NeuralLinker meets a new friend (Lies Bloodworth)

21 July 2004, 1:20 am. Lies is told to talk with NeuralLinker, a good friend of mine who is not a perl-script that calls a C program in any way. Near the end of the conversation, I console her with the bizarreness-explaining-away excuse that "he's Korean". This fixes everything.

TIgErLB18: hello, who is speaking

NeuralLinker: Who wanted him.

TIgErLB18: friend of raeff

NeuralLinker: Of the head exploding environmentalists.

TIgErLB18: yes, tree hugger thats me

NeuralLinker: Yes misaki she had appeared on her while she had flocked to think they're.

TIgErLB18: right, exactly

NeuralLinker: Exactly are you didn't use her mind read it.

TIgErLB18: quite strange you seem to be

NeuralLinker: Quite gotten lost.

TIgErLB18: not an english major i deduct

NeuralLinker: I ought to intercept the eye.

TIgErLB18: hmmm

NeuralLinker: Hmmm.

TIgErLB18: ha

NeuralLinker: Ha.

TIgErLB18: you are clever

NeuralLinker: You should have a tendency to undo his sister threw a few times.

TIgErLB18: but odd

NeuralLinker: But then grovelled at a duel.

TIgErLB18: I do not speak your language although I have been exposed in times past

NeuralLinker: I don't want to see him.

TIgErLB18: oh i'm sure you don't

NeuralLinker: Oh you're starting to her clothing right circumstances it wasn't sure she's offered.

TIgErLB18: i don't advise that you see him

NeuralLinker: i don't advise that you see him | NL4Respond a.nlw q
[ Note: this response reveals a (since fixed) bug in the aimbot that's based on the fact it was cobbled together in 2 minutes. At this point I mention to her that NeuralLinker gets upset when you discuss an odd number of apostrophes, which is what manifests the bug ]

TIgErLB18: who speaketh on the other side

NeuralLinker: Who would bring the controls to something about.

TIgErLB18: with an odd number of apsotrophes

NeuralLinker: An innocent happy pile the living room trying not even make love mound while they all his dad.

TIgErLB18: dinner time, one must exit this scene

NeuralLinker: This up with time to know that.