Journal - 23 August 2000: Untitled

It appears I am engaging in the university experience, with all its stereotypical oddities. After finishing a hearty can of Beefaroni (the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions), I now down to type the first of what will surely be a large quantity of journal entries. With the advent of ResNet to my PC, I am elated to play streaming audio whilst I type. What a full and intense day it has been. After two scheduling debacles regarding labs, I think I'm finally ready to proceed normally. In the field of reading, I have little to react to beyond my economics text and repeated "readings" of my map. The former was a bit interesting in that the text, which was written by my professor, reads exactly like the author speaks. Even the examples are either the same, or at least very similar. I intend to begin reading The Sound and the Fury within the week, as soon as I have a spare moment. Probably the most interesting thing to report is my previous experience with our Literature text. Four years ago, I studied works from the very same text the freshman year of high school, in which I participated in the International Baccalaureate program. I guess it just goes to show how intense the program was, for now I am reading the very same Young Goodman Brown and A Rose for Emily I remember dreading then. With four years under my belt since then, I don't think those works will present any challenge in terms of interpretation. I still recall my feeble attempt to comprehend A Tale of Two Cities the same year. What a horrid disaster for myself and my freshman class to attempt that book. Later I reread the book, and found the depth of symbolism to be rather amazing (instead of the feeling of hopeless confusion it presented me before). As I look back on this entry, it seems I'll have to work on my organization for journal entries in the future. But such efforts will have to wait until another day, for now I must sleep.


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