Internet Phenomenon

Recently, I had the normal DiscSpace web server down, and was running a fake server I wrote in Perl for the purposes of an experiment. During this experiment, I noted hits from Xanga (a livejournal for 15-year-old girls who can't type). The request was for one of my old, old wallpapers ("blob balls"). I reactivated the web server, and began to look at my access logs. I thought I was running a small, personal site to hold frequently used data and share photos with my friends. It turns out that DiscSpace is more than that: it is an INTERNET PHENOMENON! What lessons can we learn from this? Only that MSN search sucks a lot. All you need to get linked by them is a giant pile of words...it's pathetic.

UPDATE: It's even worse than I thought...since those dumb searches now point HERE, it means that once you have their engine's respect, you can just add new pages featuring the same search terms to expand your listings!

UPDATE 2: It's even worse than I thought in UPDATE 1! The searches now point to links to the searches themselves as the top hit, since I linked to the searches here! For example, the top result in an MSN search for "solution for error 404 Xlite" is the result page for an MSN search for "solution for error 404 Xlite"!! Madness.


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