Journal - 27 September 2000: Two Dreams

The last two nights I've had two dreams. The first follows my earlier point that all my dreams, regardless of premise, are ultimately boring. The second does not follow this trend, and is quite awesome. I will relate these dreams now.

Dream 1: I dreamt I forgot my shopping list. The banality of this is magnified by the fact that this has happened every Saturday for four weeks. The result depicted within the dream was virtually the same with what happens normally. I curse to myself, write down everything I can remember on my hand, and buy that stuff. Wow. It's a wonder I didn't wake up in a cold sweat over this catastrophe.

Dream 2: The wind howls slightly through a damp forest. I look at my faceless partner, and back at the informant. Who is the informant? He is Slimer, of Ghostbusters' fame. Awesomeness? He is relating how he purposefully allowed himself to be caught by the Ghostbusters so they would put him in the containment unit. He did this in order to fight crime in said ghost containment unit. He was about to reveal a crucial point about something relating to his time in the containment unit, when I hear a car door close. On the edge of the forest is a small paved road. A small white vehicle that appears to be a cheap car of the 80s is parked, and a man in a flowing toga is walking out of it. It is Socrates. Famed Greek philosopher Socrates is coming toward us. He wants to shut Slimer up for some reason. How does he intend to do this? He has a phaser (the beam-shooting weapon from Star Trek). For some reason, I recognize the phaser as the Type 3 phaser used in Star Trek: The Next Generation (Yes, I know the different classes of phasers used on different ships in different Star Trek series). He is about to vaporize Slimer (which presents all kinds of neat physics problems given that Slimer is supposedly comprised of plasma) when the dream ends. I don't actually wake up; it's just that the dream ends. Perhaps this heralds a new age of dreams that don't put me to sleep, so to speak.


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