6000 (make-)file
RS_Resource fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
RSAPKCS7 signature, MD5 + RSA
RSBRed Storm Bitmap. RSB plugins for Photo or Paint Shop http://www.deadlyforcegaming.com/
RSCCompiled ReSourCe(s)
RSDRoland sound file
Scanner Recognita file
RSET(MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Set
RSFMediafour MacDrive Macintosh Resource Fork
RSGCompiled resource header (EPOC)
RSKRisk project (RiskMan)
RSLParadox (used with FSL)
PC Tools for Win ReSource Library
RSMMime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
Resume file (WinWay Resume Writer)
RSMLMime: application/vnd.rn-rsml
RealSystem ML File
RSNPropellerhead Reason Audio File
RSPLinker response file (generic)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Resource Filek ImageBrsrc
ReSouRCe rsrc files Type "RSRC" Creator "RSED" (MAC)
RSSResource source file (EPOC)
RSSC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Resolve Script
RST"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
RSXdata base file (from ????)
RTMime: text/richtext
Mime: text/vnd.rn-realtext
Rich Text
Behemot 3d Scene Files
RT$Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
RT_Winhelp file (compressed)
RTA"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
RTBBehemot binary 3d Scene Files
RTCRescue Me file
RTCPRealtime Transport Control Protocol
RTDRagtime examples render file
RTEMime: x-lml/x-gps
RTFMime: application/msword
Mime: application/rtf
Mime: application/x-rtf
Mime: text/richtext
Mime: text/rtf
Rich Text Format document
(MAC FILE TYPE) RTF produced by Microsoft Word (PC ext: RTF)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Rich Text Format Filetrtf
RTGMime: application/metastream
RTKRoboHelp Configuration
RTLBitmap image (HP Raster Transfer Language) (HP colour printers)
Norton Utilities runtime library
Text file
RTMReal Tracker music module (MOD) file
RTPMS patch file (usually MS VC++)
Software update file (.RTPatch)
RTR"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
RTSCA-Realizer runtime library
Mime: application/x-rtsl
RealAudio's RTSL document
RTSLReal document
RTTRagtime file
RTXMime: application/rtf
Mime: text/richtext
Text document
RUJavasoft Jre 1.3 lib file
RULExpert System Rule
Rules (Echo-conference)
RULE(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Rules File
RUNPC Tools for Win batch file
RUSRussian text
RVMime: video/vnd.rn-realvideo
RealVideo video
RVPMicrosoft Scan Configuration file
RWSBorland C++ Resource Workshop Symbol file
RWXCriterion RenderWare script/extruded text
MEME Shape File
Netscape Live 3D; see FLR
RWZMS OutlookXP Internet Settings
RXDos7 file
RXDReflex datafile
RXHReflex Database Help File
RXMLRoxen Macro Language
RXNMDL Reaction format
Mime: chemical/x-mdl-rxn
Mime: chemical/x-mdl-rxnfile
RXRReflex Report
RXSReflex Database Screen Driver
RXXRAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)
SAssembler source code Unix
Mime: text/x-asm
Modula-3 foreign assembly source
MultiEdit macro source
Scheme language source
Source code (non-PC platforms/Unix)
S#+A(MAC FILE TYPE) Rag Time 2 text file
S$$Sprint temporary sort
S01WordPerfect Distribution File
S02WordPerfect Distribution File
S03WordPerfect Distribution File
S19Motorola EEPROM programming
S1KS1000 Simnet format
S2Motorola S-record format
S2PSonnet File
S3Motorola S-record format
S31audio module
S330sound file
S3DMicrografx Simply 3D Project
S3ISample file (Digiplayer/ST3)
S3MDigiplayer Sample File
Mime: audio/s3m
Mime: audio/x-mod
Scream Tracker III music (16 channels)
S3RRtl Ski Jump replay file
S3ZMime: audio/x-mod
S50sound file
S550sound file
S57vector image ( "International Hydrographic Organization's" )
S6BN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 6 Template
S8BN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 98 Template
S_SEru/erd file
SASystem Sa51swe file
SA2Suprise! adlib tracker music module.
SACM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Spelling File
SADLucas Arts sound file
SAFSpatial Archive Interchange Format
SAIFSpatial Archive Interchange Format, same as SAF
SALDatabase Program; SQL Application Language
SORITEC datafile
SAMAmi Professional document(Samna/Lotus Ami, Ami Pro)
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-wordpro
MS Office 97 File Converter (DLL)
SAMple file
Sound Sample
SAMPLEWADigital ReportMagic file
SANLUCAS arts: The Curse of Monkey Island Movie File
SAPhyperbanner: Java animation
SARSAR compressed file archive
Saracen Paint image format
SASSAS source code file (VMS)
SATACIS 2D/3D : Vector graphics / CAD
SAVSAVed backup/configuration data
SAVed game situation (eg. NetHack)
SAVEGame Salt Lake city 2002 file
SAVEMEMime: application/octet-stream
SAYSound data 1 bit
SB8bit sound data : Raw Signed PCM Byte format
Audio file (Signed Byte)
SB!Superbase : Locking file
SB_Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
SBBUGREPORTSBBugReport.Document open with: APPLOCalize.EXE
SBCSmart Book compiled distribution file
SBDStoryboard Editor data file
SBESpybot Excludes file
SBFSuperbase 95 File
SBGLOSSARYSBGlossary.Document open with: APPLOCalize.EXE
SBISound; Creative labs SoundBlaster instrument
SBIGSanta Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image (Bitmap graphics)
SBJClipart Index; Micrografx Clipart or Palette
SBKAsymetrics ToolBook System Book
Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0 Bank file
Mime: application/x-tbook
Mime: audio/x-sbk
Multimedia Subject/book?, Metatec Corp.
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Scrapbook File
SBLShockwave Flash object
Stone Brook Pascal library
SBNArcView : spatial index for read-write shapefiles
SBPDml program (Superbase 4)
SBQSuperbase : Query definition file
SBRSource Browser for BSCMAKE (source for .bsc)
SBSSpybot Includes file
SBTSuberbase 4 Windows notes related to record
SBVSuperbase Form definition file
SBWSmart Book file
SBXAdobe Illustrator Tsume
SCIngres Embedded SQL/C Source File
Framework II display driver
Mime: application/x-showcase
Paradox PAL script
SciTex Continuous Tone image format
SC$Modem Bitware Fax disk1 file
SC2Ms Schedule+ 7.x export
Msx 2 Screen image format
SimCity2000 file
SC2000Sim city 2000 dos tileset file
SC3Harvard Graphics 3.x screen device driver
Renamed dBASE III screen mask file (dBASE IV)
SimCity3000 file
SC4RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario
SC?Image ColoRix (? = resolution)(EGA Paint)
SCASCA datafile
SCANThunderscan image file
SCBScribble.Document open with: SCRIBBLE.EXE /dde
SCCMSX ( = MicroSoft eXtended home computer) bitmap image
Source code control file; programming project file management
SCDMatrix/Imapro SCoDL film recorder (SCODL = Scan Conversion Object Description Language)
Mime: application/x-msschedule
Ms Schedule+ 7.x contacts
SCESoftCuisine Data Exchange File
SCENESculpt 3D/4D 3D object (Amiga)
SCFScoreMaker multimedia show
Symphony spelling checker configuration
Windows Explorer Shell Command File
SCGBitmap image (ColoRIX)
SCHProject schedule (Schedule Publisher/Ms Schedule+)
Scheme (P CAD/Orcad)
SCHAKALSchakal chemical modeller input file
SCHD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Email Schedul
SCHEMASAmaya config file
SCIScitex Continuous Tone (CT2T) bitmap image/Fax
System Configuration Information
SCITEXScitex Continuous Tone (CT) CMYK color images and grayscale images
SCMLotus ScreenCam Movie
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-screencam
Mime: application/x-lotusscreencam
Mime: text/x-script.guile
Mime: text/x-script.scheme
Mime: video/x-scm
Scheme language source code file
SCNCalgari trueSpace2 File Format
Kermit screen dump or file
Minolta SCeNe file
Visual Basic
SCOCSOUND score project files
SCOre (best results in games)
SCODLBitmap image (Agfa slide file)
ColoRIX bitmap image
Microsoft Dial-Up Networking Script
Mime: text/plain
SCRfax image
Screen dump/tbv
Screen font
Sun Raster Images image format
Windows screensaver
SCRIPTWin Help related file
Startup Screen
SCSScreenCam Script; Lotus
SCTFoxPro additional (FPT) screen description file
Mime: text/scriptlet
SciTex Continuous Tone bitmap image
Windows Script Component
SCT01SAS catalog (Unix)
SCUColoRIX bitmap image
SCVWinphone connection file
SCXChart (Stanford Chart)
ColoRIX bitmap image
FoxPro main (DBF) screen description file
MS Class Browser form
SCYReaGeniX security file
SCZWingz data
SDEntropic Sound Data format : Audio
SD0Dali Raw image/tbv
SD1Dali Raw image/tbv
SD2Dali Raw image/tbv
Sound Designer 2 file
SD_Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
SDASoftware Distribution Network file archive description
SDBSideKick 2 Database
SDBN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 4/5 Template
SDCStarOffice StarCalc Spreadsheet
SDDStarOffice StarImpress Presentation
SDEDrumbeat (Internet application) exported data
SDEV(MAC FILE_TYPE) Control Strip Module
SDFWindows SQL CE-version internal databases
MDL Isis SDF chemical modeller input file
Mime: application/e-score
Mime: chemical/x-mdl-sdf
Source Definition File (Sourcer)
System Data Format file (fixed lenght ascii text)
SDGStar Office Gallery image format
SDIQuickBooks; Data
Software Distribution Network Info file
Super Data Interchange
SDKRoland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
SDLAlias Wavefront Scene Description Language
Parsys hardware network description file
SmartDraw Library
SDMLMime: text/plain
Spatial Data Modeling Language (VRML) by Silicon Graphics
SDNSoftware Distribution Network compressed file archive (pak251.exe)
SDPIBM Storyboard PIC image
Mime: application/sdp
Mime: application/x-sdp
RealAudio Scalable Multicast
SDPC"Cocreate SolidDesigner" Datafile
SDRMime: application/sounder
SmartDraw drawing
Sounder music
SDSMIDI Sample sound (DUMP Standard File)
Mime: application/x-onlive
SDTQuickBooks; Data
SmartDraw Template
SDTSSpatial Data Transfer Standard (10m and 30m 7.5' DEM )
SDVSemicolon Divided Values file
SDW(header) files for MrSID (ESRI picture files)
Amidraw vector image
SourceSafe files in Shadow Directory
WordPro Drawing; Lotus
SDXSample DUMP Exchange File
sound file
SDYStarmoney file
SEScopeEdit Project File
Dll Directx Migrate file
SE1Synthedit file
SE_Midiprg Cakepro compressed file
SEAMime: application/sea
Mime: application/x-sea
Mime: application/x-stuffit
self-expanding archive
StuffIT Expander archive format (orig. Macintosh)
SEAWIFSSeaWiFS Frame Formatter (Level 0) output file format
SECDiskreet encrypted file
Disney Animation Studio secured animation file
Pretty Good Privacy secret key ring file
SECURITYJavasoft Jre 1.3 lib security file
SEDSed/unix doc file
SEEMime: application/vnd.seemail
SEFSteganos Encrypted File
SEGCompressed File Segment
SEG1(MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
SEG2(MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
SEG3(MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Segment
SELPaintShop Pro Selection File
SEMISpartan Semi-Empirical chemical modeller input file
SEOScopeEdit Object File
SEPPrinter separator page
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image
SEQAtari STAD bitmap image/animation?
Bubble Chamber Sequential Instruction File
PowerTracks Pro Audio, by PG Music, Inc sequence files
Sequence files of PowerTracks Pro Audio, by PG Music, Inc.
Stad image format
SERMime: application/x-java-serialized-object
Webalizer Lang file
SERVERAnalog file
SESClarion Modula-2 session info
Cood Edit Session file
SESSIONInternet Security Scanner file (ISS)
SET1st Reader configuration
File Set for MS Backup
Mime: application/set
SETup data or info
Symphony driver sets created by Install
SEUSerials 2000 Encrypted S2K Update
SEWGeneric : Sewing program file
SEXUrban Chaos Game File
SFOS/2 WPS Attribute Storage
IRCAM Sound File (CSound package/MixView sound sample editor)
Signature instructions file
WPS attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell)
SF0Windows Sytem file check file
SF2Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank file
SF?Bitstream Printer Font
SFBHP soft font
SFCWindows System file check file
SFD"Spline Font Database" used by Pfaedit program (http://pfaedit.sf.net) (basically ASCII text file with special formatting)
SoundStage : Sound File Data
SFESplit Files Shell Extension
SFFFritz!Fax document
Scene File Format
Structured Fax Format image format
Structured File Format
SFIBitmap; SIS Frame Grabber
Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape) (Ventura Publisher)
SIS Framegrabber image
SFKSonic Foundry SoundForge : Sound file
SFLPCL 4 bitmap font (landscape) (Intellifont/Ventura Publisher)
Sam data files see SaM-db.com
SFMDart file
SFOBitstream font file - fontware format
SFPPcl 4 bitmap font (portrait) (Intellifont/Ventura Publisher)
SFRSonic Foundry Sample Resource : Sound
SFSPcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)
SFTChiWriter screen font
SFVEasy SFV Creator
SFWSeattle Film Works graphics
SFXSelf-extracting file archive script (RAR)
SGSnap Quiktour file
SnapGraphix : Image file
SG1Graphics (Stanford Graphics)
SGDLahey Blackbeard help file
SGFStarwriter document with graphics
SGISilicon Graphics workstation, Irix RGB bitmap image
SGI-LPRMime: application/x-sgi-lpr
SGLStarOffice Master Document
SGMIETF SGML document (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
Mime: text/sgml
Mime: text/x-sgml
SGMLIETF SGML document (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
Mime: text/sgml
Mime: text/x-sgml
SGO3d Graphic generic
SGTSave/get keyboard macro (Signature)
SGWSnap Quiktour file
SGXLahey Fortran help file index
SHInternet Program
Mime: application/x-bsh
Mime: application/x-sh
Mime: application/x-shar
Mime: text/x-script.sh
SHell script (Unix sh or bash) (ASCII)
Unix ASCII file archive created by SHAR (use unshar)
SH3Harvard Graphics 3.0 presentation
SHAMime: application/x-shar
SHADERayshade ray tracer
SHARMime: application/x-bsh
Mime: application/x-shar
SHell ARchive script (Unix)
SHBCorel Show presentation/background
Windows Shortcut into a document
SHDMetatools' Bryce Support file (Materials catalogue)
W95 spool file
SHE2D-Medusa CAD
Windows 95 ".ShellExt"
SHELXShelX chemical modeller input file
SHEXMotolora hex-format
SHG"Segmented Hypergraphics" Bitmap with hot-spots, created by "SHED.EXE", compiled with "HC.EXE" (Windows help file compiler)
SHHAutomated Setup template
SHKShrinkIt compressed Apple II file archive
SHLInno Setup String Tables file
SHLB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Shared Library
SHMSHell Macro (WordPerfect Library)
SHNSHorteN compressed audio file, lossless format but larger than MP3
SHOMime: application/x-showcase
SHOWMime: application/x-showcase
SHOWCASEMime: application/x-showcase
SHPAutoCAD shape file and source file for text fonts
ESRI shapefiles
Image Format
Printmaster icon library
SHaPe file (ESRI GIS & Mapping software)
SHRUnix Shell Archive (ASCII) (SHAR)
SHRPApple IIG image
SHSShell Scrap Object
W95/98 Clipboard
SHTMLMime: magnus-internal/parsed-html
Mime: text/html
Mime: text/x-server-parsed-html
Same as SHT
SSI-HTML (SSI = Server-Side Include): dynamic HTML page
SHTML3Shtml file
SHVgraphic files read by Husqvarna Viking Designer 1 sewing machine (embroidery files that control stitching of the designs)
SHWETC theatrical lighting control consoles. stores cues, dimmer-channel patch, submaster assignments, and general settings. It can be read and edited on a PC by ETC's free software, Expression Off-Line, available at www.etcconnect.com.
Corel Show | Corel Presentations Show
Mime: application/presentations
Presentation; Harvard Graphics DOS 2.x Show
SHXAutoCAD shape entities
ESRI shapefile (points)
SHZXimage file
SIMime: text/vnd.wap.si
Script Interpretor file
SoftImage image
SIBSibelius Music File
SICMime: application/vnd.wap.sic
Quicken 2002 order file
SIDC64 tunes and sound effects file (PlaySID)
LizardTech MrSID image files http://www.lizardtech.com
Mime: audio/prs.sid
Mime: audio/x-psid
SIFSetup Installation File
Vector data (ISIF format)
SIGgen. Current program settings = Signature
SIGnature file (ThunderByte AntiVirus/PopMail/PGP)
SIGNArchive file
SIGS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Signature Fi
SIKMs Word backup file (SIcherungsKopie)
SILOMeshTV : Mesh file
Mime: model/mesh
SIMAurora image format
Intel VTune performance monitor
SIMPLE script source (Telix)
SIMPLEcygnus share file
SIPScoptrax file
SIRBitmap image (Solitaire file)
BYU SIR image format
SIRDS2d Graphic
SISMime: application/vnd.symbian.install
Psion software installation file
SITMime: application/x-sit
Mime: application/x-stuffit
StuffIT Expander archive format, Macintosh
SIT!(MAC CREATOR CODE) Archive created by Stuffit (PC ext: SIT)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Archive created by Stuffit (PC ext: SIT)
SIT5(MAC FILE_TYPE) Stuffit 5 Archive
SITD(MAC FILE TYPE) Archive created by Stuffit (PC ext: SIT)
SITESite specific file
SITL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Stuffit Library
SITO(MAC FILE_TYPE) Stuffit Translator
SITX(MAC FILE_TYPE) StuffIt Expander
SIXBitmap image (DEC LN03+ Sixel file)
SIXELBitmap image (DEC LN03+ Sixel file)
SIZOracle 7 Configuration
SJ_Midiprg Superjam compressed file
SJFSplit Files Shell Extension
SK_Audio Utility Koan compressed file
SKAfile of VIRUS ska.exe / happy99.exe
SKBQuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Standard Keyboard Layout File
SKCMime: chemical/x-mdl-isis
SKCARD SideKick for Windows
Starfish SideKick datafile
SKDAutosketch file (Autodesk)
Mime: application/vnd.koan
Mime: application/x-koan
Mime: application/x-Koan
SKFAutoSketch : Drawing file (Autodesk)
SKLMacromedia Director resource file
SKMMime: application/vnd.koan
Mime: application/x-koan
Mime: application/x-Koan
SKNFileWrangler/SecurDesk!/ImageForge Graphic Skin,LV, ZipWrangler
Kinupix skin image format
SKPMime: application/vnd.koan
Mime: application/x-Koan
Mime: application/x-koan
SKRPGP private (secret) keyring
SKTMime: application/vnd.koan
Mime: application/x-koan
Mime: application/x-Koan
SKWSKWRITE SideKick Write or Calendar (same extension for both)
SKYMultiplan SYLK spreadsheet file
SKYTSKYT packer format (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
SL3d Graphic
Mime: application/x-seelogo
Mime: text/vnd.wap.sl
PACT's Save Layout extension
S-Lang language source code file
SLBAutodesk Autocad Slide Library
Symbols library (P-CAD)
SLCMime: application/vnd.wap.slc
Mime: application/x-salsa
Telix compiled SALT script
SLDAutodesk Autocad Slide
SLD3(MAC FILE TYPE) Power Point 3 (PC ext: PPT)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint 3/4 Slide
SLD8(MAC FILE TYPE) Power Point 98 (PC ext: PPT)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint 98 Slide
SLDASMSolidworks File
Solid Works Assembly-Document
SLDDRWSolidworks File
SLDDWGSolidWorks drawing 2D (Vector graphics)
SLDPRTSolid Works Parts-Document
SolidWorks drawing 3D (Vector graphics)
SLDS(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint 2 Slide
SLFNtgraph Setup30 file
SLGChromeleon Audit Trail
SLIMAGICorp Slide Service : Slide
Slice : used by some 3d-modeller
SLICKEDITBugslayer Tracesrv file
SLIDESMime: application/x-showcase
SLKExcel-Spreadsheet: Data format (Sylk Symbolic Link format)
MultiPlan -Spreadsheet: Data format (Sylk Symbolic Link format)
Timeslips Lock File
SLLSound data file (Generic)
SLMMicrosoft Visual FoxPro
SLNMicrosoft Mse file
MS Visual Studio .Net solution file
SLOWebalizer.01 Lang file
SLPPro/E rendering file
Timeslips Data File
SLS3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 3 Template
SLS8(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 98 Templat
SLTMime: application/vnd.epson.salt
Telix : Salt Script Application Language script source
ZX SPECTRUM emulator
SMSamna Word text document
ScriptMaker script
Smalltalk language source code file
SoftSpoken Mailer maillist
SM$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
SM2Terrasoft summery table
SM3DataCAD Symbol File
SM_Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
SMCSmartMaster LOTUS Freelance Graphics 9x scene file
Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image (See ZNES or SNES9x)
SMDMime: chemical/x-smd
SmartWare II, version 1.02
StarOffice Mail
Video game console ROM emulator file
SMDBSteamMaker project file. Windows-based authoring tool http://www.learn.com
StarOffice Formula
SMICC:Mail Smart Icon
Daylight SMILES
LOTUS Smarticons
Macintosh : "Self-mounting image" : Disk Copy compressed image
Mime: application/smil
Mime: chemical/x-daylight-smiles
Mime: chemical/x-x-daylight-smiles
RealPlay SMIL File Real Player G2
SMIL multimedia
SMIL"Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language"
Mime: application/smil
SMILESSMILES chemical modeller input file
SMKImage file (Deer's Revenge)
Image file (Nascar Racing '99)
RAD Video Tools : Smacker compressed video
SMMAmi Pro Macro (2.x,3.x)
SMNParaGraph's WorkScript format : Font
Samma Word : text
SMPAd Lib Gold Sample
Mime: application/studiom
Sample Scream Tracker Sample
Samplevision format : Sound
Ulead Photo Express
Xionics SMP image
SMS8-bit Sega Master System : Emulator ROM image file
MS Package Definition File (used to be .PDF)
SMTextension used by some CAD programms used for SMT-circuit layout
HiPer-Six Memo File
IconAuthor : SmartObject file
Smart Ware II : Text file
SMUSimple Musical Score
SMVSaved Mail Video
SMZAudio/Video file
SNserial number file
Sound Club editor : Compressed song file
SN_Midiprg Guitarws compressed file
SNAZX80 SPECTRUM emulator snapshot
SNDAKAI MPC-series sample : Sound
Amiga IFF/8SVX Sound
Digitized sound file ATARI
internet sound format
Interplay/MusicStudio sound
Mime: audio/basic
Mime: audio/x-adpcm
NeXT/Sun Sound
Raw unsigned PCM data : Sound
Resource Fork sound
Software Toolworks Sound
Sound Clip
sound file, similar to AU
Sound generic name
Sounder/Soundtools sound
Sun/NeXT/Tandy/Apple Macintosh : Sound file, old format
Wired For Sound
SNDJaudio modul
SNDRSounder sound file : Sound
SNDS(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Sound Set
SNDTSndtool sound file : Sound
SNGMidisoft Studio - Prism : Song (midi sound)
Song : various prgs
SNIFFERSniffer trace files
SNMNetscape Communicator : Mail, News messages
SNOSnobol4 language source code file
SNOOPSNOOP capture file format
SNPAccess 97 report SNaPshot file
CoffeeCup HTML Editor Snippet
ComputerEyes output video Animation
Microsoft Access : Database file
READIBM : Book-shelf for .BOO
Shapshot file (Snapview)
SNTMicrosoft vissdk Vislocalinfo file
Tonline Email sent file
SNWWired For Sound
SNXQuickBooks; Data
Slide Show Image
SOFortran 90 shared object
Shared library file (Unix)(similar to DLL)
SO3MP3 compressed .sou file =sound
SO_Midiprg Score Midiprglite compressed file
SOASage MAS 90 Accounting Software File
SOBVisual Basic
SOCGame: Uefa champions league Logic file
SOLMATRA prelude solids
Mime: application/solids
Solution file ,Solution eg. game walkthroughs(Common used with game examples,tutorials)
SOMParadox : Sort information
Quattro Pro: network serial numbers
SONCreative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II : Song file
SORTthoroughbred basic direct / sort file
SOUCreative Labs SoundBlaster Studio : Sound file
Lucas Arts sound file
Sound data (sound tool)
Sound file by games(Indiana Jones
SOUPMessage / E-mail
SOWARJ archiv
SOXnative Unix Sox raw sound
Schema for object oriented XML
SPMicrografx ABC Snap Graphic
Spice : Data
Splint/unix : Compressed file archive
ZX SPECTRUM emulator source profile
SP1various games
SP2various games
SP4Roller Coaster Tycoon : Saved game
SPAFlash Movie
SPADESnort file
SPARSpartan chemical modeller input file
Spartan chemical modeller output file
SPARCSunos4 file
SPC2d Graphic
Atari compressed Spectrum file : Bitmap graphics
Galactic Industries SPC File Format
Microsoft Multiplan : Program
Mime: application/x-pkcs7-certificates
Mime: chemical/x-galactic-spc
Mime: text/x-speech
music : SNES Audio
SPC format for spectral and chromatographic data
Text to speech
WordPerfect Temp File
SPDSeiko CD-inkprinter: Seiko Precision Designer more: http://www.seiko-precision.de
Adobe printer driver
Harvard Bitstream Typefaces
Postscript printer mini driver
Speach Data file : Sound
Speedo : Scalable Font
SPEPrinceton Instruments CCD camera : Bitmap graphics/image
SPECGen. specs file
SPF2d Graphic
Bitmap image ,spiff = Still Picture Interchange File Format
EnerGraphics : Slide presentation file
Setup File
Site Publisher Profile
SPGSprint : Glossary
SPHPOV-Ray (old vers.)
SPIscanned Graphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
SPIFFBitmap image , SPIFF = Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPJSite Publisher Project File
SPKAcorn : Compressed file archive (Spark)
SPLCompressed file archive created by SPLINT
Customized printer driver by Sprint
Digitrakker Sample (by n-FACTOR)
FutureSplash Animation (Internet Picture)
Macromedia Future Splash Animator : Movie
Mime: application/futuresplash
Mime: application/x-futuresplash
Personal spell dictionary
Sample file (Generic)
Signature : Personal spell dictionary
Split Files Shell Extension
Windows 3.x printing : Spool file
SPMWordPerfect File
SPMMSpartan Mol. Mechanics chemical modeller input file
SPNSpanish readme
WordPerfect Distribution File
SPOMime: text/vnd.in3d.spot
SPOTMime: text/vnd.in3d.spot
SPOT satellite image file : Bitmap graphics
SPPSerif PhotoPlus Native Format File
Sprint : Printer file
SPPACKSPPack sound sample : Sound
SPRDocument letter PR: SPRINT
Foxpro Generated Screen Program
many - Story Board : Sprite (graphics image)
Mime: application/x-sprite
Psion Series 3 : Spreadsheet
Sizzler : Animation
SPRITEAcorn : Bitmap file
Mime: application/x-sprite
Sizzler : Animation
SPS2d Graphic
Image Atari Spectrum 512
Screen driver of Sprint
VAX/VMS : SPSS language source code file
xport .sps by sharkport
SPTMime: application/x-spt
MITAC disk/system management utility pack : Data support file
one part of multi-part file : Split
Spitbol language source code file
SPU2d Graphic
Atari compressed Spectrum bitmap image
SPWABC Snap Graphics workspace backup
Jandel Sigma Stat/ SigmaPlot Worksheet
SPXFoxpro Compiler Screen Program
Screensaver (Screen Peace) (Windows)
SPYWintech Software Design file
SQBSyQuest Backup
SQCStructured Query Language (SQL) Common Code File
SQD3d Graphic
Squish : Squish message base
SQFFrance98 football game fe file
SQISquish : Squish message base index
SQLSquish : Squish message base last read pointers
Structured Query Language Data SQL
SQPSonique : Query result of audio search
SQRStructured Query Language Program File (SQL)
SQWArchive squeeze
SQZSqueeze : Compressed file archive unix, also msdos
SRNetscape file
Sun Rasterfile : Bitmap graphics
SR_Compr. Tvideo card Neu file
SRCDataFlex/Multi-Edit souce
generally Source code file
Mime: application/x-wais-source
SREMotorola S-record file (undef)
SRECMotorola S-Records
SRFSun Raster File : Bitmap graphics
TerraGen SuRFace MAP
SRGMicrosoft PowerPoint : Self-registration data file
SRMVideo game console ROM emulator file
SRPQuickLink : Script
SRQMS Server request file; unprocessed
SRSBitmap: Sun Raster File
MS Server request file; partially processed
SRTSkymap data file
SRVHelp Maker file
SRVR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Server Connection Fil
SRZDataFlex : Source file
SSScreen saver
Snappy configuration file
Splash : Bitmap graphics
SS0Transport Tycoon Deluxe preset scenario
SS1Transport Tycoon Deluxe preset game
SS2Terrasoft SAS program file
SSASub Station Alpha : Video file
SSAGEinbound internet email message : Microsoft Exchange Server
SSCSourceSafe (source code control) configuration
SSDPainter4 Script file
SAS/PC Datafile
Style sheet definition file
SSD01Unix : SAS data sets
SSFEnable : Spreadsheet file
Mime: application/vnd.epson.ssf
Sound set file
SSHDataFellows : Secure Shell document
Style Sheet for MS Internet Explorer
SSH2SSH Secure Shell Client
SSIHTML with server side includes
Image SriSun
Installer/GD Software Setup Information
Mime: text/x-server-parsed-html
SSIW(MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 4 (saved by WP for the Mac) (PC ext: WP4)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 5 (saved by WP for the Mac) (PC ext: WP5)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 1
SSLBorland Paradox5 file
Corel Flow Smart Library
Sessions List
SSMMime: application/streamingmedia
RealAudio Standard Streaming Metafile
SSPAxialis screensaver image format
SAS Transport : Datafile
SSQODBC script
SSSSaved Game of Heart Of Darkness
Studio Session Song File Format
SSTCertificate store file Microsoft
IDIDAS, SSTMAP, IMGMAP : Bitmap graphics - Satellite image data AVHRR file
Mime: application/vnd.ms-pki.certstore
STNeoPaint Stamp File
Disk Image file (Atari)
Little Smalltalk language source code file
NeoPaint Stamp File
Scream Tracker : Instrument library
ST0Spice : Status
ST1Spice : Status
ST2Spice : Status
ST3Spice : Status
ST4Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
Image Raw grayscale file
Image SBIG CCD Camera ST-4 / ST-x
Spice : Status
ST5Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
Spice : Status
ST6Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
Spice : Status
ST7Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
Spice : Status
ST8Bitmap Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image
SBIG CCD camera ST-x photo
Spice : Status
ST9SBIG Astronomical Image
Spice : Status
STAdiverent games: saved state
Eudora File
Reflection 4.0 saved state
Spinmaker Plus : Stack
Statistica : Data file
STARPACKStarTrekker pack format (music/sound) (Asle / ReDoX)
STATStatus file
STATUSGen. Status file
STBGenus Stub Library
STCPlug-in Acrobat Exchange
Terrasoft SAS data file
STDLocoScript Standard Script File
Plug-in Acrobat Exchange
Prosa : State Transition Diagram graphics file
SureThing CD Labeler Document
STECFI Shell Toys uses the extensions for encrypted files
Dreamweaver uses the extension for exported FTP settings.
STEGANOSteganographic image
STEPISO-10303 STEP product data
Mime: application/step
STFACME Table Files (winword.exe)
Microsoft Setup table (many prg.)
Mime: application/vnd.wt.stf
ShrinkToFit : Compressed file archive
Structured File
STGPageKeeper Storage File
STKMime: application/hyperstudio
Personal Stock Monitor File
Sticker Store Sticker
STLC++ Standard Template Library
CAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File
Claris Works data file
Micrographics Designer stylesheet
Mime: application/sla
Mime: application/vnd.ms-pki.stl
Mime: application/x-navistyle
Security Certificate trust/request list.
STereoLithography 3d object
STMPhotoStudio Stamp image format
Prosa : State Transition Diagram model file
Scream Tracker II : Music (4 channel)
short for .SHTML = HTML with SSI
State Transition Diagram model file (Prosa)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) GIF files created by PageMill (PC ext: GIF)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) HTML files created by PageMill (PC ext: HTM)
STNArcView : geocoding standardization file
Microsoft Flight Simulator File
STN=Genuine Fractals STiNg file format (losslesss image codec)
STOGenus Pascal Stub OBJ File
STP3d Graphic
ISO-10303 STEP product data
Mime: application/step
PageKeeper Packed Storage File
Plug-in Adobe Acrobat Exchange (language)
STQStatSoft Software : Text file (Statistica)
STRDataPerfect Structure File
dBASE Application Generator : Structure list object file
Gate3 table structure file
Mime: application/vnd.pg.format
Mime: audio/x-str
Screensaver file
Stream File Playstation Discs
STRN(MAC FILE_TYPE) HyperCard Stack Converter
STSMS C Project Status Info
Scream Tracker : Song format
STTTacmi Pixia palette file
STWNeopaint Stamp image format
SmartTerm for Windows : Data file
STXCA-Simply Tax : Tax form
Santa Barbara Instruments Astronomical Image : Bitmap graphics
SBIG CCD camera ST-x (Astronomical Image)
Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit
SmarText : Electronic book
SPOT Image : Statistics file
System/User Topic Set Descriptor BullsEye
Terrasoft SAS data file
STYgen. STYle template, library or sheet used by many text and graphics programs
Micrografx Picture Publisher Print Style
MS Word for DOS Style Sheet
Ventura Publisher style sheet
STYLEHtml style file
SUBCD image files and parameters CloneCD
Rational Rose component package
SUCSoftrans Hello Engines! 2.1 file
SUDSymantec Undodata file
SUISuit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
SUIT(MAC FILE_TYPE) MacBench Test Suite
SULGfa Raytrace image/tbv
SUMMClapack Blas Testing file
SUNBitmap image (Sun raster file format), UNIX
SUN3Possibly modified Sunos4 file
SUN4Sun Os 4 file
SUN5Sun Os 5 file
SUNIFFBitmap image (Sun TAAC Image File Format)
SUOVisual Studio .NET user settings
SUPBitmap image (Startup screen)
Error Suppression for Nu-Mega Technologies, Inc. BoundsChecker
Supplemental data (spelling checker user dictionary)
WordPerfect for Win SUPplementary dictionary
SURLeben_jesu Bibel file
SUXaudio modul
SVGame: roland garros tennis file
SV0 Transport Tycoon scenario
SV1Transport Tycoon saved game
SV2Terrasoft SAS file / retrieval information
Transport Tycoon saved 2-player game
SV4RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
SV4CPIOMime: application/x-sv4cpio
SV4CRCMime: application/x-sv4crc
SVDDocument autosave file (Ms Word)
SVFMime: image/vnd
Mime: image/vnd.svf
Mime: image/x-dwg
Vector image (Simple Vector Format used by CAD programs)
SVGMime: image/svg-xml
Ms Word glossary autosave file
W3C's XML based vector graphics format
SVHMime: image/svh
Picture; Black Diamond Consulting (Surround Video - Animated Internet Picture)
SVMFormula 1 car race 2001 Save file
SVPSwiftView Command File
SVQMusic file
SVRCompressed virtual world for WWW
Mime: application/x-world
Mime: x-world/x-svr
SuperScape ActiveX Superscape Viscape Control
SVSMs Word style sheet autosave file
SVUAdressmanager Default.dbu file
SVXSound (Amiga 8SVX format)
SVYSAVVY/PC : Database file
SW16bit) data : Sound (Raw Signed PCM Word
Audio file (signed word)
SW0Spice : Sweep output
SW1Spice : Sweep output
SW2Spice : Sweep output
SW3Spice : Sweep output
SW4Spice : Sweep output
SW5Spice : Sweep output
SW6Spice : Sweep output
SW7Spice : Sweep output
SW8Spice : Sweep output
SW9Spice : Sweep output
SWAMacromedia Shockwave music (MPEG-1 Layer III with special header)
SWBPhotoshop file
SWDSchoolwide Database file
SWDB(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Database
SWENhl Ice Hockey 2002 required file
SWECOINSwecoin Font Format and PKT
SWFMime: application/x-shockwave-flash
ShockWave Flash, Animated Vector Format Internet
SWF2(MAC CREATOR CODE) Flash files (PC ext: SWF)
SWFL(MAC FILE TYPE) Shockwave Flash files (PC ext: SWF)
Mime: application/x-shockwave-flash
SWGSWAG Pascal Snippets (SWAG Reader)
SWGR(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Drawing
SWIfiles created by Swish (help in making Macromedia Flash files)
SWLMacromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
SWPBorland Sprint document backup
Win virtual Memory Storage = Swap File
SWPL(MAC FILE_TYPE) Software Update File
SWSS(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Spreadsht
SWTVisual Basic Setup Wizard Template file
SWVWindows Sound File Format
SWWP(MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks 3/4 Document
SXCOpenOffice spreadsheet
SXFSunNotes document collaboration file
SXJSunNotes proJect file
SXLSunNotes Local ID file
SXMSunNotes Master ID file
SXP3D Studio process file
SXWOpenOffice.org Writer document
SY#Darn! Backup Files
SY0WordExpress file
SY1Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
SY3Harvard Graphics Symbol 3.x
SY_Korg Dw8000 compressed file
SYDBackup file made by QEMM/SysEdit
SYKSYLK spreadsheet format (Excel)
SYLK spreadsheet format (Excel)
SYMBorland C++ precompiled headers
Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics 2.x/Ms Windows SDK)
Lotus Freelance SYMbol library
P-CAD component symbols
Program symbol table (many assembler/compilers and linkers)
Symbol (generic name)
SYNBitmap image (SDSC Synu image file)
Ms Word 5 synonym file
Synthetic Universe image format
SYNUBitmap image (SDSC Synu image file)
Synthetic Universe image format
Mime: video/x-mpeg-system
System file - device driver or hardware configuration info (DOS)
Windows Bitmap image format
SYS-OLDcygwin terminfo file
SYSKcygwin terminfo file
SYWGraphics symbols (Harvard Graphics Win)
Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave File
SYXModula M2sds file
SY~Win Coreldraw file
TAlchemy chemical modeller output file
Mime: application/x-troff
Paradox database file
roff /troff unformatted manual page
Tads source
Tester symbol table (ReaGeniX code generator)
Unix Tape Archive = TAR without compression (tar)
T#?Time Line File
T$Modem Bitware Fax disk5 file
T$2A(MAC FILE_TYPE) Timbuktu Pro
T$AB(MAC FILE_TYPE) Timbuktu Pro Address Book
T01Tonline Netscape file
T02Tonline Netscape file
T2TrueType Font
T2KTeach2000 Document
T2TSonata CAD modeling file
T2WNtgraph Turbo Pascal file
T3Tarshare file
T32Drive Image5 file
T3DEpic's Unreal Editor 3D scene format
Game: FiFa2000 environment file
T44dBASE IV temporary file
T4GTscad4 file
T4LTscad4 biblio file
T64Commodore 64 emulator tape (C64S emulator)
T65Adobe PageMaker template
T98Kiplinger Tax Cut File (1998 Tax Year)
T99(Note: Kiplinger Tax Cut State Return Files are of the form .T??
T??Ingres Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
TAACSun TAAC bitmap image
TABColour lookup table (CMYK image) (Stork format)
Lotus 1-2-3 table
Microsoft Map table
TAB separated file
TADMime: application/octet-stream
TAFTonline Db file
TAGDataFlex query tag name
Mime: text/prs.lines.tag
TAGSMIME Tag types site
TAHTurbo Assembler Help file
TAIINMOS Transputer Development System Occam Analyse Info
TAJIMATajima DST file format (MS Word)
TALAdobe TypeAlign text illustration
TALKMime: plugin/talker
Mime: text/x-speech
Mime: x-plugin/x-talker
Text to speech
TAMTame Program Settings
TAOIsoBuster File
TAPTAPe file (ZX Spectrum emulator by G.A. Lunter)
Wave Sound, Action Wave
TARMime: appliation/x-tar
Mime: application/x-tar
Tape Archive, Unix standard Archive format / not compressed
TAR.BZ2bzip2 compressed tar archive
TAR.GZgzip compressed tar archive
TAR.Zcompress compressed tar archive
TARDISTMime: application/x-tardist
TARGATruevision TarGA bitmap image
TATGrafic twain Toolkit file
TAXTurbotax File
TAZMime: application/x-tar
TAR Compressed Tape Archive, Gzip/Compress
TB1Borland Turbo C font file
TB2Borland Turbo C font file
TB_Visc15 Adressen Setup file
TBBMS Windows Office Toolbar Button
TBCFormula 1 car race 2001 Season01 Vehicles file
TBDMicrosoft Mse file
TBFFax (Imavox TurboFax)
Trellian Button Factory File http://www.trellian.com/tbf/index.html
TBIGame: fifa 2001 data cmn be file
TBKMemo backup (dBASE IV/FoxPro)
Mime: application/toolbook
Mime: application/x-tbook
ToolBooK (Asymetrix ToolBook)
TBLDynamic link library
TaBLe, used by several programs
TBND(MAC FILE_TYPE) Communication Tool
TBPMime: application/x-timbuktu
TBRNorton Desktop custom ToolBaR
TBSGerman Ms Word text elements (TextBauSteine)
Intel VTune performance monitor
TBTMime: application/timbuktu
TBXProject Scheduler 4 table
bzip2 compressed tar file (http://en2.wikipedia.org/wiki/TAR_file_format)
TCBorland C++ Configuration (former Turbo C)
TCCTurbo C / Gcc include std file
TCHHelp file (Turbo C/Borland C++)
TCIINMOS Transputer Development System Occam Configuration Info
TCLMime: application/x-tcl
Mime: text/x-script.tcl
Tcl/Tk (Tool Command Language) script source code
TextPad Clip Library
TCL~Tcl/tk file
TCMINMOS Transputer Development System Occam Comment Text File
TCOT9000 object modules
TCPA(MAC CREATOR CODE) America On Line TCPa_text
TCSHMime: text/x-script.tcsh
Unix shell script (tcsh)
TCTBc31 Bin file
TCWTurboCAD for Windows drawing
TDBorland Turbo Debugger for DOS configuration file
TD0Teledisk disk image (compressed diskette in a file)
TD1TeleDisk Archive
TD2Borland Turbo Debugger for Win32 configuration file
TD3TeleDisk Archive
TD4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design
TD?TeleDisk Archive
TDAT(MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Data File
TDBTACT database
TDDDImagine Object File Format
TDFBitstream Fontware Description
MS Setup program data; see STF
Speedo Typeface Definition File
TheDraw font
TDHBorland Turbo Debugger Help file
TDIAlias Wavefront image
TDI Explore image
TDIMDigital F/X image format
TDKBorland Turbo Debugger Keystroke recording
TDLIntuit de online dat file
Stratum library file
TDOThumbs32 file
TDPMidiprg Thedrums compressed file
TDRContents of Arvid tape
TDSBorland Turbo Debugger Symbol table
TDWBorland Turbo Debugger for Windows configuration
TDXVisual FoxPro Offline View
TDYTandy file
TE2Conquest of the New World
TEATea Template Source File
TEBHDL test bench file
TEC"Tanner Ledit" Layout technology data
TEFFax (Relisys TEFAX)
TELTelnet host file
TEMBorland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language script
IconAuthor input template
TERCorelFlow line terminator (arrow picture)
TerraGen TERrain Terrain
TERMScygwin tk8.0 demos file
TERRAINTerraGen Terrain
TETTetris results (DN)
TEXIdealist datasheet
LaTeX text (unix)
Mime: application/x-tex
on WINDOS old fashion TEXT file
PaintShopPro Texture image format
TEX Equation
Text document (Unix TeX )
Texture picture Windows' Hover game
TEXture used in Paint Shop Pro
TEXIMime: application/x-tex
Mime: application/x-texinfo
TEXINFOMime: application/x-texinfo
Same as TEXI
(MAC FILE TYPE) HTML files created by PageMill (PC ext: HTM)
(MAC FILE TYPE) HTML for Internet Explorer (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM)
(MAC FILE TYPE) HTML for Netscape Navigator (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Illustrator 3 (PC ext: AI)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Mathematica (all kinds of files)
(MAC FILE TYPE) SimpleText File (PC ext: TXT)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) BinHex Encoded Filele
(MAC FILE_TYPE) C Header Filelea File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) C Source File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) C++ Source File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) HTML Documentd Filele
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Perl Source File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Postscript File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Rez Resource File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) XML Document File
Mime: application/plain
Mime: application/text
Mime: text/plain
Raw TEXT file
TFTinyFugue MUD client macro
Turbo Profiler configuration
TFATurbo Profiler Area file
TFCCatalogue file (Tobi's Floppy Cataloguer)
TFHTurbo Profiler Help file
TFMTagged Font Metric file (Intellifont/TeX)
TFMXAmiga Audio file (Final Musicsystem eXtended)
TFSTurbo Profiler statistical information
TFW(header needed for georeferencing) files for MrSID
ArcView world file for tif image
TFXTraffix Traffic Analysis Software
TGTechnical Guidance (NRC Inspection Manual)
TG1On Target project file
TG4TG4 image format
TGATruevision TarGA bitmap image (may be RLE compressed)
TGFMime: chemical/x-mdl-tgf
TGHTrueGas Host File
TGIPbm file
TGQBullfrog Software : Movie (Dungeon Keeper 2)
TGTCorel40 Custom file
TGVElectronic Arts : Video file (Need for Speed, NBA)
TGWTerraGen World
TGWORLDTerraGen World
TGZMime: application/gnutar
Mime: application/x-compressed
Mime: application/x-tar
ZIP Archive; TAR Tape Archive (Gzip compressed); see TAR,TAZ,GZ
THJavasoft Jre 1.3,lib file
THBClipart; Hijack Thumbnail
THEMicrosoft Plus Pack Desktop Theme
THELPCompiler/decompiler for Borland Help Files (file format in German)
THEMMS Windows Desktop Theme
THEMEWindows 95 Desktop Theme
THMTHuMbnail bitmap image used by eg. Picture Publisher and PhotoMagic Thumbnail
THME(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Theme File
THMLTheological HTML (HTML with Greek Fonts etc)
THNGraphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail
THORDatabase description (THOR database)
THPTurboTax-related File
THSWordPerfect for Win THeSaurus dictionary
THXAmiga THX Tracker music
TITemporary Instruction (NRC Inspection Manual)
Temporary Instruction (NRC Inspection Manual)
TICFTN special file with associated file description (ALLFIX)
TID"IBM Voice Type" languages tasks file
TIFAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image, many different formats (Uncompressed, Huffman compressed, LZW,Jpeg,CCITT3/4, G3 FAX, G4 FAX, Packed Bits)
Mime: image/tiff
Mime: image/x-tiff
Aldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap image, many different formats (Uncompressed, Huffman compressed, Jpeg,LZW,CCITT3/4, G3 FAX, G4 FAX, Packed Bits)
Mime: image/tiff
Mime: image/x-tiff
TIGTiger file, used by U.S. government to distribute maps
TILButtonz & Tilez texture image format
Fuzzy logic knowledge base (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)
TIMSony PlayStation bitmap image
Tagged Image File Format
TINF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Theme Info File
TIPTip of the day for Microsoft and MFC applications.
TISMahJongg 3.0 tile set
TJFVAXTPU Backup File (VAXTPU is default OpenVMS editor)
TJLBackup file (VAXTPU editor)
TK2Take Two view file
TKIMime: application/x-tkined
TKINEDMime: application/x-tkined
TL_Game: doko inst file
TLBBubble Chamber reference table
Remote Automation OLE TypeLiB files, Dynamic Link Library
Text library (VAX)
TLCCompiled Tool Command Language source code (Geoworks Swat)
TLDTeledisk disk image
TLENASA Two-Line Element Set
TLFOpengl Stonehenge file
TLHAdder100 source file
TLIAdder100 source file
TLIST3d Graphic
TLOSPSS TableLooks file http://www.cam.ac.uk/cs/docs/leaflets/m583/
TLPTimeLine project
TLRCcs-lib.2 Acs file
TLSZortech 21 Readme file
TLTTrellix Web Design File
TLXGoldwave 402 file
TMBitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file)
TMAPReal Pool Image
TMBTmx editor user file
TMCDCI TradeManager Catalog Archive
TMDLotus TvMap Document
Swisslog TimeData file
TMESwisslog TimeStudy Event History
TMFTagged Font Metric file (WordPerfect for Win)
TMKTurbopas Tp_tour file
TMLPadgen file
TMOZtg global optimizer default output file (Zortech C++)
TMPtemporary file
TMPLSWISH-E example file
TMSTelemate compiled script
TMTtemporary file
TMXTmx editor file
TN1Tiny image format
TN2Tiny image format
TN3Tiny image format
TN?2d Graphic
TNBWindows Bitmap
TNGAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
TNIVirtua Tennis Menufiles Common file
TNLThumbnail image format
TNPOLYTriangulated polygon files
TNVBitware Fax file
TNYTiNY bitmap image used on Atari
Mime: application/toc
Table Of Contents (index file)
TOKBorland C++ 4.x external tokens
TOLTonline Bsw4 tol file
TOMBRAIDER 3Tomb raider 3 save game
TONWave Siggen-2.1 file
TOOAsm Objasm file
TOOLSDos djgpp tools file
TOPIBM netfinity Rack Configurator extension
TORGuitar Musik trainer Register.ds file
Nba 99 art ingame anims file
TOSAtari ST/TT/Falcon character-based application
TOYS(MAC CREATOR CODE) Script Editor ToyS text
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Script Editor
TPTurbo Profiler session-state file
TP3Harvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Template
TP4RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Screenshot
TP?Tracker Packer v1/v2/v3 formats (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
TPACorel Graphics10 Custom file
TPBDownloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)
TPCRtfgen file
TPFDownloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)
TPHTurbo Pascal Help file
TPITonline file
TPLCakeWalk Audio Template file
Mime: application/vnd.groove-tool-template
Resident units library (Turbo Pascal)
TemPLate (Harvard Graphics/GoldEd/ITrack)
Template for Page Express; see DTP
Ulead iPhoto Express TemPLate
TPMTextPad Macro (Windows text editor); see TCL
TPO3d Graphic
TPOLY3d Graphic
TPPBorland Pascal 7.0 Protected Mode Units
TPTThumbs32 file
TPUCommand file (VAXTPU editor)
Enable Teleprocessing
Turbo Pascal Unit
TPVPacked graphics file (TutorPro)
TPWTurbo Profiler for Windows session-state file
Turbo/Borland Pascal Unit (Windows library)
TPZTAR.GZ compressed file archive (Tar and GNUzip)
Treepad Archive; text + pictures = zip
TQFChemical test (Chemical-mime)
TRMime: application/x-troff
TomeRaider database
Turbo Debugger for DOS session-state settings
Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
TR0Spice : transient analysis output
TR1"IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
TR2Turbo Debugger for Win32 session-state settings
TR3Spice : transient analysis output
TR4Spice : transient analysis output
TR5Tree Professional File
TR6Spice : transient analysis output
TR7Spice : transient analysis output
TR8Spice : transient analysis output
TR9Spice : transient analysis output
TRAMime: application/vnd.trueapp
TRAN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Document Convert
TRANSAmaya file
TRCDebug support file (Power CTrace)
TREPC-Tools directory TREe file
TRIAlias TRIangle file
TRIFBitmap image (Tiled Raster Interchange Format)
TRIPLE-SSurveying file format
TRKMime: x-lml/x-gps
physical layout files (3d)
TRacK (i.e. video sequence) used by many games
TRMMime: application/x-msterminal
Terminal; (generic name)
Windows 3.x Terminal configuration settings
TRNMKS Source Integrity project usage log
Translation (Windows)
Translation support file (Quattro/Clarion)
TRO"IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file
TROFFTypesetting devices converted text format
TRPWatcom binw file
TRSMicrografx executable file
TRTTeam Sports Scheduling System Report Template
TRUTRUe Basic source
TRWBorland Turbo Debugger for Windows session-state settings
TRZAccusoft Alldemo file
TSBTriSpectives 3D Drawing
TSCWin Help related file
TSIMime: audio/tsp-audio
Mime: audio/tsplayer
TSKTrend Pc-cillin 2000 file
TSMTurbo Assembler for OS/2 manual
TSNMidi file
TSND(MAC FILE_TYPE) Theme Sound File
TSPMime: application/dsptype
Mime: audio/tsplayer
Windows telephony Service Provider
TSQODBC script
TSRSwisslog TranStats Report
TSSTeam Sports Scheduling System Project File
TSTWordPerfect for Win printer test file
TSVMime: text/tab-separated-values
Tab Separated Values
TSXTeam Sports Scheduling System XML Project File
TTTrue type font file
TT_Compressed TTF
TTBS(MAC FILE_TYPE) PowerPoint Toolbars File
TTCTrueType Font Collection, multiple fonts in a single file(Far East Windows)
TTFMime: application/octet-stream
TrueType Font, variable size
TTKCorel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit
TTLTera Term Macro File
TTOClient access data specification file (AS/400) (Server to Client)
TTPAtari ST/TT/Falcon command-line application
TTRTrueType Font
TTRO(MAC FILE TYPE) SimpleText Read-Only ttxt_ttro
TTXTRADOSTag (TagEditor) file
TTXT(Creator Code Mac) SimpleText "ttxt" (all lower case. This was also used by TeachText)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) SimpleText File (PC ext: TXT)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) SimpleText
TTYMacromedia Dreamweaver 4 file
TTZMime: application/t-time
TUBPaintshopPro(5) picturetube, a multi-celled picture
TUDThe Ultimate Draw document
TUNFifa World Cup file
TURVisual Turing (a Turing machine simulator) Save file for machines.
Webalizer Lang file
TURBOC3(make-)file for Borland Turbo C
TURBOTMime: image/florian
TUTTutorial (generic)
TUVGeneric Tutorial file
TUWMicrosoft Office file
TVParadox table view settings
TV1WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 1
TV2WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 2
TV3WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 3
TV4WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 4
TV5WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 5
TV6WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 6
TV7WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 7
TV8WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 8
TV9WordPerfect for Win overflow file above insert point in Doc 9
TVCLOTUS 1-2-3 table file
TVEX(MAC FILE_TYPE) MoviePlayer Plug-in
TVFdBASE table view settings
TVMMime: application/x-tvml
TVMLMime: application/x-tvml
(MAC CREATOR CODE) QuickTime movie files (PC ext: MOV)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) MoviePlayer
TVRBoot file
TVXVoxPhone / TeleVox
TW_Compressed Scanner us driver file
TWAINTWAIN 1.8 Specification (Adobe Acrobat)
TWE3d Graphic
TWFTabWorks data
TWGThatWaltGuy Web Server File
TWKBc31 Bgi2 tweak-file
TWNOp9630 Settings file
Scanner Settings file
TWPToplevel Computing Fine Words (DOS Word Processor)
TWSTextPad0.TWS (Shareware Windows text editor TextPad current settings)
TWTCarmageddon 2 : Carpocalyse Now (saved game)
TWWTagwrite Template
TXPhotoline5 hlp file
TX$Driver Modem Bitware disk4 file
Poppad file
TX0virus notation file
TX16WYamaha TX-16W sampler files
TX88-bit ASCII text
TX_Compressed txt file
Webcd fread file
TXBGame: fifa 2001 data environ file
TXCUrban Chaos Game File
TXFMime: application/vnd.Mobius.TXF
TAR.F compressed file archive (TAR and Freeze)
TXITeX support file
TXKKardplay 1.62 file
TXL(3d) texture lib file (many prgs)
programming language designed to support computer software analysis and source transformation tasks
TXMSteuer2001 Daten file
TXNMfhdf Doc file
TXRCorel Graphics10 Custom file
TXTANSI (Windows) TeXT
DisplayWrite document
many Dos Text editors used this extension
Mime: application/text
Mime: text/plain
OEM (Dos) Text
plain Text
Unix format Text(lf only)
TXWYamaha TX-16W Wave File (Convert (c) Villena)
TXXDataPerfect Text Storage
TXZMorfwarp au file
TX~Compressed txt file
TYMPageMaker 4 time stamp
TYPThumbs32 file
TZTAR.Z compressed file archive (TAR and Compress)
TZBTAR.Z.btoa compressed file archive (TAR - Compress - Btoa)
TZDNetscape Communicator locale file
UBitmap image : subsampled raw YUV file
U4AUnInstaller archive
U96EasyZip Temporary File
U98USA 98: Streets & Dest. Tour
UAPWAP applications "User Agent Profile"
UAXUnreal Audio File
UBMusic file (uchar)
UBBBasic Ubas file
UBDBasic Ubas file
UBMIphoto Mtwain Install file
UBSTracesrv etc Bugslayer util file
UC0Archive UC
UC2UltraCompressor II compressed archive
UCDProsa/ OM Use Case Diagram
UCMUrban Chaos Game File
UCNUltraCompressor II compressed archive
UCRpixel image file
UDAol40 file
UDBMsworks file
UDCFh5 Usenglsh file
UDFPhotostyler filter
Windows NT Uniqueness Database File
UDICorel Graphics10 Draw Skripts textures Bitmap file
UDLMS Data Link
UDO3d Graphic
UDOG(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Browser Launcher
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UDTUDTDemo.Document open with: UDTDEMO.EXE /dde
UDWRaw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) Data
UE2UltraCompressor II encrypted file archive
UFAUFA compressed file archive
UFDLMime: application/vnd.ufdl
UFOUlead File for Objects (Ulead PhotoImpact)
UGAutoCAD and others : Drawing file
UGBT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Users & Groups
UHSUniversal Hint System (binary file)
UIEspire language source (Geoworks UI Compiler)
User Interface (Sprint)
UID"IBM Voice Type" Users file
UIFWordPerfect for Win long prompts for Windows
UIHEspire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
UILBitmap image (X-Motif UIL icon file)
Mime: text/x-uil
UINICQ (a variety of instant messaging) user
UISWindowBlinds Skin
UKTAGCASE0 html folder file
UK_Mcguiness file
UKAFifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
UKSMsworks file
ULUlaw music file
ULAW(MAC FILE_TYPE) AU Soundyer Plug-in Filau
sound file
ULDProcomm Plus uploaded file information
ULSInternet; User Location Service (Internet New Media Phone)
ULTUltratracker music module (MOD) file
UMBBackup by MemMaker
UMODUnreal Self-extracting MOD File
UMXUnreal Game Data File
UN_Ntgraph Setup30 file
UNDA86 UNDefined symbols
UNIForecast Pro datafile
Mime: text/uri-list
Music (UniMOD/MikMOD)
UNICUnic Tracker v1/v2 formats (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
UNISMime: text/uri-list
UNIXUnix file
UNIXYZUniChem chemical modeller output file
UniChem XYZ chemical modeller input file
UNPA*glslang unpack program(* means only .unpa is tested)
UNQACT! 3.0 Email message attachment
UNRUnreal Game Data File
UNUSEDPhotoline4 Defaults file
UNVMime: application/i-deas
UNXText file containing UNIX specific info
UOLPhotoImpact Clipart Images
UP2Cool3d plugins board file
UPCUltimate Paint component
UPDUPDate info
UPFBitmap image (Universal Picture Format)
UPGGrafik Anim file
UPIIphoto4 Programs Plugin file
UPJULead Project File
UPLStarmoney Agent Download file
UPOdBASE compiled update data
UPRClaris user dictionary
UPSMsworks file
UPXULead Photo Express Saved Image File
UPZStarmoney Agent Download file
URF"Radar ViewPoint" universal radar format
URIList of Uniform Resource Identifiers (WWW)
Mime: text/uri-list
URISList of Uniform Resource Identifiers (WWW)
Mime: text/uri-list
URLInternet Shortcut
Universal Resource Locator/internet
URL_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Web Site Address-in Fiurl
URLSMime: application/x-url-list
Universal Resource Locator : List of Internet shortcuts
URTBitmap image (Utah Run-Length Encoded image file)
US?MS Word for DOS/WordPerfect Font
USAMicrosoft Office Headers file
USAGESnort file
USBSyssoft Sandra file
USEgen. Log
MKS Source Integrity file
USERPROFILESymantec Shared file
USLLaserJet Landscape Font
USMAudio: Unsigned Sample Module data Farandole
USPPageMaker printer font with US Ascii extended character set
USRUser database (Procomm Plus/Turbo C++ tour)
USRPUTM/Universe Polar Stereographic (UPS) (USRP/ASRP 1.1/1.2),(French Defense Mapping Agency)
USTARMime: application/x-ustar
Mime: multipart/x-ustar
POSIX tar compressed archive
UTERukus 110 file
UTFAOL Updating Files (in "Tools on Demand" folder)
UTISpybot Includes file
UTLQuickBooks data
UTPBinPatch Patch Data File
UTSSpybot Includes file
UTXUnreal Texture File
UTXT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Unicode Text File
UUEncoded file archive (ascii) (uudecode/uuencode)
Mime: application/octet-stream
Mime: application/uue
Mime: text/x-uuencode
UUDEncoded file archive (ascii) (uuencode)
UUEMime: application/uue
Mime: text/x-uuencode
UUEncoded file.Ascci encoded file for binary attachments
UVRUlead Cool 360 Viewer File
UVVListlabl file
UWunsigned word Music file
UWFUltraTracker WaveSample music file
UWLWordPerfect User Word List
UXUnix file
UYVYImagemagick-5.3.2 Perlmagick file
YUV 16Bits image format
VMain input file Vivid 2.0
ReaGeniX Consistency check support
subsampled raw YUV bitmap
V06Xwave file
V3DStratum Samples Models Balls3d 2 file
V3SVoice Master Key Sound
V56modem Patch
V5DDataset UNIX chemical
Mime: application/vis5d
V64Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
V8Covox 8-bit Audio
VABAlbum Visualb
VACOc2.316s cakit file
VAFMicrosoft Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzr Proj. Item file
VAGSony PlayStation ADPCM Sound File
VALMacintosh Spreadsheet (VALU)
Validity checks and referential integrity (Paradox for Windows)
Values list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
VAMMicrosoft Visual Studio Common Tools Vanalyzr Proj. Item file
VANVistaPro animation
VAPValue Added Process (NetWare 2.xx)
VARvariables file (eg IconAuthor)
VARSTemplates file
VAXPbm plus file
VBVisual Basic script
VBAVBA Module; Visual Basic for Applications (generic name)
VBase file
VBDVisual Basic 5 Active Document (Internet/Intranet document)
VBEVisual Basic script
VBGVisual Basic 5 Project group file
VBKVisualCADD Backup File [Support Group]
Mime: audio/vnd.nortel.vbk
VBLVisual Basic user control licensing
VBOXMime: application/vnd.previewsystems.box
VBOXLMVbox Common file
VBPVisual Basic 4 Project (similar to MAK)
VBRVisual Basic remote automation Registration file
VBSMPEG Movie Clip
Visual Basic for Applications Script
VBWMicrosoft Visual Basic workspace
VBXVisual Basic eXtension (custom control), 16 bit, can be used by e.g. Visual Basic or C++
VBZVisual Basic Setup Wizard launch file
VCInclude file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)
Spreadsheet; VisiCalc; also VCX
VC1Ms Visual C 1 (make-) file
VC15Ms Visual C 1.5 (make-) file
VC2Ms Visual C 2 (make-) file
VC4Ms Visual C 4 (make-) file
VC5Ms Visual C 5 (make-) file
VC6Ms Visual C 6 (make-) file
VC7Ms Visual C 7 (make-) file
VC_C Poet compressed Disk1 file
VCAVisual Clip Art
VCDVisualCADD Drawing File [Support Group]
Mime: application/x-cdlink
VCECool Edit NMS file, audio editor file
VCFMime: text/x-vcard
Outlook Express VCard file
Vevi Configuration File
WorldToolKit objects
VCGMime: application/vnd.groove-vcard
VCLJill game file
VCMVisual Component File
VCPVisual Studio (7).NET Project settings file
Workspace Information (old MS Visual C++ 32-bit versions)
VCPREFSymantec Shared file
VCPROJVisual Studio .NET Project settings file
VCRArvid VCR driver
VCSMime: text/x-vCalendar
Netscape Calendar data
VCTVisual Foxpro98 Solution file
VCWMS Visual C++ Status File, used with MAK files
VCWIN32(make-)files for Ms Vc
VCXMime: application/vnd.vcx
MS Class Browser class library
Spreadsheet; VisiCalc Advanced
VD2Vedit file
VDAGraphics (VDA-FS surface data)
Mime: application/vda
Truevision Targa bitmap image
Video Display Adapter image format
VDBTrend Pc-cillin 2000 file
VDFWebcd virtual driver plugins file
VDIBitmap image (Digital Research GEM VDI file)
VDKSteuer99 file
VDMVedit file
VDOMime: video/vdo
Sound in conjunction with AVI files
VDOLive Script Video image (Story Board)
VDRDrawing (ComputerEasy Draw)
VDTSwiftView Command File
VDUDetailer 3D file
VDXdriver 32bits
VECT3d Graphic
VEHVector data (SPANS VEH/VEC format)
VEL3D drawing file (CAD( (Ashlar)
VEMVoice Email
VERVersion description (Windows)
VERSVersion description (many)
VERSIONVersion dist file
VERT*glslang vertices program (* means only .vert is tested)
VETVET antivirus system file
VEWGroupWise for Windows
Mime: application/groupwise
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-approach
View file (Clipper 5/Lotus Approach, earlier versions than 3.0)
VFvitual terrain software
VFAFontLab database file
VFDDrive Image5 Vfd file
VFFDESR VFF greyscale bitmap image
Sun TAAC Image File Format bitmap image
VFLClip art file (PrintMaster Gold)
VFMVentura Publisher Font Metrics file
VFNVoting Form for Customers (Voter)
VFPQtreader file
VFWVideo for windows image format
VFW_(MAC FILE_TYPE) AVI Moviee Messagee Fiavi
VGAOS/2 bitmap image
Same as BMP VGA resolution MS MRBC.EXE
Vga display font
VGDVga display driver (Generic CADD)
VGLConfig 911s file
VGRVentura Publisher graphics/bitmap
VGRD(MAC CREATOR CODE) LaserWriter (Postscript file)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter
VHWinhelp Vh file
VHD"Very High-level Design Language" Hardware design document
VHDL"Very High-level Design Language" Hardware design document
VH~V-help file
VIBitmap image (Jovian Logic VI video capture board)
Script (Watcom Vi editor)
Virtual Instrument file
VI_Audio Waveprg Samplitude compressed file
VIBChemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data
VICGraphics (VICAR - Video Image Communication and Retrieval)
VICARGraphics (VICAR - Video Image Communication and Retrieval)
VIDBitmap image (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer file)
Screen device driver (Ms DOS/Word)
Vidcom 64 image format
Video Driver (Microsoft DOS applications)
Visual Image Directory
VIF1bit CCITT Group 4 bitmap image (Verity Image Format)
Bitmap image (Khoros Visualization Image File Format)
VIFFBitmap image (Khoros Visualization Image File Format)
VIKViking graphics
VIMVim script file
VIPMumath 30 Vip file
VIRfile identified as a virus-infected file by Norton AntiVirus
VISMime: application/vnd.informix-visionary
StudioPro 3D file
Vista graphics
VIS4(MAC FILE_TYPE) MindVision Install File
VISA(MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple File Exchange File
VITBitmap image (VITec scanner raster format)
VITECViTec Tiled Image File
VIVMime: video/vivo
Mime: video/vnd.vivo
VivoActive ActiveX Control (streaming video)
VIVOMime: video/vivo
Mime: video/vnd.vivo
VivoActive movies and audio
VIZDivision dVS/dVISE File
VLBCorel Ventura LiBrary
VLMVirtual Loadable Module (Netware)
VLTDarn! Passwords! Vault File
VMGeoworks Virtual Memory file (or localization file)
Virtual Memory (Swap File)
VMBQuicken 2002 order file
VMCVirtual memory configuration (DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender)
VMDMime: application/vocaltec-media-desc
Mime: chemical/x-vmd
Movie-format (used in "gabriel knight ii")
VMFMime: application/vocaltec-media-file
Ventura Publisher font characteristics
VMGImage file
VMIMime: application/x-dremacast-vms-info
VML"Microsoft Office 2000" Vector markup language
VMOSiemens Sl45 Mobile Phone Voice File
VMOXVirtual MakeOver Content
VMSCVS and VMS sound files (continous variable slope)
Mime: application/x-dremacast-vms
Text file containing VMS specific info
VMSG(MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Message
VMTVistaMetrix Session File see www.skillcrest.com for description
VNAVideo Capture Album
VNCVirtual Network Computing
VOVivid 2.0 include file with object definition
VOBMPEG-2 movie
Vue d'Esprit image format
VOCCreative Lab's Soundblaster digitized sound (PlayVoc)
Mime: audio/voc
Mime: audio/x-voc
VODVideo On Demand
VOFVZ Programmer Object Folder
VOKDictionary file
VOLVolume file (many prg)
VORTBitmap image (Very Ordinary Rendering Toolkit)
VOSMime: video/vosaic
VOXDialogic sound
Mime: audio/voxware
Voice (generic name)
VP3D Studio Video Posting
Ventura Publisher publication
VPBQuantel VPB image format
VPFVector Product Format
VPGGraphics (VPGraphics)
VPHVirtual Pascal Help (VP/OS2)
VPIVirtual Pascal Unit (VP/OS2)
VPRVideoCraft Project bitmap animation
Visual Prolog Resource
VPXFh5 Usenglsh file
VQAVideo files (Westwood Studios)
VQEMime: audio/x-twinvq-plugin
Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator file
VQFMime: audio/x-twinvq
Music (Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization)
VQLMime: audio/x-twinvq
Mime: audio/x-twinvq-plugin
Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator file
VRBDict file
VREMime: x-world/x-vream
VREAMScript extension
VRFOracle 7 Configuration File
VRJMime: x-world/x-vrt
VRMQuattroPro overlay file
Virtual Reality Modeling Language
Visual Rexx language source code file (Watcom VRexx)
VRMLMime: application/x-vrml
Mime: model/vrml
Mime: x-world/x-vrml
VRML Worlds for WWW, (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
VRPWATCOM VXRexx project
VRSWordPerfect Video ReSource (device driver)
VRTMime: x-world/x-vrt
ViRTual world (WWW)
VRWMime: x-world/x-vream
VREAMScript Command Language ActiveX 3D
VSInclude file with surface definition (Vivid 2.0)
VS2Roland-Bass Transfer File
VS?Visio file
VSCMcAffee VirusScan configuration
VSDFlowChart; Visio Document
Mime: application/vnd.visio
Mime: application/x-visio
VSDIRMicrosoft Visual Studio Ide Newfileitems file
VSDISCOSOAP Dynamic Discovery File (MS SOAP & .NET apps)
VSHMcAfee VirusShield ConfigFile
vertex shader definitions for Direct3D programming. (DirectX 8.1 SDK)
VSKMsdev Common Ide file
VSLDownload List file
Mime: application/x-cnet-vsl
VSMVisSim simulation model
VSNViruSafe version file (information about all the files in a dir)
VSPSPX sprite
VSSMime: application/vnd.visio
Visio smartshapes file
VSTMime: application/vnd.visio
Mime: application/x-visio
Visio Flowchart
ViSTa Truevision Targa bitmap image
VSUVisio custom user interface file
VSWMime: application/vnd.visio
Mime: application/x-visio
Visio Workspace file
VSZMsdev Visual Interdev98 Templates Web Projects file
VTIVisualization Toolkit Image Data (http://www.vtk.org)
VTKVisualization Toolkit Legacy File Format (http://www.vtk.org)
Vtk Sample file
VTPVisualization Toolkit Polygonal Data (http://www.vtk.org)
VTPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Virtual PC Prefs File
VTRVisualization Toolkit Rectilinear Grid Data (http://www.vtk.org)
VTSIntel VTune program performance monitor project file
Mime: workbook/formulaone
Visualization Toolkit Structured Points Data (http://www.vtk.org)
VTSTvirtual terrain software
VTUMime: model/vnd.vtu
Visualization Toolkit Unstructured Points Data (http://www.vtk.org)
VUE3D Studio animation
Ms Schedule+ configuration
View (dBASE IV/FoxPro)
VVDMinolta element file
VVFViVerify Fingerprint
VVRViVerify Repair
VWVolkswriter text file
VW3Text file (Volkswriter 3)
VWFCADvance Drawing File
VWPSystem Dll file
VWRMultimedia viewer, Metatec Corp.
PC Tools file viewer file
VX_Compressed Tvideo card file
VXDMs Windows virtual device driver, 32 bit
VXOSYSTEM driver file
VXXIosubsys driver file
VZNWinVzn Image file
WAshton Tate Applause chart
W$Modem Bitware Fax disk3 file
W02TEMP file
W20Windows2000 related file
W30Printer font (AST TurboLaser) (Ventura Publisher)
W31Windows 3.1 startup file
W32Win32 file
W3DBlack Belt Systems Ray Trace Control File
W3LW3Launch file
W40Win95 Backup File
W44dBASE temporary file
W51WordPerfect 5.1 document
W60Mime: application/wordperfect6.0
WordPerfect 6.0 document
W61Mime: application/wordperfect6.1
WordPerfect 6.1 document
W6BN(MAC FILE TYPE) Mac Word 6 Docu
(MAC FILE TYPE) Microsoft Word 6 (PC ext: DOC)
W6WMime: application/msword
W8BN(MAC FILE TYPE) Microsoft Word 8 (98) (PC ext: DOC)
W8TN(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 98 Template
W95Windows95 related data file
W98Windows98 related data file
WA0Magix Musstu file
WA1Magix Musstu file
WA8Audio WAV 8 bits
WA_Game: doko inst file
WABMicrosoft Outlook (Address Book file)
WACmovie format (from ??????)
NullSoft plugins for WinAmp(dll)
WADProgramming library
texture files 3d
War Allocation Daemon (Doom - Doom2)
WAFTemp file
WAFF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Internet Explorer Cache
WALQuake 2 Texture image format
WAPWap application project (Ericsson WapIDE)
Wireless Bitmap (level 0) image format
WARArchived Konqeror (KDE) HTML Page
WASmovie format (from ??????)
ProComm source script
WAT"IBM Voice Type" languages map file
WAVMime: application/x-wav
Mime: audio/wav
Mime: audio/x-wav
WAVe PCM Sound, standard Windows sound format
(MAC FILE_TYPE) WAVE SoundArchive Cachwav
WAXAudio Advanced Streaming Format
Mime: audio/x-ms-wax
ProComm compiled script
WA~Microsoft Address Book file
WBGame: fifa2000 be file
WB0Quattro Pro version 6 spreadsheet
WB1Mime: application/x-qpro
Spreadsheet; Quatro Pro for Windows Notebook
Upload file (Argo WebLoad II)
Webshots image format, see also WBC...
WB2Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2
WB3Quatro Pro for Windows 7.0 Notebook
WB?Quattro Pro spreadsheet (?=version)
WBAWinace Zip File
WBCMime: application/x-webshots
Webshots image format
WBFWindows Batch File
WBKMs Word auto-backup document
WordPerfect for Win WorkBooK
WBLArgo WebLoad II upload file
WBMMicrosoft Welcome file
Wireless Bitmap (level 0) image format
WBMPMime: image/vnd.wap.wbmp
Wireless Bitmap (level 0) image format
WBPWebshots image format
WBRCrick WordBar File
WBSWebExpress Website File
WBTBatch file (WilsonWare WinBatch)
WBXMLMime: application/vnd.wap.sic
Mime: application/vnd.wap.slc
Mime: application/vnd.wap.wbxml
Mime: application/vnd.wap.wmlc
WBZWebshots image format
WCMikmak 203 file
WC$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
WCDWordPerfect for Win macro token list
WCHCorel Office PerfectScript; see CSC
WordPerfect for Win macro facility file
WCLwcl2 file
WCMCorel Presentations Macro
Terminal; MS Works Communications
WordPerfect for Windows Macro
WCPWordPerfect for Win product information description
WCTVisualBasic WCTFile
WDInfoSelect data file
WD0Document WordExpress
WD1Document WordExpress
WD2Database file "Info Select" (Micro Logic)
WD_Databook ti file
WDBMicrosoft Works database
WDBN(MAC FILE TYPE) Word 3/4/5 Macintosh text file (PC ext: DOC)
WDCD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 5 Custom Dictionary
WDEC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 6 Converter
WDEP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Text Converter
WDGC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word Converter
WDHY(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word Hyphenation File
WDIC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 5 Plug-in
WDKWhizFolder Desktop File
WDMMs Visual Interdev98 Templates Web Project Items file
WDPC(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 6 Graphics Converter
WDTWintidy file
WDX9(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Word Wizard
WEGame: fifa2000 be file
WEBCorel Xara web document
Easel programming language p-code
Mime: application/vnd.xara
WEBOOGLWeb Object Oriented Graphics Library
WEBPNPwebpnpFile, open with: wpnpinst.exe
WEDWindows Editor file
WFGame: fifa2000 play file
WFAWinFax Pro Archive
WFBWavepatch file
WFCWar FTP client file
WFDsound file
WFKDelphi Runimage Delphi Demos Doc Formdll Db file
WFLFlowchart file (Winflow)
WFL=Ultimus BPM Studio ( workflow automation tool) workflow files http://www.ultimus.com.
WFMDatabase form; dBASE Form Designer
WFNCorel vector Font
WFODelphi Runimage Delphi Demos Doc Formdll Db file
WFPsound file
WFTWaveFronT 3D object
WFWPci Smc file
WFXWinFaX file
WGGame: fifa2000 be file
WG1Spreadsheet; Lotus1-2-3/G worksheet
WG2Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2 worksheet
WGDP(MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Graphics Importe
WGPGame data (Wild Board Games)
WHIPBitmap image (WHIP file)
WHLP(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Word help file
WHTMicrosoft Net Meeting White board Document
WHTTWinHTTrackProject open with: WINHTTrack.EXE
WIGame: fifa2000 be file
Mime: image/wavelet
J Wavelet Image Codec image format
WIDVentura Publisher WIDth table
Weaving Information Format
Window Intermediate File template
WILWinImage data
WIMWAP : Wireless identity module
WINMime: model/vnd.gdl
Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
Truevision Targa bitmap image
WINdow file (FoxPro/dBASE)
WIN32Vc6 (make-)file
WINCEEXE = Windowsce executable (palm-computers)
WINDOWS9XWinhttrack src file
WINPOINTWinpoint Mortgage loan file format (MS Excel format)
WINSMakefile for WINS platform (EPOC)
WIPEINFONorton Utilities Sendto file
WIPESLACKNorton Utilities Sendto file
WISInstallShield : Install help file
WIZConjure chemical modeller input file
Mime: application/msword
WIZard of eg. Ms Word or Ms Publisher
wizard pages file
WIZ!(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Wizard
WJGame: fifa2000 be file
WKxaa file
WK!Lotus Spreadsheet File
WK1Mime: application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3
Mime: application/x-123
Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 2.0, Symphony
WK2wk2file open with: KVLOTUS.EXE
WK3Mime: application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3
Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 3.0, 3.1...
WK4Lotus 123 version 4 spreadsheet
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3
Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 4.0
WKBWordPerfect for Win document
WKESpreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 Educational version
WKILotus 1-2-3 2.x : Spreadsheet format
WKQSpreadsheet; (Borland Quatro, early DOS versions)
WKSMS Works Document
Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 1 and 1A
Xlisp WorKSpace
WKZMime: application/x-wingz
Wingz spreadsheet
WLBWgt file
WLDAdobe Acrobat Distiller
WLFArgo WebLoad I upload file
Upload file (Argo WebLoad I)
WLGDrWatson LoG file
WLKPicture; Virtus Walk Through
WLLMS Word Add-in; DLL
WLMCompW image format
WLRVirtual Reality Modeling Language for WWW
WLS602 pro PC SUITE Worksheet File
WLXFileMaker Pro Plug-in
WMMime: video/x-ms-asf
Windows Media
WM$Basic Vb file
WM3Working Model 3D Document
WM5Dyndlg2 file
WMAAdvanced Streaming Format audio
Mime: audio/x-ms-wma
WMCDocument; WordMarc
MathCad backup of startup files
WordPerfect MaCro
WMDWindows Media Player Download Package
WMFMime: application/x-msmetafile
Mime: image/x-wmf
Mime: windows/metafile
Windows Metafile; vector drawing; see EMF
WMF2Embedded Bitmap Metafile
WMF_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows MetaFile
WMKOc2.316s cakit file
WMLMime: text/vnd.wap.wml
Wireless Markup Language document (WAP)
WMLCMime: application/vnd.wap.wmlc
WAP : Wireless Markup Language bytecode document
WMLSMime: text/vnd.wap.wmlscript
WAP : Wireless Markup Language script
WMLSCMime: application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc
WAP : Wireless Markup Language bytecode script
WMPWindows Magic icon Palette
WMSWMSFile, open with: Windows Media Player /layout:"%L"
WMVAudio/Video Windows Media
Mime: video/x-ms-wmv
WMXAudio Playlist
Mime: video/x-ms-wmx
WMZWindows Media Player skins file
WNNeXT WriteNow text document
WNDWinG Hidden Palette task
WNFOutline font description (CorelDraw native format)
WNSPrintShop Newsletter
WNTMumath 30 file
WOAWindows 3.x swap file
WOBObject file (RIO Designer Pro)
WOCOrganization (Windows OrgChart)
WORProWrite Document
WORD(MAC FILE TYPE) Claris Works (word processor) (PC ext: CWK)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Mac Write 4.6/5
(MAC FILE TYPE) MacWrite formatted file
2.X FOR WINDOWS Word processor-file
Mime: application/msword
WORK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Mach-O Framework
WOWGrave Composer module (MOD) file (8 channels) (Grave Mod Player)
WPMime: application/wordperfect
WordPerfect v4/5/6 document
WP4WordPerfect 4 document
WP42(MAC FILE TYPE) Wordperfect 4 (saved by WP for the Mac) (PC ext: WP4)
(MAC FILE TYPE) PC WP4 file seen by Wordperfect 1 for the Mac
WP5Mime: application/wordperfect
Mime: application/wordperfect6.0
WordPerfect 5.0/5.1/5.2 document
WP50(MAC FILE TYPE) Wordperfect 5 (saved by WP for the Mac) (PC ext: WP5)
(MAC FILE TYPE) PC WP51 file seen by Wordperfect 1 for the Mac
WP6Mime: application/wordperfect
WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 document
WP?WordPerfect document (?=version)
WPAWord processor document (ACT!)
WPCWindows 95 WordPad file converter
WPC2(MAC CREATOR CODE) Wordperfect 2 (3 also)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) WordPerfect WPC2 text
WPDDocument; PFS:WindowWorks
Mime: application/wordperfect
Mime: application/x-wpwin
Windows printer driver
WordPerfect; may be regular document or data
WPD0(MAC FILE TYPE) Wordperfect 1 text file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) WordPerfect Document
WPD1(MAC FILE TYPE) Wordperfect 2 text file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) WordPerfect 1 Document
WPD2(MAC FILE_TYPE) WordPerfect 2
WPD3(MAC FILE TYPE) Wordperfect 3 text file (what happened to the '2'?)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) WordPerfect 3
WPFEnable Word Processing
Form: Informs
WordPerfect form
WorldPort Fax
WPGWordPerfect bitmap or vector image, max. 256 colors
WPG2WordPerfect image
WPJWatcom C/C++ project
WPKWordPerfect for Win macros
WPMWordPerfect macro or Wordperfect for Mac Document
WPPWordPerfect color Palette
WPRWinG project file
WMS project file
WPRD(MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Word print file
WPSMicrosoft Works document
WPTMime: x-lml/x-gps
WordPerfect Document Template
WPWNovel PerfectWorks document
WordPerfect for Windows (picture/tbv)
WPXAdobe printer description, for Postscript printing
WPZSkinZip : WinAmp extension installation file
WQ!Compressed Quatro Pro spreadsheet
WQ1Mime: application/x-lotus
Spreadsheet; Quatro Pro for MS-DOS
WQ2Quattro Pro/DOS version 5 spreadsheet
WQ?Quattro Pro for DOS (?=version)
WR!Compressed Lotus Spreadsheet
WR$Modem Bitware Fax disk6 file
WR1Spreadsheet; Lotus Symphony 1.1, 1.2, 2.0
Windows Mediaforge www.mediaforge.com
WRDCharisma template
Psion Series 3 text document
WRFrequires WebEx Player (this is a WebEx video file)
WRGReGet document
WRIMime: application/mswrite
Mime: application/x-mswrite
Mime: application/x-wri
Windows Write Document
WRKSpreadsheet; Lotus Symphony 1, 1.01
WRLLive3D Plug-in for Netscape 3D live picture; see WRZ
Mime: application/x-world
Mime: i-world/i-vrml
Mime: model/vrml
Mime: x-world/x-vrml
VRML Worlds (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) (Cosmo Player)
WRPCompressed Amiga file archive (Warp)
WRSWindows Resource eg. printer driver (WordPerfect for Win)
WRTWrite text
WRZLive32 Geometry for Netscape
Mime: model/vrml
Mime: x-world/x-vrml
VRML Worlds (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) (Cosmo Player)
WSAPL Worksheet
Windows Script file
WordStar 5.0/6.0 document
WS1WordStar for Windows 1.x document
WS2Document; WordStar 2000
WS3WordStar for Windows 3 document
WS4WordStar for Windows 4 document
WS5WordStar for Windows 5 document
WS6WordStar for Windows 6 document
WS7WordStar for Windows 7 document
WS?WordStar for Windows (?=version)
WS_Visc15 Adressen Setup file
WSCMime: text/scriptlet
Mime: text/sgml
RIO Designer Pro scene file
Windows scripting component file
WSDWordStar 2000 document
WSEWise File
WSFwindows scripting file (vbscript..)(formerly .ws .js .vbs)
WSHWindows Scripting Host
WSPFortran PowerStation workspac
old Workspace Info (MS Visual C++, Fortran)
WSQWavelet-packet Scalar Quantization bitmap
WSRCMime: application/x-wais-source
x-wais source
WSSWindows Sound System
WSTDocument; WordStar
WSXAudio Utility Sysex Wsysex file
WSZWinamp Skin Zip
WT0Template WordExpress ( assistant )
WTBMime: application/vnd.webturbo
(MAC FILE TYPE) Word Template (PC ext: DOT)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 4/5 Template
WTDWinTune Document (database of test results, binary)
WTFWeird wally screen saver editor file
WTKMime: application/x-wintalk
URL address of person to talk to (WinTalk)
WTMP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Word 5 Temp File
WTRWinter Windows scheduler file
WTSNtgraph Qwknetv1 file
WTXMime: text/plain
WinTune Export document
WULWincmd file
WVMime: video/wavelet
WVDStarmoney Filter Zvl32 file
WVEPsion (palmtop) A-law .WVE files
Sound (8kHz) (Psion Series 3)
WVLWavelet Bitmap Picture
WVWInterleaf WorldView format (a PDF format)
WVXAudio/Video Windows Media
Mime: video/x-ms-wvx
WW4WinWhatWhere activity log
WWBWordPerfect button bar
WWDMicrosoft Works Wizards file
WWKWordPerfect keyboard layout
WWLMicrosoft Word add-in file
WWPMicrosoft Works Wizards file
WWSMicrosoft Works Wizards file
WWWabbrev. for World Wide Web
WXDMusic resource file (Relic Entertainment)(Home World)
WXLMime: application/x-wxl
WXPdocument EXP for Windows
WXRwxclips resource file
WXSEasy Cross Software files (http://www.easycross.co.uk).
QuotesNows! data file
WZDSharp Organizer Program or Data File
WZNWhizFolder Document
WZSMS Word Wizard
WZZIGS setup internet account
XAlysis SuperDisk self-extracting archive
Lex language source code
Microsoft Direct-X SDK
Stardent AVS X bitmap image (24bit)
X-file animation (Direct3D) (DeepV2)
X1 archive
XYZ chemical modeller output file
X-PNGMime: image/png
X01Paradox secondary index file
X02Paradox secondary index file
X03Paradox secondary index file
X04Paradox secondary index file
X05Paradox secondary index file
X06Paradox secondary index file
X07Paradox secondary index file
X08Paradox secondary index file
X09Paradox secondary index file
X10Bitmap image (X Window dump)
X11Bitmap image (X Windows system window dump)
X16Macromedia Extra document (16 -bit program extension)
X20Xtree (gold) Dos help file
X32Macromedia Extra document (32 -bit program extension)
X3DMime: application/vnd.hzn-3d-crossword
x3d and xdart formats
X40Xtree (gold) Dos help file
X4MTeamLinks Mail File Data
X5Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
X50Xtree (gold) Dos help file
X60Xtree (gold) Dos help file
X70Xtree (gold) Dos help file
X80Xtree (gold) Dos help file
X90Xtree (gold) Dos help file
XASony Playstation audio files
XA0Xtree (gold) Dos help file
XABMicrosoft Mail address book
XANNXANN Packer format (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
XARCorel Xara drawing
Mime: application/vnd.xara
XB0Xtree (gold) Dos help file
XBDMime: application/vnd.fujixerox.docuworks.binder
XBFData base file
XBMMime: image/x-xbitmap
Mime: image/x-xbm
Mime: image/xbm
X Windows system BitMap image
XBNcygnus ld-scripts file
XB~compressed Ic file
XCBitmap image (X server screen)
XC0Xtree (gold) Dos help file
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Excel 4 (PC ext: XLS)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Excel 5 (PC ext: XLS)
XCFGimp Bitmap image format
XCKExtended crack file (usually text)
XCLXtree for Win script
XCOF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Mac OS Object Library
XDCcs-lib.2 Examples Motif-cc file
XD0Xtree (gold) Dos help file
XDCT(MAC FILE_TYPE) XPress Dictionary
XDETgif-3.0 file
XDFExtended disk format image (OS/2 xdfcopy.exe)
XDLXML Schema file
XDMMime: application/x-xdma
X-Windows Dump
XDMAMime: application/x-xdma
XDOAnimation Formula Graphics
XDOC(MAC FILE TYPE) Xpress (all versions) (PC ext: QXD)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Xpress file
(MAC FILE_TYPE) XPress 3 Layout
Xerox ScanWorX and Textbridge OCR File Format (Word)
XDRMime: video/x-amt-demorun
XML data reduced file
XDWMime: application/vnd.fujixerox.docuworks
XE0Xtree Dos help file
XEDXED chemical modeller input file
XED chemical modeller output file
XENXenu Document open with: XENU.EXE
XFDLMime: application/vnd.xfdl
XFILatex Figures file
XFMCooledit 1.50 file
Coolwave 2000 file
XFNPrinter font (Xerox 4045) (Ventura Publisher)
XFRVentura Publisher bitmap editor font file
XFT24 pin printer font (ChiWriter)
XFXFax File (various)
XG0Database Index; Paradox secondary index; see YG0; changes to XG1
XG1Database Index; Also XG2, XG3...
XG2Database Index; Also XG3...
XG3Database Index; Also XG4...
XGLMegaBitz graphics language file
XGZMegaBitz vector drawing
Mime: xgl/drawing
XHTMLLibxml Html file
XIFastracker 2.0 instrument file
XIFeXtended Image File Format
Mime: image/vnd.xiff
Xerox DIFF image format
XIMX11 Xim Toolkit bitmap
XIPHP95 Execute-in-place program (modified EXE/like com)
XLMime: application/excel
Ms Excel spreadsheet
XL$Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
XLAMime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
Mime: application/x-msexcel
Ms eXceL Addin macro sheet
Xlib Archive (Xlib graphics library)
XLA8(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 98 Add-in
XLA_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 4 Add-In
XLBMime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
Ms ExceL Spreadsheet
XLB4(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 4 Toolbar
XLB5(MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Toolbar
XLB8(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 8 Toolbar
(MAC FILE TYPE) Excel 1 spreadsheet
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
XLCMicrosoft Excel chart
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
XLC3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 3 Chart
XLC_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 2.2 Chart
XLDMicrosoft Excel dialogue
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/x-excel
XLGXnetech Engraving Logo File
XLKMicrosoft Excel backup
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/x-excel
XLLMicrosoft Excel add-in
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
XLL_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 4 Add-In
XLMMicrosoft Excel macro
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
XLM3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 3 Macro
XLM_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 2.2 Macro
XLPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel Setting File
XLRMS Works File
XLSMicrosoft Excel worksheet
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
Mime: application/x-msexcel
XLS3(MAC FILE TYPE) Excel 3 spreadsheet
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 3 Spreadsheet
XLS4(MAC FILE TYPE) Excel 4 (PC ext: XLS)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Excel 4 spreadsheet
XLS5(MAC FILE TYPE) Excel 5 (PC ext: XLS)
XLS8(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 98 Spreadsheet
XLS_(MAC FILE TYPE) Excel 2.2 spreadsheet
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 2.2 Spreadsh
XLTMicrosoft Excel template
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
Translation table (Lotus 123/Symphony/Procomm Plus)
Translation table many prgs
XLTB(MAC FILE_TYPE) DataViz Translator
XLVMicrosoft Excel VBA module
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/x-excel
XLWMicrosoft Excel workbook / workspace
Mime: application/excel
Mime: application/vnd.ms-excel
Mime: application/x-excel
Mime: application/x-msexcel
XLW3(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 3 Workbook
XLW_(MAC FILE_TYPE) Excel 2.2 Workbook
XMCubic Player file
FastTracker 2, Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
Mime: audio/x-mod
Mime: audio/xm
sound file
XMBX-Wing Mission Briefing File
XMFGcreated by MediaForge. See www.mediaforge.com
XMICompressed eXtended MIdi music
XMLInternet document; Extensible Markup Language; many prgs even. MS Office later 98
Mime: application/xml
Mime: text/vnd.IPTC.NewsML
Mime: text/vnd.IPTC.NITF
Mime: text/vnd.wap.si
Mime: text/vnd.wap.sl
Mime: text/vnd.wap.wml
Mime: text/xml
XMPSpice Pspice Lib file
XMSeXtended Memory Specification (XMS), ver 3.0 Microsoft
XMTXMT_auto_file open with: TriSpect.exe
XMZMime: audio/x-mod
Mime: xgl/movie
XGL movie (MegaView)
XNcygnus ld-scripts file
XNFStandard Network File form
XNKMicrosoft Exchange shortcut
XNTSpice Pspice Lib file
XONAxon datafile
XOSXaos Tools bitmap image
XOTXnetech Job Output File
XOWN=Xtras files Type "Xtra" Creator "Xown" (MAC)
XPSystem Util file
XPIXMime: application/x-vnd.ls-xpix
Nonogram puzzle
XPKSpice Pspice Lib file
XPLXset plugins file
XPMMime: image/x-xpixmap
Mime: image/x-xpm
Mime: image/xpm
Unix-X11 PixMap (256 color image for X Windows) (8bit text)
XPRMime: application/vnd.is-xpr
XPR3(MAC CREATOR CODE) EPS created by Xpress (PC ext: EPS)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) QuarkXpress 3
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Xpress (all versions) (PC ext: QXD)
XPSbackup for xport .sps by sharkport
XPWMime: application/vnd.intercon.formnet
XPXMime: application/vnd.intercon.formnet
XQTSuperCalc macro spreadsheet
Waffle executable
XRcygnus ld-scripts file
XR1Epic MegaGames Xargon game data
XREFCross reference file(AIX as)
XRFCross Reference
XRSRealplayer Plugin Extresources file
XSBXQ-Xsetup backup file
XSCXML schema
XSDXML schema description file
XSLMime: text/xml
Mime: text/xsl
Steuer2001 file
XSRMime: video/x-amt-showrun
XSTTanner Ledit : Crossview data
XSUFortran Libf77 file
XSUMClapack file
XTFastTracker music track
XT*Crosstalk Related File
XTBLocoScript External Translation TaBle
XTGQuark Xpress 3.32 tags files
XTMP(MAC FILE TYPE) Xpress template
(MAC FILE_TYPE) XPress 3 Template
XTND(MAC FILE_TYPE) Acrobat Plug-in
XTPXTreeGold overlay
XTRRealArcade Compressed Data File
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Quark Xtra
Xtras files Type "Xtra" Creator "Xown" (MAC)
XUcygnus ld-scripts file
XULXML User Interface Language
Mime: text/xul
XVVIFF bitmap image (Khoros Visualization Image File Format)
XVRSuperscape Viscape file
XVUBOClean Database File
XWCCrosstalk for Windows Compiled Script
XWDMime: image/x-xwd
Mime: image/x-xwindowdump
X Windows window screen dump/bitmap
XWFYamaha XG Works
XWIX-Wing Mission File
XWKKeyboard mapping (Crosstalk)
XWPCrosstalk for Windows Phone book
Xerox Writer document
XWSCrosstalk for Windows Script
XWZXset wizards file
XXXXEncoded file (ASCII) (xxdecode/xxencode). 7bit ASCII attachments for email programs that can't handle binary attachments
XXEXXEncoded file (ASCII) (xxencode). 7bit ASCII attachments for email programs that can't handle binary attachments
XXTExtension DLL (seldom)
XXXSysinfo SA51SWE file
XYXyWrite document
XY3XYWrite III document
XY4XY Write IV document
XY4VXYWrite IV document
XY?XyWrite document (?=version)
XYPXY Write III Plus document
XYWXYWrite for Windows 3x/4.0 document
XYZMime: chemical/x-pdb
Mime: chemical/x-xyz
Moleculeviewer models file
XYZ chemical modeller input file
YBitmap image (subsampled raw YUV )
Compressed Amiga file archive (Yabba)
Grammar file (Unix Yacc)
Y01Paradox secondary index file
Y02Paradox secondary index file
Y03Paradox secondary index file
Y04Paradox secondary index file
Y05Paradox secondary index file
Y06Paradox secondary index file
Y07Paradox secondary index file
Y08Paradox secondary index file
Y09Paradox secondary index file
YALArts & Letters clipart library
YAODL3d Graphic
YARYAK archiv
YBKMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook
YBMBitmap image (Face file)
YCYACC archive
YCC2d Graphic
YCPImage ASCII art
YDLYet Another Object Description Language (Silicon Graphics Powerflip)
YELYellow color separation. BLA (Black) CYA (Cyan), MAG (Magenta) Adobe Color Separation
YG0Database Index : Paradox secondary index
YG1Database Index : Paradox secondary index
YG2Database Index : Paradox secondary index
YG3Database Index : Paradox secondary index
YG4Database Index : Paradox secondary index
YIFGraphics (color with lookup table)
YMAtari ST Audio
YMAPYgnius Computer Aided Thinking File
YNAudio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
YNXMidiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
YUVBitmap image (Abekas YUV SECAM or PAL file CCIR 601 1:1:1 file)
YUV 16Bits image format
YUV3Bitmap image (CCIR 601 2:1:1 file)
YYCWave sapphire dist file
YZCompressed file archive (YAC)
YZ1Mime: application/x-yz1
ZMime: application/x-compress
Mime: application/x-compressed
Unix,compressed, in combin. with tar = taz (modified Lempel-Ziv compression) (Unix SysV pack)
Z0Zonealarm Mailsafe renamed file =.JS
Z1Zonealarm Mailsafe renamed file =.VB
Z3Infocom game module for Z-machine version 3
Z5Infocom game module for Z-machine version 5
Z8Infocom game module for Z-machine version 8
Z80Files for the X128 Spectrum 128 Emulator( James McKay )
Z?See ZL below
ZACMime: application/x-zaurus-zac
ZADZFax digitized voice file
ZAPFilwrangler Compressed File
MS Windows Software Installation Settings
ZAPD(MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Hard Drive File
ZBRZoner Zebra Metafile (preview) image format
ZCZipkey Configuration
ZCNOmnipage Data file
ZCPZortech 21 Sample Work file
ZCVZortech 3 readme file
ZDBQuicken intuit(old) de online file
ZDGCompressed ZiffNet text document (Zview)
ZDRBatch Ziff-Davis PC benchmark
ZEISSZeiss CSLM bitmap image
ZERZerberus data file
ZFDZeroadic functions (ABC programming language)
ZFSC++ Assembly Source
ZGMBitmap; Zenographics
ZHNetscape Communicator java classes file
ZH_TWNetscape Communicator java classes file
ZHPZipped SwiftView File
ZIFXsys doc file
ZIMCompressed Mac file(PagePath Tech)
ZINCZinc Interface Library icon file
ZIPArchive (PKZip/InfoZIP/WinZip)
Mime: application/x-compressed
Mime: application/x-zip-compressed
Mime: application/zip
Mime: multipart/x-zip
ZIP_(MAC CREATOR CODE) Zipped archive (PC ext: ZIP)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Zipped archive (PC ext: ZIP)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) ZIP Archive Drive Filezip
ZIXQuicken intuit(old) de online file
ZJRArchive tbv
ZKAQuicken6 file
ZL0AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .ade
ZL1AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .adp
ZL2AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .bas
ZL3AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .bat
ZL4AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .chm
ZL5AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .cmd
ZL6AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .com
ZL7AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .cpl
ZL8AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .crt
ZL9AAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .exe
ZLAAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .hlp
ZLBAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .hta
ZLCAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .inf
ZLDAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .ins
ZLEAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .isp
ZLFAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .jse
ZLGAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .lnk
ZLHAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .mdb
ZLIAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .mde
ZLIBArchiv(linux zlib compressed)
ZLJAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .msc
ZLKAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .msi
ZLLAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .msp
ZLMAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .mst
ZLNAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .pcd
ZLOAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .pif
ZLPAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .reg
ZLQAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .scr
ZLRAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .sct
ZLSAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .shs
ZLTAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .url
ZLUAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .vbe
ZLVAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .vbs
ZLWAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .wsc
ZLXAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .wsf
ZLYAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .wsh
ZLZAAICWpro/ZoneAlarm Mailsafe renamed File = .shb
ZM0AAICWpro mailsafe renamed file = .js
ZM1AAICWpro mailsafe renamed file = .vbe
ZM2AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .wsh
ZM3AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .mdt
ZM4AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .mdw
ZM5AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .mdz
ZM6AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .shb
ZM7AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .scf
ZM8AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .pl
ZM9AAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .pm
ZM?ZSNES Movie (? = number of the movie)
ZMAAAICWpro Mailsafe renamed File = .dll
ZMFZoner Draw document used by Zoner Draw cd label program from www.zoner.com
ZMKZ-Up Maker Project File
ZNFData File for Selt extractor
ZNMMovie files (used in Lucas' Starwars pod race )
ZOMCompressed Amiga file archive (Zoom)
ZONBullsEye Custom zones
ZOOcompressed format
Mime: application/octet-stream
ZPDZeroadic predicates (ABC programming language)
ZPMZortech 3 source Clib file
ZPRF(MAC FILE_TYPE) ZipIt Preferences
ZRLZR FileWorks List
ZRPRapid simulation package
ZSHMime: text/x-script.zsh
Unix shell script (zsh)
ZSYS(MAC FILE_TYPE) System Document
(MAC FILE_TYPE) System File
ZTARDISTMime: application/x-ztardist
ZTCZortech 21 Readme file
ZTSZ-Term script
ZUNRecogsp file
ZVDZyxel Voicefile (Z-Fax)
ZWChinese text
ZWBZortech 21 Readme file
ZZEEncoded file archive (ASCII)
!!!Read Me file
!CZX Spectrum Hobetta picture format
###DoubleSpace compressed volume
QTIC tmp
#24LocoScript printer file (24 pin)
#GFMetaFont font file
#IBLocoScript printer data file
#SCLocoScript printer data file
#STLocoScript standard mode printer definitions
$VB Basic Symbol file
$#!Aol5.0 Virchk file
$$$backup file /many prgs
OS/2 to keep track of archived files
Temporary file
$$_Midiprg Capella compressed file
$$AOS/2 file
$$FOS/2 database
$$POS/2 notes
$$SOS/2 spreadsheet
$00Pipe; also $01, $02...
$01Midi file
$02Midi file
$1ZX Spectrum file in HOBETA format
$CZX Spectrum Hobetta picture format
$D$OS/2 Planner data
$DBdBase IV temporary
$EDMs C editor temporary file
$EUMidiprg Mustat compressed file
$IDMidiprg Steinberg Cubasis compressed file
$LLMidiprg Steinberg Cubasis compressed file
$LNBorland C++ TLink response file
$MSF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Configuration
$NGMidiprg Mustat compressed file
$O1Pipe file (DOS)
$OLDOS pipe file
$ONMidiprg Steinberg Cubasis Fonts compressed file
$RIMidiprg Steinberg Cubasis Mme_mpu compressed file
$RRMidiprg Steinberg Cubasis compressed file
$SZX Spectrum Hobetta picture format
$TFMidiprg Steinberg Cubasis Fonts compressed file
$VMWindows 3.x Virtual Manager temporary file
$WMEpson creativ studio 30 example file
$XEMidiprg Mustat compressed file
&&&Temporary file
)2(LHA archiver temporary file
-5Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
..CT(MAC FILE TYPE) Scitex Image (put 8BIM as creator if you want that files open directly in Photoshop when you double-click on them on the Mac
.BMP(MAC FILE_TYPE) Poser Bump Map
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows BitMap
.OBX(MAC FILE_TYPE) Poser Object
.WMF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows MetaFile
.WP4(MAC FILE TYPE) PC WP4 file as seen by Wordperfect 2 for the Mac
.WP5(MAC FILE TYPE) PC WP51 file as seen by Wordperfect 2 for the Mac
.WP6(MAC FILE_TYPE) WordPerfect 6
0Javasoft Jre 1.3 lib file
Microsoft Flight Simulator Texture file
0-RPng file
0-WPng file
000MS Double Space (eg DBLSPACE.000)
000-999often backup versions of files eg config.000
001Hayes JT FAX fax
Often used as backup file or see above
001-Game resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
001-999Database index files by Superbase
002Driveimage5 Setup file
003Driveimage5 Setup file
004Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
005Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
006Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
007Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
008Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
009Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
00_Winfnkt8 file
00BPenSoft Payroll Backup File
01Game: fifa 2001 user file
010Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
011Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
012Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
013Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
014Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
015Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
016Formula 1 car race 2001 file
017Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
018Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
019Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
01_Winfunktion 8 file
01BPenSoft Payroll Backup File
020Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
021Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
022Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
023Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
024Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
025Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
026Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
027Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
028Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
029Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
02_Winfunktion 8 file
030Printer driver file
031Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
032Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
033Printer driver file
034Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
035Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
036Printer driver file
037Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
038Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
039Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
03_Winfunktion 8 file
040Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
041Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
042Printer driver file
043Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
044Printer driver file
045Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
046Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
047Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
048Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
049Printer driver file
04_Winfunktion 8 file
050Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
051Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
052Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
053Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
054Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
055Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
056Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
057Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
058Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
059Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
05_Winfunktion 8 file
060Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
061Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
062Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
063Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
064Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
065Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
066Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
067Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
068Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
069Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
06_Winfunktion 8 file
070Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
071Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
072Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
073Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
074Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
075Ventura Publisher 75x75 dpi font
076Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
077Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
078Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
079Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
080Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
081Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
082Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
083Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
084Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
085Ventura Publisher 85x85 dpi font
086Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
087Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
088Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
089Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
090Printer driver file
091Ventura Publisher 91x91 dpi font
092Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
093Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
094Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
095Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
096Ventura Publisher 96x96 dpi font
097Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
098Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
099Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
0BPageMaker printer font with lineDraw extended character set
0HAMaestro Mama file
0NVcygwin terminfo file
0RVcygwin terminfo file
1Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
1-CGraphlib Urt file
1-PPng file
1-STEPBackup file (Iomega Backup)
10"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
100Designer graphics file
101Omnipage Ocr file
102Omnipage Ocr file
103Omnipage Ocr file
104Omnipage Ocr file
105Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
106Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
107Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
108Omnipage Ocr file
109Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
10NVcygwin terminfo file
10RVcygwin terminfo file
10XGemini 10x printer bitmap graphics
11"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
110Omnipage Ocr file
111Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
112Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
113Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
114Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
115Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
116Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
117Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
118Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
119Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
12"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
120Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
121Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
122Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
123Lotus 123 97 data
Mime: application/lotus
Mime: application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3
124Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
125Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
126Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
127Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
128Omnipage Ocr file
129Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
12MLotus 123 97 smartmaster
12UPageMaker Font File
13"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
130Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
131Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
132Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
133Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
134Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
135Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
136Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
137Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
138Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
139Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
14"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
140Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
141Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
142Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
143Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
144Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
145Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
146Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
147Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
148Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
149Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
15"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
150Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
151Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
152Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
153Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
154Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
155Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
156Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
157Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
158Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
159Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
15UPageMaker printer font with PI font set
16"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
160Omnipage Ocr file
161Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
162Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
163Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
164Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
165Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
166Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
167Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
168Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
169Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
16_Ntgraph Setup file
17"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
170Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
171Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
172Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
173Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
174Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
175Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
176Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
177image file
178Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
179Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
18"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
180Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
181Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
182Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
183Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
184Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
185Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
186Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
187Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
188Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
189Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
19"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
190Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
191Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
192Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
193Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
194Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
195Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
196Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
197Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
198Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
199Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
1AUWave afsp man Audio file
1Mcygwin man file
1PETurboTax Form File
1PSMan Ps file
1ST'Readme.1st' is a textfile
1TFortran file
1TX1toX File (Logipole)
2"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
20Saltlake city game Music file
200Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
201Starmoney Agent Rollback file
202Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
203Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
204Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
205Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
206Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
207Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
208Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
209Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
21Saltlake city game Music file
210Starmoney Bpd Hbcioffl 280 file
211Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
212DOC file
213Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
214Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
215Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
216Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
217Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
218Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
219Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
22Saltlake city game Music file
220Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
221Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
222Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
223Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
224Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
225Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
226Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
227Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
228Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
229Winfunktion 8 grafik Julia1 file
230Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
231Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
232Microsoft Office Install/tbv
233Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
234Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
235Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
236Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
237Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
238Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
239Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
24Saltlake city game Music file
240Winfunktion v8 Julia fractal file
24B24B bitmap image
25Saltlake city game Music file
255SBIG Astronomical Image
256Formula 1 car race 2001 file
25NVcygwin terminfo file
25RVcygwin terminfo file
28Saltlake city game Music file
281Asm Md86 file
286very old Virtual device driver (Win 3.x/ Windows standard mode)
2ADictionary file
2BPPocket PC bitmap
2CLK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Frontier Script File
2DAmapi picture format
2GR286 GRabber file
2NDalgs5.2 file
3"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
301Brook Trout image
Fax (Super FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96)
303Seq-303 Settings
32Saltlake city game Music file
320Screamtracker 32 file
323New Media Phone, H.323 Internet Telephony
32_Ntgraph Setup file
32CSystem driver file
32NSystem driver file
32SWin 32s file
34Saltlake city game Music file
340Chromelion Demo Data File
36Saltlake city game Music file
37Saltlake city game Music file
370Printer driver file
386Virtual device driver (Windows 386 enhanced mode)
38_Compr. Tvideo card Neu file
3BData Flex 2.3b (.DAT)
3DAtari Stereo CAD-3D objects graphics format
3D0tracks for grand prix legends (by papyrus)
3D2Atari Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 objects graphics format
3D3Grafik Anim file
3D4Atari Stereo CAD-3D objects graphics format
3DDGrafik Anim file
3DFQuickdraw 3D file
3DI3d graphic file
3DMMime: model/vnd.flatland.3dml
Mime: text/vnd.in3d.3dml
Mime: x-world/x-3dmf
Quickdraw 3D metafile
3DMF(MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickDraw 3D Model
3D MetaFile for Quickdraw 3D (MacOS)
Mime: x-world/x-3dmf
3DML3DML (3 Dimentional Markup Language) dat file
Mime: model/vnd.flatland.3dml
Mime: text/vnd.in3d.3dml
3DOTank3 demo file
3DPSerif 3D Plus
3DSAutodesk 3D Studio 3D scene
3DTTexture 3D
3DVGrafic 3dv file
3DX3d Graphic
3DZEasy 3D Creator Project File
3FXCorelChart 3D effects
Picture CorelChart
3GRDevice Driver
Windows Screen Grabber for MS-DOS applications
3INConfiguration MSN Setup Information
3PSMan Ps file
3RDalgs5.2 file
3TOften man file
3T4Util3 binary file converter to ascii
3TATriple-T Animation
3TPTriple-T Plug-in
3Xcygwin man file
3~6Win3 System file(compr)
4"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
40Aol40 organizer file
400Designer graphics file
404Fruitypro Samples Ts404 presets file
411Mavica picture format
42Saltlake city game Music file
44CWCDATA file
45Saltlake city game Music file
486system driver file 486 and higher
49Saltlake city game Music file
4BTGoDot picture format
4C$4Cast/2 datafile
4DB4th Dimension Structure file
4DD4D Chart
4th Dimension Data File
4DR4th Dimension Data Resource File
4DX4th Dimension Pugin File
4FI4th Dimension Insider File
4GEInformix 4GL compiled source code
4GLInformix 4GL language source code
4MDMusic file
4PPPhotoparade Slideshow; player: www.photoparade.com/player
4SW4DOS SWap File
4THForth source code
4X44X4 off road game
5"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
510Cthugha 51 file
555Sierra graphic uncompressed semi interlace
586Asm586 file
5DMsworks file
5OODos7 file
5PSMan Ps file
5THalgs5.2 file
6"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
64BC64 Pc64 Emul file
64CC64 Pc64 Emul file
64DC64 Pc64 Emul file
64KC64 Pc64 Emul file
668Music (mixing always at 12048Hz)
669669 Composer music (8 channels MOD)
68Pc Curses 14 file
682Trend Pc-cillin 2000 file
686Asm686 file
6CMSound; 669 Composer
Triton FastTracker music (6 Channel Module)
7"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
712Htmst712 file
73ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
75Ventura Publisher 75x75 dpi display font
777777 compressed file archive
7INI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager
7PSMan Ps file
7XEKeeboo web book import shortcut
8A86 ASM assembly language source code file
800PC-Config Vers. 8
820Whatsnew.820 = PC-Config 8.20 Info
82ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
83ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
83PTI-Graph Link (TI-83 Program)
85Ventura Publisher 85x85 dpi display font
850Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
852Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
854Bitmap. Same as BMP. Saved in 8514 resolution for MS MRBC.EXE;
85ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
866Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 file
86ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
89ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
8B?Plug-in Photoline 32
8BAAdobe PhotoShop Import dll
8BAM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Acquirer
8BBR(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Brushes
8BCAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Plugins file
8BCO(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Color Table
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Colors
8BCT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Palette
8BDT(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Duotone File
8BEPlug-in filter for Adobe-compatible paint program(PhotoShop Export Plugin)
8BEM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Path File
8BFPlug-in filter for Adobe-compatible paint programs dll
8BFK(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Commands
8BFM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Filter
8BIPhotoshop Plugins Formats file
8BI8Adobe PhotoShop Plugin Format
8BIF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Converter
8BIM(MAC CREATOR CODE) Photoshop 3/4 files (PC ext: PSD)
(MAC CREATOR CODE) Adobe Photoshop
(MAC FILE TYPE) Photoshop 3/4 files (PC ext: PSD)
(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Image epsd
8BLAdobe PhotoShop Plugin Format
8BPAdobe PhotoShop Import
8BPF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Prefs File
8BPI(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Plug-in
8BPS(MAC FILE TYPE) Photoshop (PC ext: PSD)
(MAC FILE TYPE) Transparent
8BSAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Plugins file
8BXAdobe PhotoShop Plugin Extension
8BXM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Plug-in
8BYPhotoshop Plugins Formats file
8BYM(MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Acquirer
Triton FastTracker music (8 Channel Module)
8LIAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Plugins file
8LYAdobe Photoshop 5.0 Sdk Plugins file
8MMath 8 extended character set printer font (PageMaker)
8MEDAmiga OctaMed music
8SVXAmiga 8-bit sound
8URoman 8 extended character set printer font (PageMaker)
9"IBM Voice Type" languages scripts Data file
Saltlake city game Music file
906Calcomp plotter
907Vector graphics (CalComp 907 Plot file)
91Ventura Publisher 91x91 dpi display font
911Config 911s file
915Config 915e file
917Trend Antivirus File
92ITI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 Bitmap
96Ventura Publisher 96x96 dpi display font
98Dll Directx Migrate file
99_Casino game file
9BWavetool file
9BTWavetool file
??$Ms Compress archive
???often audio file (dictation software)
??_Ms Compress archive
??MPEMP3 Digital Player Wrapper
??ZCompress/Gzip Unix Archive
?Q?SQ (Squeeze) Archive
?RSWordPerfect Support File
@@@Screen files used in installation or instructions
Screen files used in the installation and instruction by e.g. Microsoft Codeview for C
[B]Image Amica Paint
^FSF(MAC FILE_TYPE) Ghostscript
_00Midiprg Soundtrack compressed file
_01Midiprg Soundtrack compressed file
_02Midiprg Soundtrack compressed file
_1Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
_2Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
_3Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
_8Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file
___Adinf table
_DBStratum data Icons file
_DDRepair file by Norton Disk Doctor
_DLcompressed dll file
_DMNuts n Bolts Disk Minder Recovered File (Helix Software now part of McAfee)
_HAdobe Type Manager Japanese font outline see PFB
_MERead Me file
_VAdobe Type Manager Japanese font metrics; see PFM
{PBBackup (WordPerfect)
~Temporary File
~$~1st Reader temporary file
~1~Illum src file
~APOld AppExpert project database (Borland C++ 4.x)
~BMImg Rc file
~CPbackup of Borland C++ Builder Source file
~CUCursor file
~DEProject backup (Borland C++ 4.x)
~DFbackup of Borland C++ Builder form definition file
Delphi Form Backup of a DFM file
~DPDelphi Project Backup of a DPR file
~Hbackup of Borland C++ Builder Source file
~MNMenu backup (Norton Commander)
~NTNT Install Files (Used between first & second reboot)
~PADelphi Pascal Backup of a PAS file
~PRProject backup file (Terramodel)
~REImg file
~SGTapCIS Message Index File
~~Temporary file
~~AAp file
~~DWindows Applog file
~~FWindows Applog file
~~MWindows Applog file
~~~Temporary file
4B(MAC FILE_TYPE) Cross-Platform Database
4D(MAC FILE_TYPE) Cross Platform Document
4M(MAC FILE_TYPE) Cross Platform