Journal - 28 August 2000: The Beast

This is my first entry to warrant a title. It is a twisted, ongoing tale of revival and rebirth. It is the story of the beast.

Sitting alone on my bed, I read some textbook apathetically under the lamp's light. "This is college," I thought to myself. "Little more than eccentric professors waving rambling textbooks at unsuspecting students". I was awakened from my pessimistic reverie by a knock at my door and the sound of footsteps fleeing. I opened the door, and beheld a tattered, torn box from years past. I looked toward the suite door to see a man leaving. I pursued him, not knowing what trickery was being wrought upon my head. When I reached the door, he was gone. I look quizzically down the breezeway, until a voice echoed from the dank, stony stairwell. "You could use it more than I." In my naiveté, I assumed this is some freshman initiation prank, shrugged, and wandered back to my room. I lifted the medieval cardboard box and lugged it into my room. I removed the dusty tape and let light shine into what had been dark since time immemorial. Though I knew it not, I beheld the beast. Two feet high and housed in steel, I reluctantly pried it from its sarcophagus, and laid it upon the bare cold floor. Its innards were stripped, its memory bare. In short, it was dying. Yet, as fate guides us all, it could not die. For I stood and retrieved from my storage crypt and supply of instruments and organs to breathe life into this tired, venerable beast. I shucked its steel case and installed a 133-megabyte hard drive. As I proceeded, I knew this computer would again know life! I replaced the jumpers long since removed and installed a processor of nearly double the speed. Life with honor and power! I installed an Ethernet card and a video card. Vision and knowledge shan't be denied. I brought it to my desk, and plugged it in. The breath of life is at hand! Upon the large, round, inviting power button I did press, and was rewarded for my efforts with the revival. The rebirth of the oldest and most venerable computer of all was complete. The P-200 again rang with life! The beast shall serve man again! For as death is wrought by men who seek power yet gain nothing, those who seek nothing and thus gain power bestow life.

Well, there was my obligatory foray into fiction. Hope it didn't suck too badly.


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