Journal - 30 August 2000: Untitled

I've deduced why I was having trouble accessing network shares. I had my workgroup set to "workgroup". How could I have been so careless? In any event, the 900 MB/s downloads are flying now. Is this exciting to the average person? No. Is it rather awesome for me? Definitely. In other news, had another software idea recently. I was reading the Intro to Engineering text (the Engineering equivalent of Dr. Seuss) and noted their view on how an engineer works with several other professions, each with its own skills and weaknesses. A set of units with skills and weaknesses...sounds like a strategy game to me. Some sort of corporate engineering game could be constructed whereby the player is an engineer in charge of the units outlined in the text (Physicist, Chemist, Mathematician, Production Manager, Lab Tech, Lawyer, Director of Marketing, and CEO). Its too bad I still can't program C++ enough to do anything of use. All these ideas keep going to waste, or in some cases, someone else writes them a year or so later and succeeds brilliantly. Damn my lack of programming experience! Damn it all to the bowels of bloody, bloody hell! Interesting and embarrassing small story. I accidentally went to lab instead of problem session for chemistry. It did suck indeed. However, it turned out to be a minor incident, because even though I left the incorrect class an hour after it started, I still had a half-hour before the correct class even started. So in short, I win. Be sure to read my next entry I've planned, in which I will relate another excessively over-dramatized tale of an every day occurrence, entitled Nirvana.


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