June 4, 2001.

Dear Irene,

            I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful home.  So far my vaction has sucked.  That is just the truth about it.  My family does seem how to get along, apparently.  I have tried to enjoy myself. But I do tove the house.  I have been here since June 2, 2001, but when I woke up this morning I felt so peaceful.  I hope the rest of the week o.K.  The wheather down here is wonderful.  This is the first time in my life that I've seen the Beach, and I am 19 yrs. old.  I sit and wander where so much water can come from.  All I can say is "bless the Good Lord Above to give us a such a beautiful part of the world, I am also thankful for the rest of the world also."  And May God Bless You.

Thank You Very Much,

Jennifer Renae Galliher

Southwest Virginia. (Chilhowie)


June 07, 2001

Dear Irene,

            Hey it's me again, I am going to tell ya what all we have done. 1) We got to ride the ferry Ocracoke.  At first I was scared.  Which I guess that would be normal for a person who has never been an a big huge boat out on the water before.  2) We watched a Crane eat a sea bass whole.  The funny part about it was, my sister told her husband that if that bird ate that fish whole she would bend over and Kiss his but, because she didn't believe that it could do it, + sure enough the bird did @ it, and guess what my sister had to do.  3) We where out on the dock fishing and my brother caught a Sting ray, and my neice was like, wow dad that was a big stinga ray, and I thought that was just funny, how she said it.  4) And we all have sun burns.  I had hoped to see a dolphin while I was here, but I didn't get to. I am a real big dolphin lover.  Oh yeah and my brother caught a flounder at the beach, but the size of it was not legal to keep. My sister and mom liked looking for the shells in the ocean.  And learning how to ride a wave was fun. Crabbing off the dock was fun. Brandi liked the waves, Brandi is our bestfriend. And I think what me, Brandi, Vonda really liked was the guy next door working on the house was really hot. We have watched him for days.  My niece liked the beach.  Tammy liked the scenery.  Vonda didn't like the sand.  And she said that she didn't like the waves, because they were not big enough.  She liked the sun.  My brother Jason say's "There was a time I was out on the beach.  I was fishing and I got ahold of something, I just could not handle It was a Sting ray.  That thing was huge.  I would say that thing weighed about 100 pounds, but he broke my line and that made me mad" My nephew's favorite part was when my brother caught the two sting rays.  And when Scooter caught all those fish.  Jenny says the sun was pretty.  Vonda liked that one wave she rode.  She says it was Killer.  Tammy liked being in the water with everybody.  Dale liked riding the waves, and he liked fishing until his pole broke.  Oh yeah, Brandi and me barried Jenny under the sand and we gave her some big tits.  Dale liked riding the ferry.  We seen a bunch of jelly fish when we were on the ferry.  And we had to pay a dollar just to walk out on the peir.  And some guy gave Scooter a baby shark he showed it to grandpa + threw it back in the water. Oh yeah and the crane that ate the fish whole one of the feet was missing he had to legs and one foot, we all thought that was unusual. 


The Thorpe + Galliher Family.

South West Va



June 7,H 2001

Dear Owner.

            I Fell in Love with your House the First Day I got Here, I didn't think I Would make the trip After going over the First Bridge.  I thought if the CAr went in the WAter I would drown.  I cAn not swim. But when we went to the Beach part. I took the Water A Little A time But never went Far out.  We Went to one part OF the Beach.  the Sand was So Thick.  We got stuck with 4 wheel drive.  When we got going. me and Brandy got throwed from the BACK of the Blazer.  We went flying in the Air.  For a 40. year old. (It was OSAM) I loved it.  I Hope some day to come BACk. But under differant family plains.  I sure Hope the next Family Has Better Luck.  And Fun.  THanks So much For Letting us stay in your Home.  THis is the First time I Have ever seen a Beach. It WAS Beautiful.  God Love you to,


Virginia GAlliher.

P.S. Our Phone # 1-540-646-2306.

Chilhowie VA.

Good Luck To The Next Family.