Journal - 8 September 2000: The Surreal Trip into the World of my Subconscious

My, what an exciting title! I bet you've got your knickers all in a bunch over this one! Yet, despite a rather exciting and provocative title, this entry will actually be rather dull. It will be painfully dull, to be precise. But that is the very point! Perhaps a thesis of sorts is in order. No matter how exciting the premise of one of my dreams is, it inevitably turns out to be rather mundane.

An example of such a paradox, you ask? Very well. I find myself walking down stairs in my apartment. At the bottom of the stairs is the dining room. At the table is a ninja, complete with black stealth regalia and a razor-sharp katana sitting at his side. He is looking at a plate on which a well-done steak is sitting. I know what you must be thinking: "A ninja? This is going to be awesome!" Your thought is false, dear reader. I simply instruct him to eat the steak. Does he throw it in the air and slice it to bite-sized chunks with the snicker-snack of his centuries-old katana? Of course not! That would be interesting. He calmly picks up a steak knife and fork, cuts the meat, and calmly chews it. To quote a good friend of mine, "What the crap is that?" No action, no sword play, nothing! I calmly go walking upstairs after this and the dream ends.

Another example? Ok, but this is the last one, I do have things to do. The dream opens with me somehow realizing that due to a paperwork error, I have been sent to kindergarten. "Sent to kindergarten. Surely some other odd things will happen!" quoth the reader. Falsity! I arrive, and participate in a completely uneventful series of lessons. On the way home, my cellular phone rings, and it is Shampoo (a character from a popular Japanese animated show entitled Ranma Half). However, the person on the phone was completely uninteresting. There was no high-pitched broken English, talk of seducing fiancées, or even a single 'Nihao', as the identity of the caller would imply. It was just incessant rambling for about 5 minutes. That was the end of the dream.

Now, many great thinkers of the past had a dream. In their dreams, something interesting was present. Be it racial equality or a word without despair, something was there. I am an American. I am a citizen of the most powerful nation on Earth. We sent a man to the moon! I don't think I'm asking too much to simply have interesting dreams.

As I reread the previous entry, I am startled at how nonsensical it is. I apologize. I am simply too tired to be writing journal entries. I'll make it up next time with a tale of hope and redemption. All I have to do is live through an even that warrants such a story between now and then. It shan't be a problem.


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